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Pakatan, party for the rich

That infamous portal The Malaysian Insider did a cover story today titled ‘When even RM12,000 a month isn’t enough to get by in Malaysia‘ which has been Facebooked-linked by some 15,000 of its readers. The popularity of the article is an interesting window to the kind of people who read TMI.

The TMI team interviewed Penangite Caroline Wong, 34, who with her sales manager husband, earn a combined income of RM12,000.

Caroline complains that the RM12k monthly the couple earns is not enough for their personal expenditure plus that of their young daughter. She also complains that they’re not eating out as much these days and “can no longer afford to buy goods like branded clothing”.

She breaks down her expenditure as follows:

  • House and car — RM4,000
  • Food — RM1,500
  • Daycare, baby food & milk — RM1,500
  • Insurance & medical — RM750
  • Petrol — RM700
  • Phone & internet — RM600
  • Astro — RM120
  • Utilities — RM140
  • Weekly housekeeper — RM110
  • Road tax and car insurance — RM500 savings
  • Second child — RM1,500 (expected expenditure)

What Caroline has tallied above does indeed exceed RM12,000 just as the TMI headline says.


English media against “hate and divisiveness”, konon

Dapsters mock BN supporters as stupid and kampung or rural folks who are kept deliberately poor so that they have to depend on the ruling party for handouts.

It is not only the social media users who say this. The J-Star head honcho editor June Wong says the same thing. She wrote in her column on 14 Aug 2013, “I [June  Wong] will support those in power who believe in educating and empowering its people and not keeping them stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever. […]

What June Wong wrote, excerpts of her article in context (below):


“I will defend a leadership that will not use other races to invoke fear in the Malays by insinuating that these ungrateful interlopers are greedy and grasping and will steal the nation from under them if they are not careful.
“I will support leaders who are strong and courageous to stand firm against those who preach hate and divisiveness and punish them appropriately, regardless of who these hate-mongers are. […]
“I will admire a leadership that recognises the competition is beyond our shores and if we don’t stop bickering among ourselves and trying to frighten each other, our country might be left far behind, even within the region as all our neighbours get their act together and grow from strength to strength.
“Hence, I will rejoice to have leaders who embrace meritocracy and will fight to nurture and retain all its talented citizens to benefit our society and nation and give us the edge on the international front. […]
“I will support those in power who believe in educating and empowering its people and not keeping them stupid and poor in order to control them and making them dependent forever. […]
“I will cherish a leadership that is inclusive with a consistent message to all, actively promotes true racial accommodation and acceptance and not play lip service to mere tolerance. […]
.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      “I will honour a government that is led by leaders who are morally clean and upright, with zero tolerance for corruption and will not use underhanded means to enrich themselves and to keep themselves in power.
“I am all for Malay rule as long as my leaders are committed to and believe in a multiracial, multi-cultural and multi-religious Malaysia and want to keep it this way.”


Above is June Wong, now the J-Star‘s big boss (following Wong Chun Wai’s upgrade to company CEO) in her own words about her meritocratic vision for the country.

June’s article – screenshot here – is typical of the DAP rhetoric (see her phrases underlined in red, reproduced above).

June Wong and Caroline Wong (the Penangite interviewed by TMI on her “not enough” monthly RM12,000 family expenses) might fit the profile of the urban crowd who support Pakatan.

BN supporters, as we’ve been told time and again, are rural, poor and stupid and can be bribed with BR1M, which is financial aid of RM1,000 paid one time in a year.

I support Uthayakumar for Parliament

My political stand

From 23 March 2013 until polling day on 5 May – i.e. throughout the GE13 campaign period and for some 1-and-½  months – I had kept the above posting ‘I support Uthayakumar for Parliament‘ at the top of my blog home page. Meaning, politically, I supported a candidate who represents the poorest Indians and who is now in Kajang prison.

If you’re wondering why I do not support Pakatan, I’ve already explained it partially in an earlier posting HERE about Kg Buah Pala.

To be fair, PAS leaders and their supporters are humane people and Hindraf found the Islamist party to be the most approachable and sympathetic of the three in Pakatan.

The DAP 3.0 however is comprised of Dapsters and evangelistas quite willing to throw the less fortunate Malaysians under the bus. See how a Kit Siang fan had urged “Send in the BULLDOZERS NOW!” to Kg Buah Pala.

The LKS link is @

As well as I’ve screenshot the entire Kit Siang website page below so that you can read for yourself what the DAP supporters said to the Kg Buah Pala Indians.

Komen pembaca di blog Lim Kit Siang
Reader comment in Lim Kit Siang’s blog

Burning bridges

In my earlier posting this morning, I highlighted how the small socialist parties and those representing the working class – PSM, PRM, Hindraf, HRP, UBF – revealed that Pakatan had “failed the Indians”, “backstabbed” and “has no ethics”.

The TMI article today on the Penang Chinese family of 3 (couple and their young kid) with a household income of RM12,000 and still complaining “not enough” underscores the wide gulf between Pakatan (principally DAP) and the 47% “rural”, “stupid” and “poor” constituency who do not support DAP and its allies.

(PSM, PRM, Hindraf, HRP and UBF supporters would comprise the 2 percent third party voters whose ballots were not cast for either BN or Pakatan.)


From June Wong’s J-Star article you can glean the DAP evangelista mindset. June accuses some quarters – she does not name who – of preaching “hate and divisiveness”, invoking “fear in the Malays” and scuppering the “multiracial, multi-cultural and multi-religious” character of Malaysia because these dastardly, divisive quarters are unable to show “true racial accommodation and acceptance”.

I would much rather

Below is what I think of the Dapsters and the evangelista’s and their sugary talk about “building bridges”. If it is to be the DAP version of love and togetherness and national unity, then

“May the bridges I burn today light the way to ones I’ll torch tomorrow …”

(Source of quote: Scott Harrell)


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Offer ends tomorrow


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49 thoughts on “Pakatan, party for the rich

  1. Here’s my expenditure for 4 in the household –

    House and car — RM300 (set aside for repairs and what not)
    Food — RM600
    Daycare, baby food & milk — 0 – dah besar
    Insurance & medical —
    Petrol — RM300
    Phone & internet — RM150
    Astro — RM120
    Utilities — RM140
    Weekly housekeeper — RM0 (kemas sendiri)
    Road tax and car insurance — (dah kira under house and car)
    Second child – x relevant

    What do you know? I live in a kampong near a small town, so you can call me rural. I may not be rich but I resent being called poor and I’m definitely not stupid. That JWong person is right, BRIM can almost cover my monthly expenses. However, we have been alright prior to the handout and we would still be alright if the govt doesn’t give.

    The best thing about living in a small town/rural, not many places for you to spend you money, melepak, and there’s no fancy eateries, so that even taking the kids out to KFC is rewarding for the kids. And trying to cook all those foreign sounding dinners with kids is so much more fulfilling.

    And before the Dapsters start attaching labels to people living in kampungs, they should know there are a lot of successful Malays who are returning to their roots post retirement.

    1. re: “Weekly housekeeper — RM0 (kemas sendiri)”

      Hahaha, me too. But time spent on blogging is time spent away from housework. I must be firm in my New Year resolution.

      But you can guess from my two long postings today what got my goat, can’t you? :)

      Btw, that Caroline woman is paying her housekeeper very little (RM110) compared to the amount that she lavishes on other expenses.

      1. Sebab housekeeper(?) dia illegal Indo.

        Anyway, don’t let these evagelists Dapsters get to you. They’re not worth it.

        1. re: “Anyway, don’t let these evangelists Dapsters get to you.”

          It’s the damage that the evangelista Dapsters do to others not in a position to counter that’s something terrible. You can read their insults against the Kg Buah Pala Indians in Kit Siang’s reader comments.

          I’ll give the Hindraf example, since I’d put up a banner here for Uthaya throughout GE13.

          Hindraf just wants the affirmative action programme that they’ve drafted to be delivered. They offered the blueprint to both Pakatan and BN.

          Pakatan rejected whereas BN signed an MoU (with Waytha, nothing to do with Uthaya). Just because he inked the deal with BN, the kind of vicious attack that the DAP cybertroopers mounted against him and Ganesan and the movement is beyond belief.

          I don’t think Pakatan is either interested or willing to help poor Indians or poor anybody, or anyone left behind or marginalized. They (the DAP component) cater to the June and Caroline Wong crowd.

          The way they try to tear down, drag down and do their utmost to destroy anyone or anything blocking their path to Putrajaya reveals the kind of people they are. They are makhluk perosak.

          Please read what national Hindraf advisor Ganesan has to say,

    2. It looks as though you have paid off the housing loan or are living in inherited property. Same with the car.

  2. Caroline should learn how to cook instead of complain complain complain like that June Wong. Nothing is right with this country as far as they are concern. Everything wrong yet they are considered upper middle class and well off. Moral of the story. The rich are a pain to listen to.

    1. What you say is true on a personal level.

      However with the Dapsters and evangelistas in the seat of power, think how the working class and the poor will be treated.

      See the kind of comment the Dapster makes about Hindraf @


      That’s why I asked readers to ponder on the path that Malaysia could have taken had the DAP succeeded in grabbing power in Selangor in 1969.

      1. ……….and the Rich, Christian, Professional and Educated Indians just conveniently distant themselves from the poor.

        Meantime, Ananda Krishnan has taken over as the Richest Man in Malaysia over Robert Kwok.

        1. Have you noticed that the two key players in the ‘Allah’ row are Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam and Father Lawrence Andrew and they’re both not Indian actually. Oh also Rev. Eu Hong Seng of the NECF (evangelical) and Bishop Ng Moon Hing of CFM.

            1. Kalau berani, ask the Selangor legislature to repeal the enactment that controls the propagation of other religions to Muslims. After all, Pakatan has got a 2/3 majority in the DUN and the dewan is presided over by a Jerusubangite.

              1. Re. Kalau berani,

                I think the Sultan of Selangor has just given subtle cough @ warning about exclusivity of the term “Allah” recently and the “Insya Allah” stops at once right after. (by the wat the right way to write it is “In Syaa Allah”).

                But over in Penang, they have agreed over “No Loud Quran Recitation” before azan Subuh. I would understand that the non-Muslims are all for it, but for PAS to keep silence over this is beyond me…

                1. Yes, the Sultan did but the Catholic church has indicated that it will not comply saying syariah does not have jurisdiction.

                  However the enactment I mentioned about the control of the propagation of other religions is a state secular law and applicable on non-Muslims. Hence the challenge to the Pakatan 2/3 Aduns to repeal it if they want to go head on against the Sultan.

                    1. Mati syahid for the Jerusubang foot soldiers. Maybe their leaders will take a flight out to Tasmania.

    2. Do you know that Penang girls don’t cook?

      There is a Penang Hockien saying by the rich – My daughter does not go to the kitchen.

      It is to say that the family is so high class that they have maid to tend to them.

      In fact in the places I have worked I have not seen one Penang Chinese girl (or boy) who claims they like cooking or housekeeping. Only the Melayu that say they cook. In most Penang Chinese kids can’t do any housework and have no skills what so ever. I bet the same for the Klang valley Chinese.

      Without their maid, the Chinese family will jahanam. From papa to mama to baby no one know how to maintain a home. Why? Sheer laziness and high class notion.

      I know of one Chinese man who starts politics in the office everytime he cannot maintain his lifestyle. To be human a Chinese must have BMW, maid. Melayu need only Proton, to the Chinese that is a low class.

      1. re: “I bet the same for the Klang valley Chinese. Without their maid, the Chinese family will jahanam. From papa to mama to baby no one know how to maintain a home. Why? Sheer laziness and high class notion.”


        1. High income Malays in KV are like that too, but more opting out as maids cost are eating a large portion of their income, and many malays dont earn RM12k, many will only acheieve that level of salary later in life. Many will have aunties, mother in laws, relatives to babysit for free or at nominal fee, there are many informal nanny businesses in malay neoghbourhoods by housewives and even by malay girls who finished SPM and during semster breaks.

        2. Kak Helen
          On the issue of middle class angsts and the maid, there should a poll on maid per person.

          What is the stat for maid per family for Chinese, Malay, Indian, lain-lain and non – Malaysian?

          I bet the stat is the highest for Chinese and expat.

          How to jahanamkan keluarga Cina?
          Send all the foreign workers back to Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myammar etc since the Chinese complaint so much.

          The Chinese will jahanam. All the tai tai and tauke cannot handle their houses and their bratty kids. They have to cook and cuci the jamban and pick up the droppings from the bums of their brats.

          Nobody to jaga their businesses. You know most maids jaga the rumah and also help out in the shop.

          Very few Malay or Indians need such foreign maids cum shopkeepers. Only the middle class who have accepted Chinese high class way of life like in Subang Jaya.

          1. Re. Nobody to jaga their businesses. You know most maids jaga the rumah and also help out in the shop.

            Some even “JAGA” husband and son(s) for extra cash.

      2. “I bet the same for the Klang valley Chinese.”

        On the contrary, there are many Chinese women (and men) who are good cooks. How do you explain the multitude of small Chinese restaurants and food outlets in the Klang valley doing brisk business?

        I have been to Penang for holiday. As they say, when you are in Penang, try out the good food there. The Chinese outlets were most often run by women and the food preparation done by women. If Penang girls do not cook, the state would not be famous throughout Malaysia and abroad for its food. :)

        1. Re. How do you explain the multitude of small Chinese restaurants and food outlets in the Klang valley doing brisk business?

          Correction. Except for some old family restaurants, the new mushrooming food outlets in Klang Valley employed Burmese, Indon and Vietnamese as their cooks and waiters.

          Do take a walk around Bukit Bintang area….even that famous Hainanese Chicken Rice (but ridiculously expensive for that kind of serving/portion) across Federal Hotel employed foreign cooks and staff now. If you go to Sg Wang Plaza, 3rd floor where the new dining/food outlets are located, almost all the staff are foreign workers.

          Let’s see, what else, oh ya Madam Kwan in Pavilion is also infested with foreign workers front and kitchen.

          Nak temberang tu tenguk-tenguk la sikit…

          1. I am talking about those family and individual run restaurants, not chain outlets such as Madame Kwans or Old Town.

            A good chicken rice place in Klang (Taman Chi Leung) which I frequent is run by a woman. The char kuay teow stall nearby is run by a husband and wife team. Food is directly prepared by them.

            Same with the other places.

            Think before you shoot your mouth off again…

            1. ROTFL….just go to B. Bintang, there are many small food outlets not Madam Kwan or Old Town, and the stuff are foreigners. Plus Jalan Alor as well fyi…

            2. Plus this is your exact comment:

              “How do you explain the multitude of small Chinese restaurants and food outlets in the Klang valley doing brisk business?”

              The food outlets in Sungai Wang Plaza are small food outlets.

        2. I have been to Penang for holiday. As they say, when you are in Penang, try out the good food there. The Chinese outlets were most often run by women and the food preparation done by women. If Penang girls do not cook, the state would not be famous throughout Malaysia and abroad for its food. :)

          Ya, prepared by beautiful Hockien speaking Myammar girls. Indonesia too! Pulau Tikus, Tesco Sar Hor Fun etc. Foreigners. Nasi kandar pula! By Tamil Nadu cooks!

          Yeah! Indonesian women man the stalls on behalf of their Cina staff.

          When I was on holiday in KL I bought bah kua Babi salal from Cantonese speaking Myammar girl!

          1. Re. When I was on holiday in KL I bought bah kua Babi salal from Cantonese speaking Myammar girl!

            The one in Petaling Street or Jalan Alor (only in the evening)?

    1. Borosmah?

      But nobleman hubby is Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar turun-temurun so you can excuse him lah. His family title pun kata keluarga orang berada.

      What about the lifestyle of the Johhny-Come-Lately Madame Speaker who voted to give herself a take-home pay packet of RM50k per month. This one is hard-earned income from spreading hate and not inherited money like the Dato’ Seri Orang Kaya Pahang turun-temurun.

      1. Helen,

        Indeed this is how DAP views others(meaning those who do not support DAP).

        What i notice about DAP is that its leaders are fond of preaching to others. they insist on highest form of standards to others but not to them.

        THey insulted UMNO by accusing its of being racist( for speaking up on behalf of the Malays). What is wrong for UMNO to represent the Malays. There is nothing to be embarrassed about it. . Surely only morons would want to think DAP to represent the Malays.

        If anything to by, it is DAP that incites racial feeling. It is “never enough’ attitude preached to the Chinese continously that leads the Chinese to believe that they can upstage the Malays through anti Malay attitude.

        It is DAP that epitomizes cronisym at highers form. Kit Siang has been lording DAP for almost 50 years. Yet he preaches others on overstaying their welcome.

        Guan Eng is accorded “royal treatment” in DAP. He appointed himself as Penang CM when he knew that the post should go to Penang DAP chairman.

        Chinese , so focused on idea of unseating UMNO( and therefore dislodge Malays from political power) are willing to close eyes on DAP serious weaknesses. Chinese choose to ignore that DAP is actually bringing them on firing line

        DAP looks down on other races, Malay or indians. They ignore the facts that simply being rural folk does not mean that one is poor. Simply because rural folks are humble lots and refuse confrontational method does not mean that they are stupid.

        It is these “kmpung” folks who “SEE” what DAP is up too. They know what disaster would be should PR take over( with DAP as its leader).

        1. True, they wang to be heard over grievances but when perkasa represent the grievances of the malays, they want the perkasa to shut up and go back to indonesia…so ironic and oxymoron.

      2. The money is the blessing of Allah. That is the logical explaination of salary of the Johhny-Come-Lately Madame Speaker .

    2. So busy body about Rosman, maybe you should take your disgusting low class habit and busy body about the lifestyle wives of chinese billionaires who get govt contracts.

  3. Vavi al vivi, spend rm4000 on cars, that enough to buy two BMW on a 9 year loan.

    Memang second class cirizens, otak second class.

      1. Re. Think before you call other citizens otak second class.

        While you are at it, why don’t you remind Mama Dapster not to label others Low Class.

  4. Salary RM12k a month not enough? No wonder a lot of people say that Cina Malaysia is a greedy lot. The funny thing is they like to say that Melayu live on crutches but aren’t they the same? With that kind of expenditure, won’t they be the ones that will be affected most by the removal of subsidies? No wonder they complain the most and shout the loudest!

    My expenditure per month:
    House – RM3k
    Car – Fully paid
    Food + utility + petrol + car insurance + security + internet – average RM2k a month
    Maid – zero (kemas sendiri)

    Not even close to RM10k a month. Nope I’m not staying in kampung. I live in a posh part of PJ actually. Nope, I don’t have rich parents AND I pay my own bills. The difference between me and that Caroline is that I live below my means.

    Instead of complaining, I keep on saying (and believing) that I have “more than enough”.. that’s why the universe say “your wish is my command” and give me more than enough. That Caroline should really read the book called “The Secret”.

    1. House at Tanjung Pinang. Car BMW not the tin can Malay Proton!
      Must own IPhone 5s. Must own Coach bag! Holiday in China to learn and love the ancestors and London for relaxation. Spa to desstress.

      It is also disgusting to wash the toilet or kitchen pans. If you cook it must be for barbecue.

      The Caroline Secret to a non Malay life! Please buy Calvin Klien for Chinese New Year if not it will be pantang

      1. Re. Please buy Calvin Klien for Chinese New Year if not it will be pantang

        May I ask why Cina Dap is so engrossed with Calvin Klien (CK as when they want to drop the Brand Bomb in front of you)?

  5. House and car — RM4,000
    question is how many cars does she own, i guess 2 for sure and also what kind of car.remedy would be buy/use 2 economical for house cant comment on that. should be rm2800

    Food — RM1,500
    cut down eating outside….cook at home since its only husband and wife,cook breakfast and lunch and take to work would be much more healthier. should be rm1000

    Daycare, baby food & milk — RM1,500,
    this is cost reducing amount milk feeding will become less and child will start eating solid foods,should be rm1250

    Insurance & medical — RM750

    Petrol — RM700
    should be rm 500 with the right cars

    Phone & internet — RM600
    this is pure bullshit, i am sure this figure is exaggarated .,company for sure pays their handphone bill. should be rm150

    Astro — RM120

    Utilities — RM140

    Weekly housekeeper — RM110

    Road tax and car insurance — RM500 savings

    Second child — RM1,500 (expected expenditure)
    this pure bullshit…..should be rm 0000

    also by the way…need caroline wongs clarification the joint income,is just basic salary or did she forget the commisions, sales commisions bank accounts that are accumulating interest,any share certificate they have last but not least how many months bonus they receive yearly.

    and the grand total is is RM 7320.00

    just one big cock and bull story from caroline wong and tmi……riddled with holes and full of bullshit to the brim

    what next , next week they will run another story on how mrs and mrs speaker income not enough for her houseold

  6. It’s interesting that you put gambar Madam Speaker dengan cincinnya di bawah expenditure breakdown. Nampak macam justification for HY punya imbuhan naik melambung. Bayangkan penggaji biasa pun tak boleh tanggung kos dengan gaji RM12K, takkan HY punya kos sama, pasti lebih. Now you know why HY shops in Klang.

    1. The gambar is a Photoshop on the parody from the DAP media team music video (Gangnam Style) mocking Rosmah’s purported RM24m diamong ring.

  7. For the Muslims, please read here as I cut and paste from Ustaz Don Daniyal FB.

    “Hakikat REZEKI itu bukan pada duit, gaji atau income sebenarnya. Tetapi ia merangkumi beberapa perkara.

    Sihat itu rezeki
    Bahagia itu rezeki
    Banyak masa juga rezeki
    Disayangi juga rezeki
    Tak putus duit itu rezeki
    Dapat (apa-apa) pun rezeki

    Erti rezeki itu ialah apa yg kita NIKMATI. Kenapa namanya rezeki? Kerana disaat kita merasai REZEKI itu, ramai org diluar sana yg tak berpeluang merasainya. Ya Allah, beruntungnya kita. Ingat, yg selalu kata TAK CUKUP itu ialah nafsu. Yg mengatakan CUKUP itu pula ialah iman. Maka, bersyukurlah”

  8. Do you notice that there were a lot angry comments ? Many of these angry responses were not because they think this is silly but because the writer complained about Penang being the most expensive.

    Anyway, expect an angry response from th Tokong. Caroline probably already looking for another job.

  9. In fact RM12000 is really enough…
    House+Car=RM2800 (If they afford the cars rightly)
    Food=RM800 is enough for two person if they are willing cook for breakfast and dinner.
    Child expenses=RM1000 for two childs if they are willing to give their parents and relative to bela it
    Phone bills and broadband=RM240 if they know to save…
    Astro=RM0 (takde ni pun tak mati punya)
    Road tax and car insurance=RM400 (If they afford the cars rightly)
    Weekly housekeeper=RM0 (If they know to do housework by self)
    Petrol=RM 500 (If they afford the cars rightly)
    Total=RM 6630 (that’s a surplus of RM5370 which can save)

    1. Re. Astro=RM0 (takde ni pun tak mati punya)

      ROTFL… sokong 1000%, with its recycle programs year in and year out, and some of the ridiculously stupid local content….

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