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If Najib doesn’t get a grip soon, we might eventually have Thai-style anarchy

Why are police giving the impression that some kind of big and dangerous street demo is being planned for tomorrow night? It appears that it’s the government which is giving the purported protesters the oxygen of publicity.

PMofisIf the police are to be believed, then the Pakatoons alleged to want to take to KL streets on New Year’s eve are like the Yellow Shirts. In Bangkok, the Yellow Shirts are opposition supporters hellbent on toppling Yingluck Shinawatra’s caretaker government.

Now it’s not very smart for the Najib administration to encourage such a perception, is it?

In fact, both sides are now thinking that there is something wrong with the No.1 man sitting in Bangunan Perdana Putra.

Needless to say, Najib Razak can do nothing right in the eyes of the opposition followers. However of late Najib is increasingly seen as clueless in the the eyes of the pro-establishment crowd too.

1Malaysiapin“Regime change”

Among Malaysians who want to maintain the status quo, it is beginning to feel alarmingly like the last days of the empire.

During the Sleepy Dollah era, we had Tun Dol who declared that he was a PM for all Malaysians. He had around him close aides such as KJ and Nazri.

Currently we have Najib Razak who is truly aspiring to be a Prime Minister to all Malaysians. He has around him close aides such as Nazri and KJ.


Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong tercicir

Ever since he launched his ‘1Malaysia’ slogan, Najib has worn the little numeral ‘1’ button on his jacket lapel with a unwavering dedication — photo gallery HERE.

Nonetheless, the PM is flying solo on this.

From Day 1 the Pakatan, particularly DAP, has been firing torpedoes at Najib’s well-meaning 1Malaysia. The campaign is Najib’s folly. Only 1Man is still struggling manfully to keep it afloat. But in truth, the concept has sunk to the bottom of the sea.

How can it possibly survive when all the DAP Chinese want is to see Umno dead? Is the Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar clued in to this reality?

It is pointless to try to negotiate with implacable foes who want you buried 6ft underground.



He can be really clueless, you know.

In the 1999 general election, Najib contested the Pekan parliament seat in his home state Pahang. He obtained 13,148 votes. His PAS challenger Ramli Mohamed got 12,907 votes. Najib only scraped through with a thin majority of 241 votes.

Umno received 50.25% support and PAS 49.33% in Pekan in that year.

How clueless can a prime minister designate be that he almost lost his seat and one that he had been holding since 1976?


What is he thinking?!

And here he is … duduk semeja dengan samseng jalanan.

Najib breathes rarified air, quite obviously. Is he aware of the grassroots sentiment? In 1999, it was clear that he was too far detached, so much so that Umno only pipped PAS by less than one percent of the vote in his constituency.

Today all the PM’s overtures are treated with contempt. Does Najib know the kind of people that he is confronted with?

Orangkampung commented @ 2013/12/29 at 10:43 pm:

“The PM has let this stabbing gone on for too long. There is something very wrong with the handling of the media when the administration is left in the position of defending itself every hour of the day from every form of media.”

The chief backstabber is The J-Star, the MCA-owned and controlled newspaper.


  • backstabbing
  • gone on for too long
  • something very wrong
  • mishandling of media
  • admin [untenable] position
  • defending itself every hour
  • of every day
  • from every form of media

The J-Star was the media that ‘kenakan’ both Hasan Malek and Zaitun Mat to trigger the wave of public ridicule against Umno.

Regina ‘Scissorati’ Lee in Umno Minister’s office

Whose advice is PM taking?

What we’re witnessing is the clash of civilizations.

You have one group of people for whom Nothing Is Ever Enough. They always want more and more. To have their demands fulfilled, they’re willing to cheat, lie and steal. With them, even ‘Allah’ is up for grabs.

On the other side you have the group of “bersyukur lah” kampung folks pinning their hope on the lumbering behemoth that is the Parti Paling Tidak Apa.

A PPTA that is led by an aristo who is most ill-equipped to deal with Dapsters. Najib belongs to Pahang’s Top 4 noble houses; his father was State Secretary at the time of his birth and Deputy Prime Minister by the time Najib was four.

BELOW: A 34-year-old Chinese woman in Penang complains that RM12k a month is still not enough for her (and husband and their one young child) to get by

The TMI article above has been Facebooked 46,000 times from the portal website

Coming from such a privileged background, silver spooner Najib is simply unable to fathom to what depths the Johnny-Come-Lately evangelistas can stoop in their Greed for Gold and Glory (riding on the Gospel).

Even with his own wife a victim of their avalanche of libel, slander and mockery, Najib still cannot imagine what kind of people they are.

Hannah Yeoh (hannahyeoh) on Twitter Year

Puan Speaker “high class”, orang lain “low class”

Najib fails to understand because he himself has enjoyed gold and glory from when he was born, and by his upbringing, this gracious man is totally unlike the scavengers now feeding greedily at the DAP 3.0 trough.

He has not – or is unable to – register who are his enemies, his friends and most crucially his party support base.

The Malay ground is stirring. Does not the PM realise?

Jangan bagi maruah dipijak lagi … CUKUP LAH

Sabar itu separuh dari iman but patience has its limits. ENOUGH!


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22 thoughts on “If Najib doesn’t get a grip soon, we might eventually have Thai-style anarchy

  1. there are rumors that there is a drive to push Najib to step down by next year. It may fail, but Najib credibility is already tarnished as of now.

  2. Helen,
    membaca keseluruhan isi posting anda kali ini membawa saya kepada satu persoalan sahaja…..
    ” Apa Punya Perdana Menteri-lah PM Najib ni…..?”.
    kebenaran amat nyata tetapi kelihatannya kita ada seorang lelaki yang:
    1. tidak pun mempertahankan isterinya yang ‘difitnah’ kiri-kanan, depan-belakang….(kalau betul fitnah-la kan….)
    2. membiarkan sahaja dirinya sendiri dimomokkan jiran tetangga (rakyat khususnya rakyat yang membangkang).
    3. membiarkan sahaja jirannya (MCA?) menconteng arang di ‘muka’nya.
    4. boleh terus tersenyum dan beramah-mesra dalam satu keraian bersama ‘musuh’ yang dikenali di ‘rumah’ musuhnya.
    5. mengikut resmi ayam jantan….’berkokok bergedar-degar…tapi di ekornya penuh tahi….’
    6. membazir duit dengan membayar penasihat untuk menasihatinya akan perkara-perkara yang sepatutnya dia sendiri boleh fikir….
    7. masih meletakkan kepercayaan, memberi tugas penting dan bersekongkol dengan individu yang pernah terpalit dengan rasuah, terpalit dengan kontroversi.
    8. ‘anaknya’ (rakyat) demam, tapi tak dibawa ke klinik sebab masih yakin ‘anaknya’ sihat sebab…takde aduan pun.

    8 perkara ini adalah contoh seorang ketua keluarga yang tidak mencerminkan dirinya seorang yang bertanggungjawab.

    bukankah PM yang kita ada ini langsung takde ‘feel’, lansung takde ‘karisma’ dan langsung tak ‘intelektual’ sebagai pemimpin?

    saya masih tak dapat rasa siapa Najib selaku PM…..dan saya percaya ramai akan berkata yang sama.

      1. Siapa yang boleh ambil alih.

        Two goons KJ and Nazri seem to be the same variables in the PM equation during pa’ lah and najib’s reign.

        Wonder if removing these two variables will elevate the result of the equation to a better grade of administration.

        1. Fazillah,

          “siapa yang boleh ambil alih?”

          Kenapa susahkan perkara yang dah terang terang senang. Kan kita ada jawatan Timbalan Perdana Menteri.

          Janganlah susah hati sangat. Malaysia tak runtuh jika Najib letak jawatan. Apa salahnya jika Muhyidin ganti beliau.

      2. Shamsul

        Najib alone berundur ‘makes no different’ yang sebenar seluruh Kabinet dan Kepimpinan Tertinggi UMNO harus berundur NOW!!!!?…. (if it not too late which i think it is)

        or after the next election will be the end of UMNO sebagai teraju Kerajaan Malaysia (which i think it will be).

        Bukan salah orang luar tetapi ahli ahli UMNO sendiri bila ke pimpinan parti di penuhi dengan pengkhianat perjuangan.

  3. At least the Chinese hawkers are not complaining.

    Not when their stalls selling overpriced street food take up almost half of one lane in Chulia St. while Malay and Indian hawkers would never be bold enough to try something like that. Not when they’re regularly harassed by Iguana controlled MPPP and hoodlums like Ng Wei Aik.

    And Iguana Eng has the audacity to call Jaharah a racist.

  4. If you have noticed recently, the campaigning for 14GE already started by PR. The strategy is quite different and cunning.

    PR is making all out effort to kill BN by focusing on BN’s core votes – the Malay and rural voters. If you notice, PR’s machais are writing to the press in BM about all kind of bread and butter issues while highlighting the so-called extravagant lifestyles of Najib, Rosmah and their family.

    Their theme is the rising cost of living. While MI and Mkini are on a frenzy to spread this propaganda, I wonder why the Star too has jumped on the same bandwagon. If the Star doesn’t want to support BN, the least it can do is to stop from promoting PR and running down BN.

    They have abandoned the 13GE tactics of provoking the Chinese anger by raising racial and religious issues. They know the Chinese votes are securely in the bag.

    Expect more kebaya clad and tudung wearing DAP conwomen photographed handing out goodies or attending Malay functions. Expect even the ultra racists like Guan Eng to morph into Islamic experts by spouting Quranic verses. At this rate don’t be surprised if LGE declares Penang to be the first truly Islamic state in Malaysia.

    BTW did you notice that in their frenzy to highlight about the rising cost of living and prices, the alternative media completely shut out the news on the Selangor and Penang’s massive salary increase for exco and ADUNs as well as Subang Jaya’s business licence hike. Heck even the Star doesn’t talk about it….

    1. If Umno wants to live beyond GE14, the PPTA had better do something about The J-Star (by sacking MCA pronto).

    2. Calvin,

      The fact remain BN PR machine are poooooorrrly manage….its run by bunch of IDIOTS.
      Government decision that impact lively hood of the people were never explain properly in laymen terms, attack by opposition on those issues were never countered immediately by the time they do the damages was done…

      Research and Intel are practically nil…. they cannot even anticipate the issues that will be exploited or where it s coming from, wether OPPOsition or NGO’s or BOTH.

      For example they have no idea on how to counter on issue such as the raise in cost of living or even explain it so that the people understand….yet they are being bombarded left, right and centre by both NGO’s and OPPOsition

      It unbelievable to think that these people are highly qualified individual and suppose to be a POLITICIAN….ITs A JokE…

      1. NadZree,

        Celah sikit. KJ got his social media team, and Regina. They tweet and Instagram #lifestyle.

        1. Helen,

          U mean gUNTinG…. boss dia yang KETUA pemuda(h) UMNO and the gang …..
          nouve riche…….BONGKAK, BODOH N BLURRRR….

            1. i ve seen their tweets and inst…. believe me it among dozens of their contribution to the demise of UMNO…..

              1. In addition to sacking the consultants, Najib should sack KJ too. Leave him out of the Cabinet in the next reshuffle.

  5. The average wage earners can expect lower bonuses and lower wages & jobs will be hard to come by in the years to come. The small business owners will share the same fate. OTOH the politicians’ incomes are doubling & tripling! There’s a news report on the overwhelming applications for civil service jobs.

    A few personal observations:

    1. BN retained the government. People are still not happy and wants to kick him out. But they fail to mention who his replacement will be. The Malays have to decide if they are going to carry on opposing & kicking out every Malay PM they are not happy with? If so, then change the current political system.

    2. PR is still carrying on with their hate campaigns, to keep the momentum until next GE I suppose. They should instead be focusing on the welfare of the people in the states they control. Since they love to benchmark against Singapore, lets start with the basics like roads, water, health, education, etc.

    In Selangor for example, when I look around, I don’t see any significant improvements. Can anyone from Selangor give me an example of how your life has improved since 2008? When they increased their pay, nobody can give me a decent answer to justify it.

    3. DAP, with their aggressive rallies last GE has actually done BN a big favour by spooking the Malay votes back to BN. Is that the only way to retain Malay support? And do the Chinese want to play that role forever?

    4. The Chinese has to decide if they really want to kill off all the other Chinese parties and settle for just one, DAP. Is your support & trust for the other Malay parties in PR genuine, and vice versa? How many Chinese are PAS members? How many Malays in DAP? Is PKR really a party that fights for justice? No Malay, no Chinese, no Indian, no Muslims, no Christians… Just Malaysians?

    5. Are the Chinese ( and others of course), with their RM12k incomes, prepared to pay the price if the government does break down and the economy collapses.

    6. Religion, since it’s such a hot topic nowadays. I wonder which ones are growing, and which are shrinking?

  6. Itulah yang pkr, dap dan pas hendak. They are all hell bent on allowing these foreigners to take over malaysia. Itu sebab sanggup buat apa saja untuk jatuhkan bn more so umno.

    Pakatan are aware of their inability to manage the country and they do not have the intention pun. They just want umno out so that they can bring in the what have yous – zionist, yahudi, the american, dll. They will remain puppets and allow all these foreign intervention to call the shots and reap the benefits.

    Good luck to tgna and hadi awang kalau boleh menjalankan ibadah dan practise islam dengan tenang.

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