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Mutakhir: W221 Mercedes-Benz S300L baru bagi Guan Eng (gambar)

Papa Dapster dikhabarkan akan menggunakan kereta di bawah ini tidak lama lagi sempena tahun baru Kuda ikut kalendar Cina.

Baca seterusnya di blog Paul Tan.

Puan Speaker Selangor bila?


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61 thoughts on “Mutakhir: W221 Mercedes-Benz S300L baru bagi Guan Eng (gambar)

  1. Haha. Kesian our PM Najib. He can only afford to use the rebadged previous generation Honda Accord. Not even the current generation real Honda Accord. How much is the Benz? Does it include tax?

  2. bagi penjilat2 tokong, he deserved it after all he did to Penang and Malaysia.. rasa nak terberak plak… hahaha

  3. anyway its a good argument. .as a successful salesman takkan nak jumpa client naik nissan sunny atau rebadged honda.. najib cannot be a good salesman lah..

    1. Faith,

      Even if Najib takes a taxi, he is still a good “saleman” by virtue of his position as a head of government.

      Example if the PM on holiday to Italy. At the spur of the moments, he requested a meeting with an Italian company that provides military equipment.

      I am sure the CEO of the company will want to see him. Not a social visit but fr commercial purpose.

      As fo Guan eng driving a brand new car, let us not “garu kepala”. Guan eng like all DApsters believe it is OK for them to enjoy the best of facilities. Only they deserve it . Hmmmnnn

  4. Ha Ha rakyat first konon konon. Worst is when the equation LGE+LKS+MAT SABU = AH+ GIB+ GOR. Dua kali lima saja.

  5. Masih segar diingatan publisity stunt sang tokong yg berpura terbang kelas ekonomi. Dikala FDI dan bajet defisit Penang yg masih merosot, si tokong berbelanja sakan. Hanya di Pyongyang, Penang.

    1. Yup. The Speakers’ tripled salary. And now this.

      How come the Dear Leaders remain purer than driven snow in the eyes of the Dapsters?

      1. Its funny when they were not in power they had a field day whacking BN. Now they are in power they are practising what they frown upon of BN. Blardy hypocrite lah DAP.

        1. Uh-huh. But it is so impossible for their Dapsters to be able to see the blardy hypocrisy. Why is that?

          1. To the Dapsters, their dear leader is a tokong who wont do wrong. Only people like you and me who whine bout them…:)

            1. So, 2013 – 90 percent Chinese support DAP
              2014: 91%
              2015: 92%
              2016: 93%
              2017: 94%
              2018: 95%

              By the time GE14 comes around, there will be left only 5% Chinese who will not be voting for Pakatan.

    2. Dia dah lama tunjuk colour tapi malangnya penyokong dia semua samada colour blind atau masih guna black&white tv.

  6. Cina tak akan buat bising bila puak rasis DAP nak tukar kereta atau naik tariff air di Pulau Pinang atau Puan Speaker dia naik gaji 300%.. Ttp Melayu yg bodoh shj akan rasa dengki bila lihat Melayu lain maju. Memang dasar Melayu – PHD

    1. Cina Penang bising pun, kalau media tak highlight mana orang kebanyakan nak tahu. Dapsters control media, suka hati dia lah nak print apa pun. Kalau ada complain dan terpaksa, dia cakaplah “soli ah, vely soly, tomorow I do again”

  7. Elaun menteri, timbalan dikurangkan

    KUALA LUMPUR: Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak dalam satu kenyataan yang dikeluarkan di Kuala Lumpur hari ini mengumumkan kerajaan akan melaksanakan 11 langkah bagi mengurangkan perbelanjaan sektor awam bermula 1 Januari 2014.

    Ini termasuk mengurangkan elaun keraian menteri dan timbalan menteri sebanyak 10 peratus, dan pegawai kanan kerajaan Gred Utama Sektor Awam C ke atas antara lima hingga 10 peratus. – Bernama

    1. Takpe lah. Selangor boleh naikkan lagi elaun Speaker untuk mengimbangi. “Nature abhors a vacuum”

  8. Helen, if I am not mistaken all the Penang exco already have new non Perdana cars (Honda Accord). The same car Selangor and the former Perak exco under PR had.

    Why Honda and not Perdana? And if they wanted a foreign car why choose Honda over Toyota Camry – a more reliable and cheaper car to maintain? Apparently, the answer is in the identity of the distributor of the cars.

    BTW, even if LGE indeed gets his S300L, there’ll be hardly a murmur of protest and in fact there’ll be plenty of apologists who will declare that, “He deserves it” or “You pay peanut you get Najib/BN”…etc.

    1. The apologists are already making their apologies for the Dapster demi gods. See the comments in Paul Tan’s website.

      1. Not sure the price of the Benz. I think a purchase by the state government is zero tax. I would speculate the price of the car is about RM250-300k. On the face value, it would seem expensive. But if the car can be used for 18 years like its predecessor, the money is well spent.

        On another note. the federal government did a u-turn and bought cars from Proton, i.e. the rebadged previous generation Honda Accord. As pointed out by a reader above, why not a genuine new Accord but a rebadged version? There could be some governance issue in the Benz, but I can see a bigger issue with the rebadged Accord.

        1. How much is the tax? Paul Tan said the car is RM560,000 (with tax).

          A newer model is RM660,000.

          As for the rebadged Honda Accord, the federal Ministers have to use Perdana as their official car.

        2. It is not about the price. It is about the stunt. You take an economy domestic flight and sell all over the world. But then spend unnecessary on a benz whereas the state already have camry. It is the shed hypocrisy that we are opposing. If he seriously wants to ditch is 18 year old benz, by all means and he can always take up the camry as his official car.

        3. The news said the car was bought at Rm298K and they tried to spin by saying a new car is Rm657K. This is a lie since the W221 is not the current model and the market price is only Rm560K with tax. If you deduct Rm260K for tax, you end up with around Rm300K which is the price that Iguana Lim bought it.

          I don’t think LGE bought MB because of its longevity. Even a Camry can last 20 years if maintained well. But Mercedes while can last long, it is expensive to maintain. I had some of my relatives owning MBs and it gave so much of trouble after more than 10 years. In fact they could have bought another camry car for the money they spent on repairs and maintenance.

          The point is if you want to save money, buying a Mercedes S300L is not exactly a logical choice. The MB S-class is considered as the model for heads of states or business tycoons.

          I think while there are questions on the new Perdana, at least the message is that the Fed govt is supporting local company and sensible in choosing a car like Honda Accord clone rather than opting for a Lexus clone or MB-clone.

    2. Check your facts. Honda Malaysia is a associate company of DRB. What nonsense you are talking about?

      1. lee,

        Not sure on the corporate structure of Honda Malaysia. Assuming it is an associate company of DRB as what you said, meaning that DRB is a minority shareholder. Honda Japan is the majority. If government bought the current Accord from Honda Malaysia, majority of the profit will go to Honda Japan.

        If not mistaken, Proton is privatised, delisted and now a wholly-owned subsidiary of DRB. Buying from Proton directly means that all the profit will be accrued to DRB. Additionally, the government no longer have any obligation to ‘help’ and ‘protect’ Proton as the company is a private-owned now. No longer a GLC or national company.

        I stand corrected. Thanks

        1. And where do you think Proton gets the Honda Accord to re-badged from ?

          Buy direct – Honda gets some profit.
          Buy rebadge – Honda gets some profit, DRB gets some profit.

          You prefer to pay one or pay twice thru a middleman ?

          1. In a usual transaction, buy directly from the manufacturer will get cheaper price compare to buy from middleman. Same case like buying fish. Buy from fisherman directly is cheaper compare to buy from fish seller at market. Also you can get fresher fish. That is why I don’t understand.

            Initially government already agreed to buy the current Accord from Honda directly. Looking at the case of Benz bought by Penang, the Accords would be tax free as well. But the federal government did a u-turn and bought from Proton instead. No doubt the car is brand new but previous generation with old engine and technology.

            With all the rebadging, I would say the price will be higher than the new Accord. I hope the federal government will reveal details of the Proton Accord transactions and the earlier arrangement with Honda. Then we can see the difference. But I know this is unlikely to happen.

            1. re: “Initially government already agreed to buy the current Accord from Honda directly.”

              Methinks that the gomen made the decision on the rebadged models for the sake that their Ministers must be seen to use Proton national cars.

              1. Helen,

                Is Proton now still a ‘national car’? As I said, already bought over by DRB-Hicom, controlled by Syed Mokhtar. The government is no longer obligated to ‘help’ Proton. Prior to the take-over, Proton is a GLC with government having substantial stake. I can understand back then if government continue to protect Proton. But now? It looks like a crony deal for me. It was made worse by the lack of disclosure on the terms of the deal. Even if the government stayed with the original plan to buy genuine Accord, DRB will still profit as the company is the local partner for Honda. Either way, DRB is assured of profits. The question is how much?

                If I can make a comparison of vehicle purchase between federal government and Penang state government, I would say Penang bought Toyota Camry from UMW, a GLC not a private-owned entity. The other issue is the transparency of the deals and the amount of information made available to the public. By now, we already know what is the price Penang paid for the Camry and the latest Benz. Until now, no body knows the price paid for the Proton Accord. If Helen or any readers here know the price of Proton Accord, please share with me. Afraid the Accord deal is classified as official secrets like IPP and toll agreements.

                1. In this case, I don’t believe it’s a question of money but one of maruah. The Ministers have to be seen to be using Proton as their official car — national pride thingy. I agree with this decision.

                  1. Helen,

                    Looking at your posting above on the Benz and the comments from readers, I can see that the intention is to discredit Penang and LGE. Most of the comments are based on the premise that the car is a Benz that cost about 300k, hence it is luxurious and wasteful. That is fine as we have freedom of expression in Malaysia.

                    I am looking at the issue from a different perspective, i.e. the difference in vehicle procurement policies between BN federal government and PR Penang state government in terms of price, transparency and governance. I don’t see much wisdom in focusing the Penang purchase of Benz without looking at the practise of its counterparts. Why not you try to do a bit of research as suggested above and post it under a new heading? I believe this way of blogging (policy comparison between BN and PR) is more beneficial.

                    Ultimately, we have either BN or PR to choose when election comes. If both are wasteful and corrupt, then we choose the lesser one. Hence, better to make a comparison of similar events, policies or actions between them.


                    1. Intention to discredit Penang and LGE? Meaning people are jealous of Penang and LGE’s success so they try to discredit him?

                      What do you expect people to say when you buy a brand new MB S300L in the middle of rising costs at people’s expense and just 2 months after getting a new Camry? The Camry now been passed down to the Deputy Speaker. Isn’t this a sheer waste of public fund ? To say that the car is just Rm300K is foolish since it is tax-free purchase.

                      I find it amusing to read your arguments as it is berets of logic. Please do not talk about procurement policies without knowing what you are saying. There are written policies for procurement at the national level and all along at the Federal level it has been always Proton and the price has been transparent. There is no question on these practices at all. If you have different information, please do share it here.

                      It is Penang’s policy of opting for Camry and now MB is in conflict with the policy. What kind of transparency that Penang pursued in this case ? Was there a public consultation ? Only when Paul disclosed this did LGE admit the purchase.

                      I don’t think anything wrong at all about buying Proton as it is a national carmaker, whether they belong to DRB is not relevant. That they are using a rebadged Honda is not an issue as it is more about policy that using the newer technology.

                      Do read up the below link from wiki.

                      In countries that have indigenous automobile manufacturers, the government will usually commission one of the national automakers to provide a state car, or allow several to provide cars for an official state fleet. It is considered an honour for a car manufacturer to be selected to provide a state car for their respective country and a demonstration of the confidence of a government in their national industry.[1]

                      For example, the President of the United States rides in the domestic Cadillac, the Emperor of Japan uses a Toyota, the Prime Minister of Italy uses a Maserati, the President of the Czech Republic rides a Škoda Superb, the Prime Minister of Australia, senior cabinet ministers and all Members of Parliament are driven in either a luxury Holden or Ford and the British monarch uses a Bentley.[1] The President of France can choose from cars manufactured by Renault or PSA Peugeot Citroën, and all major German manufacturers (Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Volkswagen Group) are represented in Germany’s pool of vehicles available for use by state officials.



                    2. Thanks for the Wiki, Calvin.

                      That’s why I said that I understand and support Putrajaya’s decision on the Perdana fleet for the Ministers even if it is a rebadged Accord.

                    3. Calvin,

                      Re: There are written policies for procurement at the national level and all along at the Federal level it has been always Proton and the price has been ‘transparent’.


                      Re: Please do not talk about procurement policies without knowing what you are saying.

                      I take it that you have information on the Accord deal. Can you respond to my questions below?

                      1. What is the price per Accord?
                      2. How many units to be supplied?
                      3. Is there a tender called before Proton is selected?
                      4. What circumstances the Accords may be returned to Proton?
                      5. If the Accord is tax exempted, how much is the exemption?
                      6. Is there a discount given by Proton?

                      From my reading, the Penang government has already answered all the above in relation to the Benz.

                      Bear in mind that the federal government is buying hundreds or maybe thousands of Accords from Proton yet I don’t see people scrutinise/criticize the deal like what they did for the Benz. If the people care enough on a single Benz, they should also care for the Accord deal.

                      Looking forward to hear from you.

                    4. Calvin,

                      Many thanks for the wiki link. The link referred to countries like US, Japan, Italy, Britain, France, Czech Rep and Australia.

                      I note the brand and model used by the countries above are usually:

                      1. enhanced security features;
                      2. luxury/high-end model; and
                      3. internally designed by the car makers.

                      Is the Proton Accord falls under any of the category above?

                    5. Helen,

                      Now the people are distracted by the JAIS issue and have forgotten about the Mercedes of LGE.

                      I have posted 2 replies previously:

                      37. follow | Januari 1, 2014 at 9:19 pm

                      38. follow | Januari 1, 2014 at 9:41 pm

                      and also in your posting “The utterly astounding double standards of the Dapsters and J-Star

                      25. follow | Januari 2, 2014 at 7:06 pm

                      I am waiting for rebuttal from Calvin Sankaran. Please alert him if you can. Many thanks.

  9. Tony pua dalam fb minta pihak sprm siasat bagaimana anak rosmah boleh beli apartment bernilai rm110 juta di new york. Tony pua lupa nak suruh sprm siasat rumah saifuddin nasution/ rahim ghouse di australia yang dianggarkan rm70 juta. Sekarang tony pua boleh suruh sprm siasat tokong punya purchase kereta rm xxx.

    Wa cakap lu jangan buat, wa bikin lu diam saje. Bukan lu punya wang. Rakyat gua punya wang. Gua punya rakyat takkan demo punya. Wah tokong ma.

  10. LGE deserve ma. He is the best CM ever to exist in Penang. Plus this is Jerm-man teknologi.. Very canggih, not like a crappy piece of shit like Proton Perdana. CM can also send to best bengkel run by the best chinese mechanics (can’t trust indian or malay mechanics, they not skilled lor).

    Very smart decision by CM. I will support him to the day I die and I am sure Hannah Yeoh also deserve merc or BMW.

    1. I will show you how one of his worshiper comment in Paul Tan. Feel like puke

      Zax on Dec 31, 2013 at 11:00 am

      You need to know that Lim Guan Eng doesn’t do this only because he got the power. If he was to do that, he could have did it five years ago when he was also elected as the Chief minister of Penang.
      Can’t you see how much he changed Penang? Or you never visit Penang? Not even heard about Penang?
      Because of this Chief Minister’s works, o many investor went to Penang to invest.
      What have BN did? Force citizen to die by rising prices.
      And now you say they are just the same as BN ???
      Is it a problem just to change a better car for a chief minister who did his job well? His last was the old Mercedes Benz where he used for more than 5 years without changing it. This is the first time he change, so any problem?
      Look at Najib’s son, bought a RM100 million penthouse, who pay for it? Yes they pay for it but where do the money come from?
      You know I know.

  11. Ms H. The top adviser to the Federal Government on Communist Insurgency Tan Sri Dr C. C. Too, once told that when Communism comes into contact with Capitalism, it will be corrupted. Need I say anything more ? On this score, the failure of the Republic of Singapore today is their focus on money, money, money whilst the success of our beloved Malaysia today is we recognise Islam as the official religion and other religions are permitted. It is not money, money, money which will be the downfall of whoever practices it.

    1. re: “It is not money, money, money which will be the downfall of whoever practices it.”

      Money is Gold.

      Greed and the hunger for Glory also plagues the DAP evangelistas.

      1. How could one reward himself, when the FDI plunges significantly under his purview with budget deficit year after year?

  12. The love for their dear leaders are phenomenal. I wonder how many of these supporters earn 50k/month and drives a merc. If they think they have the authority to dictate which politicians deserves what, imagine what they think they deserve for themselves.

  13. Apa maknanya parti yang berjuang atas dasar sosialis kalau pemimpin dah mula menunjukkan sikap kapitalis?

  14. Please try to understand that Iguana Eng gets a long wheelbase car because it can accommodate his long ekor biawak while his underlings get a Camry each because their cicak tails are shorter.

        1. No, it wasn’t Conrad. The term had been floating around in the Malay blogosphere prior to my putting up Conrad’s entry.

  15. Very apt.

    It’s a Hindu belief that people carry residual Karmic traits from past lives, either as humans or other life forms.

    No prizes for guessing what they were before…LOL!

  16. Look at the way the Star spins it…Sounds more like the Rocket and MI than a MCA-owned paper.

    And look who is defending his…the unlikey apologist.

    DAP chairman and Bukit Gelugor MP Karpal Singh said the purchase was “the most thoughtful New Year’s gift” which Lim has earned.

    “This is befitting the chief minister’s dignity and status. No one should begrudge him this privilege,” he said in a statement.

    He said Lim had earned it, having helped Penang to grow by leaps and bounds since 2008.

  17. Pernah sekali saya terjumpa LGE dalam Cathay Pacific Lounge di Hong Kong Airport, dan kebetulan dia pun dalam satu flight balik dari Hong Kong ke Penang. Guess what … dia duduk dalam Business Class!

    Saya sapa dia, just tanya khabar saja la …

    Biarlah saya bersangka baik yang dia dapat free upgrade ke Business Class … Wallahualam.

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