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Marina desak Najib tegur Isma?

Lagi Najib Razak ditempelak konsultannya seorang lain pula, iaitu Marina Mahathir yang dilantik beliau untuk menjadi ahli Majlis Konsultasi Perpaduan Negara, badan yang ditubuhkannya dua bulan lepas itu.


Marina beri satu nasihat kepada PM — lihat tweetnya di bawah.

Saya rasa Marina bermaksudkan Isma dan NGO-NGO Muslim yang lain.

Kata Marina:

  • “My 2014 unsolicited advice to our PM: if u kowtow to the religious extremists, one day they’ll guling u cos u won’t be good enuf for them.”
  • “he’s [Najib is] pandering by keeping silent and not telling them off, not even once.”

Twitter - netraKL- My 2014 unsolicited advice

Twitter - netraKL- @mpkotabelud @saifuddinabd ... 2013-12-31 22-41-43

Malaysiakini 2013-12-31Marina

Marina menyindir Najib akan di”guling” pelampau agama satu hari kelak.

Tak tahu lah sama ada tilikan Marina itu berasas atau tidak.

Tapi buat masa ini, yang dok guling-guling itu hanya di atas jalanraya sahaja. Gambar di bawah ini dirakam Malaysiakini di Dataran Merdeka kira-kira 15 minit yang lalu.


Najib tidak ada di ibukota untuk menangani ancaman pengguling di jalanraya.

Beliau sedang bercuti di luar negara, mengikut sumber bekas pengarang kumpulan NSTP Kadir Jasin.

Sebelum berangkat ke luar negara, PM sempat menyambut perayaan Krismas bersama Lim Guan Eng.

Sekiranya Najib mendengar nasihat konsultan-konsultannya itu seperti Marina, Regina dan Wong Chun Wai (CEO J-Star evangelista yang dilantik Najib sebagai pemegang amanah Global Movement of Moderates), maka mungkin Isma bakal digam memenuhi hasrat puak liberal.

, NajibLGEkrismas

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24 thoughts on “Marina desak Najib tegur Isma?

    1. The point is that with Najib, both sides are unhappy with him — the oppo and his own Umno people.

      And what is he doing holidaying abroad when there are New Year’s eve protests? When the Little Indian riot happened, the S’pore Deputy Prime Minister gave a press conference at 2am and the PM Lee Hsien Loong wrote a Facebook statement at 3am.

      Najib is cuti-cuti shiok-shiok overseas when there is a protest going on in the capital city.

  1. Sekurang urangnya Guan Eng ada di Penang sambut Hari Telinga Baru (New EAR Day) sedangkan Najib di Amerika sambut Happy New EAR Ah Gib Gor. (Selamat hari Telinga BAru Ah Gib Gor).

    MArina anak DR M ni marah kat siapa sebenarnya. Mungkin takdir dia tak jadi PM kut?

    1. Marina tidak menyebut secara khusus siapa si “pelampau” yang dimaksudkannya itu. Tetapi dia ada gaduh dengan Isma lah.

  2. It’s now 5 minutes to 2014 and live from Dataran Putra from NTV shows DR M and the lovely Datin Asmah wishing us a Happy New Year. What a wonderful evening. oopppps…. Where Najib aka Ah Gib Gor? Is he having a Tea without sugar to ‘push’ his s.x ? Happy New Year Helen and to all.

  3. This is one of those things that I find confusing. Here’s Marina and earlier on Wardina, they are both on the same Majlis which I’m quite certain has a direct line to the PM. So why can’t they take their grouses directly to the source, why must they shout it from the opposition-friendly media?

    1. Dunno about W, but do have a read of M’s other tweet. I find it confusing that she can speak as if her voice is one of the ordinary rakyat’s. She’s not. She’s a VIP and her family name opens doors.

      1. Helen, yang ini pun double standard. They do not love their country because they were educated abroad and therefore will not have the same feel of patriotism. (I apologised to her father in a different article when i mentioned ms. M)

        W is one to shout out enough is enough. Unable to handle the price hikes etc. but is so full of herself when she is spokesperson to so many expensive household products. Her house is featured with all sponsored products.

        Double standard juga.

        1. Re. she is spokesperson to so many expensive household products. Her house is featured with all sponsored products.

          That is part of the contract where she has to advertise the product in her FB.

    2. Exactly what i wrote on wardina’s fb. But unfortunately, i think it is being handled by an administrator and therefore no better.

      They only talk. No action.

  4. Helen ada bela anjing? Pernah dengar anjing gigit tuan? Bukan sekali PM kita ini kena gigit, banyak kali…

    Namun hanya bayang jua… he..he.. happy new year 2014 helen. Be a trusted one, ok !

  5. Happy New Year and hopefully new hopes will surround our people and this beautiful nation. We have all gone through so many pits, ups and downs together, sweet and bitter from all perspectives in building this nation to what we are today! Please forget the past and ask ourselves if we have done our duty and justice to this country, and prepare for our younger leaders and their generation to shape this nation and move on.

    Maybe, enough us enough and let’s all from both sides of the political divide reunite this nation again. Having said so, there are two things that had cropped up in my mind; as I have said earlier, the close friends of Wong Chin Huat should really read my elderly rebuttal comments on this young ceekoo, who think Najib is not fit to manage this complexed nation with his PHD and bullock head like himself and think that he himself can do better than Najib Razak. Honestly speaking, F..k u Chin Huat! Nothing personal and we are not enemy because of our differences, though you may be an idiot to bang your blocked head against the wall.

    It’s a wake up call Chin Huat and believe you should be reprimanded in Sungai Buloh, rather than send you off to the Nazi camp in Autsrich, Poland. (Maybe spelling is wrong n no time to check) To my friend Datin Paduka Marina…please do say something as you are well respected in Malaysia. You have chosen to be in the team for Malaysian Unity Council Member. (Some of the members are idiots but not you Marina) Also, you were also in the first list of the proposed Cabinet member after the PRU13 but there were other more important considerations which PM had felt strongly when be political steam was still hot, instead of mellowing down! You could have been an ideal Minister than many of those who are below par Marina! You know and I know many kaki ampu n “Malaysian Japanese” in the Cabinet!.

    There maybe many other big mouths who had voiced their support for Chin Huat. If a kucing kurap and nobody like Mustapha Ong does not care a hood for Chin Huat, who cares….Anwar, Rafizi smart alexes like LGE and Ooi, please open your mouth to answer to my challenge too. Happy New Year of the Horse 2014…it’s Tun Mahathir’s day too but a bit too late now! Hope u agreed Tun as you have been our national aspirator n political idol for so long. Salam.

  6. Marina needs to be more specific.
    Is she referring to the Syiah shit in the country or the Christian clowns who want to hijack the name of the Moslems’ God to be theirs.

    Unlike the Shites in the middle-east (who are more open and vocal in denouncing the Sahabahs of the Prophet صلى الله عليه و آله وسلم) , the Syiah shit here still are obscurely submerging chickens to do likewise, (Even certain Pas leaders wont dare admit their heresy belief in Syiah shit.)

    While the Chriatian clowns here are more obvious with their subversive malicious intentions to convert the future children of Islam. Besides having powerful ‘friends’ these clowns exercise strong influentials over their dumb followers.

    So she need to be specific where the threat/s is/are. coming from.

    Above pic quote:
    “Najib tidak ada di ibukota untuk menangani ancaman pengguling di jalanraya”.

    Going through the photos of TURUN event, I can’t help but noticed, most of the protesters are fat, overweight and some can even be considered obese.

    The guling physically symbolise the ‘pecah lemak’ ritual, also in respect of the forthcoming Thaipusam in Jan.2014. Like the TIbetian pilgrims journey to the temple of their gods slipping glove/slippers to comfort their palms, in this ritual these protesters use placards instead.

    TURUN here also means turun berat badan.

    The packages introduced by the most powerful country in the world is being considered a failure before even serving its goal – Obamacare for instance.

    After a stretch in stabilty, Inflation is inevitable.
    ‘Obesity’ does not happens overnight, but it is gluttony that creeps in you slowly all these years.

    Reminds me of the late Ibrahim Hussein’s – oil painting entitled “My Father and the Astronaut”

    We have all become Astronauts.

    Or Me? Tor For?

  7. Marina should look into a mirror and ask how many government contracts she has secured to maintain her posh lifestyle which includes having a private chef.

  8. Morning..while having breakfast @ the terrace, I wish to share some fresh thoughts with Badpotato. Agreed all that you have said about Marina but I think age is catching up or she has lost most of her dad’s gene in order to sustain her journey and shake up her vision and belief for the betterment of this nation.

    I am still awaiting for her comments on Wong Chin Huat CinaAbeng which I had posted last night. I hope she will respond in order to maintain her stature, principle without any double standard in this issue that I had fired at Chin Huat, the big mouth that someone had commented as having a “communist look alike” minus his jacket. The right attire should be Mao’s jacket. I think according Lord’s Tailor Tun Mahathir has a nice one of the Mao’s branding.

    On the issue of the absolute use of the word, “Allah” which means only our Muslim God as prescribed in our Al-Quran, I shall reserve comments at an opportune time. However, in the context of translation, “Allah is neither God in BM or English.. Muslims pray to Allah and no other God or Gods. The BM translated meaning of God should be Tuhan as in BM, not a propriety to claim the Holy nomenclature of “Allah” by certain Christian sects for their own religious agenda in this country in their attempt to convert anyone who read their religious text or journals.

    Where in the bible or any scriptures of the Christian God or a Gods that has the word “Allah” as clearly stated in the Holy Al-Quran? Please ask any Followers of Jehovah’s Witnesses about this sensitive issue and you will have the true answer.

  9. =============================

    Government’s Minis­ters can do more than take a cut in entertainment allowance as part of Putrajaya’s cost-cutting measures, said Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir.

    The social activist said the ministers should, in fact, take a pay cut.

    “Good intent alone is not sufficient if it is not matched by sincerity. The people are suffering from price hikes and others. As a sign of solidarity with the rakyat, our leaders should suffer a little too,” added Marina, who proposed a pay cut not just for ministers but also deputy ministers and civil servants at the Jusa C grade.

    I don’t seem to recall if Marina speaking out about the massive salary hike in Selangor and Penang….selective memory kot…?

  10. Saya setuju dengan ‘nasihat’ marina ini.

    Kerajaan hanya dapat di ‘guling’ kan dengan kuasa majoriti pengundi berdaftar. Sehingga kini, majoriti masih ditangan pengundi melayu (Islam).. sekiranya pengundi majoriti ini hilang keyakinan pada UMNO/PAS dan dalam masa yang sama diasak oleh exstremist kristian, tidaklah mustahil kaum majoriti ini berpaling arah kepada ISMA.

    1. Re. tidaklah mustahil kaum majoriti ini berpaling arah kepada ISMA.

      It will only take ISMA to declare that they will take over in all MCA and Gerakan constituencies with Malay majority. It is done.

      1. ‘It will only take ISMA to declare that they will take over in all MCA and Gerakan constituencies with Malay majority’

        ISMA sudah menjanjikan perkara ini di negeri kita, Johor.. Jika benar mereka ingin bertanding di Air Hitam (Wee Ka Siong), saya sudah janjikan khidmat saya..

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