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UPDATED Sex tape: A fine example of Dapster hysteria

At about this time in 2007, Dr Chua Soi Lek’s secretly filmed sex tape had been leaked and widely circulated in Johor.

A full six years have passed since the illicit episode in the Batu Pahat hotel. Dr Chua has even retired from politics.

But the Dapsters are unable to move on.

Malaysiakini uploaded a news report a few hours ago quoting Dr Chua on the recent price hikes. See, ‘Soi Lek: Pakatan’s price hike gripes hurting my ears’ @

There are 35 67 reader comments so far.




Several are rude and abusive insults such as calling Dr Chua a “running dog of Umno”, “running dog with no shame”, “dumb bastard”, “clown”, “shit eater”, asking him to “eat shit” (in transliterated Hokkien), saying give him “rope to hang himself!”, “Shut up and go to hell”, “Who cares what this idiot thinks. is useless and irrelevant”, etc, etc.

A further dozens were Malaysiakini subscribers still dredging up the Batu Pahat matter specifically and mocking Dr Chua as a “porn star”, “the OLD porn star”, “immoral moron” and other sex scandal-related barbs.

In almost half of their comments, the Dapsters are frothing viciously about something that happened half a dozen years ago. Not only that, they almost always cast the ‘sin’ of the father on the son too (Chua Tee Yong who is a newly minted MCA vice president).

What kind of people are they?

Screenshots below, updated 2.35pm












CSL11-12 CSL10




Leadership by example

With DAP supporters, it is a case of the fruit not falling far from the tree.

They all pick their supply of stones from the evangelista quarry.

Madam Speaker is one of the most prominent and leading stone throwers.

Hannah Yeoh had brought up the issue of BN politicians’ adultery at no less than the DAP national convention. See minute 0:51

“We must never be like politicians from BN. Some of them, you know, have belittled the institution of marriage and even caused public humility [sic] to their spouse because of adultery.


So do you really think the DAP and their followers are capable of anything like the “national reconciliation” that they so love to mouth?

Continues: ‘The utterly astounding double standards of the Dapsters and J-Star’



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35 thoughts on “UPDATED Sex tape: A fine example of Dapster hysteria

  1. “So do you really think the DAP and their followers are capable of anything like the “national reconciliation” that they so love to mouth?”

    But such is Love that otherwise a thousand words may fail to reconcile: [YouTube]

    1. Urm, if Maulana Jalaluddin were alive today to drop in at their ‘love’ fest (like this one the Dapsters are showering on CSL) and if he were to just even give them some mild advice about being nice, I think the DAP horde would turn around and abuse him as an “Umno agent”.

      1. Not all agents are the same, whatever it be they are agents of.
        Within the DAP grouping itself, some have disqualified others amongst themselves, and prejudiced themselves above otherselves, thus abusing the very principle of democracy they claim to uphold.

        “Allah has not made for any man two hearts in one body.” [Q33:4]

        The heart cannot exist within the body in such a manner that the heart is dedicated to Allah Most Merciful while also harbouring Evil intentions. The heart is kept alive with the recollection of Allah and the sincerity of virtue.

        “Indeed Allah does not look at your appearance and your wealth but He looks to your heart and your actions.” (from the Prophet)

        1. If I didn’t know how could I have commented?

          I’m the quiet and contemplative type. I don’t push myself into the camera frame in mosque photo ops, that’s all, but it doesn’t mean that I know less than those Chinese who like to wear tudung, say “Insya Allah” and become juara hashtag #sahur.

          Someone else was sceptical too. See

          My reply, here

          It’s probably for this reason (my knowledge and understanding which I don’t show off) that the hypocritical evangelistas truly disgust me.

            1. Okay, you have to support my writing then and Facebook / tweet my articles or introduce 3 new readers :)

              ‘They’ are all out to get me through their smear campaigns, and they’re the ones with the resources in the alternative and social media.

              1. We all already did la… that’s why you are so famous with Malaysian abroad (Malays mostly) unknown to you, it just that they don’t identify themselves or comment….

                1. Okay lah thanks. Do you know that KJ’s press sec has taken to tweeting about me? (If I want to dish it out then I’ve got to be prepared to take it too.)

                  But they have a lot of resources. ‘They’ even have access to Pemuda Umno resources, not to mention MCA’s. Methinks Umno is devouring itself — death inflicted from within.

                  1. Re. KJ’s press sec has taken to tweeting about me?

                    Bring it on Sista….

                    Re. But they have a lot of resources

                    It is not about number here in your blog, it is about CONVICTION and be Cool, Calm and Collected about it.

                    You see, in this blog many of us have disagreed with you, but we don’t hate or detest you. But can they the same over the other side?

              2. Re: ‘you have to support my writing then and Facebook / tweet my articles or introduce 3 new readers’

                Don’t worry about my support. I’m sure that’s what I’m doing now. But only in your blog.. I don’t like FB, tweeter etc.. My fb just for my business purposes..

                and surely ‘Support’ doesn’t mean that I must agree with your opinion at every time cos honestly some of your opinion doesn’t suit me.. but dun worry, my disagree will come in very good manner..

                1. It’s a deal.

                  No need lah to agree with me all the time. I also don’t agree with my readers. The biggest area of disagreement is Chinese school.

                  The irony of my situation is that I am trying to share the non-Malay point of view with a Malay readership (now seriously how many of the DAP supporters are capable of doing that?), e.g. in explaining why I’m uncomfortable with korban carried out in schools and yet the delusional Dapsters are attacking me in their perpetual hysteria.

                  I’m actually walking the tightrope doing a fine balancing act.

                  1. Re. I’m actually walking the tightrope doing a fine balancing act.

                    In medieval time you would be paraded in public and burned at stake in town square should the oppo. overthrow the Gomen.

                    1. TMI‘s “Che Sapienza” already tried to spark a McCarthy witch hunt againt me. Yes, he actually alluded to me as a “witch”.

  2. Hannah Yeoh is still young full of idealism she still has a long journey to go in this life some day she may stumble and make mistake like Dr Chua and at that time only she will realise no holy water can cleanse her.

    1. Re. Hannah Yeoh is still young full of idealism

      She is full of CRAP and that’s all to it.

      Re. she still has a long journey to go

      The only journey for her is “ONE WAY TICKET TO HELL”, for all that I care.

  3. Hannah Yeoh I like.. yang lain bungkos balik kampung! Tetapi Hannah sudah kahwin lah Suami nya macam gelap skit.. mamak atau Arab babe! Elizabeth tu okay Lah takut dia tak mahu potong atau kut!

  4. Helen, did you see the survey which found that most Chinese don’t even know the existence of MACC ? Yet they complain the most about corruption and mismanagement.

    1. re: “Yet they complain the most about corruption and mismanagement.”

      They complain about the bribe taker. They don’t complain about the bribe giver.

      1. Re. They don’t complain about the bribe giver.

        Tan Sri Musa Hassan have aptly coined them as BANGKAI

  5. And when you told them about Cr Chua resignation, they stared blankly at you and asked if you were the one who were dreaming. Once BN politician always BN politician, they said.

    And When you asked them how about others who resign and joint PR, they will said it because this people see the light. It’s look like, when joining PR your will becoming soo clean that you don’t need a bleach to removed the stain ;)


  6. Well for one thing DAP politicians haven’t been hit with any major sex video scandals so they definitely have the higher ground. Or am I wrong there.

    Though they shouldn’t be saying much if they are unwilling to say the same about their partners in PAS and PKR who are still politically active despite the same kind of sex tapes they are caught with.

    With what they’re doing to Soi Lek and not to those PAS/PKR people they as the public are teaching the politicians it’s always better to not own up to the end no matter what you are caught with.

    So I wonder what we Malaysians have been doing all these years to get the kind of leaders we have now.

    1. re: “So I wonder what we Malaysians have been doing all these years to get the kind of leaders we have now.”

      The rabble lynching CSL themselves picked the kind of leaders that they want to worship, like Madame Speaker who led the stone-throwing procession.

  7. If I recalled, the rudeness has been there among them on online political forums like Tranungkite and the like. It just that the audience was Malays at that time. Maybe others were busy making money or something. Now that the economy not that good, more people have spare time online. The hate has spread to English speaking audience, thanks to Malaysiakini and the like.

  8. Ah the sex tape. What kind of people would go perpetually hysterical with the mere mention of the words “sex tape” ?

    What are these people ? upon hearing the words “sex tape” and they go berserk.

    Are these people fruitcakes ? Some of you might not know the meaning of the word “fruitcake”. If you don’t, do a Google search.

  9. Hi Helen Would it be too difficult to attribute the comments to “to each his own?” Live and let live its now 2014 and if there are people willing to backtrack it should not be made a common problem.

    1. rama,

      “To each his own” infers that A will respect B’s views despite their differing outlook, and vice versa.

      But see,

      If you look at all the “shut the fuck up and go to hell” rants from the Dapsters, then how “to each his own”?

      This especially applies in the ‘Allah’ conflict. If left to their own devices, the evangelistas will promote their Anak Allah (bergandingan dengan Bapa Allah dan Roh Kudus) in their dakwah.

      And when the Malay Muslims tell them that they shouldn’t do that, the reply (in attitude if not exactly in the same aggressive words) will be STFU and go to hell.

      The Rubicon has been crossed. The Chinese tsunami of 5 May 2013 seals it.

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