6 thoughts on “1Clueless Najib

  1. Helen,

    entah mengapa, perutusan seorang Perdana Menteri pada setiap tahun baru memang tidak pernah saya lepaskan peluang untuk mendengar.

    tetapi, amat berlainan kali ini, saya tidak langsung berselera untuk mendengarnya sebab jauh di sudut hati, saya yakin dan percaya perutusannya tidak lebih daripada ucapan yang sama dan biasa didengar sewaktu beliau berkempen sebelum PRU13 yang lalu.

    hari ini, anda telah posting teks ucapan PM Najib maka ‘terpaksalah’ saya membacanya.

    tiba-tiba hati saya terdetik lalu saya tersenyum sinis….
    Pemandu lagi????

    alahai PM Najib….masih tak sedar lagi nampaknya!

  2. Ms H. Whatever the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties do in 2014, please, please do not reduce the SUBSIDY ON RICE !

  3. I don’t think there’s enough adjectives and superlatives for me to describe najib… clueless, hopeless, hapless, useless, rhetorical, hollow, lost, misguided, misfit, disgusting, disappointing, stupid, foolish, idiotic, poor…….what else?

    I thought we would not get a worse pm than pak lah. How disappointed we are or I am. Ever since taking office he has done nothing but to prop up his own image/popularity at our financial expense, running into hundreds of millions of RM.

    He’s so fool, ops..full of rhetoric. His speeches were sick and sickening. The money for his personal PR exercises could have been better spent devising formulas or programs to enhance the country’s/people’s well being.

    His and his wife’s spending…one of them, Sri Perdana’s power bills at RM2m/year. He said, do we expect foreign dignitaries to dine in the dark? Did he dine with those foreign dignitaries every nite and all nite long each time? Are Sri Perdana’s dining halls fitted with stadium like floodlights that lighting bills alone would costs millions?

    Look at his farcical 1Msia project. He created 1M clinic, mini market and what nots to compete with the people’s businesses. How stupid can one get? Why not use the money to devise strategies so that all Msians can enjoy cheaper products & services instead of only the patrons of his 1M outlets? Ini najib memang celaka.

    To all umno members, please remove najib from umno’s presidency in your next party elections, failing which you are complicit in whatever idiocies he commits & share dosa dia sekali. It should have been done recently! Ehmmm, another 2 or 3 years of najibhood!

  4. PEMANDU akan turut mengemukakan idea-idea baru untuk mengurangkan tekanan kos sara hidup.”? No need Pemandu for ideas, budak kecik belum baligh pun boleh bagi antara nya:
    1. Bubarkan Pemandu
    2. Bubarkan Pemandu
    3. Bubarkan Pemandu.

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