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The utterly astounding double standards of the Dapsters and J-Star

One commenter here, ‘grandmarquis’ @ 2013/12/31 at 7:54 pm, remarked that the reaction of the Lim Guan Eng supporters to the Mercedes Benz purchase makes him want to puke.

Noted writer Calvin Sankaran comments @ 2014/01/01 at 9:51 am: “Look at the way the Star spins it… Sounds more like the Rocket and MI than a MCA-owned paper.”


I can well imagine how the Dapsters would react should the same car be delivered to, say, Kedah Menteri Besar Mukhriz Mahathir or Perak Menteri Besar Zambry Abdul Kadir.

On 30 Dec 2013, Malaysiakini carried an article ‘Soi Lek: Pakatan’s price hike gripes hurting my ears’. (The oppo people gripe about the expensive and escalating costs of everything but still at the same time they are willing to laud the new Merc for Papa Dapster.)

“STFU and go to hell”

Aside from the sex-related insults and profanities hurled by Malaysiakini subscribers at Dr Chua – see screenshots here – there is another thing that characterizes the typical Dapster response.

I’m reproducing the phrases below with the name/pseudonym of the Malaysiakini commenter in brackets, after which I shall examine the trend to these Dapster comments.

  • “Mr Ex-President, the less you talk, the better for you.” (mosquito brain)
  • “Just stay quiet and enjoy yourself in your Batu Pahat hotels.” (Amalgam)
  • “This UMNO lap dog is talking nonsense and trying to justify his master’s leakages and corruption.” (Justice Pao)
  • “Shut up and fade away. Nobody respects you and wants to hear you anymore, got it CSL?” (Lamborghini)
  • “CSL. retire and zip your mouth.” (Anonymous8693)
  • “The new President of MCA should tell this ex-President to go to hell, keep quiet & stop destroying MCA further by issuing such a stupid statement !” (Anonymous_3f6d)
  • “Soi Lek … Shut up and go to hell.” (Anonymous_40dc)
  • “Go away, please.” (Anonymous #70881335)
  • “porn star chua has no moral authority, so please dr. chua please just shut the f*** up” (malaysia888)
  • “Porn star Chua: Please keep your mouth shut up.” (SMC77)
  • “Soi Lek: Pakatan’s price hike gripes hurting my ears. That should not be a problem so long as that other part of your now very public anatomy is not hurting. So STFU.” (Abasir)
  • “he is just barking for attention. Ok I heard you. Now go and sleep by the corner and wait for the bones.” (Upset)
  • “Aiyah, Chua Tangkap Basah,,, who are you to talk anymore..??” (ABU, Don’t Play Play !!!)
  • “Nobody respect you in malaysia so just keep quite [sic]” (Yhiker)
  • “Hello chua c d shout [sic] your shit mouth and concentrate on your porn.” (lonewolf)

What we can see to be the common theme from the comments I have extracted from the Malaysiakini article on Dr Chua is that they’re all asking him to “shut the fuck up” (STFU).

And mind you, ALL of the comments above are from the reader feedback to a single article. What a lynch mob they are.

Dapster modus operandi

The Dapster SOP is constant harassment, including lobbing crude barbs that are indirectly sure to hurt Mrs Chua’s feelings (kena tempias). They also do not spare Chua Jr and mock him as the son of a “porn star” as well as always asking him to follow in his father’s footsteps.

Their cursing and verbal abuse is legendary, so I needn’t elaborate on this aspect.

The Dapster name-calling consigns anyone whose views fail to align with theirs as a “moron” or an “idiot”. With a wave of the hand, Dapsters dismiss anything jarring by saying it is the stupidest thing they have ever heard or “nonsensical” or “absurd”.

From the excerpts above, we can see that whatever Chua Soi Lek were to say on whatever subject, the Dapsters will refuse to address the topic (lari tajuk). Invariably the Batu Pahat hotel sex tape will be brought up even if Dr Chua were to discuss his neighbour’s cat.

In short, Dapsters prefer to shoot the messenger rather than evaluate the message.

If not Dr Chua but other people, how?

Supposing if it were Najib to say something, then the Dapsters will bring up Altantuya or Rosmah. If it was Mukhriz, they will bring up the fact that he is Dr Mahathir’s son. They will however conveniently say nothing about Anwar being an ex-Umno deputy president or PKR’s Chua Jui Meng being a former MCA vice president.

If it was Gerakan Youth Chief Tan Keng Liang, they will snub him as an “Umno lapdog”. In the case of Tan, “puppy” because of his boyish looks.

If Dr Chandra Muzaffar, they will attack him for being a Muslim convert.

And should the speaker not have any overt baggage, the Dapsters will simply manufacture lies to tarnish his reputation. Then they will repeat this fitnah a thousand times everywhere in the true spirit of Stalin and Goebbels propaganda methods to discredit the said personality.

In a nutshell, the DAP has battalions of character assassins on the loose.



Kim Guan Eng, Hannah Yeoh and their ilk have deliberately cultivated a fanatical following that is totally shut out from reality and immune to any form of reasoning.

It is quite impossible for Dapsters to be able to see from the point of view of others.

Below you can see the results of the Dapster poll thus far which was put up on Christmas Day and will end later today.

My question is this. If the Dapsters persist in their attitude as illustrated above in the responses to Dr Chua, what do you think we have in store for the future?

Because as it is, they’re attacking and provoking every hour of the day. And they just won’t stop. Najib can’t make them stop whereas Khairy is actually encouraging them through his liberal posturing and Regina.


2013: Year of the Iguana Eng


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37 thoughts on “The utterly astounding double standards of the Dapsters and J-Star

  1. Evangelists mocking the sons because of their fathers’s sins. I’ve always thought the Christians believe that the sins of the father stops with the father. I guess i was misinformed.

    1. My understanding of mainline Christianity, and this is at its most basic, is that Man is born in sin and salvation from sin can only happen if the person embraces Jesus Christ (“washing away the sin”).

  2. “the Dapsters will simply manufacture lies to tarnish his reputation…” Well said Helen!

  3. Helen,

    I am glad you are still writing despite your recent announcement to slow down :)

    Just goes to show that you are addicted to this stuff, so I hope there will be no more complaints from you about rushed dinners in front computer screens, etc.

    Anyway, this is about LGE’s Merc.

    The fact is that Pakatan has turned Penang around completely since taking power.

    The state is showing a surplus after a very very long time.

    According to some reports, LGE was driving an 18 y.o. Merc and was trying out a Toyota Camry.

    Whilst, I would personally had preferred LGE to keep driving the Toyota, I don’t really see a major problem with him driving a new replacement Merc – especially if he got it at a good price.

    Now, would I have complained if Mukhriz or Zambry decided to upgrade their cars?

    Well, it will depend.

    If they have done a good job in managing their states like turning a surplus, it would be difficult for anybody to deny those two MBs a new car.

    Malaysians tend to be blinkered by their political allegiances, even yourself.


    I am that hated political animal most reviled by all sides – I have no love for any of them. I will vote them in on a whim and I’ll vote them out on a fancy :)

    I am a swinging voter who just wants someone to do the job I asked them to do and to do it well.

    You should try it yourself – it is most invigorating :)

    1. re: “Malaysians tend to be blinkered by their political allegiances, even yourself.”

      I don’t pretend that I’m non-partisan. On the contrary, I’m quite willing to state openly that I do not want to see Pakatan come to power.

      However, I’m astounded that the Malaysiakini reader who commented “STUPID FOOL. YOU BETTER KEEP QUIET FROM NOW ON!!!” (see above quoted in the main article) can call himself ‘neutral stance‘ (his pseudonym). Also note that the capital letters are his.

      re: “I have no love for any of them. I will vote them in on a whim and I’ll vote them out on a fancy :) ”

      Whimsy is quite dangerous my friend under present circumstances. With Malaysia on the verge of Thailand, every ounce of hard, objective appraisal is required.

      re: “I am a swinging voter who just wants someone to do the job I asked them to do and to do it well. You should try it yourself – it is most invigorating :)”

      Naaaah, swinging might make a monkey out of me :)

    2. The fact is that Pakatan has turned Penang around completely since taking power.

      The state is showing a surplus after a very very long time.

      Are you joking? In what ways LGE has improved Penang ? Better of in economy, FDI, standard of living, environment, traffic, housing,???

      Do you even understand the term surplus ? Under LGE they had been planning for a deficit budget and then present the result saying they had under spent and declare a surplus. Had he been an accountant for a MNC, he would have been sacked long time ago. This is manipulation and creative accounting.

      I will give an example in a layman term. Let’s say your income is Rm6k/month and actual expenses are Rm4k/mth. You then plan for a budget of Rm7k/mth saying you expected to incur a deficit of Rm1k/mth.

      And then at the beginning of next month, you announce that you actually only spent Rm4.5k/mth, thus having a surplus of Rm 0.5k. You then proclaim that you are such a financial wizard for saving Rm0.5/Mth.

      This is what LGE is doing all along. Just that people like you are too naive to see the reality.

      1. Re This is what LGE is doing all along. Just that people like you are too naive to see the reality.


        They think they are still in Kansas. L O L !

  4. [moderated]

    Helen’s comment:

    Survivor, I’m not redirecting web traffic to that verboten site.


    1. Haha.. U got me curious here. I have to straightaway google search for the meaning of ‘verboten’. Happy New Year Helen.

  5. Naymind lah Helen. The dear leader needs to criss cross around the country to brainwash the people so he needs a better car which Penang got it at a bargain…:)

  6. Helen,

    What can you expect if the journos working at The Star are Chinese and Indians who support the Opposition?

    Of course they will spin this as positive.

    1. zack,

      I don’t expect anything else out of the J-Star evangelistas. And I don’t expect that the BN can do anything about the paper either as long as the publication does not break any law.

      However I do expect Umno to do something about MCA which is the owner of the Star Media Group.

  7. The sole problem for Chua Soi Lek is that he did not speak the dapster language. Otherwise, he will be someone on the moral high ground and all his past sins will be erased. He never learn from Muhammad Taib who once the most vilified UMNO character, but all at once were cleanse by him joining PAS.

    1. If CHUA SOI LEK is to join DAP, he will be treated as a father of all Tokongs………like a new born. Definitely his past will be firmly buried.

      1. Chinese men actually secretly admire his ability to perform. The moral outcry is the height of Dapster hypocrisy, just like when they declare that they’re against corruption.

  8. They decide whom has done a good job, whom deserves to be rewarded. They determine the standards on morality, social class, values, and even ethnicity.

    Who appointed them judge jury, & executioner? Some would label them as fascists.

    It’s so touching to see these admirers sharing the joys and pain of their dear leaders. Heaven forbid should their dear leader suffer from leg cramps or worse, DVT, traveling around in the traffic-choked streets of their blessed island.

    Never mind that their own lives hardly changed for the better these past years, even though their states claim to have surpluses, ostensibly due to prudent spending.

    Never mind the pot-holed ridden unswept streets, clogged drains, dengue outbreaks, rat-infested backlanes, dirty water, even the increment in business license fees… you know, small things like that. We have to look at the “big picture” they tell us. And to do that, we must give them the Federal Government. Yeah, right.

    Catchy slogans, feel-good rallies and excuses do not count as results.

    Someone proudly announced surpluses as an accomplishment. It is only an accomplishment if surpluses are gained from increased revenue, not savings. The more important question is, how does the state intend to spend it? increase their own salaries again? or perhaps another luxury car at bargain price? How about for food, water, shelter, healthcare, education, which are the basic human needs.

    Frankly, I have no idea as to the extent of state powers. But I don’t believe that they are so powerless to do anything of significance. Perhaps they could start with small things… like funds for schools? Affordable housing? Paving roads? cleaning drains?

    If they were Buddhists, they would have been taught to question everything.

    Instead, they rejoice when their dear leaders enjoy life in comfort, but gripe everyday about their own miserable lives and blame someone else.

    Sad. Like they say, spare the rod and spoil the child.

  9. According to the Facebook posting, Lim had told a press conference in July 2008 that Terengganu’s decision to get Mercedes-Benz as official cars was not thoughtful.

    “The cost of living is high and the people are suffering but the Terengganu government is spending RM3.43mil to get Mercedes-Benz as official cars.

    “This shows that when the people are suffering, Umno leaders are enjoying themselves,” he was quoted as saying in the report.

    He had also said Terengganu should have considered cars manufactured by Japan, which were cheaper

  10. The Edge Daily (Pub Date: July 25, 2008)
    Lim: Unwise to spend RM3.42m on Mercs

    PENANG: It is not wise of the Terengganu state government to spend RM3.42 million to buy 14 Mercedes Benz E200 Kompressor limousines, especially at a time when the people are reeling from rising living costs. Instead, moderation should have been exercised.

    Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng, who expressed these views to the press yesterday, however, agreed that the quality of a Mercedes Benz was better than that of a Proton Perdana V6 Executive. The Benz’s maintenance costs were also lower. He said that the Penang state government had cancelled the order for five new Perdanas worth over RM600,000 and decided to use existing vehicles.

    “We decided to make do with what we have to save cost as long as the car can move and reach the destination. Even the state secretary (Datuk Jamaludin Hassan) had complained that the Perdana has incessant gearbox problems and a leaking roof but that should not be an excuse to splurge.

    “They could have even purchased Toyotas. They are the leading car brand in the world, overtaking even General Motors and are much cheaper than Mercedes Benz,” said Lim. He said Umno should practise what it preached. “Umno must do something about this. Its leaders are living luxuriously while the people are suffering,” he added.

  11. “Since Terengganu is allowed to keep 14 Mercedes-Benzes costing RM3.43mil, Penang should be allowed to buy Toyota cars in future,” he told newsmen Saturday at the clan jetties’ open house in Weld Quay.

    Lim described the decision to allow Terengganu to keep its Mercedes-Benzes to be used for foreign dignitaries as inappropriate and a waste of money especially when many people were suffering during the economic slowdown.

    “This doesn’t make sense. What’s the regularity of foreign dignitaries visiting Terengganu? How often do even the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister or Sultans visit the state?

    “If the cars are not going to be used often, what’s the point of keeping them? This is an example of how public funds are misused by Barisan Nasional leaders. A leopard can’t change its spots,” he added.

    Lim said he was surprised that no action would be taken against Terengganu for defying the federal directive that stated that Proton Perdana was the official car for executive council members and ex-officio members.

    In March, the new Penang government had cancelled an order for five new Perdana V6 cars worth RM623,000 ordered by the previous administration for its exco members.

    Lim said: “Instead of buying new cars, we had cancelled the orders. Instead of buying new Perdanas, Terengganu had bought Mercedes Benzes.

    “Who doesn’t want to sit in new cars? However, I believe that as long as a car, even if it’s an old boneshaker, can still move, that’s good enough,” he said, adding that his official car was 14 years old.

    1. Re: In March, the new Penang government had cancelled an order for five new Perdana V6 cars worth RM623,000 ordered by the previous administration for its exco members.

      Meaning that one Perdana is RM124,600.00.

      I assume that the price of RM124,600.00 is tax exempted. Simply because it is an official car purchase.

      I refer to the recent purchase of Proton ‘Accord’ by the federal government. I have no information as to the price. But I found that the no. of units ordered is 3,000 units.

      If I may use the figure above as reference, i.e. one Accord is RM124,600.00 then 3000 x 124,600 = RM373,800,000.

      In order to ‘estimate’ the price of the new Accord without tax, the website of Honda Malaysia with the Langkawi pricing is referred.

      It says the price for Accord 2.0 VTi is RM98,800.

      Is this an accurate method to determine the price of car with tax exempted? Refer here:

      The link says:-

      “A total of 15 units of the Camry will be purchased at a cost of RM1.705 million. This translates to RM113,666 per unit, which is similar to the Langkawi tax-free price of the Camry 2.5V, on-the-road without insurance. Sales tax and excise exemption for official cars was allowed for by a 1994 treasury circular.”

      Hence, there is a difference of 124,600 – 98,800 = RM25,800 per car.

      Why would the government pay additional RM25,800 for a rebadged old generation Accord? Why not pay less for a latest model?

      3,000 units x RM25,800 = RM77,400,000.

      The federal government ends up paying additional RM77.4 million for the entire Proton Accord procurement of 3,000 units.

      For the Penang Benz:-

      Initially LGE already used a Camry 2.4V priced at RM113,700. Now he bought a Benz priced at RM300,000. The Penang government is only buying one unit of Benz, so the ‘wastage’ is 300000 – 113700 = RM186,300 per Benz. The other Camry are still being used by Exco etc.

      Wastage/overpayment between federal government and Penang

      77.4 mil vs 186.3k

      Really surprise to see how the rakyat scrutinises the Benz deal but not the Proton Accord. Why???

      I stand corrected and welcome any feedback.

      1. What??? Only RM77.4 mil extra?? This sum is small by BN standards. Contracts like IPP and toll concessionnaire are billions of profit. And it is yearly some more. That Proton Accord deal is only one-off. In order for Proton to make a similar profit again, need to wait another 10 years (assuming the Accord can last that long). What make a mountain out of a mole hill?

  12. That he received a hefty discount that others cannot get is a lie too since this is the current market price. In fact had he waited for a few more days, the price would have dropped (since 2014 is the another new calender year).

    1. I read one reader comment somewhere asking that if LGE were offered a discount for a jet, would the Pg state govt buy it?

      1. Based on the same logic, they would have saved Rm4.3 million if they had decided to buy 12 MB for all their excos. I am sure they will be Dapsters who would support that and say that PR managed to save millions.

        It is the same case when he said he saved millions by selling state land to private companies by open tender by in actual fact lost billions due to under pricing and generous financing arrangements.

      2. If one let him stay another 2 terms, he start buying submarine, and build additional 4 bridges.

        1. 2 more terms, Penang would be an independent state like Singapore. Perhaps a part of Republic of Singapore

          1. Re: 2 more terms, Penang would be an independent state like Singapore. Perhaps a part of Republic of Singapore

            I don’t doubt this conjecture at all.

            Even in early 2008, I heard arrogant howls for autonomy.

            This rabid hoard must be put in their place before its too late.

              1. The talk about this alraedy started in Penang. A lot of Dapsters here don’t trust PAS & PKR and they dread one day the Malays will be the majority in Penang.

                1. re: “A lot of Dapsters here don’t trust PAS & PKR”

                  PAS & PKR followers still trust the DAP evangelistas and are waiting for the day when HY and LGE convert to Islam.

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