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Imitating and irritating the Malays, @najibrazak

Dr Mahathir’s caution to the Christians warning them against further irritating the Muslims today made it to the international news.

Why irritate Muslims by using Allah, Dr Mahathir a... - Silobreaker 2014-01-02 12-34-14

The biggest irritants are the Dapsters (the grunts) and the evangelistas (the Godfathers) — Please note: This is my personal opinion and not to be connected to the Tun’s.

Although Pemuda Umno chief Khairy Jamaluddin last week hogged the limelight for his Christian-friendly Christmas message (read ‘Khairy really IRRITATES, most tremendously‘, nonetheless his views on the use of the ‘Allah’ word are yet to be made known clearly. Neither KJ nor his Scissorati secretary Regina have clarified.

imokman @fendyhasni Insya-Allah

What kind of people are they?

So just who are they, these Dapsters?

A great majority of my readers describe them as “perpetually hysterical” people (61.6 percent of the survey votes) and not to mention “quite delusional” (19.75 percent).

The number of 502 Netizens who think the DAP supporters are in a state of perpetual hysteria is actually a big sample as well as a huge percentage, considering that the online poll is only taken of my blog readers and yielding a total of 815 responses.

Side note: Even the Merdeka Center surveys often barely exceed 1,000 respondents; for example, the most recent one conducted by the centre – that showed Najib Razak’s popularity approval in December 2013 sliding to a new low of 52 percent – had interviewed 1,005 people.

My blog survey ran for a week and the link can be viewed HERE.


Results: Taken together, 81.4 percent (663 respondents) believe Dapsters to be perpetually hysterical and quite delusional actually.

Unfortunately the middle ground is narrow — only 59 respondents (7.24%) are of the opinion that Dapsters are “partisan with blind spots”. The same description can equally apply to Umno for their identical partisanship and inability to see at certain angles. This shortcoming of ‘blind spot’ applies most aptly to the Umno president himself.

Only one in 10 out of the poll respondents, or 9.57 percent, hold a positive view of Dapsters, i.e. that they are “reasonable and rational” (78 votes).

Another 15 respondents (1.84%) believe Dapsters to be “open to civil discourse”.

Chameleon in green, DAP Serdang MP Ong Kian Ming

CHAMELEON — See also, ‘2013: Year of the Iguana Eng

Fitnah = evangelistas (+ Dapsters)

The evangelistas have been told time and again to back off on their ‘Allah’ assault but they simply refuse. They just don’t get it even after the ex-premier Tun Mahathir has put it in the bluntest and plainest terms.

The evangelistas fitnah everybody everywhere and all the time.

Archbishop Emeritus Murphy Pakiam accuses the Prime Minister of being “just a bickering politician“. This is far from the truth. Najib Razak has endeavoured to broker peace and has been tremendously accommodating, so much so that his action has bled Umno of its support.

And now they fitnah Allah by claiming that He has a semi mortal-semi divine son Jesus.


They irritate, immitate

DAP’s Serdang MP is adamant that the Christians must not be prevented from continuing to use the ‘Allah’ word.

The DAP evangelista politicians imitate the Muslims by saying “Insya Allah” (see screenshot above of Ong’s tweet1), by becoming the Twitter King of hashtag #sahur (see above, tweet2) and by wearing tudung to traipse into the suraus and mosques.

The pro-opposition media uses headlines like “For Allah’s sake” even though the article is written by a Christian (The Nut Graph editor Jacqueline Ann Surin).

Their Dapster supporters loudly cheer them on.

Burn the bridges before you lose your fort

Dapsters are able to go on a rampage because the highly tolerant Najib allows them to. He still fails to understand the Dapsters’ non-negotiable mentality and frenzied behaviour.

Somehow, our unflappable Prime Minister manages to maintain his equanimity in the face of their relentless attacks on him and his wife and most recently his stepson. Other mere mortals however do not possess his high level of tolerance or share his sense of noblesse oblige.

There is a method to their madness (the Dapster “perpetual hysteria” and “delusion”). Amidst the craziness, Umno will be unawares tripped to bite the dust.

Before it is too late, Nazib Razak must be made to understand what kind of people they are. Four out of five of the related poll respondents believe Dapsters to be perpetually hysterical and quite delusional actually.



The utterly astounding double standards of the Dapsters and J-Star


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58 thoughts on “Imitating and irritating the Malays, @najibrazak

  1. Christianity vs Islam?

    I wonder what the White House and the US Democrats and Republicans are making of all this?

    Because if it’s portrayed as a Christianity vs Islam issue, then everyone knows on which side the US will support.

    As too will most of the West, and maybe India, China and Russia who are confronting their own militant Islamic lobbies.

    So, Mahathir can opine all he wants.

    As can the Mufti of Perak and other assorted luminaries.

    So, let them carp and complain. And vilify even.

    Because, as far as the rest of the world is concerned, the more Malaysia craps around, there’s one less country to worry about in the global scheme of things.

    Which should be welcomed by all those who are competing with Malaysia for investments, funds and technology transfers.

    1. re: “everyone knows on which side the US will support”

      I wouldn’t know about American foreign policy but I can chip in my 2sen wrt to foreign (meaning English language) media support.

      It is all going to the side of the Christians. Besides the English-language media (J-Star included, NST excluded), the international aggregation (Yahoo!, MSN, Google News, the main news wires) are all slanting their coverage in support of the Malaysian Christians.

      It doesn’t help that the foreign correspondents do not read Utusan which provides the Muslim point of view. Whereas the international media have close contacts with Steven Gan and Premesh Chandran.

      On the other hand, I would even say that Malaysiakini is the agenda setter in the English medium though to be fair, I wouldn’t assign any particular Christian agenda to Malaysiakini (theirs is more anti-establishment rather than pro any religion).

      The media I see that has the strongest Christian agenda is The Malaysian Insider.

      Because the Malay Muslims are not receiving the support, they will feel more under siege. The international press will not try to understand the Malay-Muslim point of view in this matter which requires a local context. You have to live a local life domestically to be able to comprehend.

      The evangelistas will succeed in casting the Malay Muslims as the villain of the piece (of this religious conflict) in the eyes of the Western world.

      1. Funny – the Arab Muslims don’t seem to think that they are under “siege”.

        Is the “siege mentality” endemic only among Malay Muslims?

        If that’s really their mind set, then one has to ask what has been achieved since Merdeka?

        And if the Western media are taking sides in the Christianity vs Islam debate, where are the voices of reason from the Islamic side?

        Unless you are holding up Utusan as the purveyor par excellence of the Malay-Muslim and Islamic agendas.

        Note that the two need not necessarily be in consonance.

        1. re: “Funny – the Arab Muslims don’t seem to think that they are under ‘siege’.”

          Praise be to God that the Arabs are spared the trauma of Dapsters in their midst.

          re: “Is the “siege mentality” endemic only among Malay Muslims?”

          Send the Dapsters to Nunavik and the Inuits would soon develop a siege mentality too. The presence of Dapsters does that to the natives.

          re: “If that’s really their mindset, then one has to ask what has been achieved since Merdeka?”

          Achievement: Increased strength in numbers to keep the bullying by the Bintang Tiga (Dapster forebears) at bay.

          1. Well, Arab Muslims have had to deal with the “Arab Spring” and it’s aftermath.

            But it’s you who raised issue of a “siege mentality” prevailing among Malay Muslims in Malaysia.

            And having raised it, you are now seeking to evade answering questions on it by raising an unrelated issue of “DAPsters”.

            If these “DAPsters” have the clout to impose a “siege mentality” on a majority community that is buttressed by special privileges and rights, then something is wrong somewhere.

            And invoking the spectre of a “siege mentality” can be a useful diversionary tactic to evade confronting and answering the hard questions about the country’s economic situation and governance (in all aspects).

          2. I would also refer you to a report “Muis’ Harmony Centre drawing interest from abroad” in the Singapore Straits Times on January 1, 2014.

            Quoting from the report:

            “Harmony Centre head Ustaz Mohamed Ali Atan, 53, said many foreign guests have told him that they are striving to “help ease problems and tensions between different religions in their own countries”…..

            “The centre’s Building Bridges programme – a series of dialogues between different religious groups – will return for a second run this year. And the warm relationship between the different religious groups here is the heart of religious harmony, said Ustaz Ali…..

            “Father Kamelus Kamus, a Catholic priest with the Archdiocese of Singapore who has worked in Indonesia and the Philippines, said: “The Singapore experience, as showed by the close ties between religious leaders, can be an inspiration for other countries in terms of building inter-faith harmony.””

            Apparently there’s no “siege mentality” prevailing here!

            So, Helen – why not hop on to a MAS flight to Singapore (it would be politically incorrect for you to fly AirAsia!) – and interview Ustaz Ali for your blog?

            After all, we are not above learning from others, are we?

        2. bq. “Funny – the Arab Muslims don’t seem to think that they are under “siege”.”

          It’s even funnier when they start to praise ‘Allah Anak’ while they can’t even pronounce “Allah”.

          bq. “Is the “siege mentality” endemic only among Malay Muslims?”

          It’s a non-issue for the Malay Muslims in East Malaysia. So just ask away any of them and you might get a pleasant surprise ;)

      2. bq. “You have to live a local life domestically to be able to comprehend.”

        Spot on! Context, context and percipience.

        We really can’t get why on earth they won’t back out, not even an inch. As Dr Mahathir had precisely put, they can’t even pronounce “Allah” aright to begin with, those provocateurs.

        I’m hoping to see someone could step up and do the Dato’ Onn’s. Another Ops Lalang would surely hold our nation at stake.

        In any case, even as they intensify their insistence, some of the PAS’ penceramah-bebas are propitiously garbling this very issue for their political/personal gain. So, yay! Rave it up and let’s dance around this bonfire.

        But when it burns it blazes.

        1. For a Chinese, I’m very much alone in how I think and how I see things.

          ‘They’ (e.g. in this blog, AC-DC) are really “one kind”. B’cos they’re that kind of people, I’m afraid that you will be proven right about the blaze.

          Doesn’t it feel that the raids today signal that the fire has begun?

          1. bq. “For a Chinese, I’m very much alone in how I think and how I see things.

            ‘They’ (e.g. in this blog, AC-DC) are really “one kind”. B’cos they’re that kind of people, I’m afraid that you will be proven right about the blaze.”

            I have some Christian Chinese friends and I can attest they are really peaceful lots. The problem came with those politicians cum clerics cum clerics cum politicians cum cl………

            They know their God by His name really well and never tried to fooled themselves like those firebrands. Just for what?

            bq. “Doesn’t it feel that the raids today signal that the fire has begun?”

            If I’m allowed to make a preconception, that’s not the case just yet. At least, not until their top-leaders been arrested.

            They are not honest to themselves to having “Allah” in their publishings. But they are damn honest to fend off any action against their leaders. That’s how it shall goes, IMO.

            1. It looks like the Christian politicians’ confrontational response to the Bible Society raid is to escalate matters.

    2. Re: ‘Because if it’s portrayed as a Christianity vs Islam issue, then everyone knows on which side the US will support.’

      US never ever care about Christian.. They just let their holy land being taken by Jews..


      Because they only care about their USD..

      In our country’s scenario, their support will be based on which leadership that can provide more money support to them.. Money is their religion not christian or islam..

  2. I believe this imitating and irritating the Muslim by the Christian (especially in Malaysia) will have no ends. Sometimes I just wounder, when will be the last straw that will broke the camel back.

    Just hoping that Malaysian christian will come to their sense, before everyone will regret with their political play.

    1. It will end when they no longer see the Malay Muslim of any worthy anymore. Just like LKY in Singapore. Have anyone seen him wearing songkok lately?

  3. I fully endorsed the views of Tun Mahathir that both the Muslims and Christians will gain nothing by putting pressure for the government to concede to the use of Allah in the context of our religious teachings and preaching. What s the Christian’s real agenda or is he being paid by the DAP to make the demand openly to the government and end up ridiculously insulted PM Najib? I think this guy is not sensitive to the current issue which will create the hate culture between Muslims and Christians in this country and create disunity for our people.

    As Tun rightly pointed out, why only now they are demanding such a ridiculous issue pertaining to the teachings of God? Why not raise the issue during the reign of Tun Mahathir or because this Indian is so scare of our former PM more so the draconian law of ISA? This unreasonable Christian self-claimed Catholic saint who has lost his regional position in representing Malaysia, as announced by Vatican is taking advantage of the issue and create problem for the government. I also optioned that he should be arrested under the new emergency law as he needs to rediscover himself in Sungai Buloh for a period of time.

    1. Mustapha ong,

      Why now?

      Because unlike Tun Dr Mahathir who is firm and could not be bothered with popularity, present PM is too “detached” from reality.

      Najib simply refuses to act. and it makes those with questionable objective bolder. Tun’s method is highly effective. Had Tun still the PM, these provocative behaviour would like not to take place. Tun will simply “sumbat” them into ISA.

      And lesson is learnt. and Malaysia’s peacefulness is reassured.


    “Consistently 80-82% of the poll respondents voted ‘No’ to Khairy throughout the day (yesterday Monday).”

    “Currently @ 5.15pm Tuesday, the poll has attracted 910 respondents of whom 80 percent have said ‘No’ to KJ.”

    “By the way, the number of respondents to my poll is a respectable figure considering that the Merdeka Center (Jan 23-Feb 6, 2013) survey which interpreted a dip in Najib Razak’s popularity was conducted only among 1,021 respondents.”

    “What is Umno to make of such a striking ‘reverse’ phenomenon, meaning that those whom the The J-Star likes, the Malay grassroots don’t like?”

    Despite all the trumpeting the party voters supported Khairy, giving him a large victory.

    1. Re:’Despite all the trumpeting the party voters supported Khairy, giving him a large victory”

      You do feel confuse becoz you compare UMNO’s election with DAP’s election.. In UMNO, they don.t have any dynasty such as LKS and Karpal Singh.. All the voters can vote freely.. so the choose to vote KJ..

      Ha ha.. and they don’t have any problem with Excell and counting.. stupid Secretary cum CM..

      1. Re: they don.t have any dynasty such as LKS and Karpal Singh

        Then what we called these?

        1. Razak/Najib;
        2. Mahathir/Mukhriz;
        3. Hussein Onn/Hishammudin;
        4. Musa Aman/Anifah Aman;
        5. Abdullah/KJ;

        For Mahathir, not only he created political dynasty he also created business dynasty. Read Sapura Kencana, Petron, Tongkah, Pantai, Konsortium Perkapalan and Opcom

        1. 1. Tun Razak passed away in 1976 / He did not propel Najib into politics. When his father passed away, Najib was only 23.

          2. Dr Mahathir Mohamad stepped down in 2003 / Mukhriz only took a shot at the Umno Youth chief post in 2009.

          3. Tun Hussein Onn retired in 1981 / Hishamuddin only contested Parliament in 1995, a full five years AFTER his father’s death in 1990.

          4. They’re brothers. Are you holding Gobind Singh Deo responsible for Jagdeep’s political career, or Teng Chang Khim for Chang Yeow’s or Shahrir Samad for Khalid Samad’s?

          5. Abdullah/KJ

          Definitely nepotism. That’s why KJ is roundly rejected by the readership of my blog. See,

          What we see with the Umno sons (Najib, Hisham, Mukhriz) is that when their fathers were active in politics, their children stayed out. The father-and-son pairs were NOT in politics at the same time.

          You can’t say the same for the Pakatan children where Kit Siang knocked out all the promising potential challengers (Wee Choo Keong, Kerk Kim Hock) to the crown prince and the latest to face the axe, Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

          The PKR royal family of Anwar functioning as the Ketua Umum, his wife Wan Azizah as the party president and their daughter Nurul Izzah as the party vice president concurrently, how? I’m surprised you can see the mote across the sea and miss the elephant in the room.

          Same in PAS: Hadi Awang is party president and his son Khalil is now the deputy chief of PAS Youth while Nik Aziz’s son Nik Abduh (former PAS Youth deputy chief) is now in the party central executive committee. Again the fathers-and-sons are in politics at the same time.

          To Dr M’s credit, he did not install Mukhriz in any political post during his 22 years as PM. Mukhriz only contest 6 years after his father retired dan itupun tak menang. If Dr M was the dictator that the Dapsters imply, he would have ensured succession when he had power like the Kims of North Korea or the Lims of Singapore North.

          Please note that all the opposition scions are holding office at the SAME TIME that the parents are still in power and leading their respective parties.

            1. Ha ha ha. They will be a political trio. Looks like another little tyke on the way. Either that or Momma is getting fat.

                1. hahahaha

                  She is obeying the Biblical injunction to be fruitful and to multiply. Or alternatively, she’s just getting fat.

        2. biocplus,

          Everybody know about the difference between Razak/Najib, mahathir/Mukriz , Hussein/Hishamudin, Musa/Anifah and abdullah/KJ

          comparing with

          Lim Kit Siang and his son + daughter in law, Karpal singh and his sons (not one but two..), Anwar and his wife + daughter, Hadi and his sons, Nik Aziz and his son + son in law…

          but surely people like you and AC-DC don’t mind at all.. as long ABU..

          1. People like AC-DC very ignorant but without any realisation how ignorant he is. Dipanggil bodoh sombong lah tu.

            1. The word in Negeri slang is bobal. They are smart but they are not very wise. You can tell them or teach or inform them but they don’t want to listen. at the end they will blame someone else.


              1. “Bobal”, good nuance Sarah.

                I have no interest nor intention any more in informing these bobalians (I shall introduce this word in my next posting, so thanks again Sarah).

                It’s BURN THE BRIDGES all the way from now on.

                1. Re. It’s BURN THE BRIDGES all the way from now on.

                  Don’t forget this and please print it for easy reference:

                  and not to forget:


                  1. ROTFL at the second poster.

                    The first poster is too big. Readers will have to click the link themselves.

  5. Helen you are an arsehole. The rest of the Muslim world doesn’t,give a shit about this except idiots like you and some 15 million melayus in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims. Do the maths, the ones making all the noise count less than 1 % of all Muslims in the world. They rest of the Muslim world are laughing at us. Tak malu ke.

    What makes theses melayus think that they are the more superior Muslims than the others. Want to ban usage of Allah, then ban Shiah and who knows what else these idiots will do in the future.

    The syed botak head started this shit and now the other melayus have swallowed the lies hook line and sinker. What can one say about the otak of the melayus…. they have none…. pity.. what a pity.

    I have to hand it to goulash, Helen …good Batu API…..

    1. The rest of the Muslim world do not have Dapsters. So they do not suffer this problem lah.

      1. So there are dapsters here. Why their chilli got to your arse?? The word Allah predates Islam.and that is a fact. If you don’t even get this then you are really Bodoh Piang. The idiot who started this was syed the bots knead. Prior to this no one had heard of the herald. You can’t buy it at the stores and I can bet you no Malay has even read it before In their lives. So tell me who started this shit, dap or unmo… unmo says Christians can use Allah in Sabah and Sarawak but once they cross to peninsular they can’t…what a fu$&@ng farce.

        1. What is your problem when we don’t want to share ‘Allah’ with Christian?

          Are you Christian?

          Do you really love ‘Allah’ as your God?

          1. Why Allah belongs to you ke. did Allah send down a wahyu saying that only melayus are allowed to use his name. Pi baca Quran and see what is clearly stated there. Don’t sing the Quran ,read and understand it and then see how you are being misled, I am a Muslim and am proud that Allah is for all humanity and not just for melayus.

            If you want me to quote you the relevant Surah ask me but it is better if you find it out yourself. This way you will not be spoofed but will start onto the road of enlightment. I challenge you to quote me the Surah that says Allah is exclusive for Muslims. don’t bother as there is none. Surprised. Allah himself has not prohibited it so who are we to do so.

            1. Seems you doesn’t understand my simple question.. no wonder you not understand at all the whole issue of ‘Allah’.. that’s ok.

              1. Hattu burhanukum in quntum saadiqin. This is my reply to you. If you don’t understand this go look it up

                It seems that you have turned your back to Allah by prohibiting things that Allah has not prohibited.

            2. Surah AlIkhlas…
              QulhuaAllahu ahad…Katakanlah Allah itu satu.. kalau ko bukan Islam.. usah memperlecehkan agama kami.. dalam ayat sterusnya Allah tidak beranak dan tidak diperanakkan… mengaku konon Islam tapi surah AlIkhlas tak tau ka??

    2. Re. The rest of the Muslim world doesn’t,give a shit about this except idiots like you and some 15 million melayus in a world of 1.5 billion Muslims

      Negara kita orang, kita punya suka la… Tak suka? Boleh Belah

      Re. what else these idiots will do in the future.

      Push us some more and let’s see whether Indonesian Experience will serve you guys any lesson.

      1. Nagara ini hang punya ke? Tunjuk Bukti? Ada? Bodoh memang bodoh. Islam itu hang punya ke. tun junk Bukti. Ada tulis Dalam qoran yang Islam itu hak milik melayu? Pi cari dan quote aku Surah dan ayat. Bodoh memang Bodoh. Itu Aja kau tak ,orang tak setuju dengan kau suruh belah. Macam negeri ini tok moyang hampa punya. Negeri tok moyang hampa Nagara Indonesia. Back kampung belah kat sana. Bodoh memang Bodoh.

        1. A very ‘ intelligent ‘ discussion by Meezal. Theres a proverb in malay language aptly descibe this guy:

          Bahasa menunjukkan bangsa ( fyi its not bahasa inggeris/melayu etc.but the usage of words ie profanity etc)

          I am sure your ‘bangsa’ especially is very proud of you!

          I think every reader here in this blog can guess which one it is.

          Dear Helen,

          This meezal creature reminded me of the previous comentator whom you have banned due to using abusive and absolutely confrontational language albeit it was in ‘ high class english’ as he informed us. Forgot his name.

          1. re: “previous comentator whom you have banned”

            ‘Godfather’. He can be found in Kit Siang and Rocky’s blogs.

            1. Haa yep.. so I guess this one here is a Goonfather kot – a new ambassador from envagelista ( aka adversary ) to your blog.

              Btw I have introduce your blog to way more than 3 friends. All are very impressed ..not ‘terribly impressed’ ye with your writings.

              Thanks Helen!

          2. This is exactly what you guys need to be told when you start your Balik negara shit. This country belongs to its citizens. Not to melayus alone.

        2. Negara ini negara demokrasi.. majoriti menguasai minoriti mengikut undang undang yang diluluskan atas nama demokrasi berparlimen.. dalam bahasa lain, pemilik negara ini adalah golongan majoriti..

          Tidak perlu menunjukkan kebodohan orang kerana akhirnya akan menyerlahkan kebodohan saudara..

          Re: ‘Negeri tok moyang hampa Nagara Indonesia. Back kampung belah kat sana. Bodoh memang Bodoh’

          ayat ini menunjukkan saudara bukan orang melayu yang cuba berbicara seperti orang melayu..

          Sekiranya saudara amat berkeyakinan bahawa orang melayu di Malaysia ini hanyalah pendatang sama seperti saudara, makanya terbukti lah moyang saudara lah yang ‘Bodoh memang Bodoh’ kerana gagal menjadi majoriti di negara ini..

          Moyang yang berjadi menjadikan cucu cicitnya sebagai raja dan pemerintah adalah moyang yang pandai lagi bijak. Malangnya saudara mempunyai moyang yang ‘Bodoh lagi Bodoh’ tu.. nasib saudara lah..

  6. null

    With reference to the printed article above concerning the controversy of the Christians in regard to ALLAH:

    Let it be known that from the earliest times in Christian history not all who professed to follow Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) have concurred on the subject of his Divine nature. On the contrary, many have opposed the doctrine of the Trinity of Godhead, which was a later dogmatic innovation of the Roman Catholic clergy.

    The first and direct disciples of Jesus (Yehoshua or Isa) were basically Jewish Christians, who observed the Mosaic Law and confessed that God is Absolutely One and Unique in His Essence, wholly unlike anything in creation, but all creatures are wholly dependent on Him for their existence. God Most High (or Allah) is eternal and everlasting, and neither begets nor is begotten. These disciples were known as the Ebionites [the poor ones]. They sanctified the Sabbath and adhered to the rules of ritual cleanliness and their days of feasting, and derived wisdom from the Old Testament.

    After the passing of Jesus, the Ebionites followed the leadership of Jesus’ brother, James the Just, who was the first Patriarch of the Church of Jerusalem, even as they rejected Paul of Tarsus and his epistles. Paul who came into Christianity years later and who in his proselytizing campaigns amongst the Gentiles, was often in conflict with the directives of Jesus’ family and his apostles.

    The religion we know as Christianity in the modern world today is largely founded on Paul’s promulgation and writings. Among the Ebionites one group believe in Jesus’ virgin birth from his mother Mary, but nowhere is he considered as the Son of God (or God Himself), while another group of the Ebionites deny his virgin birth but see him born of human parents.

    Religious texts demonstrating the Early Church Fathers rejection of Paul and his epistles: [YouTube]

    The Secret Lives of the Twelve Disciples part 1: [YouTube]

    Let Truth be told; for by Time, humanity is in loss, other than he who has faith and does good works, but also they who mutually consult one another as to the truth of things, and also encourage each other in patience. Amen.

    1. Paul yang berseteru dengan Nabi Isa Alahissalam sudah menjadi duri dalam daging untuk dakwah baginda kepada Bani Israel sehingga kini.

  7. Dapster and evangelistic real acting to show that they are also ‘MALAYS’ or ‘MEE-LAYU’ like mee maggi and not ‘MUSLIM” Only malays who have not switch on the ‘light bulb’ or ‘mentol’ in their head will fall for it.In Selangor when the Dapster/Evangelistic attend in Kain Sarong at ‘Majlis Bersunat ” Ramai ramai., will they join in to circumcised their ‘anu’ to showed that if Melayu can potong (Sunat) then they too can because they are also “MEE-LAYU”? DAP Boleh!!!! BELAH….

    1. re: “For more than 50 years not even one Christian claim Allah their trademark for AL Kitab in Semenanjung”

      Well, the DAP evangelista invasion fleet landed in 2008. The landing marked a turning point in Malaysian history.

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