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Tentera maya fisabilillah

ibdilillah … @reginalah


Dema Khairy punya laskar baru Pemuda lah …

Baca seterusnya di blog Medan Tempur Kedah

Jamin BN akan menang PRU14, heh-heh-heh


Gambar Kawah Galle di planet Marikh yang ditangkap kapal angkasa NASA Global Surveyor  pada tahun 1999

Oh ya, KJ takde nak komen ke tentang serbuan Jais semalam?

Tak minat isu?


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4 thoughts on “Tentera maya fisabilillah

  1. No time for all this KJ. Please read our mind and follow our thinking. Don’t wait any longer for the crisis to blow up. Hope you are in the loop Khairy..just do not trust any Tom,Dick and Harry now!

  2. Helen, just thought to bring this to your attention in today’s NST there is an article which methinks KJ as his capacity as Menteri of Sports and Youth should jump on to help out … instead of parading around initiating dubious labs…

    i am also wondering why they have to think about helping out! –

    “Malaysian Wushu Federation (MWF) executive-secretary Winnie Chin said: “We are sad to hear about it but at the moment, we have not decided whether to assist Meeraj.”

  3. Would you believe that people like Marina, KJ, Raja Petra Kamarruddin, Nik Aziz even Mat Sabu or cult leaders like Tuhan Harun could have end-up their names condemned in todays leading religions’ Holy Books of the world and be among the munafikoons or infidels – perished in hell by the wrath of God?

    (But you have to imagine that these prominent figures are living in the era of the prophets)

    In Islam we identify them as bogus prophets or those well-known bad-asses to name a few were Abu Lahab & his wife, Abu Jahal, Samiri etc… Christians have their – Judas Iscariot (Yudas pengkhianat), the Jews – Pharaoh of the Exodus.

    How many years do you think the gaps were (hundreds or thousand) before the next batch of prophets were sent over again and again to these people whose religion had yet again and again gone astray and haywire:- e.g. pagans, LGBT etc..It is always the first few prophets within their own batches are famous, becoz they face the toughest “cleaning job” to undertake. The less prominent after them need to do follow-ups of the cleansing or regaining and maintained the true faith back on-the-track.

    It was people like them that made God send his Messengers over again for guidance back to His path of righteousness. In total there were 124000 prophets (peace be upon them) sent in respective of their own times.

    We are now into the 15th Century since the last Prophet صلی اللہ علیہ وسلم left us, and while the final tough “cleaning jobs” would be the tasks of the Imam al-Mahdi and Isa al-MAsih still awaits, the Moslems now, meanwhile have the choice to act pro-actively to tackle this problem on their own.

    Marina defends and gave flowers to these troublemakers and questions about manafaat cuti hari Jumaat, RPK called it as posturing, KJ on the Jais raiders suspension, Nik Aziz with Tuhan is Samseng and many more….

    To me, it is – Setiap kesesatan ada titik permulaannya. For kickers it would be Islamic Liberism (kalau tidak macam mana dunia nak kiamat?)

    Or Me? Tor For?

  4. Those Racists in DAPigs keeps saying we Chinese are second class citizens ..well see this Second Class Citizen can become the CM of a state ..gets chauffeured around in a Mercedes S300l ..While the PM of Malaysia uses a Proton ..!

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