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Marina Mahathir mempertikaikan cuti Jumaat beri manfaat buat umat Islam

Marina sanggup berdiri di bawah terik matahari demi mempertahankan gereja Our Lady of Lourdes.

Baca ‘Marina protecting church targeted by protestors

Twitter - netraKL- At the Our Lady of Lourdes

Marina menghadiahkan bunga kepada paderi Michael Chua di gereja Our Lady of Lourdes

Sayang hari Ahad atau hari Jumaat?

Orang Kristian cuti dan sembahyang hari Ahad.

Orang Islam sembahyang hari Jumaat.

Di bawah ialah pandangan Marina tentang cuti Jumaat.

Twitter - netraKL- Mengarut!-@SinarOnline- Cuti Jumaat

Twitter - netraKL- @mohdazha @SinarOnline Jumaat


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101 thoughts on “Marina Mahathir mempertikaikan cuti Jumaat beri manfaat buat umat Islam

      1. High Class Malay Muslims ? The anything goes “liberals” ? The Rich and Pampered ?

        She had better be careful. If you think for even a second, you’ll come to the same conclusion as me that when the backlash is finally here, not only Chinese, evangelists, who will face the wrath of the mob, people like this MM, she too will not be able to escape unscathed.

        1. re: “Chinese, evangelists, who will face the wrath of the mob, people like this MM, she too will not be able to escape unscathed.”

          She has a home in Jakarta and possibly elsewhere too. She’ll be safe. You don’t have to worry.

              1. Patut lah, pandangan nya berbeza dgn majoriti org Islam di Malaysia, kat sana kan lebih liberal, itulah yang nak dibuat oleh evengelista disini.

                Ialah org Islam boleh kahwin dgn kristian, Islam dgn Hindu, Islam dgn Buddha, kristian dgn hindu, jantan dgn jantan, betina dgn betina. Hukum hakam tolak tepi, halal haram tak peduli. Bila tu terjadi tunggulah balasan Tuhan yang bakal tiba. —- nauzu billah

                  1. Dunno, but the Ex was a chef at Istana Hotel last time. Not sure whether he is from people of mean.

                    Sorry to say, MM is not a looker, she gets by in life by carrying and peddling her father’s name.

                    1. Mukhriz would not be where he is in Kedah and UMNO without his father’s planning and backing.

                      Marina on the other hand, dares to take a stand on issues that may not meet her father’s approval.

                    2. re: “Marina on the other hand, dares to take a stand on issues that may not meet her father’s approval.”

                      She is 57 years old (b.1957). Even if the Tun does not condone her views, how you expect him to punish her? Smack Marina’s bottom?

                    3. Obviously not. But there are quite a lot of conservatives and “ultras” who chide her on the pretext of not having the same views as her father. As if she has to toe the line by virtue of being Tun Mahathir’s daughter.

                    4. If Marina is “allowed” to hold views that are opposite to the Tun, then is he such a dictator (as the Dapsters keep screaming) after all?

                      I mean, Dr M allows his daughter to hold contrary views. The DAP and their Dapsters, on the other hand, do not permit anyone to express views that are not aligned to their Great UBAH Collective.

                      So who is more democratic?

                    5. “I mean, Dr M allows his daughter to hold contrary views.”

                      Allows? He disagrees but what can he do about it apart from some stern words? He obviously cannot, well, smack her on the buttocks or have her detained under house arrest.

                      “The DAP and their Dapsters, on the other hand, do not permit anyone to express views that are not aligned to their Great UBAH Collective.”

                      On the contrary, dissenting viewpoints can be expressed. That does not mean there will not be counter criticism, which can be quite loud.

                      Meanwhile, there were a lot of brickbats and names tossed at Marina here for not holding the same viewpoints as her father.

                    6. re: “there were a lot of brickbats and names tossed at Marina here for not holding the same viewpoints as her father”

                      The brickbats were for her own personal shortcomings. Like the bit about challenging whether Friday is mentioned as a ‘rest day’ in the Quran. Well, apparently it is.

                    7. “The brickbats were for her own personal shortcomings. Like the bit about challenging whether Friday is mentioned as a ‘rest day’ in the Quran. Well, apparently it is.”

                      It is more than just that. Much of it is due to her moderate viewpoints in contrary to the more “ultra” and conservative opinions of Tun Mahathir and his faction.

                    8. re: “her moderate viewpoints in contrary to the more “ultra” and conservative opinions of Tun Mahathir and his faction”

                      That is a matter of opinion. Yours is hardly persuasive to the majority of the readers here.

                    9. “That is a matter of opinion. Yours is hardly persuasive to the majority of the readers here.”

                      Well most of your readers are of the conservative and ‘ultra’ variety, if the comments are anything to go by. Their minds are already made up that two plus two equals five, and if anyone disagrees, they will be labelled a ‘dapster’ or ‘evangelista’.

                      Similarly, it is unlikely a person will persuade members of a Neo Nazi internet forum to change their racist views, at least not in the short term.

                    10. If you have the above opinion of the “most of my readers”, I wonder what they think of you.

                    11. Re. Mukhriz would not be where he is in Kedah and UMNO without his father’s planning and backing.

                      Yes for the benefits of Muslim, Melayu, UMNO, and BN. and for that he managed to wrested Kedah from PAS/Pakatan in PRU13.

                      Re. Marina on the other hand, dares to take a stand on issues that may not meet her father’s approval.

                      She lost her main platform when she was asked to resign as President of Malaysia Aids Council (due to her fault mouth if I am not mistaken). Since then she is nobody and it got worst when Tun M resigned.

                      She would say and do anything under the sun to please and get crowd attention and for the record, the majority TOTOK Malay UMNO detest her. Thus she resorts to oppo. crowd.

      2. Helen,

        “dimana bumi dipijak distu langit dijunjung”.

        A good saying by wise men then.

        The move by Johor to change its public holiday to Friday was decided by the sovereign himself. So why argue about it. Just accept the change.

        Marina is deemed as a Malay whom is “detached” from malay community. No doubt she has some support from the like of Mujahid, nurul izzah or SIS.

        But Malays view her with suspicion and more importantly regret. That she ignores the fact that the very people who ‘adore” her are those who slanders Tun Dr Mahathir IS A TRAGEDY ITSELF.

        1. Tun M diduga hebat oleh Allah – dapat anak sewel macam Marina, seorang perosak ugama, bangsa dan negara.

    1. Marina is related to Dr M
      Malay is related to Dr M
      So Malay is very much related to Marina

      1. Malaysiakini is related to rubbish.
        You are related to Malaysiakini.
        So you are very much related to rubbish.

        Makes sense? It’s your ridiculous logic.

        1. Allah is our God.
          Allah is your God.
          So Allah the One & Only Almighty Lord, is very much related to your Father-Son-Holy Ghost God.

          Are you still insisting on making Malay bibles with this theme?

  1. Did you know that Christians used to pray on Saturdays? (This has something do with that “So many fish in the sea” story).

    From time to time Christians would change the authentics of the Christological to suit their convenience and interest.

    The many versionsof the Old and New Testament are contradicting. Then from Christian Arianism monotheism beliefs to the Trinitarian doctrine.

    It is no surprise now they want to change the name of their Father.

    Heresy! heretics!!!

    Or Me? Tor For?

  2. seriously, i kinda agree with MM on this. Mine is based on productivity and synchronisation of other work related parties not only in our country but worldwide.

    moreover, with so many holidays deferred to saturdays, most likely we gonna end up with 3 day weekend.

    as it is, when you dealt with the gomen agencies on friday, their lunch/prayer break is from 1230 till 3pm, and most don’t even shows up even till around 430pm. (this is from my own experience of being kept waiting for 3 hours at a certain gomen agency for a scheduled meeting at 3pm).

    so.. NO. Changing weekends not gonna solve anything.

    1. It depends on how her comment is interpreted, whether from the economics lens as you have done, or from the religious lens as to whether she is questioning the ‘keberkatan’ of hari Jumaat.

      My first reaction was: “Does Marina want to UBAH everything?”

      Muslims in Malaysia see Friday as the Holy Day and here she is questioning the belief that Jumaat hari paling mulia (that’s how I saw it, rather than from the work productivity aspect).

      1. Well I kinda agree whith the movement by Johor to change their weekend. For small biz, when you change Sunday for a workday when everybody having their weekend off, the customer will be increased.

        It also the best way to solved a lot of or formal problem with state government agency as they open during our week off. We don’t have to take a leave coz I understand the rules state that others including the others sector has a choice to follow it or not. Only a johor state government agency need to adhere this rules.

        I may be wrong but that is what a friend inform me. His company have not following the dictacted yet and they still off on sunday and working like usual on friday with half day on saturday. They cannot simply change the weekend with biz connection in singapore.

        Only what he mentioning after that captured my intentions was, right now Johore becoming more unattracted to Kristians and Chinese. I did wonder.


        1. Re. right now Johore becoming more unattractive to Kristians and Chinese

          Good way to get rid of them….

      2. if we scrutinize it with a religious lens, wouldn’t it be sounding or come across similar to judaism’s day of sabbath?

        i am not disputing that friday is a ‘penghulu for segala hari’ but sometimes, we need to also realise that the world is not that big and we’re connected one way or another. logic and common sense must prevail somewhere.. and for the longest time, fridays have been abused by some quarters, which made me wonder why is this issue even being discussed.

  3. I suppose Marina Mahathir is free to say what she wants. She has wide support from the Chinese, Indians and liberal Malays, and even the RBA. These people are willing to stand up for her judging by the responses from some whenvere Marina is criticised.

    She forgets, however, were she not the daughter of Tun M, she would not have the platform she has now. On her own, she has little real value. J-Star, SIS etc would not have given her the opportunities she now enjoys.

    Some people I’ve talked to would rather she be buried in a Christian cemetary when she eventually dies.

    The best thing to do is to ignore her and not give her your space.

  4. Helen,

    Di masa ini ramai yang kata mereka beragama Islam tetapi tindak tanduk mereka menunjukkan yang mereka tidak yakin kepada ajaran-Nya. Undang2 dan peraturan hidup dari Ilahi dikatakan tidak sesuai dengan zaman ni dan hukuman-Nya pula dikatakan zalim.

    Hati mereka berbelah bagi apabila melihat yang penganut agama lain berjaya dan maju tetapi penganut Islam ketinggalan dan mundur. Ramai pula tidak yakin akan hari akhirat dan tidak percaya adanya syurga dan neraka.

    Mereka juga berbangga dengan apa yang diamalkan oleh penganut lain sehinggakan mereka percaya apa yang dilihat dan yang diamalkan penganut itu benar. Dunia akhir zaman. Walaubagaimana pun yakinlah bahawa Allah menjanjikan syurga kepada orang yang beriman. Siapa mereka? Tanyala diri sendiri.

  5. SORRY TO SAY…… maybe Marina has to refer to an Ustazah what “FRIDAY” means……..


  6. MM tanya dlm quran ada sebut tak cuti hari jumaat. Itu aku tak pasti, tapi yg pastinya quran suruh perempuan tutup aurat, tudung kepala. kenapa dia tak patuh?

  7. Muslims in Malaysia see Friday as the Holy Day and that why many wish for a Friday holiday while it not a ‘holiday’, Friday, muslim were told to stop work and closed shops for Friday prayer and listen to the sermons and take heed of it. Then once it finished dispersed go to work and open the shops.

    There’s no holiday mentioned in. In the religious contex ‘Nothing about Friday a holiday’ while cultural and precedents by states base on human law they can have Friday holiday even Thursday. Restriction for Jews to catch Fish on Saturday but they can do other things therefore it not a Holiday.

    Allah issue, Friday holiday are all Political. As Malaysia when Johor change Sunday to Friday as holiday just respect them as they have the authority to do so. Marina Mahathir have her own point but to the extreme of becoming a ‘Church’ Saviour Heroine may not look good and distorting.

    1. The crazy thing is that some Chinese businesses do not allow their Muslim workers off for the Jumaat prayer, at least here in Gombak Selangor. I know the Malays who have worked years for this big stockist of hardware, have never attended the Friday prayer. Actually their passivity also speaks tons about their own tidak-apa attitude!

      1. I know one local Chinese shopkeeper who closes shop on Fridays instead of Sundays. When I asked him why, he said because his workers are Malay and his clients are mostly Malays so it makes more sense to him. And he gets to do his banking and other government related stuff without taking extra time off. And that works out really well for him.

        “O ye who believe! when the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the Day of Assembly), hasten earnestly to the Remembrance of Allah, and leave off business (and traffic): that is best for you if ye but knew! (9) And when the Prayer is finished, then may ye disperse through the land, and seek of the Bounty of Allah: and celebrate the Praises of Allah often (and without stint): that ye may prosper.(10) (Chapter 62, Verse 9 and 10)”

        So rasputino is quite right, there is no holiday on Friday or for that matter on any other day. Whether you have Friday or Sunday off, that decision is based on culture or politics. I prefer to think of it as whoever is in charge has the right to determine and in the case of Johor it’s the Sultan’s prerogative.

        So to the dapsters, when you run the country you can change the days but in the meantime, deal with it. After all, I’m sure you have made quite a few changes in the states you run despite the people’s opposition.

        And Marina to me is a lost cause, as far as Islam and Malays are concern. She is not and should not be a source of reference.

        1. re: “She is not and should not be a source of reference.”

          Her tweet (see above), says that she is going to “show ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ really means”.

          Hence to her non-Muslim fan club, S.H.E. – and not the kitab, hadith or sunnah or ulama or cendekiawan/pendita Islam – is the source of reference for what your religion is about. Do those Dapsters have any real Malay friends, you think?

          If they did, they wouldn’t be Dapsters behaving the way they are now.

          1. “Hence to her non-Muslim fan club, S.H.E. – and not the kitab, hadith or sunnah or ulama or cendekiawan/pendita Islam – is the source of reference for what your religion is about.”

            How about the ex-Perlis Mufti, Muhammad Asri? He can be considered a scholar. Or other prominent Malay Muslims who have voiced their concern against the conservatives?

            To you, does a Real Malay have to be a firebrand cleric such as Harussani who proclaims that the blood of those protesting the impending price increases on Dec 31 is ‘halal’… in other words, giving his blessings to spill their blood?

            1. (1) As LOL has correctly pointed out, Surah 62:9 says: “O ye who believe! When the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (The Day of Assembly), Hasten earnestly to the remembrance of Allah, and leave off business (and traffic)”.

              LOL has met Marina’s challenge – the verse indicates that she does is ignorant of its existence.

              Yes, Dr Maza is a Muslim scholar, I agree. So how many Dapsters have read him? I mean his own writings (he writes in BM) and not what he is quoted by the oppo news portals as saying in response to hot button political issues.

            2. Muhammad Asri’s has a moderate stance on issues and that gets him a positive view from moderate Muslims and non-Muslims. I believe you are familiar with some of his viewpoints, which are consistent with his writings.

              1. I’ve heard him speak live and I have his book.

                However you have not answered my question. Do you think the Dapsters have heard him speak or have his book or read his columns which he writes in BM?

                If they haven’t, then you can hardly argue that they refer to him as a source of knowledge on Islam rather than looking to Marina.

                1. “If they haven’t, then you can hardly argue that they refer to him as a source of knowledge on Islam rather than looking to Marina.”

                  I have read some of his writings. I doubt most people, whether supporters or detractors, would have read his works in depth. But people who view him favourably do so because of his moderate stance on religious and political related issues, which, is consistent with his works.

                  1. There are no such concepts as moderate or extreme in Islam. There are only the divine commands and revelations, the sunnah, the hadith and the teachings of ulama muhtabar. A true Muslim, which is a Mukmin or Mukminat, must obey all these.

                2. To add, neither can you say that most non Muslims regard Marina Mahathir as a source of religious knowledge over Muhammad Asri either.

                  1. If we narrow it to those online commenters, twits and Facebook users in the English language who make comments, then yes we can. Their comments go along the lines that Marina is showing the face of true Islam, which is also the same tract as Marina’s own tweet screenshot above.

                    1. Some links pls. And do pls avoid that recent one in Malaysiakini where he said the top leaders and rulers must cut their lavish spending before asking the rakyat to tighten our belts. Such a populist view, needless to say, would most certainly be lavished with accolades.

                      Give us non-Muslim reader feedback to any of his articles where he talks about Islam per se.

                    2. Ustaz Asri post Oxford, in my humble opinion having been following his writings in Utusan and others, is different from what he used to be.

                      His reading on Arab Christians using Allah in reference to God is detached from the local contexts, pendatang like ACDC won’t be able to understand.

                    3. Dr. Asri have articulated his view on Allah issue very clearly, at least t my understanding. His view is on youtube.

                      He have no problem if authority want to ban the usage of the word Allah based on national safety. He has problem with people claiming that “islam says”, when in his view Allah’s name has been used by non-muslim even in the era of the prophet.

  8. If so many people talking about their own way benefit in religion , Fridan and Sunday , I suggest the government should study the better way of off day for Malaysian people , why not Saturday ?

  9. Johor has been observing holiday on Friday even before the independence and before the forefather of the complainants were granted citizenship. Remember the non-federated Malay states. And this has gone through until 1994 when out of a sudden, Friday was made a working day. Why then there were no noises made by same party. Now as Johor reverts back to what it had practised, its not moving backward. Its a matter of getting back to origin.

  10. This Marina woman is so pathetic and publicity seeking. She will do anything to get into the news.

    1. Re: ‘brought an army of media with her’

      Marina actually as per LOL finding, having what we call ‘Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)’ so ‘media’ is on of her therapy..

  11. Kenapa Kristian pilih hari ahad sebagai cuti hujung minggu?. Bukankah hari ahad merupakan hari mulia mereka dan hari mereka pergi gereja untuk beribadah. Dan hari ahad juga merupakan hari kebesaran bagi penganut Kristian manakala penganut Judaism pula hari Sabtu merupakan hari kebesaran mereka.

    Jadi, hari Jumaat merupakan hari kebesaran bagi umat Islam dan ianya juga merupakan raja segala hari dan solat Jumaat juga merupakan ibadat wajib pada hari tersebut. Perihal perlunya cuti pada hari Jumaat memang tiada dinyatakan dalam al-Quran.

    Dan saya juga yakin perlunya cuti hujung minggu pada hari ahad juga tiada dinyatakan di dalam kitab Injil. Memandangkan Malaysia adalah sebuah negara Islam maka amatlah relevan jika cuti hujung minggu kita di beri pada hari Jumaat atau pun bekerja separuh hari pada hari Jumaat.

    Apa masalah anda sebenarnya Marina.

    1. Re. Apa masalah anda sebenarnya Marina.

      Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) with Sunset Complex

  12. Memang tiada disebut dalam Al Quran tentang cuti hari Jumaat…

    Firman Allah SWT:

    “ “Wahai orang-orang yang beriman! Apabila diserukan azan untuk mengerjakan solat pada hari Jumaat, maka segeralah kamu pergi ke masjid untuk mengingati Allah [dengan mengerjakan solat Jumaat] dan tinggalkanlah berjual beli [pada saat itu]; yang demikian adalah baik bagi kamu, jika kamu mengetahui [hakikat yang sebenarnya],” (Surah Al-Jumu’ah: 9)


    Coming from MM, I doubt her sincerity as usual.

  13. Marina mahathir is plain stupid unlike her father. Let us ask her back tlg tunjuk kat mana dalam quran suruh cuti hari ahad?

  14. Have you seen Marina Mahathir photo in such “awe” with any Muslim Ulama? Isn’t that telling….

  15. Marina,

    Sebagai anak Johor yang masih tinggal di Johor dan sudah pun merasai nikmat cuti hari Jumaat sebelum bertukar kepada hari ahad dan kini kembali pula kepada hari Jumaat.. tiada masaalah langsung yang perlu Marina risaukan.. Risaukan lah keharmonian rumah tangga anda.. jangan tercerai sekali lagi..

  16. I’m reading this beautiful book. I’m posting this here as a reminder, maybe someone should forward to MM.

    “Keputusan yang salah dari sebuah musyawarah, jauh lebih baik daripada pendapat pribadi, betapapun benarnya”
    ― Salim Akhukum Fillah, Dalam Dekapan Ukhuwah

    And here’s another one to ponder –

    “Kita kadang merasa lebih benar, lebih baik, lebih tinggi, dan lebih suci dibanding mereka yang kita nasehati.

    Hanya mengingatkan kembali kepada diri ini: jika kau merasa besar, periksa hatimu. Mungkin ia sedang bengkak.

    Jika kau merasa suci, periksa jiwamu. Mungkin itu putihnya nanah dari luka nurani.

    Jika kau merasa tinggi, periksa batinmu. Mungkin ia sedang melayang kehilangan pajakan.

    Jika kau merasa wangi, priksa ikhlasmu, mungkin itu asap dari amal shalihmu YANG HANGUS DIBAKAR RIYA’.”
    ― Salim Akhukum Fillah, Dalam Dekapan Ukhuwah

    1. Mengikut pengalaman saya, kita boleh mula menyucikan hati dengan mula-mula meminum air zamzam, membaca Al-Quran, berzikir, berdoa, beristighfar, di samping tidak mengabaikan solat lima waktu. InsyAllah, bila hati mulai dibersih atau sedikit bersih, Allah akan memberi hidayah untuk kita beramal keranaNYA.

  17. There’s an online course currently running at Coursera titled “Constitutional Struggles in the Muslim World”. Thought it might be of interest to you and readers.

  18. yang pasti bila hari jumaat cuti ianya memberi kemudahan kepada umat islam mengerjakan solat jumaat dengan lebih sempurna/baik/tenang.— sah.

    bagi mereka yang melakukan kerja yang agak kotor berpeluang mandi dan mengenakan pakaian yang bersih lagi suci. dan bagi pekerja pejabat tidaklah mereka menunaikan solat jumaat dengan pakaian yang telah berkali kali digunakan masuk tandas.

    dapat datang masjid lebih awal dan tenang dalam melakukan ibadat.

    peluang yang lebih besar penduduk/pekerja dapat mengerjakan solat dalam kariah masjidnya sendiri.

    apabila semua orang islam dapat menunaikan solat jumaat tanpa masalah ,ialah adalah satu rahmat yang besar dan cari rezeki pun berkat.

    1. Lagi berkat jika umat Islam (kaum lelakinya), dapat memenuhi masjid dan surau untuk solat berjemaah, seperti mereka memenuhi masjid untuk solat Jumaat.

    1. Maybe Najib Razak. He appointed her to his Unity Council. She can represent his Islam Wassatiyah to the Christian fellas in the council. Then together they can cook up a religious unity alphabet soup.

  19. I think Helen is right in questioning the selection of Marina to the new Unity Council. Her comments in this issue clearly showed that she was only interested in attacking the Fed govt and BN but smoothly steered clear of the fact that JAIS is under the state controlled by Pakatan.

    Why doesn’t she demanded the resignation of Khalid and the state exco if she felt JAIS’ actions were wrong. And she should be demanding why Khalid yet to make any statements on this issue. Perhaps still sleeping kot ? If you notice, the issue clearly shows that DAP (and especially the Chief Christian Priestess) is the one who is running the show and Khalid’s just the proxy.

    1. Marina tidak layak menjadi anggota panel ini kerana dia tidak akan faham erti unity kerana hidupnya tidak pernah susah. Keluarganya tidak pernah kehabisan beras untuk makan. Dia tidak pernah mengalami keadaan seperti seorang gadis Melayu yang bekerja di sebuah kilang di Klang, yang hari-hari dimaki, dihina oleh penyelia berbangsa Cina kerana dia perempuan, dia gadis belasan tahun, dia datang daripada keluarga miskin, dia memakai tudung and kilang itu dimiliki oleh tauke Cina, yang tinggal di sebuah gated community, yang pintu pagarnya rata-rata dikawal oleh pak guard Melayu dan penduduknya rata-rata Cina.

    1. Alhamdulillah,

      I have never thought of that since I don’t have children. Come to think of it, now I realize how taxing it could be/has been for the students having to rush back to school after Friday prayer. I have seen many of them from schools around Bukit Bintang area.

      1. LOL,

        You should start planning to ‘have’ children.. satu nikmat yang tidak terucap apabila melihat anak anak kita membesar terutamanya apabila kita melihat bahawa zuriat kita ini akan menjadi anak yang memberi munafaat kepada dirinya, kita, bangsa dan agama kita..

        Cuti jumaat adalah keselesaan untuk sebahagian besar anak Johor.. jom balik Johor!!

        1. Growing up in Johor, I did experience cuti hari Jumaat and going to solat Jumaat with Allahyarham my father.

  20. I used to work briefly in Kuantan during my younger days.

    I noticed Terengganuan folks kindda flooded the city and its lovely beaches on Fridays.


    1. Re. Hmmm…

      Hidayah ni tak semua orang dapat, ibarat Pelacur pakai tudung di Kelantan or Bertudung tapi telanjang diakhir zaman yang banyak berlaku sekarang.

  21. Marina ni sesat sket. Faham-faham jer ler…dia ni menghidap sindrom anak yang tahu dia takkan jadi sebijak atau semasyhur bapanya. Jadi dia mencipta pentasnya sendiri, untuk mencari erti hidupnya. Kerana menyokong agenda Kristian, dia wajib mengucap semula.

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