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Hasan Ali supporters insulted as being “retarded, bigoted Muslims”

See today’s Malaysiakini article below: “You [Hasan Ali] have no credibility. Only retarded, bigoted Muslims believe and support you.”

Malaysiakini also ‘reported’ (selected for publication a comment by) one reader who declared that he feels “ashamed of being a Muslim” due to the actions and behaviour of Hasan Ali.

Malaysiakini Hasan Ali


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16 thoughts on “Hasan Ali supporters insulted as being “retarded, bigoted Muslims”

    1. Thanks for the link, Uncle.

      If you look at the Hasan Ali pix above, the banner says “Himpunan Sejuta Umat”.

      It’s a valid question as to whether the minority is capable of bullying the majority. A very aggressive minority the Dapsters are. Even harmless pigeons also they wanna shoot.

    2. Ms H. Quote from www.……… ‘Singaporeans always claim that Malays are lazy, incapable and Chinese are smart and capable. Lee hates what is happening in Malaysia where he considers the smarts are bullied by the RETARDED. BUT THE TRUTH IS, MALAYS ARE EASY GOING, UNASSUMING BUT AS CAPABLE AS THE CHINESE. MORE IMPORTANTLY THEY ARE MUCH MORE SOCIABLE PEOPLE THAN CHINESE, WHO WILL DEFINITELY RETURN YOU A SMILE, UNLIKE OTHERS…….
      A decade ago LKY published a book, ‘ Third World to First………………

  1. who wanted to bet that the anonymous saying he’s ashamed of being Muslim is a non muslim, and also probably a chinese like have been happening is Malaysia Today

        1. The Iguanas and Chameleons. Yeah, they’re utterly sick.

          This blog previously had a Ravin who pretended to be a “Mohd Aziz” and then he impersonated Pembangkang Puak Pembohong.

          What kind of people are they?

          They’re the kind of people willing to forsake the name of their own God dan malah merelakan Tuhan mereka bersalin kulit.

  2. Prof. Omid Safi tells an ancient Sufi tale:

    “One day Jesus and his disciples were walking in the old city, which had very narrow streets. They came across the carcass of a dead dog. The dog had been dead for a long time, and its rotten stench filled the whole alley. The disciples of Jesus held their noses, picked up the hem of their robes, and tiptoed around the dead creature. One of them said: “Whew … piff! What a horrible stench!” Another one said: “The very sight of this makes me sick to my stomach.” One by one they made their way past the dead creature, even as others in town gathered around the carcass to further remark on its hideousness.

    Jesus, and Jesus alone, stopped by the dead dog. He knelt down, and lovingly gazed at the dog. After a long pause, he finally said: “Praise be to God, what beautiful teeth this creature has.”

    Why do these Muslim sages tell and retell these stories of Jesus and the dead dog? Is it to transform how we interact with dead dogs on our streets? Of course not. These stories are parables. Like the parables in the Quran, they point to a truth inside our own hearts and souls. We come to see that the dead dog is us, the disciples are us, and yes, even Jesus is inside our own selves. There is a part of our own being that is rotten, a part of us that would like to pass by other human beings without dealing with their ugliness, and there is that part of us, divinely-illuminated, that can pause and reflect Jesus-like upon every situation and recognize the presence of God right then and there.”

    (my comment): Mad dogs, on the other hand, must be attended to on a situational basis.

    “Memories of Muhammad” s.a.w. : [YouTube]

  3. bagi saya apa -apa pasal agama islam, malaysia kini mungkin tempat rujukan yang terakhir.

    tapi kalau nak tahu macam mana musuh/anti islam membicarakan pasal islam mungkin malaysia kini boleh dijadikan rujukan yang boleh diberikan keutamaan.

  4. Hassan is right. You have to meet these evangelical Christians to know how determined and evil they are in trying to convert Muslims to the Christian faith.

  5. Have these people (‘wise’ commentators) even acknowledge that what Hassan Ali is doing is similar to what they’re doing: defending the very religion or the faith?

    What’s with ‘being a victim’ mentality?

    Why feel threatened by HA if you think of him as insignificant. He is after all echoing what he said few years back that there are religious conversion process going on. Nothing new, from the look of it. He was in JAIS (or MAIS) and he’s talking from his past experience or with first hand knowledge about this issue.

    Why dragged him into the failure of current governing body that rule Selangor? Similar to calls by certain quarters that needs Najib’s comment. Why? His party is not managing Selangor. The person that needs to say something would be Khalid and the PAS people. Why are these people keeping mum?

    Someone commented that it was a national issue and may I ask brought to light by whom or from which political party? Now, the very same person condemning MCA, Gerakan for not standing up for their people. Ooh.. how convenient. What happen to ‘we are the same race. We’re Malaysian’ bullshit that you whore out?

    LOL..what a sad case and a waste of oxygen: and that is what I think of the mK commentators.

  6. TMI is worse Yg Bhg Ms Helen!
    They did not post/ not worth posting my comment below:

    (comment on article by a Philosophy lecturer, Mr De Vega in the Phillipines)

    Please understand Yg Bhg Sdr TechDouble
    that I have a lot of respect for other Filipinos, and dare not look down on other people.
    (al-Quran, 49: 13)

    No problem also with your own opinion of me, ‘your quality and your state of mind’ but I never called supporters of local hero/ Yg Bhg Archbishop ‘idiots, bigots and morons’ like Sdr Vega did of certain local Muslims groups.

    You apparently have many supporters here at TMI, but do you condone Sdr De Vega and all the ‘chauvinists’ who have no qualms in deriding, because we are ‘.. Those people’?

    Haji M Zin
    Alor Gajah DPH

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