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Najib Razak has now become “Mr Whoever”

Marina Mahathir in her press conference yesterday decried: “We are now known as a country where people grab bibles from a house of worship [sic].  Is that how we want to be known?”

[Note: The bibles were “grabbed” from this double-storey shoplot – below – which is not a house of worship but a storage and distribution centre. Marina erred in her statement.]

She suggested: “We can forget about Visit Malaysia Year, (the situation) is hardly an example of moderation”.

Ouch, now this must hurt the Prime Minister and his pet project the Global Movement of Moderates.


In her session with the press, Marina reportedly hit out at the government for refusing to rein in the confrontational Muslim NGOs. (See also, ‘Marina desak Najib tegur Isma?‘)

Castigating our leaders for their inelegant silence, she told reporters: “Everyone is alarmed. I’m not alone in this. Everyone is asking, where are our leaders?”

Where is the Great Leader?

“As a great leader, he should be here, not us,” Malaysiakini reported Marina as saying without naming names.

When asked if she was referring to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, she replied, “Whoever. He should be here. As a leader he should be better than us.”

Ouch again.

Malaysiakini Marina flays

I feel for the YAB Perdana Menteri. I really do. He must be in pain being pinched so by Marina.

And since all good things come in threes, here’s the third “ouch” — Marina said that in today’s first meeting of the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC), the Jais raid will be the first item on the discussion agenda.

She is an NUCC member. It is Najib who appointed her to the council as well as Najib who recently established the council.

I always thought the council was a bad idea.

If the PM can be cavalierly dismissed as a “whoever” by his National Unity consultant now, he might soon be alluded to as “whatever” even before the council’s tenure is ended.

Ouch. But then again Najib brought all this upon himself for being so clueless.

[PG18 warning — Shakira’s Whenever, Wherever music video is a tad racy]



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14 thoughts on “Najib Razak has now become “Mr Whoever”

  1. I think Marina Mahathir has OPENed the pendora box of name calling war now. If she can refer to Ah Jib Gor as WHOEVER, I would like to call him “Ah Jib Gor the Dayus PM’ and I think Mat Yo’s wife will be appropriate in calling him AS one.

  2. My teenager daughter uses WHOEVER n WHATEVER n I excused her behaviour due to the raging teenage hormones and being a person who has a child brain yet to be developed in a woman body. But coming from a woman of 50+ years old and member of NUCC? What excuse has she got? Shame on you, Marina!

  3. As a friend of Marina Mahathir I should be speaking from my heart. I don’t mean to throw insults on her and that’s not my cup of tea. In the context of a really confused situation, I rekon it’s uncalled for if Marina starts to insult PM Najib and hit him below his belt, using whatever forum she deems fit. People now begin to be suspicious of Marina and is she the mouth piece of her daddy, Tun Mahathir.

    If it is then, not only I am sad and disappointed but there are also many out there who still have great respect for former PM Tun Mahathir, whom I have the pleasure to have served Tun since he became our 4th powerful PM. Needless to say as a special duty Foreign Service Officer, I served my political master and the Royalties in many ways.

    In this context and state of confusion pertaining to our own doing in the current religious persecution, I challenged Marina to call her closed friends and other NGOs to express their thoughts sincerely on the current dispute for the ownership of our Holy Quranic word “Allah”. Such people include Wong Chin Huat, KT John, Ambiga, Marina Chin and a score of other prominent advocates of press freedom, religious freedom, social freedom, etc. We the rakyat would like to hear their voices loud and clear and don’t hide under the pretext of the opposition parties, even if you are not one of them on the SB list.

    We are educated and intelligent enough to form our own opinion and integrity, whether there is further wisdom to support the political game of Lim Kit Siang, Lim Eng Guan and of course Anwar Ibrahim, the national traitor of our time. (Luckily Anwar is a Malay Mamak, otherwise if being a Chinese Cinbeng or Chinese Mamak, he could have continued his sojourn in Sungai Buloh.)

    1. ‘People now begin to be suspicious of Marina and is she the mouth piece of her daddy, Tun Mahathir.’

      ‘People’ that you refer is a minority that talk like they are majority.. which for me, is referring to the weird and confuse species like DAPster and PAS..

  4. What constitutes a ‘raid’ ? It only happens if you suspect something amiss within a certain premise. Same thing if immigration or police do a raid.

    There must have been an informant or tip-off from the bible society otherwise this raid would not have taken place.

    Marina should not get her knickers in a twist. Listen to both sides.

    The oppo pun quick to blame the government.

    There is also a probable scenario – bikin sendiri tapi salahkan org lain.

  5. Mustapha ong, i disagree that marina is Tun’s mouthpiece. He can stand on his own. He does not need anybody even his daughter to say anything on his behalf. Why should he ?

    He is a gentleman.

  6. Many times immigration and police raid clubs and massage parlours etc etc. they find many gro s’ and what have you. Mostly these are foreigners who have flaunted their visa. When you see them on tv, it is sad, but they broke the law.

    Marina, if she is the ‘ true’ purveyor of human rights, would also have gone down to these places to make her stand. Why did she not fight for these people to be treated decently.

    Hypocrite lah dia – boleh pilih2.

  7. MM, u cant even tell which is church, which is a store n distribution place. pity u laaa…n some more, u are board director of SIS, one of the NGO in COMANGO. Read their demand

    1)Membenarkan kebebasan untuk murtad2)
    Mengiktiraf budaya hidup LGBT (budaya zina dan liwat)
    3) Menuntut hak keistimewaan orang Melayu dalam perlembagaan dipinda
    4) Mengiktiraf ajaran sesat Syiah di Malaysia
    5) Menuntut agar mana-mana ibu bapa yang memeluk Islam tidak diberi hak penjagaan anak
    6) Mendesak penghapusan hukuman syariah

    Now u claimed u are protecting Islam konon.
    The Satan r very proud of u.

    And what to expect from Najib, he’s the one who blankly reject hudud to be implemented in Msia. In that sense he is no better than Marina.

  8. That hormonal up set papas girl has an Indonesia hubby. Poor silver spoon fed papas old girl is confused bout maysians n hubbys culture

  9. dulu respek kat marina. bila asyik berkawan dengan orang macam ambiga dan sekutunya.. i mula suspek dia ni islam ke? tak kisah lah you nak liberal n penganut open agama, open relationship, open gay/lesbian/open whatever… dia ada hak.

    membayangkan dia ni anak mamak kutty dari kerala ..yang dibenci oleh pihak dapster dan sekutunya. tapi yg pelik dapster selalu cakap bapak dia mamak kutty penganut rasuah tahap kronik, mengambil harta rakyat. mengapa tak mintak sprm siasat harta marina yang […] datang dari mana. mengapa anak rosmah dan anak najip yang mintak disiasat. anak-anak mahathir bukan ke termasuk marina?

    lidah bercabang, kebenaran hanya untuk orang tertentu, waktu tertentu dan anak orang tertentu.. sebab itu samapi bila bila saya membenci dap dan sekutunya.memilih kebenaran ikut suka dia dan ikut orang yang dia suka.. lidah bercabang.. .

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