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Pemandu apologizes for ‘sacking’ Najib

Below is the tweeted apology:

Twitter - etp_roadmap- We would like to apologize ... 2014-01-06 14-18-17

The said tweet has been deleted from the Pemandu Twitter timeline.

Nonetheless the offending tweet has been screenshot by the otai bloggers, among them Firdaus Abdullah (here), MyMassa (here) and The Unspinners (here).

Pemandu mabuk langgar Najib sampai mati?‘ (

I’m reproducing the “Najib sacked” tweet from Apanama’s blog. It refers to Najib Razak as the “former Prime Minister”.


This humongous gaffe is a major embarrassment not to mention bad omen for the Yang Amat Berhormat.

Many concerned Malaysians, including respondents who took my poll which ran from Christmas 2013 to New Year’s eve (see here), have conveyed the message that we, the people – 750 of us here – would like the PM to dissolve Pemandu.

But the Prime Minister fails to listen to well meaning advice. Instead he prefers to listen to consultants like Marina, Wardina and Regina.



So who’s the next PM?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

17 thoughts on “Pemandu apologizes for ‘sacking’ Najib

  1. This country is not ruled by BN; it is ruled by PEMANDU led by Idris Jala.

    Evangelis agenda?

    1. DS Najib has got to take back the steering wheel lest the BN bus is driven off the cliff.

      The first issue he must grapple is ‘Allah’. A revolt is simmering on the Malay ground. Apparently this is not something KJ and the con-sultants have briefed him on.

  2. i beg to differ. i think Najib need to pass the buck to PAS to answer it. Similar tactics used by Gecko Eng whenever he failed at something or clueless with an apt answer.

    it’s high time the true face of PAS be revealed for all to know. I am getting tired with political party that uses religion as props/accessories!

    1. The Pathologically Angry Mind sees fate in apocalyptic terms — he traffics in the birth and death of whole worlds, whole political systems, whole systems of human values. He is always manning the barricades . . . He does not see social conflict as something to be mediated and compromised… Since what is at stake is always a conflict between absolute good and absolute evil, what is necessary is not compromise but the will to fight to the finish. Since the enemy, according to the angry mind, is thought of as being totally evil and totally unappeasable, he must be totally eliminated. This demand for total triumph leads to the formulation of hopelessly unrealistic goals, and since these goals are not even remotely attainable, failure constantly heightens the angry mind’s sense of frustration. Even if he gains partial success, it leaves him with the same sense of powerlessness with which he began; this in turn only strengthens his awareness of the vast and terrifying quality of the enemy he himself has invented. This is the Angry Mind.


  3. Pemandu apologizes for ‘sacking’ Najib? why should they appologise.. that’s ‘the only’ right thing that pemandu ever done to us.. clap clap for pemandu..

    1. LOL. And He must accept ‘peletakan jawatannya’ dengan membuta tuli. Kan tu salah satu daripada briliant idea consultantnya!

      7.2 Billion kut!

      Mustapha Ong tak nak komen ke, bagi scooped sikit?

    1. They’ve ‘sacked’ the PM already, so they’re the boss lah. THE UNTOUCHABLES, like Wong Chun Wai and his Scissorati.

  4. I apologize for the tweet from the @etp_roadmap twitter handle which quoted our Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Razak. The mistake on our part, was down to human error & has since been rectified. A formal apology has been posted via our official twitter handle, linked here :

    1. Thank you Ms Chinniah,

      Mind telling us what actually that you, superhuman genius, are doing up there so that us, the mere mortal peasants, can understand better.

    2. Wow, the highly-paid Pemandu who advises the PM and government of Malaysia just confirmed that they never check their work before they deliver. Tell me, what will be your bonus for that gaffe?

    3. Ms Chinniah….come on PEMANDU, for all that you’re costing the rakyat, you cannot even get a one-line sentence correct? Someone’s head gotta roll!

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