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So the PM got his job back, for now

There is an NST report today on Najib Razak talking about his Economic Transformation Programme (ETP) at yesterday’s first monthly gathering of the year by the PM’s Department.

See, ‘Najib: Economic reforms vital to nation’s growth‘ (NST, 7 Jan 2013)


Pemandu’s ETP Twitter account had referred to Najib as the “Former Prime Minister”. The @etp_roadmap a/c admins tweet “up-to-date news and progress of the 12 NKEAs and the 6 SRIs” … and the 3 GDLs (Gunting Dalam Lipatan).

For up-to-date news and progress of the GDL’s sabotage mission, sign up to follow @etp_roadmap on Twitter. It’s the first place to hear breaking news on who’s out, who’s in and what’s hatching.

@reginalah is the second next happenin’ place.

Regina Lee (reginalah) on Twitter 2014-01-03 21-34-17


So who’s the next PM?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

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  1. Hahaha…if Najib does not reprimand PEMANDU for firing him on Tweeter.. we should ask all Mamak shop to call ‘roti kosong takde telor’ as Roti Najib.

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