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The former Prime Minister’s cat

Ooops, I seem to have made a typo error in my headline by accidentally transposing one word.

I meant to say, ‘The Prime Minister’s former cat’ — apparently the PM’s favourite kitty has gone missing.


Driving Umno off the cliff

CAT is also a catchphrase made popular by the Lim Guan Eng gomen. The initials stand for Competency, Accountability and Transparency.

Najib Razak’s idea of competence is to hire expensive consultants whom he believes can do the job better than the civil servants.

His consultants appear to believe that a more competent administration can be had if Najib were to be redesignated as “the former Prime Minister“.

bus over cliff 11-11

Pakatan popularity marks Danger zone

The fact that fans and critics alike use the CAT acronym testifies to the success of the DAP propaganda.

It is this effectiveness of the opposition indoctrination that has swung 51 percent – “the popular vote” (another catchphrase attesting to how the oppo chants have caught the public imagination) – of the electorate over to Pakatan.

In a nutshell, Pakatan has got stronger support going by headcount among registered voters who went out to cast their ballots on 5 May 2013.

Dapster; odikal

Perpetually hysterical Dapsters

We’re well aware how perpetually hysterical the DAP supporters are, to the extent they harbour this delusion that the BN war room would actually bother sending a busload of phantom voters to Subang Jaya where Hannah Yeoh won with a whopping majority of 23,459 votes.

One, if the BN really had that busload of phantom voters to spare, the 44 alleged “Bangladeshis” would have been sent to an Umno ward to rescue the Ministers (Perkasa Deputy Education Minister Puad Zarkasi in Batu Pahat was one of those toppled in GE13) and most certainly not to Subang Jaya for the benefit of an unknown and unheralded MCA candidate.

hannahyeoh Very worried BN will send phantom

Two, Hannah Yeoh had garnered 40,366 votes to her opponent’s 12,297. At such a great distance apart in votes, of what help would 44 Bangladeshi ‘phantoms’ be to MCA’s Gan Meng Foo?

But yet there are enough delusional Dapsters to believe the illogical story that a busload of foreign worker phantom voters had turned up at a polling centre in Subang Jaya. This is the level of opposition brainwashing that sane and rational Malaysians have to contend with.

Hysterical haters brainwashed to the point of delusion are dangerous to public order and safety.


BN’s failure to communicate

Conversely, Pakatan’s success highlights the BN’s failure in the area of communicating to the public and countering the opposition narrative.

Take for instance this recent article titled ‘Dark clouds hovering over SEA democracy‘ by Bridget Welsh, a regular contributor to Malaysiakini and with this particular piece reproduced in Lim Kit Siang’s blog on 31 Dec 2013.

Dr Welsh writes:

“In both Malaysia and Cambodia, there were legitimate reports of foreigners voting, blackouts during counts, significant discrepancies in the results, failures to follow basic procedures to assure the professional non-biased handling of ballots and stacking of the decks through the placement of voters in constituencies on deeply problematic electoral rolls. In both polls, protests dogged the results and even months later, large sections of the population continue to believe that the polls were illegitimate.”

Allow me to paraphrase what Dr Welsh has written. She said:

  • there were reports of foreigners voting
  • there were reports of blackouts during the vote counting
  • these reports are “legitimate”

Dr Welsh also wrote:

  • “significant discrepancies in the results”
  • “failures to follow basic procedures to assure the professional non-biased handling of ballots”
  • “deeply problematic electoral rolls”

The BN should have strenuously debunked Dr Welsh’s serious allegations. But no. Instead we have decision-makers in Bangunan Perdana Putra who are enamoured of consultants.

They’re even willing to allow the consultants to ‘sack’ the PM during their [the consultants’] lunch break.

Wah! Can so cin cai-cin cai one … weighty decisions are made in Putrajaya by high-powered consultants bored by their afternoon meal.


Eroded public confidence has become an avalanche

Rather than arresting the trust deficit, Najib Razak has compounded it by handing over the wheel of the bus.

To quote again from Dr Bridget Welsh, she wrote in her year-end round-up that “In both polls [Malaysia and Cambodia], protests dogged the results” … well, okay, it’s true what she said.

Dr Welsh added, “and even months later, large sections of the population continue to believe that the polls were illegitimate”.

I’m highlighting the following part in bold red because it illustrates the colossal level of failure by Putrajaya in doing damage control: According to Dr Welsh writing in Malaysiakini,large sections of the population continue to believe that the polls were illegitimate“.

That “large sections of the population” perceive GE13 to be “illegitimate” signals a red alert.

One, the Pakatan propaganda is persuasive.

Two, I’m not sure if it is accurate to attribute such skepticism to “large sections of the population”. But the point is this, nonetheless. Dr Welsh has been allowed to get away scot-free with all that she has alleged above without any rebuttal from the RM7.2 billion consultancies ensconced in Putrajaya.


Umno keen on harakiri

Despite all that is happening, Umno remains the Parti Paling Tidak Apa.

Najib rewards his enemies and alienates the BN grassroots.

He allows the extremists to slander Islam.

He allows the MCA-owned newspaper to invite foreign intervention in the ‘Allah’ issue.

He allows the Bible Society to portray Jais as brutal door kickers. He allows the opposition media to freely feature this kind of incitement.

He allows the 47 percent pro-establishment folks to be continually insulted, harassed and bullied by the extremists.

He prefers to provide national platforms to Marina, Wardina (his National Unity consultants) and Regina who sits in an Umno Minister’s office.

In short, he is the chief enabler for the menace to reign.



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21 thoughts on “The former Prime Minister’s cat

  1. Counsel from Tun Hussein Onn, Third Prime Minister of Malaysia:

    I would rather do the right thing and be cursed than do the popular but wrong thing and be applauded.

    Power is given to us, not to lord it over others, not to improve our standing nor to enrich ourselves.

    Discipline is the most important things in human life and has to be the main priority.

    1. re: “Power is given to us, not to lord it over others, not to improve our standing nor to enrich ourselves.”

      Something the Gullible have not yet figured out about the Greedy Gold seekers riding on their Gospel to gain Glory for themselves.

  2. Chinese New Year 2014 will Ah Gib Gor do the same act before GE 13. going round wearing Cheong Sam and be turn down In GE 13? Funny though he did not wear Santa Claus uniform in Penang with Guan Eng.

    Is Guan Eng cracking jokes at Ah Gib Gor or Ah Gib Gor cracking jokes at Guan Eng. Both looks like adik beradik lain ibu bapa. Whatever is it UMNO is headless. Just like ‘sleepy Hollow’ the horseman who lost his head.

    1. Dua ketawa sebab politics boleh buat manyak luit.

      Najub ketawa kat Guan Eng sebab itu Tokong baru tau dan dia sudah buat manyak3x.

      Guan Eng ketawa sebab dia pun sudah buat manyak duit dan akan dapat lagi manyak bila jadi PM malaysia ganti Ah Jib Ngok!

  3. At this point in time, I think I would pick Banglasia (based on the pic of that guy with poster) if it means this country is overrun with Melayu and natives and Bangladeshi and no Cina. We certainly would not have the “Allah in the Bible” issue.

    Dr Welsh must be feeling the lurrrve from the dapsters. If she thinks it’s because of her super-intelligent, well-researched, well-thought-out article, someone should tell her to get her head out of the sand.

    The only reason she is published by MKini is because she is writing a piece that puts the government in a bad light. If she had done the same piece on Singapore, she would be chased off if not sued. If she had written about how great the Najib administration is, the dapsters and their supporters will be out with their rocket launchers “gunning” her down.

    P/s that is one ugly cat. I thought your “bite” dog looked confusedly ugly but that cat wins the ugly contest.

    1. Methinks the dog is cute. Bite is good.

      The cat is a rare, hairless species called Sphinx. You can see a live one in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video. I won’t link as the vid is too raunchy and it might cause some of the readers to splurt their coffee if they were to watch.

      I also think the 47% percent “minority” voters need to clone you, as many copies as possible. I wish more Malays would assert your voices premised on the kind of comments that you’ve been making in my blog. I can always count on you to reason well and most formidably.

      A large part of my readership are the silent Malay majority. Please speak up.

      Umno is flailing and floundering. It will be replaced by Isma and their like very soon if Umno fails to stand up for the Malays who are being bullied beyond tahap kesabaran.

      In 1946, Dato’ Onn rallied the Malays. Despite being the consummate gentleman and great visionary, he was firm. His speech at the formation of Umno, Amanat Dato’ Onn, Mac 1946, hayati lah.

      Fire will be fought with fire if Malays continue to be pushed with their back against the wall. Hangus nanti semua. Kalah jadi abu, menang jadi arang.

      1. “Fire will be fought with fire if Malays continue to be pushed with their back against the wall. Hangus nanti semua. Kalah jadi abu, menang jadi arang.”

        You will sound more sincere if you were not repeatedly trying to manufacture anti-Christian sentiment among your readers and attack those working to strengthen communal ties.

        1. You will sound more intelligent if you surgically relocated your otak from your kepala lutut.

          1. My brain is working fine in my head.

            Now you should get that forked ‘bercab-Ang’ tongue checked by a doctor. ;)

            1. Announcement, please take note: The comment above by AC-DC the alternating current is a very good example of how a Dapster typically insults, provokes and slanders.

              1. We know already la Helen..

                What did you expect from DAP’s product.. they don’t even know how to manage their internal election..

                Please don’t ban this joker. We need this idiot to make our day cheerful..

          2. Did you notice the trend and the drum that they are beating now in sync i.e. Helen the anti-Christian who pit the Malay Muslims against the Christian?

            1. Aaah yes. Acik-Ducik is channelling Che Sapienza.

              First they claim that my blog is nothing but just me buat syok sendiri. But then at the same time they expend so much effort in their smear campaign against me to the extent that The Malaysian Insider is tweeting the Che Sapienza open letters.

              Utterly astounding how Doublespeak is their second nature. No wonder their slogan is “UBAH”. They slither from one fitnah to another, shedding their skin and donning new ones.

          3. Helen,

            I often use the word ‘waging war’. In sincerity, i believe Najib is actually “waging war” against the very people who defend his government.

            The enemy is within actually. And the enemy none other than Najib himself. I do not know who are his advisors but Najib continue to make mistakes that insulting the Malays, Islam.

            Of what good is it the MPPN? What is Najib’s criteria in choosing Wardina and Marina Mahathir? what are their credentials? What is so lacking in Dr Ridhuan Tee and Dr Ramlah Adam (example of more qualified people) that they are not chosen. instead, Najib provides platform for those who are against him.

            And why UMNO reject like Saifudin who lost Temerloh seat and UMNO post too was chosen to be in MPPN? Saifudin is known to be so critical towards UMNO.

            This kind if decision irritates UMNO members. They already rejected Saifudin. Why on earth Najib still want to appoint Saifudin?

            Malays patience is sorely tested to the limit. But Najib remains “detached”.

            A lot of noise said about Petronas when so many senior malay officials resigned. Something is not right.

            For the first time in history, UMNO is reaching a point where majority of Malays are angry at it. Even during crisis due to establishment of Semangat 46 or Anwar’s sacking, UMNO still commanded vast majority of Malay support. That because Tun read Malay’s aspiration accurately.

            The sign is for all to see. The existence of PERKASA and ISMA should serve as a warning. In no time these NGOs can become full fledge political party that no politicians who want to be in corridor of Putrajaya can ignore.

            NAJIB really take the Malays for granted.


    2. Re. I think I would pick Banglasia

      More and more Bangla men are marrying Malays these days. I have seen many of them in my Khariah, with their cute looking and adorable off springs. They always bring the kids to the mosque for prayer in the evening, especially during Tahlil and Zikir on Thursday Night (Malam Jumaat); and some even do volunteer work at the Mosque.

      I think some of us have even agreed that we rather live with the Bangla who mostly over a year or less time span can communicate well in Bahasa Melayu and adapt to Malay culture, than the Cina DAP who have been here for more the 50 years yet still fail to assimilate or even acknowledge the host country dominant culture. Plus they also believe in the same Allah that we believe in.

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