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Will Najib be able to control an unstable country?

Watch the interview with Dr Mahathir (below) uploaded earlier this evening by KiniNews.

From minute 1:46 onwards, Dr M says:

“if you want to quarrel, you want to fight, then you can follow the way of some of these other countries where they are killing each other. Do you want that or do you at least restrain yourself? Have some discipline, try not to annoy people, then this country will be peaceful. For 50 years we had no problem, now it comes out.”

2:53: Dr M says “this country is a very basically unstable country”

According to the ex-premier, extremists who go around saying nasty things are abusing their freedom of expression.

“For 50 years we had no problem, now it comes out,” he notes.

Operative word – “NOW” – the centre cannot hold and all the biadab nastiness and not to mention endemic fitnah is spilling out because Najib Razak is not an authoritarian like Dr Mahathir.

Kepala dipijak episodes would not have occurred under Dr M.

In a First World mature democracy, Najib would not be out of his element. In Malaysia today however, Najib has to contend with the kind of people who are unable to act civilized when given unfettered freedoms.

Is the problem Najib or is it the people whom Dr M considers to be extremists?




Gadis-pijak-gambar-Najib berlakon dalam video DAP lagu Gangnam


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97 thoughts on “Will Najib be able to control an unstable country?

  1. In a First World mature democracy, religion matter will not be brought to the human court to be judged.

      1. He is indeed first world material my friend. If you count the numbers from the back, 3, 2, 1…the 3 becomes 1 for these people. You know how delusional they are when they start counting the numbers from the back, thus 3 becomes 1. You know what I mean ?

        He, people like him, he thinks he’s first world. On that count, he is first world material, when it comes to paddling endless lies, deliberative provocations, and to whip up a frenzy, he has to go perpetually hysterical here and now.

        It is best that we stop letting him indulge in his perpetual hysteria. Don’t reply to his comments. Let him know what the silent treatment is. He needs to go to school since his parents and the school he went to failed to educate him.

        You do know what it means when Malays ignore you even after you have provoked them don’t you ?

        But apparently this scum is not well informed of Malay culture and traditions.

        We can do him a favor. We start today by ignoring him and his comments. But of course this scum thinks he’s all mighty and powerful when nobody replies to his comments. He thinks he’s got it all right. Let him. After all, when someone is so perpetually hysterical as him, no amount of reasoning will make sense to him.

    1. Why don’t Shooooo away to the first world country then? We certainly no longer welcome you here. PERIOD

      1. If we go you alone don’t even make this country as the third world country. You all should thank us for being with you despite the discrimination against us.

        1. Should thank you?

          In fact you should thank us, The MUSLIM MALAY, for not bulldozing your people, culture and heritage like those Chinese in Indonesia, Thailand, and The Philippines.

        2. Pernah dengar tak, dulu cina ada cakap “Kalau tak sebab cina, melayu tak duduk atas kerusi/masih tinggal dalam hutan.” Lepas tu ada melayu jawab “Kalau kami tahu perangai cina macam ni, kami lebih rela duduk di lantai/duduk dalam hutan daripada mengalu alukan kamu”…

          1. Cina DAP Malaysia ni masih lagi dibuai mimpi yang mereka berasal dari keturunan 5000 tahun Temadun Cina, tapi hakikat sebenarnya mereka adalah kuli-kuli batak yahg dibawa oleh Penjajah Inggeris ke Tanah Melayu. Di Negara asal mereka, kaum mereka telah dibuai dan didodoikan dengan candu oleh orang-orang Inggeris.

            Ketemandunan yang mereka banga-bangakan itu hanya terkongkong dalam lingkungan kota dan istana raja-raja mereka.

              1. You have done a great service to this nation by showing this picture. This is what they are trying to hide from us. Their past. Keep up the work.

                1. The past is erased when one is “born again”.

                  Anyway, don’t you recall AC-DC arguing that the Chinese immigrants who landed on these shores were doctors, engineers and other professionals?

                    1. Yang pirates sebenarnya Portugis, Belanda dan Inggeris yang menjajah, menjarah nusantara. Termasuk Sepanyol.

                      You rasa kalau anak-anak raja Bugis serang kapal diorang cara guerila (cara apa lagi, nak head on, nak cari mampus-Viet Kong menang pun cara guerila), tentulah mereka-mereka akan dilabel sebagai lanun.

                      Apabila bangsa penjajah menulis sejarah, tentulah dia akan panggil bangsa dia sebagai explorer dan bukannya perompak, pencuri, perogol, pembunuh dan LANUN!

                      Walaupun hakikatnya, merekalah sebenarnya yang MELANUN!

                    2. Baru tahu. Kalau tak silap Iguana Eng ada kata dia keturunan atau related to the penjajah as well. Tak ingat yang mana satu.

                  1. Re Anyway, don’t you recall AC-DC arguing that the Chinese immigrants who landed on these shores were doctors, engineers and other professionals?

                    What you’re referring to is, to put it in perspective, is historical revisionism.

                    But in order for historical revisionism to take place and succeed, one must, like you’ve said, undergo the process of being “born again”.

                    And I would add that this “born again” does not necessarily have to involve a person embracing “Radical Christianity”. All one has to do is eradicate one’s own history by administering the lie of “we are not that people” while simultaneously hosting the thought of “we are the people of a a great nation”. In other words, one must master the art of Orwellian Doublethink. .

                    1. But now those people are denying that they even belong to the Chinese or Indian ethnicity.

                      Hannah Yeoh filled in her daughter’s Birth Cert application in the Race box saying ‘Anak Malaysia’ and raised a hue and cry against the NRD clerk for disallowing it, and Lim Guan Eng and the DAP endorsed her petition, and then they all (including the perpetually hysterical cult following) started haranguing Najib.

                      Unless I’m mistaken, Najib’s consultants did advise him to accede to their demands.

                    2. Re But now those people are denying that they even belong to the Chinese or Indian ethnicity

                      Because this denial of belonging to Chinese or Indian ethnicity is not going to get an airing by the Chinese or Indian media due to complicity and duplicity. I don’t have to tell you that the vernacular language media too have been infiltrated by these people who will loudly proclaim “we are not Chinese. we are not Indian. we are Malaysian behind close scenes i.e with their English media conspirators and in private.

                      Re Hannah Yeoh filled in her daughter’s Birth Cert application in the Race box saying ‘Anak Malaysia’ and raised a hue and cry against the NRD clerk for disallowing it, and Lim Guan Eng and the DAP endorsed her petition, and then they all (including the perpetually hysterical cult following) started haranguing Najib.

                      They harbor thoughts of being White while simultaneously administering the lie that they are the people, whatever they mean by “the people”. This is just one example of Orwellian Doublethink in action.

                      Re Unless I’m mistaken, Najib’s consultants did advise him to accede to their demands.

                      Sooner or later, this utterly clueless man will say “We are all Malays now” and the evangelistas will cry out loud in hysteria “Yes!!!!!!!!!!! We won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                    3. Speaking of revisionism, there are some funny people here who think that Nam Tien in Vietnamese history is part of a planned conspiracy and plot.

                      There are also some people here who actually think Thailand was ruled by a Muslim kingdom based in Ayutthya just a few hundred years ago, despite evidence to the contrary.

                      It is no surprise we get hilarious situations such as this:


            1. re: “Ketemandunan yang mereka banga-bangakan itu hanya terkongkong dalam lingkungan kota dan istana raja-raja mereka.”

              The bigger worry is that the Chinese in Malaysia have been hijacked by the evangelista culture and the Jerusubang un’civilization’.

              How civilized is it for the Queen of Sin City (in which there are no mirrors in their houses) to be screaming “Umno racist”, “wickedness of BN”, “evil (regime)” when they are blind to their own reflection?

                1. The Cultural Revolution in China caused tremendous suffering to the Chinese themselves. Similarly like Pol Pot trying to take Cambodia back to Year Zero. His own people suffered.

                  Chinese support for DAP 3.0 is an-Nakba and will bring a catastrophe on Chinese heads.

        3. Thank you? For what? For trampling over us Malays, Indians and other ethnic groups with your never-ending lies?

          The problem with people like you, Malaysian, is that you think you’re good as gold, when you and your people are known for cheating and oppressing others.

          You always act as though you are the victim. You always act as though you are discriminated and that everyone else are racists but you. You think that everyone must treat you with respect but you can treat others rudely and carelessly.

          You think you’re God such that without you and your kind, Malaysia will not prosper and thrive. Excuse me while I barf.

          Let me tell you this: If Allah wills that you and your kind being banished by some catastrophe, nothing and no one can help you. Not even your wealth. If it is fated that you will die of cancer, not even the best treatment in this world can help you.

          Now I am more than happy to discriminate people like you, you ‘good-for-nothing’ scumbag. Good riddance of bad rubbish.

    2. The unique of our Malaysia.. The only place in the world that God of Christian want rename to ‘Allah’.. shameful of them..

      Did they felt embarrassed with their existing God’s name?

        1. Re: “Did they felt embarrassed with their existing God’s name?”

          Your one word answer “Exactly”.. 1st time you answer correctly..

          Re: ” why you need to worry for them”

          I’m not worry just feel responsible to advise them correctly.. Perasaan malu dengan nama tuhan mereka sendiri adalah satu perbuatan yang tidak elok.. Kita mestilah ada identiti sendiri.. Kamu cuba cuba lah nasihati mereka yang sama spesis dengan kamu ini..

          Re: ” act on behalf of the God?”

          Never.. never.. trying to act on behalf of Allah.. You fail to understand due to lack of knowledge of Islam..

          1. re: “Perasaan malu dengan nama tuhan mereka sendiri adalah satu perbuatan yang tidak elok.. Kita mestilah ada identiti sendiri..”

            Your theory also explains the stunt that Hannah Yeoh pulled with her daughter’s birth certificate and why Ramachandran Muniandy is “not Indian actually”.

      1. Correction. The name ‘Allah’ has been in use by the native Christians before the first restriction in 1986. In fact, it is been used longer than before the 20th century.

        Now it is some government officials who want the natives to rename from ‘Allah’.

        1. “it is been used longer than before the 20th century”

          The bible that you mention as using ‘Allah’ is writing in English? and is it the same bible that your species eagerly want to translate to bahasa melayu?

    3. malaysian,

      In the first world mature democracy I suppose they would respect each other religion ,they stick to their believe and god ,they don’t try to take other god as theirs ,as they are very clear with their believe.

      It’s only happened in Malaysia.

      1. They don’t take away you God as you think since they can’t. At best you can say they “sesat” themselves so let God punish them not you being appointed yourself as God’s judge on the earth. After all they don’t try to convert the malay right? Even if they do I am VERY VERY sure Malay Muslim can’t be converted with one word. This is after all a political game and unfortunately the general Christian and Muslim got dragged in.

        1. Apabila pendakwah kristian mengajar berkaitan agama mereka kepada orang ramai, adakah mereka memberitahu bahawa siapa nama tuhan yang perlu disembah?

  2. Why was that when Najib work under DR M the forerver wiseman he was effectiive and able to made own judgment without consultants circling him while as PM he just like a headless horsemen riding all around circling trying to locate the brain in the head. I dont feel good to say what I m saying now but his action is reflecting it.

      1. Kita renungkan perkiraan berikut:

        Tun M sebagai PM dan Pak Lah sebagai TPM~ OK
        Pak Lah PM dan Najib TPM ~ KO
        Najib PM dan MY TPM ~ KO

        So, yang KO ni sebenarnya Najib..

        1. Masih boleh dan sempat reverse gear buat baikpulih OK.

          Like I said, appease the angry gods with a human sacrifice.

          Korbankan Menteri seorang dua. Yang lagi muda lagi bagus.

          1. Setuju. Jangan lupa korban sekali ahli-ahli majlis konsultasi yang entah-entah apa tu.. yang menghabiskan beras aje…

            Siapa Press Sectrary PM kita tu Helen?

            1. Press sec kepada PM tu okay orangnya.

              Kalau sacrifice to appease the gods tu memerlukan seorang press sec di samping menteri, ambillah saja si press sec kepada sang menteri yang bakal dikorbankan. Kan molek, satu pasangan.

    1. 1. Zaman dah berubah, Zaman Tun M media social belum lagi berkembang pesat dan kawalan Gomen keatas akta penerbitan amat ketat. Ini semua berubah setelah Tun Dol mengambil alih tampuk kuasa;

      2. Keadaan ekonomi dunia dizaman Datuk Najib lebih perit dibanding dahulu dimana ekonomi negara kuasa-kuasa barat termasuk Jepun terus merundum;

      3. Zaman Tun M tak ada KJ and his ilks; Remember during his FIL’s reign, dia dan Nazri Aziz mengutuk Tun M dengan teruk sekali;

      4. Zaman Tun M, “Bakat-Bakat DAP” seperti Papa dan Mama Dapster belum lagi berkembang;

      5. Zaman Tun M, PAS belum lagi bersekongkol dengan DAP;

      6. Zaman Tun M, Evangelista masih lagi belajar disekolah-sekolah pondok kristian (agak saya lah) untuk menjadi mubaligh Kristian alaf baru setanding PAS;

      A lof of things have changed and it is not a One-Man-Job anymore for this country. Datuk Seri Najib has tried his best to make things better for everyone of us, but the people around him that he appointed have betrayed him and shortchanged everyone of us in the process.

      1. LOL

        Dari kalangan sahabat pengunjung tetap blog Helen ini, rasa nya pandangan tuan pada Najib lebih lembut dan kelihatan agak sabar menangani karenah najib..

        Saya sudah berada di atas kemuncak kesabaran. Najib perlu bertindak lebih tegas dan keras. Kita tidak mahu makan ‘Roti najib’.. kita mahu Roti ada Telur..

        1. LOL…apa anda rasa jika pada ketika ini Tun M ialah PM….?

          adakah alasan-alasan yang anda nyatakan tidak dapat ditangani dengan cara Tun?

          Pada saya, tidak kira apa keadaan sekalipun, Tun M sudah menunjukkan cara paling berkesan dan paling sesuai untuk memimpin negara yang berbilang kaum dan berbilang agama seperti negara kita Malaysia.

          Jadi, sekiranya kita perhalusi ‘effective management’ yang ada pada PM Najib antara score 1 ke 10…..berapakah markah yang harus kita beri?

          1. All of us have to WAKE UP, he is not Tun M. Nobody can emulate Tun M and there is only one Tun M, even one of his off springs does not share the same value and traits.

            1. Contoh sudah ada depan mata malahan najib sempat berada di bawah kepimpinan Tun tetapi dangkal benar ke dia ni yang masih memerlukan ‘pemandu’ untuk membuat keputusan..

              1. It is almost Friday Prayey, we should rush for “Saf Hadapan”, will come back this further.


                For Muslims Men please recite Penghulu Segala Istighfar, ketika Khatib duduk antara dua Khutbah.

                Credit –

                Barangsiapa yang membacanya pada waktu siang dengan penuh keyakinan lalu dia meninggal pada siang hari itu sebelum memasuki waktu petang maka dia termasuk penghuni syurga, dan barangsiapa yang membacanya pada waktu malam dengan penuh keyakinan dan dirinya meninggal sebelum memasuki waktu pagi maka dia termasuk penghuni syurga”.

                1. Selesa rasa melihat anak bongsu saya solat Jumaat dengan berbaju melayu tanpa kelamkabut macam tahun tahun lalu..

                  1. Aren’t you the one who said your daughter voted for KJ for Ketua Pemuda UMNO in the last PAU?

    2. Government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, shall not perish from the earth. I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth they can be depended upon to face up to any national crisis. The great point is to bring to them the actual facts.
      – Abraham Lincoln

      1. So, what do you think the facts are? The facts as fed to the general public by the J-Star, Hannah Yeoh and her kind?

        And when the facts are given and after much debate, the majority says let’s just stay with Allah for Islam and the other religion can choose some other names for their god but stick to Tuhan in Malay, do you think everyone would hold up the principle of the majority rule in a democracy?

    3. rasputino..,

      …inilah tanda-tanda kejatuhan seseorang sebagai pemimpin. Zaman merudum organisasi yang dipimpinnya secara senyap-senyap sudah tidak terbendung lagi dan semakin melebar.

      Kita lihat saja isu kalimah ALLAH dan serbuan Jais di Selangor. Apa komentar yang keluar dari mulut Najib agar suasana menjadi tenang-tenteram dalam kaitannya menjaga hubungan di antara agama…

      Orang-orang Melayu yang menzahirkan rasa tidakpuashati terhadap gereja katolik. Mereka telah berkumpul di beberapa buah gereja di sekitar Selangor tetapi tidak mendapat sokongan ramai. Hanya segelintir dan beberapa kerat sahaja. Jika dibanding dengan demo BERSIH.., melaut manusia…!

      Soalnya, di mana orang-orang Melayu umno yang didakwa tersangat ramai itu dan kenapa mereka tidak digembelingkan untuk berdemo. Di mana Pemuda umno dan pengikutnya…? Apakah mereka juga berbeza pandangan dan pendapat dalam hal ini…? Ataupun mereka terlalu sibuk memerah keringat untuk mencari sesuap nasi dalam keadaan hidup yang tertekan ini….?

      Dulu semasa menjadi menteri kabinet kepada kerajaan pimpinan Madey, banyak idea-ideanya boleh diterima akal, tindakannya cemerlang dan berupaya menampilkan diri sebagai seorang yang tunduk kepada peraturan.

      Tetapi kini kita kena akui Najib berada dalam keadaan lemah malah tersangat lemah…! Tambah menghairankan kelemahan ini sudah tidak menjadi rahsia umum lagi tetapi ahli-ahli umno telah bersetuju untuk tidak diadakan pertandingan ke atas jawatan presiden parti pada PAU yang lalu.

      Pelik tak…? Jika Dolah Badawi yang menerajui umno/BN dalam PRU12 hanya memperolehi 140 kerusi parlimen boleh ditendangkan dan digulingkan dari jawatan presiden umno. Tapi nasib Najib sangat baik dan diterima oleh para perwakilan serta para pemimpin umno yang lain meskipun mendapat hanya 133 kerusi parlimen saja tetapi masih kekal sebagai presiden parti dan menjadi PM kerajaan wasatiyah1Malaysia.

      Tiada siapa yang mendesak dia untuk meletakkan jawatan atau mengundurkan diri dari jawatannya.

      Pelik bin Ajaib kerana Madey pun terkunci mulutnya. Mungkin kerana anaknya telah terlantik sebagai MB Kedah meskipun tewas dalam merebut jawatan dalam PAU.

      Seperkara lagi, berkenaan panglima perang cyberumno. Langsung tidak membantu Najib, malah ianya tidak menyengat dan tiada apa-apa maklumat yang berguna disalurkan untuk memberi kesedaran kepada khalayak siber agar mereka menyokong umno yang nak runtuh ini.

      Kalau sekadar nak kata dan serang pihak lawan dengan hujah – bengap,bahlol, bagang dan bodoh…! Lebih baiklah tak usah sebab hanya mempamirkan kelemahan umno itu sendiri. Kerana memiliki ahli-ahli yang tidak berkualiti.

      Sekarang ini zaman siber dan semua orang bebas mengeluarkan pandangan serta pendapat masing-masing.

      Mereka yang tidak bersetuju dengan kerajaan wasatiyah 1 Malaysia adalah menjadi tugas mereka untuk menyatakan secara jelas dalam kritikan, bahawa apa sahaja kenyataan dari Menteri Ketuanan Melayu akan diperlekehkan oleh anak anak muda dalam Face Book.

      Apa sahaja fatwa-fatwi dari Mufti upahan, ustaz dan ustazah, lebai dan lebaiyah – yang dibaca sebagai suara simpati kepada parti Ketuanan Melayu akan diketawakan oleh anak-anak muda dalam Face Book.

      Malah perangai dan sikap Raja-Raja Melayu yang dibaca sebagai menyokong United Malays National Organsiation akan mendapat ‘maki hamun ‘ oleh anak muda dalam Face Book tanpa takut dan berselindung.

      Zaman suram telah lama berlalu dan kini era kejatuhan akan menolak kamu ke gaung yang sangat dalam. Tidak perlu ambil tindakan dan memberikan perhatian langsung kerana inilah kenyataan yang terserlah….!

      Kejatuhan kamu adalah kelemahan kamu dan bukannya kerana kekuatan pihak lawan….

        1. …jawapan yang diberi tidak tepat dan tidak memenuhi kehendak soalan..!

          Skema jawapan yang telah tersedia ialah – Memenuhi kehendak dan kerenah RL serta kuncu-kuncunya..!

      1. Re: “Kejatuhan kamu adalah kelemahan kamu dan bukannya kerana kekuatan pihak lawan”

        Sependapat dengan kamu..

        Saya ingin menambah dengan mengulang apa yang pernah saya perkatakan dengan sahabat PR saya sebelum election lepas:

        ‘Kekalahan PR bukan kerana BN itu kuat tetapi kerana kelemahan PR”

        Rakyat sudah menyampah dengan gaya kepimpinan BN yg diterajui oleh UMNO akan tetapi masih tidak mempercayai kewibawaan PR..

  3. Helen,

    Refusal to act is a crime itself. Najib as the head of government has the mandate and the authority to act . and he is expected to act.

    At the rate we are going, Malaysia is fast approaching another May 13. Only this time the magnitude will be more severe.

    What Blue ocean strategy Najib is talking about. Najib’s strategy is to support those who are literally want him dead. Another Najib’s method is to disregard the very people who support his government.

    Until recently, I resisted any notion of the end of ever benign BN ruled era. But now, I am beginning to believe that UMNO is soon to be in history page.

    1. Re: ‘Refusal to act is a crime itself’

      Agree with you.. and again, we will miss Tun M very much.

  4. A good nickname for Ah Jib Gor the FORMER PRIME MINISTER(according to PEMANDU) would be ‘Mr Doormat’ with a tagline ‘Now everyone can step on my head’.

  5. “….For 50 years we had no problem, now it comes out.”

    50 years ago we did have these problem even before the I.C.s were given to their great-grandfathers.

    But 50 years or so ago they used to speak among themselves behind closed doors (inclusive of their plans for the future). When they reacted openly in 1956 & 1969, the Malays (non al-Wahans) executed the “Ops Cantas” on them..

    Now they still speak behind closed door/s but by tweets, blogs etc…( I think they are ready & well equip now) feeling secure being surrounded by people who supports them without realizing – The WORST has yet to come.

    Or Me? Tor For?

  6. MasyaAllah Tun M still has it. Semoga panjang umur.

    Tun M was being super nice when saying people like Christian Extremists Pakiam and gangs, ‘too immature’. Tun, they are ‘perpetually hysterical’!

    May Allah SWT bless Tun M.

  7. Sincerely Helen i cannot fathom how a PM can be so detached from reality & the actual public perception. Even the most wassatiah of umno members are loosing faith in him. I mean, with all the consultants surrounding him to sift through all the generally negative comments coming in, day in day out, as Grade A evidence, that the ground is shifting under him, when will he finally realize that he’s out of depth to handle this … or are they?? gasp!! O.M.G!!

  8. malaysian you forgot that malaysia isn’t a first world mature democracy.. because the majority of our politician are a bunch of opportunistic vulture that pray on anything as long as it feed their need or greed should i say.

    1. Spot on. and we the rakyat Muslim and non Muslim and fighting each other plus suffered because of their own greed.

      1. Greedy politicians … the ones who gave themselves 300 percent increase in salary and bought the new Mercedes-Benz?

        1. Ya are right but as usual you are selective. They are morally wrong but legally right. How about those in UMNO. Sharizat? Najib’s consultants? Can compare the amount involved?

          1. re: “They are morally wrong but legally right.”

            But the evangelistas are campaigning from their high moral horses.

            They mock CSL’s morals and they scream “Shame on you” at MCA. See,


            Since the greedy evangelista politicians are always shrieking that Umno-BN are “wicked” and “evil”, then you supporters must hold them to the highest degree of probity. It’s a cop-out for you to now give the excuse they’re “morally wrong but [still nonetheless] legally right”.

            If both Umno and DAP are “morally wrong”, then the only difference, as you say, is to “compare the amount involved”.

            Okay, let’s do that. BN have never given themselves a 300 percent salary hike. They have been ruling the country 60 years … slow and steady.

            On the other hand, the DAP got power for the first time. Macam kera dapat bunga, they cepat-cepat isi tembolok and in the case of Hannah Yeoh, ensured herself a generous pension for life.

            re: “How about those in UMNO. Sharizat?”

            Agree. Some Umno members think that Najib made a mistake in saving Shahrizat and an even bigger one promoting KJ. These Umno members and supporters see the two wings as now being a liability. That’s why the revolt against the party President has begun.

            re: “Najib’s consultants?”

            Has it missed your notice that Umno supporters want Najib’s consultants sacked?

            At the very least, there are Umno supporters who are trying to correct what is wrong with their party.

            DAP supporters choose instead to defend the indefensible, like Hannah Yeoh’s RM50k take-home pay and Guan Eng’s Merc.

            1. Re. DAP supporters choose instead to defend the indefensible

              Blind Allegiance @ Taksub Membuta Tuli

  9. SIAPA Cetus peristiwa BERDARAH 13 may 1969 ?
    FIKIR kan .

    1. Kaspersky
      Internet Security 2013
      The requested URL cannot be provided


      Blocked by Parental Control

      Reason: pornography, erotic materials (Heuristic analysis)

      Click here if you believe that the web page was blocked in error.
      Message generated: 10:41:21

      .. forgot my password..

      1. Oh yes please tell them that the page is blocked in error! :D

        Life is so unfair!! The J-Star gets away with its graphic Alvivi story for a general audience of millions and I get blocked for linking Apanama and Rocky’s headlines.

          1. They are concocting lies about me and spreading it everywhere.

            What kind of people are they? Like Rina said, even the name of their God also they have to ask Mahkamah (High Court) lepas Mahkamah (Appeal Court) lepas Mahkamah (Federal Court) to decide.

            1. quote “They are concocting lies about me and spreading it everywhere.” unquote.

              what an irony. for a group of Cina Malaysia who thumps its chest and hallucinating it has the bestest brains amongst all other groups, it is gullible enough to be easily influenced by DAP’s lies, concoctions and hearsays?

              it must be a hard work for them to pretend to be smart and stupid at the same time.

              1. re: “it must be a hard work for them to pretend to be smart and stupid at the same time”

                And they’re always calling the Malays “stupid” and saying why are Muslims so easily confused.

          2. Kaspersky Antivirus blocking Helen’s blog due to parental-control settings does not a conspiracy make.

  10. Everyone blames everything on the PM. It’s so easy.

    PR whacks him. UMNO whacks him.

    If everything is the PM’s fault, then it would mean that he controls everything, and that would make him a dictator doesn’t it? Is Najib the only person running the government?

    Are there any other individuals who can be held accountable besides the PM?

  11. The comments on this blog makes me wonder, how did all you people on here get up on your horses when they’re all as high as skyscrapers?

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