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AirAsia SUCKS!!

Former MP Wee Choo Keong first brought this to light, see ‘Now every disabled is charged RM60 for wheelchair service‘.

In response to yesterday’s The Mole report, AirAsia replied that its service is free for certified OKUs — “Disabled guests only need to key in their OKU / disability card number during the online flight booking process and present the actual card upon check-in at the airport”.

AirAsia also clarified that “Non-disabled guests who require the usage of wheelchairs without pre-booking online will be charged RM60 for a single usage.”

Now let’s get the airline’s explanation straight. The company is saying that its fee is waived only for passengers who have a “disability card”.

Hullo! Elderly folks require the use of wheelchair too. And they are not disabled. They’re just in their twilight years and sometimes not in robust health.

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For many years now, AirAsia is the LAST airline I would choose. If possible, I’d be happy never to fly AirAsia for the rest of my life.

Their delays in take-off are legendary. Way, way back when they first started, I took one of their flights to Kuching and on our return trip, the plane left earlier (!!) than scheduled … without informing us (and without us). Can you beat that?!

AirAsia has been inundated every now and then with much, much worse complaints that the personal one I’ve related above. They treat their passengers like s*@#.

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34 thoughts on “AirAsia SUCKS!!

  1. This is How AirAsia Makes Money, apart from various charges that were introduced not long ago.

    1. You book and pay in advance via Credit Card or Debit Card. To get Cheap Flight Tickets, you have to book in advance at least 3 months ahead since the nearer the date the costly the ticket price will be, at times, it is more expensive than the premium Airlines ticket such MAS, SIA, etc.

    Collection in advance, will enable them to invest in short term money market overnite, 1 month or 3 month tenure in Foreign Bank overseas, based LIBOR (London), SIBOR (Singapore); I forgot what the US interbank offer rate.

    Revenues from this investment cover their operations cost plus profits.

    I was informed that last time all payment are channel to a Bank In Jakarta. For if the Bank Negara Malaysia is really smart, they will do a thorough investigation and if they want to be difficult and fussy, this act is considered as “illegal” deposit taking.

    2. Every now and then, they will announce 1 million cheap tickets, as low as RM1 or free. Traveling date usually after three month date of purchase. But it is not totally free, as you still have to pay fuel Surcharge and Airport Tax. Let’s say the minimum for domestic destination of these two charges is at RM75. At 1 million tickets they are able to collect RM75 Million over nite, as the GULLIBLE one will rush for it and bite the dust through and through.

    These I million tickets are not going to be filled into one load of flight, but it will be distributed sparingly based on load factors, as part of price segmentation strategy. Within a particular load factor. the late reservation/purchaser who pay normally “EXORBITANT” price will subsidize the free or cheap ticket purchasers.

    Plus it is also part of A&P strategy and has always been a crowd puller.

    This video [YouTube] best summarized what AirAsia Has become this days.

    1. Nobody force you to buy airasia. You are more than welcome to buy MAS tickets. I am more than happy to book 1 year in advance and only pay 20% of MAS fare for similar flight. It is free market.

      1. Aren’t the first-er specie that lauded “freedom of speech” the most? Well I am using it here fyi. I am using fact and figure to back up based on knowledge, experience and information gathered from various sources, so that the general public will have enough information and making an informed decision over their purchased.

        The point that I want to make here is that, be a smart purchaser, buyer, and user by understanding the logic or “Marketing Ploy” behind certain product. Don’t be A DUNGU.

        Remember the case where a Mother and Baby were not allowed to board AirAsia in Ho Chi Minh City no long ago as the baby had chicken pox; though the doctor in Malaysia had cleared her go as the Baby is no longer in “contagious” stage. AirAsia didn’t even bother to give any sort of assistance during the period.

        Who come to the RESCUE? It was MAS and its Staff in Ho Chi Minh City.

        Businesses have to start practicing or looking at sustainable business practice or CSR. It is not very often that these sort of requests or incidents happen, but when it does employees need to be taught and trained about using common sense and logic and add humanity aspect in their decision.

        The case of Kampung Buah Pala, Kampung KTM Sentul, An Old Estate in Kelang. and Kampung Mutiara in Penang of other prime examples where humanity aspect is forgotten time and time again where business is concern, despite the emergence of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

        Can you say the same about all your comment in this blog?

        Don’t be such a Hypocrite, similarly nobody is forcing you to buy MAS ticket and pay more from AirAsia whenever you travel.

        I am proud of MAS, one prime reason why they are established is to create jobs (read for Bumiputera). It is such a luxury when you are treated like human being instead of DIGIT even in economy class.

        Do I hate AirAsia? No, in fact I am proud that they are able to traffic so many tourist to Malaysia (including the Pros from Mainland China). But they have to start to think ahead and be proactive now by not treating customer as “DUNGU” and DIGIT anymore.

        How many Indian Steward and Stewardess are there in AirAsia considering that Tony Fenandez is an Indian by decent? Are these group of people not pretty, not handsome and not capable enough lest their darker complexion compared to other ethnic. If any, this is the sort of affirmative action where Indian Business should apply and contribute toward their own race.

        Look at his stable of top CEOs from Tune Hotel (Mark Lancaster -not sure where he is related to Susan Lancaster); AirAsia (Aireen Omar), AirAsia X ( Azran) and Tune Mobile ( Jason Lo). Is there none of “Capable Malaysian Indian” to fill in the top post?

          1. It is ok. As long as TAK MENIPU MACAM CINA DAP e.g. Geneva Gold, Along, and there is another one Cina DAP is collapsing too.. P1-MAX or P1-WAX.

            Premium Airlines around the world are having difficulty year after years around the world not just MAS. Even SIA is suffering:

            1. Singapore Airlines Posts $30.6 Million Loss


            2. American posts $105 million net loss for April

            Read more here:

            3. British Airways in record £531m loss


            4. Qantas gets a second slap down to ‘junk’ status
            By David Flynn Filed under: qantas


            It is happening all around the world as operation cost is escalating. Lain kali kalau BODOH dan TOLOL tak tahu tentang Industry Penerbangan Baik tutup MULUT.

            Kesian Kau Kan….

            1. Marak ke? MAS is proven to lose money every quarter except 3rd and 4th Q 2012 but overall is still in Red unlike AA which post consistent net profit. Kalau lah tak boleh terima kenyataan terjun dalam laut la BODOH!. Kalaulah Melayu UMNO ni yang nak tegak benang yang basah teruskanlah jadi katak bawah tempurung. MAS tu hanya hidup atas wang rakyat, kalau nak berdikari sudah lama ia dah mati. Nak harap bumiputra UMNO, mana boleh harap? Makan duit boleh la!

              1. Re. Nak harap bumiputra UMNO, mana boleh harap?

                Apart from MAS which suffering just like other Airlines in the World here are some UMNO/MELAYU Examples :

                Maybank, CIMB, AMBANK, Bank Rakyat, Tabung Haji, KPJ Healthcare, IIH Healtcare, Felda Ventures, Bank Negara, EPF, MISC, Port of Tanjung Pelepas, dan banyak lagi. Semua Hasil Usaha ANAK MELAYU tanpa pertolongan Cina DAP. All command TOP DOLLAR even during 2008 world economy crisis.

                1. Fyi, sekarang ni Pajak Gadai Cina pun mula lingkup, orang cina dan India poun dah beralih pada Ar-Rahnu yang dipelopori oleh Bank Rakyat yang jujur lagi telus. Mereka cuma ambil upah simpan bukan interest. Kalau gagal dituntut setelah beberapa kali ditangguh, barang akan dilelong ikut harga pasaran.

                  Ar-Rahnu hanya akan mengambil sedikit keuntungan dan tolak jumlah pinjaman, Selebihnya dipulangkan pada penyimpan.

                  Bukan macam Cina DAP, barang terus lesap.

          2. “It is ok. As long as TAK MENIPU MACAM CINA DAP e.g. Geneva Gold”

            Genneva Malaysia, Syariah Official Launched by Dr Mahathir



            1. That was before they were found cheating through money laundering. It is worth RM5 Billion fraud.

              I pity Tun M, people that he trusted always betrayed him one way or the order. This is what Tan Sr Musa Hassan refers to as BANGKAI.

  2. Cheap no good, good no cheap.

    You CAN choose, with your wallet. It’s an airline, not a charity. Don’t travel if you’re near vegetative state, simples.

    1. Re. Don’t travel if you’re near vegetative state, simple.

      I don’t think that the said passenger is “near vegetative state”. It is so unfair of you to discriminate the disable in such way. They are just as human as anyone of us and need to earn a living to survive (wrt to the affected passenger reason for traveling).

  3. AirAsia [AA] is more rotten than the most rotten of things. It thrives on people’s misfortunes. But the most appalling part is, some of those misfortunes were deliberately created by AA, like departing earlier than schedule or closing the check in counters earlier than they should. Missed flight means catastrophe for guests [but huge income for AA] coz the ticket price for the next immediate flight will cause you to suffer deficit. That’s how AA make money, not to mention the every milligram of luggage you check in or carry they charge you and not to mention their online trickeries.

    Tony Fernandes really has the biggest AUTA brain in the world. AA charges you for every item you click. One prime auta example…last time AA charged fee for buying tickets at counters & no extra charge for online purchases but it made it difficult for you to access & you were forced to buy tickets at counters. Then when online purchases were made easier, AA charges you “convenience fee”.

    I have numerous stories to tell but later la. tengah malam dah ni but one of my most ardent wishes is to see Tony Fernandes being buried under the avalanche of his business collapse!

    1. Re. Tony Fernandes really has the biggest AUTA brain in the world

      The Cina DAP is equally or even worst in term of “AUTA”

    2. I totally agree with the author as well, Air Asia could very well be one of the worst low budget? carrier in the world! They will try to rip you off in every chance they could lay their hands upon. I don’t know how the travel date of my booking (through Traveloka) skipped so many months (from September to December), but both Traveloka and Air Asia do not want to help and just simply changed the date. Everything has to go through procedure, and the obvious reason would be no doubt, making more money. I will never fly Air Asia again!

  4. Kak Helen
    Off topic. Sorry. Finally anak Ajib-kor sues after all the fitnah about him. Hurray! This is one film we should all line up to see. Wolfs of Wall Street! And the first Malaysian financed film up for BAFTA! 1st, AK, RINA jom tengok wayang!

    “Lawyers representing Red Granite Pictures, the Malaysian financial backers of The Wolf of Wall Street, are threatening to sue a journalist who wrote an article suggesting government corruption may have been involved in the financing of the film.
    Red Granite Pictures’ CEO is Riza Aziz, stepson of the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak. In an article published to her critical news blog, Sarawak Report, journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown suggested that Red Granite Picture’s resources and Aziz’s personal wealth may have come — at least in part — via illicit means. She also alleged that Aziz’s mother, Malaysia’s first lady, has been actively promoting the film in the Muslim-majority country, despite its R-rating and portrayals of sex, drugs and debauchery.”

    Anyway the DAPsters will say otherwise. Ah Beng the movie will never get any Oscar nominations. Ah Beng the movie will never be the movie flims audiences worldwide would clap hands as the followup to Crouching Tiger. Ah Beng is not the movie Zhang Yi Mo wished he made.

    Go Wolfs of Wall Street Go!

    1. Step-son? Dang, enlighten me please. Step-son from wife’s previous marriage? Wowoweewah, so many skeletons in the closeeeeeeeet….

    1. re: “He’s so tall”

      Actually she’s so short.

      “Great minds discuss ideas, mediocre minds discuss events, midget minds discuss themselves in Twitter 24/7”

      1. Why didn’t she write about her experience in Johannesburg? Not long ago you still need a body guard venture out of the 5 star Hotel and never on your own. Otherwise “Mati Katak”.

        What a truly Hypo Hypocrite, Mandela fought for the Black of South Africa; but she denies the paternity of the Malaysian Indian due to skin color.

  5. Hannah Yeoh ‏@hannahyeoh 6h
    Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom is a must watch. I thoroughly enjoyed it & cried quite a bit too! Highly recommended 👍


    Daphne Iking‏@DaphCLPT
    Go and watch Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom” if you haven’t read his autobiography or know what he fought for….

    1. Someone should twit this to HY.

      “One can’t go to pieces at the death
      of every foreigner. We’ d all be in a
      constant state of collapse whenever
      we opened a newspaper .” – Dowager, Dowton Abbey.

      1. One movie that should be made Memoirs of a Speaker.
        Her BF Dapne can star in it.
        Sun Ho can sing the theme song.
        Patrick Teoh will write the screen play.

        1. Me like Dahlia@Daphe. Is she really Mama Dapster’s BFF?

          Suey betul lah… that shows how I much abhor pompuan hiprokrit yang suka bermuka-muka dan mempersendakan agama ISLAM.

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