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Yes, he is 10 years old

Ahmad Ali Karim’s older sister Aeshah Adlina clarifies:

“We are under our parents surveillance for 24 hours and our parents are very strict on what we read and they approve Aunty Helen’s blog.”

Ahmad is 10 years old and he has had more political exposure than some of the DAP tua bangka “keyboard warriors”.

BELOW: With the PAS former deputy president

Ahmad with Ustaz Nasha
Ahmad with Ustaz Nasha
With Ustaz Ismail Mina

ABOVE: Ustaz Ismail Mina Ahmad is the president of Muafakat.

“But mana photo with Uncle Zul Noordin and Ibrahim Ali?”

Announcement! My Little Brother is 10 - Aeshah Adlina's Weblog 2014-01-13 11-03-46

The sister replies, “There are too many cute pictures of you to put up that I cannot decide which one to choose.”

You really, really have to check out their blogs.

So again folks, Ahmad is 10 years old, he’s reading us and we should please mind our language, okay.

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34 thoughts on “Yes, he is 10 years old

  1. i guess it’s not hard to see how disarray our political issues in malaysia .. even a “toddler” can give comments that an adult cannot comprehend.

    1. You are naughty — the Uncle Zul-Ibrahim Ali tweak had me ROTFL. What ‘plots’ pass through that political mind of yours, eh?

      I hope the readers here will click on your blog and your sisters’ blogs to see the rest of the pictures, and of course test your political acumen for themselves (the skeptical readers here, I mean).

          1. Definitely an interesting blog post.

            Everyone must read it.

            And you put politics as your first writing interest!

        1. All the photos are most interesting, especially the one with Tengku Razaleigh.

          Thanks for the link.

  2. Another proof of getting children out of education system is the best for them. I wish i could do the same with my kids.

    1. There is much merit in home schooling, my personal view.

      However peer interaction (or lack of) is one serious consideration.

  3. Dear Aunty Helen,
    A great hearty thank you to you for sharing the link. Hoping to read more of your superb posts (and of course, if the DAPsters are going to mind their language ;) )

  4. Yeah guys mind your language ok. I allowed my son to read Helen’s too and he is 13 years old. I decided to allowed it coz there a lots of talk among them teenagers about politic and he forever asking me a lots of question.

    But I have put a conditions to him, foul word was not allowed to be used :):):) and repeated.

    but Helen blog is ok. A lot of commentor here was very polite and using a lot of term that interested them (a feedback from this group actually).


  5. Impressive. Thank you for the digging.

    If it’s anyone you should worry about using bad language, it would be from Pakatan’s supporters.

  6. What a wonderful children!. Yep, please mind your languages. Bahasa itu melambangkan jiwa. Foul words mostly due to jiwa kacau.

      1. The BN is a walrus shown sympathy through BR1M and many other thing. Cover it with handkerchief, we know BN is not perfect.

        The carpenter is Pakatan, said to be less corrupt than BN. But state government of pakatan is no better than BN.

  7. My son (12) also read your blog and eagerly to join our discussion.. he waiting his mother approval.. me? don’t mind at all..

      1. Dear Helen,

        I decided that this is not his battle or not yet.. let me prepare him first before joining his father..

        Ibni Ismail’s wife.. mother of his 12 yrs old son..

  8. Eversince the FinternetH Dajjal Al-Masih (and advanced telecommunications, media hi-techs and gadgets) clouds over our lands the “Age of Innocences’ has been lost. Choose wisely.

    Consider that you have been warned.
    Or Me? Tor For?

  9. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Thank you so much for adding the link to my blog. My mother had teasingly said that I now have to update my blog more often. It made me wonder if she was somehow behind this. Could this be another ‘konspirasi UMNO’? Regardless, I’m very honoured that Aunty find my blog acknowledgable enough for a mention here :)

    1. Thank you Aiman for supporting my blog.

      And your mom as well.

      You guys are the remarkable blogging family lah (your dad too, kan?)

  10. Ha ha! I was mentioned in the girl’s article! I guess the DAPsters are jealous because they do not have young bloggers like the kids. I think I myself should start blogging :/

      1. I hope the parents are aware about social aspects of learning i.e. peer interaction, team building, and other learning curve that can only be found through peer interaction.

        I have met few home schooled peers while in college and read many more about them for I was so fascinated with their intellectual/critical thinking ability. But one thing that is missing, is the social aspect of things i.e. they either always feel too smart to relate to others (superiority complex) or they just froze in social scene.

        Some became hermit (outcast is too harsh of a word) in college and became the faculty favorite, while some just splurged into social indulgence to a point of no return. Sufiah is a former genius who was home schooled in the UK (with a rather sad ending). Her mother has relocated to Malaysia since and the last that I read, she had allowed her youngest daughter to take her time to enroll into college at her own pace despite having being accepted much earlier.

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