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King Kang Kong Khairy

Kesian kat Umno to have a Menteri Kangkung.

Poster: The King Kang Kong monster that is uprooting Umno and changing the party’s DNA


Khairy the Menteri Kangkung

like King Canute,

thought his royal command “Tak yah kecoh psl kangkung”

could hold back the tide.

Twitter - Khairykj- Tak yah kecoh psl kangkung


Memes sourced from Internet

(creators unknown)

Twitter - kuahjenhan- This kangkung obsession is



Twitter - reginalah- @Zhengguan year awesome

Twitter - reginalah- Loads of meetings awesome

“This year will be awesome la …

“Kementerian Belia dan Sukan embarking on something pretty awesome projects”

“So excited!”


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Balik kampung tanam kangkung


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32 thoughts on “King Kang Kong Khairy

  1. The year 2014 opens with a bang. BN govt. Proves once and for all that it is championing B (barang) N (naik). Transformation process had also begun to show results at the beginning of the year, thanks to the RM 7 bil. bill paid to private consultants and PEMANDU.

    Based on the KPI, performances of leaders came up with the following results: Leading the govt. pack is the Menteri Lembu followed closely by Menteri Ayam. Not to be outdone, the one heading the pack, enthroned himself as the Menteri Kangkong. More results of the KPI exercise will be announced soon.

      1. This comment kena tapis sikit for the 10-yr old reader.

        Sorry H, for a minute there, I thought you wrote “vaginatable”. Silap baca, my bad. And I definitely Kangkung this post.

        1. What’s wrong with vagina? It’s a scientific and clinical term, just like a penis is.

          Oh wait, we’re still ultra-prudes aren’t we?

    1. RM7 bil paid just to get volumes and volumes of power point presentations, reports, surveys, etc etc. Not even sure if the findings of this consultant will actually work. Con-sultant will tell Najib: It will take 10-20 years to see the result. Before the time comes, Najib no longer the PM anymore. No one will hold these con-sultants responsible when the time comes and fail to achieve result.

      Good example is the Wawasan 2020 introduced in 1991. It has a target timeline of 29 years. Wondering who is the consultant back then. Now we have 7 years to go. Looking at the current numbers, I am quite sure we are not reaching the targets to achieve a developed nation status by 2020. Unless we ignore the international standards and use our own criteria, i.e. self-declare.

      Guess we can adjust the Wawasan 2020 and declare that Malaysia is already a developed nation.

      1. We can always self-declare it this year. Six years early. Cemerlang, terbilang, gemilang. 1Wawasan kecapaian.

        Massive celebrations with fireworks displays, 1Wawasan parades, and songs. More millions and millions of ringgit should be allocated to the Culture Ministry for these songs. Bread and circuses.

  2. Hey! Janganlah kan spoil my dinner. Me like Kangkung Belacan, was thinking about having it later. Ompteh dan yang “high class” panggil water spinach (don’t confuse it with watercress, as they are two different type of greens).

    During my clubbing years, one who sleeps around is called “Kangkung Pasir”, ini kerana secara semulajadinya tumbuhan ini hidupnya membiak dengan menjalar secara rambang.

  3. Helen.
    It has been predicted Year 2014 is the year of the devil. The year of suffering and rioting and year of a Kangkung.

        1. While I will refrain from insisting on the “appeasement of the ****”, nonetheless, I strongly feel that the PM should rectify his big mistake of giving Minister Kangkung a portfolio allowing him access to billions ringgit in national budget.

          There is a cabinet reshuffle coming up, right? The Transport Ministry is still ‘open’.

          1. Re. “appeasement of the ****”,

            Bite the bullet or swallow the bitter pill are two other alternatives.

            Re. Transport

            I think so

            1. We’ve come to such a sensitive pass over religious political correctness. You’re like the religious police, LOL. I read and reread your comment on the LGBTs to try to fathom what you’re really upset about, and bearing in mind that your comment would also have upset someone (one of my favourite commenters).

              Either Najib can just announce the Transport Minister (no point in HH continuing to warm the seat) or he might shuffle them about a little bit. If there is a reshuffle, the Kangkung Minister should be jettisoned.

              If the Kangkung Minister remains, Najib’s own seat will surely get hotter and hotter.

              1. Re. the religious police,

                Cuma memberi pencerahan yang mana patut wrt Islam. Can’t tell it in any other way. If what I have written is wrong, someone should correct me for that’s the whole purpose of a dialogue.

                Re. what you’re really upset about,

                Just relating my own personal observation wrt comment on moral degradation among the Muslims youth. Is it wrong?

                Re. your comment would also have upset someone (one of my favourite commenters).

                It is not the first time, some have even disappeared for good in case you haven’t noticed.


                A friend once told me that I have “Mulut Macam Neraka” and I have “Photogenic Memory” where I remember pretty little details that works to my advantage when needed. Trying very hard to get rid of it, for it is very true.

                ” Dalam hadis yang diriwayatkan Tirmidzi dan Ibnu Majah, Abu Hurairah menceritakan apabila Rasulullah SAW ditanya sebab terbesar yang membawa seseorang masuk syurga, Rasulullah menjawab: “Takwa kepada Allah dan akhlak yang baik.” Apabila ditanya pula sebab terbesar yang membawa manusia masuk neraka, maka Rasulullah menjawab, “Dua rongga badan iaitu mulut dan kemaluan.”


                1. re: “It is not the first time, some have even disappeared for good in case you haven’t noticed.”

                  I’m bringing it up because I’m concerned.

                    1. My apology to you and to the whoever that I have offended and YES IT TRUE AND I ADMIT IT, in my defense whatever I have written is based on fact and personal observation and on the basis “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

                      My advice is janganlah menjolok sarang tabuan. Takkan la orang boleh mengenakan kita, dan kita nak duk diam aje…Saya manusia biasa bukan Malaikat.

                    2. re: “the whoever that I have offended”

                      I hope that person accepts your apology. I don’t wanna lose good commenters.

                    3. Why are you always picking on me while others get away with it? AK47 has faced the same too if I am not mistaken…

                2. LOL..

                  I’m still ok with helen ‘appeasement’.. dia tidak terikat dengan peraturan agama kita.. biar dia dengan agama dia..

                  Jika perumpamaan itu datang dari mulut saya atau saudara makanya ia adalah satu pernyataan yang keterlaluan..

                  Its just a figure of speech..

          2. Why censor that word?

            Everybody knows it is a figure of speech.

            However the reality is that Najib is working to drop pro-Mahathir personalities from the leadership.

    1. Mari turun padang “Lenggang Kangkung 1.0” [YouTube]

      Did you all know that Admiral Zheng He brought Kangkong back to China for the first time from Tanah Melayu?

        1. Ya but you would find it hard to outdo this Muslim loyalist even with your physical endowments in complete form, Allahu a’lam.

  4. Congrats to Reza on Leonardo’s win at the Gloden Globes.


    For those who think The Wolf of Wall Street is trash you can eat your kangkung while watching Ah Beng: Mission Impossible. Kangkung is good to flush out all the lard from your bak dishes and it keeps you slim to fit in a cheongsam.

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