Raja Petra calls Kit Siang’s bluff

Four months ago I blogged a 1,174 word-article titled ‘Who is more convincing, Kit Siang or Dr M?

In keeping with my New Year resolution of brevity, I’ll just restate what I think of the Lim & Son penchant for rhetoric, this time through the graphics below. Like they say, a picture paints a thousand words.


Even Raja Petra has had enough of Kit Siang. RPK responded in his Malaysia Today column today:

“I am, of course, monitoring the events unfolding in Malaysia. And I have to admit that I am secretly watching this with glee. That is probably very cruel of me to be gleeful about a calamity about to befall Malaysia.”

He also challenged:

“And now you [Kit Siang] want the moderates to unite as patriots to save the country. Let’s see how you do that.”

You can read Kit Siang’s press statement by clicking on the Raja Petra link (above).

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29 thoughts on “Raja Petra calls Kit Siang’s bluff

  1. Re. Even Raja Petra has had enough of Kit Siang

    Question: Paying his due to, for a ticket back home or who is paying him?


    His is a Spin Doctor. Never trust him before, Never Trust Him Now, and Never Trust Him Ever.

  2. he is like a broken clock.

    if he is moderate, he will not be dining and dancing with the likes of dong zhong and support the true civil liberty movements like what RPK and his cohorts formed, but of course LKS shuned it as he sees such movements wil erode his influence as DAP depends of the pretentious cultural superiority of the Chinese support base which is anything but moderate.

  3. Below is my comment in that post in MT
    The problem with the moderate movements in Malaysia is their skewed definition of moderate itself. These people just wake up and say I am the moderate person in Malaysia. Come and join me and be branded as the moderate person in Malaysia. The problem is that they fancy themselves as a role model for moderate Malaysian but others are seeing them as extremist in one form or another.

    Take for example people like Marina, Haris and Zaid Ibrahim. They considered themselves as the moderate role model, but to the main stream Malays and Muslims, they are the liberal. While many understood that the Taliban is a form of extremism because they take religious ruling in restrictive and rigid manner, liberal is also another form of extremism because they are being extremely casual with religious ruling. This LKS is no difference. He may fancy himself and his DAP as the moderate solution to the extremist world, but for many of the Malays they are seeing him and DAP as a chauvinist, extremist party.

    The crux of the problem is that to these people, you are moderate if you fulfil my yardstick of moderation, otherwise you are an extremist. There are 30 million people in Malaysia, save half for the kids and not matured enough, so we would have at least 15 million versions of moderation in Malaysia. That is why these so call moderate movements are going nowhere. For those politicians who supposed to support the so call moderate movements, they probably do not even agree with the definition of moderation by these people (like do you think PAS will ever consider people like Marina and Zaid as moderate?), but they tagged themselves along to win vote as long as such movements are the in thing according to the political fad of the country. Once it is over, screw you.
    So before they try to go further to fancy themselves as a moderate solution to Malaysia, they have to find the reference point that is acceptable to others, not merely by their own definition and expectation. Once the reference point is set, it is like a pole in the center, whoever deviates from the pole, they are the extremist. For Muslim, we have no problem finding the reference point as we have the Quran and the Hadith of the Prophet that is unanimously agreed upon by the majority of the Muslims (hence known as Sunni). Well, what about Shiah? Don’t they disagree with the majority of the Muslims? True to the sense that the Shiah has their reference point that is different from the Sunni and to the Sunni, the Shiah are the extremist because they deviate from the pole of Sunni and vice versa. But that is not the point of discussion. The point is that don’t call yourself Sunni or expect others to call you a Sunni when you are not in the pole of the Sunni reference point. The same as don’t call yourself as a Shiah or expect others to call you a Shiah when you deviate from the Shiah reference point.

    Back to the issue in Malaysia, the problem in Malaysia is that not everyone is Muslim. So we cannot force the non-Muslim to subscribe to the “moderate definition” of the Muslim, and so to the non-Muslim, DON’T FORCE THE MUSLIM TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR DEFINITION OF MODERATION. In my opinion, in Malaysia, the constitution should be the reference point. The reason is because the constitution is an agreed upon values that seek the compromise from each party. No doubt you will dislike with some, but those are necessary as they are the compromises for the need of others. For example, with regard to proselyting people into your faith, a level of compromise has been is achieved to allow religions other than Islam to freely do that as long as they don’t do it to the Muslim, given the sensitivity of the Muslim who are the majority in this country. If you can respect these compromises even though you dislike it then you can call yourself moderate. Otherwise, you are just an extremist only seeking for your own satisfaction.

    Come to the issue of Bible raid by JAIS. The Christians (supported by the moderate Muslims wannabe like Marina and Mujahid) accused JAIS (representing the Muslim) to be the extremist while JAIS also accused the Bible society as extremist. Now who is the actual extremist? If we all can agree to use the constitution as the point of reference, we can easily answer that. The one who deviate or violate from the constitution would be the extremist. That if we all agree to come to the common term. But if every party only wishes to satisfy their own definition of moderation, forever we will not achieve any moderation.

    To conclude, people like Marina, Zaid, LKS, LGE and their like are not the solution to moderate Malaysia. They are actually the problem. They are either confused people, or people with agendas. Confused people will not solve any problem. Worse are the people with agendas. They take opportunity by creating problems.

    1. The mantality of extremist christians is such that one of their kind Josh Hong dare to label the entire muslim malays as Wahhabi in a shallow conjecture in a posting much to the delight of the Anonymous Chritsian cowards in Mkini who drooled as heap insults on the Malays. Muslims, i wonder can the PAS morons read what they write?, it just shows that there is no point of mutual understanding as taking Josh Hong as a sample, they deliberately label all of us Wahhabi as if being called Malay muslim is not heathenistic enough for their anglo jingoisme.

      I am amused when i stumble a ktemoc commentator who replied defensively on how 9% of the msian population can cause disharmony.. well.. Josh Hong and under demonstration of impudence such as calls for Sabah/Sarawak to pursue a bloody uprising by the christian extremists masquesrading as anonymous is damn enough proof, if i use Joshie’s logic.

      1. re: “calls for Sabah/Sarawak to pursue a bloody uprising”

        Because in the peninsula alone (minus Borneo rural voters), it’s probable that Pakatan can take over Putrajaya.

        1. I think they are flogging a dead horse by riding on the same ol’ tired Allah issue. In Pen. Malaysia, the Chinese votes % had reached a saturation point. In Sabah & Sarawak, based on my analysis, PR had milked the Christian votes dry too with the Allah and other issues.

          1. The ‘Allah’ issue is causing dangerous social upheaval. But the Dapsters are too blinded by hatred to register and the evangelistas too blinded by greed to care.

            1. Dapster not a blinded people.. they know what they want.. DAP really confidence that all non malay behind them..

              Mereka memainkan isu ‘Buli’ dan ‘Ubah’.. bola sekarang ini berada di kaki bukan melayu yang tidak beragama kristian (katholik)..

              Kita tunggulah langkah golongan senyap ini.. Bagaimana rentak mereka begitulah tari kita..

      1. I transferred the writing into my blog at for reference purpose. My blog has been there for ages and this is my first post :-D

  4. Ms H. I reckon there are the normal group of people and those that are taking advantage of the very weak political leaderships in the MCA and its comrades. The mischievous which you labelled as Dapsters or evangilistas are propelled by the easy money which has been collected in the tax-free RM2 incorporated Churches throughout the land. This has been going on for at least 4 decades arising from the NEP and its urbanisation effects. A holistic (I copy) will reveal the truth and the de-tribalization of the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese. With the hard cash now jangling in their pockets, these mischievous souls want to grab power at Putrajaya. Easier said than done. I present 2 real life examples. Where are you HY ? See how hard working and innovative Chinawomen make good !
    1. My cousin the Chief Abbess of a major Buddhist temple rides around in a golden Mercedes Benz 350S.
    2. My illiterate sister-in-law from deepest Pahang worked as a hair rinser in a Jalan Imbi Kuala Lumpur hair dressing salon and founded her own RM2 incorporated Church. She collected millions of ringgits and invested the money in Marble Arch, London in her own name.

    Both were Mandarin school educated.

  5. Ms H. I doubt the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has the legitimacy to do anything in our beloved Malaysia. It has so much foreign baggage that we can hardly call it a Malayian entity. Its founding in 1966 by the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore and its slogan.’Malaysia for Malaysians’ until the end of 2012 which was changed to ‘Malaysia for Malaysians with a Malay bias.’ together with the fact that it loved to be in the Opposition for over 48 years (longest in the World’s democratic history) with a homogenous membership of one major race, puts paid to its legitimacy as a true Malaysian political party for all time !
    Not only that, one of its senior members used to be the brilliant Lee’s aide who was left behind in our beloved Malaysia by the retreating Singaporeans in 1965. And last but not least, the indigenous Singaporeans are shouting themselves hoarse, ‘Singapore for Singaporeans.’ We have nothing to learn or gain from the DAP Trojan horse taking into cognizance of what are happening with their spiritual leader, the brilliant Lee and their spiritual homeland, ‘Singapore.’ PLEASE NOT THAT 90% OF THE MALAYSIANS WORKING IN SINGAPORE DO NOT WANT TO BE SINGAPOREANS. Vide.

    1. Ak47, thanks for the post! It is not a surprise for people who have lived in Singapore. In fact the % should be even higher, me thinks.

      BTW,did you notice that the Star or the alternative media did not pick it ? If the result was reversed, you bet MI & MK would be playing the issue up for weeks.

  6. Referring to LKS’s article, his main points are in the beginning & ending paragraphs. The middle is just fluff. LKS used the word “moderate” to associate himself to it. Because if LKS was referring to the likes of RPK as “moderates”, it would place himself on either sides of “moderate”.

    So, since BN, PR & the rest of these groups call themselves moderates, where would that place the rest of the people? Doesn’t matter really. The people are often judged in the Rich-Poor scale.

    1. re: “The middle is just fluff. LKS used the word “moderate” to associate himself to it.”

      Lim & Son also like to use words like “justice”, “integrity”, “ethics” blah-blah-blah and associate themselves with the self-puffery.

      1. Ms H. I have 1 wife, 3 brothers, 1 son-in-law and 1 Indian lawyer who all said they would never cheat me of money. They all did.

          1. HY. Unfortunately like you, a Mandarin speaking type with a big big inferiority complex, they do. Devious Chinamen !

            1. HY. That Indian lawyer forced the daughter of a Mandarin speaking headmaster to marry him whilst she was engaged to another. You know what I mean ?

      2. “….and associate themselves with the self-puffery.”

        Reminds me of puri. Now I feel hungry oredy.

  7. Ms H. How many of us are aware of the big big gaps in the credibility and trustworthiness of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ? If their leaders do not swank around in shiny Mercedes Benzes, behave like the elites in their spiritual homeland Singapore, suffer like the rest of us without luscious Federa; amd State Government salaries, perks, allowances, pensions, AND DO NOT BEHAVE LIKE THE OPPOSITION BY HITTING AT THE BN GOVERNMENT TO EXTRACT OUT KUDOS LIKE MILKING A COW, then I take off my hat to them as true to their holistic (I copy) beliefs which are then way ABOVE THAT OF THEIR SPIRITUAL LEADER, THE BRILLIANT LEE KUAN YEW WITH HIS 14 FAILED POLICIES FOR SINGAPORE !

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