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Alarm bells ringing behind the scenes in Umno

The following wake-up call to Najib Razak comes from Tun Faisal Ismail Aziz’s blog:

“Only god knows and what i know someone is lying to the Prime Minister to his face by saying everything is ok. Everything is not Mr. Prime Minister and you better wake up quickly from your sleep.”

Tun Faisal is the former Umno Unit Media Baru boss, and above is what he quoted from KL Chronicle.

tun faisal dot com- #PRU13 @tunfaisal - Media lama lebih dipercayai dari media siber- #BNYCT


You can go to Tun Faisal’s blog for a blow-by-blow account of the Umno infighting vis-a-vis #SyokSendiri : Dunia penggiat siber Umno/BN makin huru hara @NajibRazak‘.

It’s the party’s own media insiders speaking, you know. Interesting beans being spilled there, heh-heh.

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Alamak! Dah parah ni, malunya Umno


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  1. Najib:- Ah Gib Gooooorrr is eviliting woookeeeyy ober therrreee??

    Ah Gib Gor: Yeaaaahhhh eberiting ish boHHH kayyyyyyyyyy!

    Najib: UMANO got PEROBLEMO ka?

    Ah Gib Gor: UMUNO wear a goat poilobelemo ! Eyemm See Yeaaa Eyemmm Aiii Seeee littol litto bititi lonely!

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