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The RM13 billion ministry

Idris’ [Jala] ‘new ministry’ gets RM12.59 bil to play with (FMT, 19 Oct 2010)

RM13 billion was the cost of Najib’s bowl of Alphabet Soup back in 2010. Sekarang ni harga kangkung dah naik berapa dah?

A partial breakdown of operating budget:

  • NKEA — RM355 million
  • NKRA — RM334 million
  • Pemandu — RM40 million

Revealed by Idris Jala himself to The Sun Daily (2 Nov 2010)

 RM7.22 billion


Idris Jala is a Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department.

Now one Wenger Khairy wants the Prime Minister’s Office to attack Umno bloggers — details HERE.

Bloggers who question how the Ministry with the biggest budget is conducting itself are labelled “Sturmabteilung” (Nazi stormtroopers) and an enemy of the state.

W. Khairy wants PMO to attack Malay bloggers who are actually Umno loyalists. W. Khairy wants the taxpayer’s money to fund the attack on Malay bloggers who support Umno.

This is setting Umno on a self-destruct mode — attacking your own supporters.



will make Umno a

veginatable party

Nowadays when the Umno Youth Chief opens his mouth, we seem to hear Regina Lee’s voice coming out.

And people can ask how come Umno so nasi kangkang one … duh.


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9 thoughts on “The RM13 billion ministry

  1. Sharing a delicious kangkung dish with all my friends. It is called Malai Fung Kuang (Malay Scenery).

    I hope I have done my part to help everyone save money.

    Sambal Kangkong Recipe
    Serves: 2
    Prep Time: 15 mins
    Cook Time: 10 mins
    •200g kangkong (kangkung) aka water spinach, water morning glory

    •1 tbsp cooking oil
    •a few slices of cut finger-length chilli
    •1-2 tbsp water
    •a small pinch of sugar
    •salt to taste; if needed
    Sambal chilli (A)
    Pulse using an electric grinder or pound using a traditional mortar and pestle
    •1 finger-length chilli deseeded and sliced
    •1/2 tbsp dried shrimps 虾米 (hae bee/heibi) soaked to soften
    •5 chilli padi no need to deseed, for the heat; adjust accordingly
    •a small pinch of salt
    •a small piece (5g) of toasted belacan (dried shrimp paste)
    •2 shallots peeled
    •3 garlic cloves peeled
    1.Separate the kangkong leaves from the stems. Wash and dry by using a salad spinner or air dry.
    2.Heat oil in wok, add prepared sambal chilli (A) and stir fry briefly until fragrant.
    3.Add kangkong stems and stir fry for a minute on high heat until just softened.
    4.Add remaining kangkong leaves and cut chilli slices. Stir fry on high heat briskly until the leaves have just withered, adding about 1-2 tbsp water to keep the vegetables moist. Season with a small pinch of sugar and salt.

    1. No la, Malai Fung Kuang (Cantonese romanization) is not literally translated as Malay scenery, it’s Malay’s Glory. Don’t know why it’s called like that but let me figure out why a certain dish is called Buddha Jumps over the Wall first.

  2. See how the sneaky JStar is trying to discredit kangkung.

    See how Wikipedia puts it.


    The plant when eaten raw may transmit Fasciolopsis buski, an intestinal fluke parasite of humans and pigs, causing fasciolopsiasis.

    Medicinal uses

    Studies conducted with pregnant diabetes-induced rats have shown a blood sugar lowering effect of Ipomoea aquatica by inhibiting the intestinal absorption of glucose.”

    Purposely hiding the benefits. Kangkung has its good and bad like all foods. But to one knowledgeable newspaper, it is hazardous.

    Who is JStar trying to poison with kangkung?

  3. “This is setting Umno on a self-destruct mode — attacking your own supporters.”

    That is what the pro-Mahathir Umno members have been doing for many years. Attacking Khairy Jamaluddin.

    Just to correct your statement, it will not be the supporters that will be under attack. It will be the pro-Mahathir clique.

  4. Helen,

    I am not too sure what you have against Regina Lee but I spoke to some long time DAP watchers asking about Regina Lee.

    I did not tell them why I wanted to know about her and I was counting on their access to the Chinese language media to dig up information for me.

    Not one of them DAP watchers have heard of her!!

    So, what’s the story between you and Regina?

  5. Good afternoon Helen.

    I am somewhat disconcerted with this latest post.

    The DAPsters/Red Bean army are wrong to villify you but regrettably you seem to be fighting fire with fire with derogatory comments. Why are you so obsessed with Regina’s nasi kang kang-are we missing something ?

    Red bean Army-crazy and obsessed with Najib. Your column is now focused on villification and clever photoshopping.

    I have enjoyed your articles Mkini and CPI focusing on policy which raises the level of intellectual discourse but I fear that We are losing whatever substance there is . Malaysia is bereft of hope.
    I wish you well and apologise for any hurt caused.

    Take care

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