23 thoughts on “Is Nazir Razak a problem?

  1. Business is business. It does not matter where these companies place their ads. Bottom line – $$$$$$$$$

  2. Helen,

    I think it’s too much ado about nothing.

    The blogger obviously doesn’t know how digital ad space buying works. And c’mon now, do you really expect a CEO to be micromanaging such work?

    This is a non-issue. Let’s not try to make a mountain out of a mole hill.

      1. Helen,

        What kind of advertising policy is he going to make, that there shall be no ads on pro-opposition portals? That doesn’t make any business sense.

        Besides, CIMB does buy a lot of media space in Utusan and other MSM.

        And I’m sure you know the cost difference between online and print ad spaces. The former is a fraction of the latter, it reaches wider audiences and more eye balls and you could do lots more with online ads – from creative to instant ‘communication’

        I’m sorry but it’s really a non-issue.

        1. Rosmah’s handbags “a non-issue” too. She is a Datin Seri. The wives of rich men should be able to carry whatever branded bag they please. However it is still a political liability for Najib. And so is the advertising choices of Nizar’s flagship company, in particular a bank that evolved from Bank BUMIPUTERA.

          1. Maybe I’m not seeing it but what’s the connection between Rosmah’s handbags – which is an issue – to a business decision to reach as much audience as you could?

            As I said, CIMB is buying space in MSM, specially Utusan. So what’s the issue here? Are you saying that just because TMI is pro-opposition, they should be boycotted?

            I think that line of reasoning is very myopic and should not be the basis of any business decision. I think we all should be able to separate politics from business.

            I don’t see the pro-Opposition supporters boycotting the Govt-owned banks, do you? I mean, while I don’t have the necessary figures, I’m confident to say that majority of those who read TMi and other pro-Opposition portals have either a CIMB and/or Maybank accounts.

            And here I thought it’s only those DAP #vernacubengs who are hysterical.

            1. Why should Rosmah’s handbags which is her personal decision and domestic spending be an issue, then? If Nazir’s bank is not an issue to you, then neither should Rosmah’s handbag be.

              1. Now I get your point.

                The handbags shouldn’t be an issue but it is because of the perceived opulence. As it is, the opposition is always shouting corruption and when such opulence is displayed, it adds credence to that perception, even if it’s not true.

                As for CIMB’s buying of ad space in pro-opposition portals, it’s the right business decision considering that their customers all visit those websites.

                I’m not defending nizar or CIMB, I’m defending good Marketing decisions because that’s my line of work.

                I still think and believe that a good business decision should not be based on emotional reason. And what that oik dude was saying is the opposite of that belief.

                A good marketer is one who knows how to reach their customers and/or target audience.

                1. Agree with you. They are not going to bother where they place their ads. Emotions have to be kept out of business. Money must be made at all cost.

                  1. Of course money must be made. Otherwise, how to pay Nazir at least RM10 mil per year as the CEO? Not to mention other undeclared privileges.

  3. TMI is an anti-Islam, anti-Muslim and anti-Malay portal. So,the issue is, why does CIMB, owned by a Muslim/Malay support such portal by placing ads therein? Actually, the bigger issue or problem is, Nazir doesn’t trust and /or like the Malays. He trust the Chinese.

    So, when he took over Southern Bank, he offered CIMB Malay officers, upper and middle management levels, vss and took in Chinese officers from southern bank to fill the void. I’m not a racist but those Chinese are doing the Muslims and Malays in since then. And their job is not fully done yet.

    BTW, ramai CIMB officers yang terima vss ventured into business. Most of them terlingkup.

    1. re: CIMB, owned by a Muslim/Malay

      Since when CIMB is owned by a (singular) Muslim/Malay? CIMB is a GLC, majority owned by government. CIMB (previously Commerce Bank and Bank Bumiputera) has been bailed out a few times by government. Nazir has proven to be able to turnaround CIMB. He has to do it even at the expense of the Malays. CIMB is profit oriented, not a charity organisation. Profit comes first. Malay/Bumi agenda is second (perhaps none).

      1. re: “CIMB is a GLC, majority owned by government.”

        All the more reason CIMB should be more responsible in its ad buying.

        1. unfortunately, CIMB like all GLCs behave like normal capitalist businesses, and not govt departments.

          its a reason what GLCs are not putting more ads into utusan even though Najib asks them to.

          1. can bank survive if not bahave like capitalist business? i think most local banks r govt own / link except pbb, hlb n perhaps amb, thus this glc cant expect income from govt or other glc all the time.

    2. The editor of the Malaysian Insider is Jahabar Sadiq. There are many Malays and Muslims working as journalists and staff in that newsportal. It also hosts columns written by Malays and Muslims. How can it be anti-Islam and anti-Malay?

    3. Digital ad-space placement is usually outsourced and follows an algorithm based on page view frequency and matching context.

      Hence, kangkung related articles are actually economic / business in context AND is a hot topic which attracts page views, so you will tend to see ads from the big ad-space buyers like CIMB being featured.

      Oh believe me, DSNR can and does micro manage when he wants to. But I’ll give it to him that he’s good at it; very sharp.

      Vis-a-vis on BBMB staff and VSS – well, given the financial state of that bank (14% non-performing loan ratio on one of their asset portfolios .. that is an epic fail right there); what would you do if you were the CEO of CIMB?

      The BBMB culture in CIMB is a drag on business practice; the ex-BBMB people are very nice folks, really they are. But try getting them to do something outside of their comfort zone and you’ll be vomiting blood during every meeting. The ex-SBB bankers by contrast are fast, efficient and on the ball.

      It’s the different work cultures that was created by the 2 management teams that ultimately decided who had to go and who got to stay when the merger rationalisation happened, it is not a racial matter.

      (Although that being said, there were some absolute deadwood-types that were kept on in cushy positions at the holding Bank level – young princelings driving cars worth more than the annual salary budget of some departments.. but that’s realpolitik at play..)

      1. “Digital ad-space placement is usually outsourced and follows an algorithm based on page view frequency and matching context.”

        Earlier I thought the CIMB ad was indeed just another keywords Google ad (if you hover the mouse to the ad, the link shows that it’s a Google ad). But looking closely it’s actually doubleclick link- a Google-owned ad management tool used by media publishers like TMI to serve advertisements. So it’s still an ad paid by CIMB to TMI, not Google.

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