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Umno bloggers have to do some urgent soul-searching

The Malaysian Insider in its editorial says that the offence taken at the #kangkung insult on Najib Razak in Machang Lubuk was faked and the TMI headline even goes so far as to call the Umno reaction a “misplaced anger” (screenshot bottom of page).

TMI says, “Everything about Umno these days is stage-managed and contrived. Even their anger.”

The portal adds that “calls” would have been made to “opinion makers to attack those who are ridiculing the PM. The easiest target is always an Opposition member. Let’s be honest. The netizens own this kangkung thing, not some PKR assemblyman”.

TMI‘s accusation that Umno bloggers are merely hacks for hire

I saw the outburst of anger yesterday in Malay blogosphere. I do not believe that it was “stage-managed and contrived” as TMI insists.

The anger shown by the Malay bloggers was genuine and spontaneous.

And nor do I believe that “calls” had been made to opinion makers [Umno otai bloggers] to attack those who ridiculed the PM in Machang Bubuk. On the contrary, I reckon that instructions, if any, that have gone out would have been to attack those who are ridiculing the Menteri Kangkung.

Remember there was that recent call published in TMI by Wenger Khairy calling on the Prime Minister’s Office to attack Umno bloggers not aligned to his faction.


Si Kitol akan menjahanamkan Umno

Now why do I say that Umno bloggers have to do some deep soul-searching. Well, because this is your 1946 moment.

Talk has always been rife in the media industry that The Malaysian Insider is linked to Khairy Jamaluddin. This was most apparent in the days of the Fourth Floor boys when TMI scored many ‘insider’ scoops, just as the portal’s name proclaims.

KJ was also allegedly the middle man between Abdullah Badawi and Anwar Ibrahim to negotiate the latter’s release from prison. There are many quarters who are convinced that KJ is the second Anwar Ibrahim.

Anwar is now the arch enemy of Umno.

KJ now has a Dapster Scissorati secretary.

This pro-Christian news portal TMI is attacking Umno opinion makers. What kind of people are behind TMI?

Do not forget that Anwar in his Sept 16 bid to take over Putrajaya had tried to entice BN Parliamentarians to cross over.

Okay, now supposing that in the next general election the BN only squeaks through on a narrow win, leaving it vulnerable to being toppled by crossovers. What do you think that KJ would do then?

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5 thoughts on “Umno bloggers have to do some urgent soul-searching

  1. As a decent citizen who is very concern on the current political, economic, religious and social issues that are confronting Najib’s administration, I will say what I need to say and will not abuse my right as a citizen.

    I am a nobody now although I did contribute to UMNO/BN during our difficult times in the mid 60s as well as late 90s, but now I have to be a busybody! In a nutshell, I appeal common sense and the positive thinking to help this nation to move forward under Najib’s transformation in progress. If we delay this process, the people and country will continue to suffer n will fall in disgrace as what had happened once upon a time in South Korea.

    The might of powerful information in this modern ICT will demolish an diminish the democratically elected BN government. I am for a real change of government through the ballot boxes but with absolute fairness and transparency come PRU14, but what I cannot accept is the bulls shitting by the present opposition led by Anwar at the behest of DAP but PAS will slowly disassociate itself from the mainstream politics of PR. Depending, which way PAS will move towards moderation of politics and raise for the continued survival of the Malays against the opposing power of the opposition to demonise the political power of the Malays. Let’s return to our sanity and explore better ways of democratic politics in this wonderful country. NO MORE KANGKUNG OR KANGKANG which is the hit song in Malaysia today!

    1. re: “I like the way Najib responded, very cool.”

      Okay, let’s see where it goes after this. Will they back off or will they continue their attacks with more vehemence?

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