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Kerana mulut evangelista, Cina binasa

“Kerana mulut pemimpin DAP …”

2×5 : Uskup agung emeritus pun main politik juga.

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Lupa dah Puan Speaker kat EBU (Everything Blame Umno)?

Begitu pandai DAP play victim, kononnya dia lah mangsa yang selalu dianiaya oleh Umno yang zalim itu.

Hannah Yeoh: “Nowadays UMNO’s modus operandi is ‘Semua salah DAP’.”

JebatMustDie: “Have you checked your own timelime for the past few years?” #mirror

JMD is asking to get blocked from her timeline, heh-heh-heh

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pun boleh dikatakan


oleh pemimpin DAP

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Hannah Yeoh tudung home

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YDP Agong sudah bertitah, evangelista berani derhaka?


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14 thoughts on “Kerana mulut evangelista, Cina binasa

  1. We are in the trap between the devil and the deep blue sea! For goodness sake, the Christians themselves are being split all over and maybe worst than the Muslims combined. How should we be part of their religious persecution?

    Melayu memang bodoh, tak ada pasal, nak cari pasal, tiada penyakit nak cari penyakit. tetapi nak cari lebih wang, selalu menyalahkan orang lain, Nak hidup mewah dan sempurna, buat lah sikap yang mengkawal perasaan bangsa Melayu yang tolak “liberalism” dan janganlah “hanya hidup pagi kais pagi, hidup petang kais petang! Wallahualam.

    1. Have we all not come to our senses yet? Muslims who believe in the ministry of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. and the Holy Quran are the rightful heirs of the prophetic lineage of Prophet Isa bin Maryam a.s. whose mantle rested with the Jewish Christians of the “Unitarian” Church of Jerusalem, who were called the Ebionites, lit. “the poor ones”. these were the hawariyun (apostles) of Isa (Jesus) headed by his own brother St. James the Just.

      The padres Murphy Pakiam and Lawrence Andrew of the Roman Catholic religion are Pauline Christians who trace their genealogy to the emperor Constantinople and the royal edicts of the Council of Nicea subsequent to which the “Father, Son and Holy Ghost” doctrine inspired by the pagan Greek god Dyonisius were syncretized into Jewish monotheism. And the religious center of Roman Catholicism from then on became identified with the capital of the Roman Empire.

      All Christians who would not profess the official Trinitarian belief were excommunicated from the Roman Church and were banished from the traditional Jewish lands and driven eastwards.
      It is common knowledge that the initial divine revelation to Prophet Muhammad in the cave of Hira was so momentous and cosmic an event that the blessed Messenger arrived home in such a psychologically heightened state as to prompt his wife to suggest the counsel of her old relative Waraqah bin Naufal.

      It was this reverend Waraqah, the chief Ebionite priest in Makkah who confirmed Archangel Gabriel had indeed conveyed Allah’s mercy and mission to Muhammad bin Abdillah s.a.w., the blessed Seal of Prophecy whom Isa bin Maryam had once prophesied would appear in the future to convey the religion of the One True God on High Most Merciful to all humanity.

      Just like Mr. Mustapha Ong says “For goodness sake, the Christians themselves are being split all over and maybe worst than the Muslims combined. How should we be part of their religious persecution?”

      Muslims are the true heirs of the unitarian monotheism of the Israelite prophets for whom Allah neither begot a son nor is He begotten of a father, and there is nothing in the creation like unto Him, the Almighty Most Sublime.

      1. Bro Abdullah lihat juga Al-Quran:

        4:171. Wahai Ahli kitab (Yahudi dan Nasrani)! Janganlah kamu melampaui batas dalam perkara agama kamu dan janganlah kamu mengatakan sesuatu terhadap Allah melainkan yang benar; sesungguhnya Al-Masih Isa Ibni Mariam itu hanya seorang Pesuruh Allah dan Kalimah Allah yang telah disampaikanNya kepada Mariam dan (dia juga tiupan) roh daripadaNya. Maka berimanlah kamu kepada Allah dan Rasul-rasulNya dan janganlah kamu mengatakan: (Tuhan itu) tiga. Berhentilah (daripada mengatakan yang demikian), supaya menjadi kebaikan bagi kamu. Hanyasanya Allah ialah Tuhan Yang Maha Esa, Maha Suci Allah daripada mempunyai anak. Bagi Allah jualah segala yang ada di langit dan yang ada di bumi dan cukuplah Allah menjadi Pengawal (Yang Mentadbirkan sekalian makhlukNya).

  2. HY you forget that your EBU is now backfiring. When 1 finger points at UMNO 3 other fingers point at you = DAP.

    You get what you give. Live with that.

    Archbishop Murphy, remind yourself what your father lawrence has done.

  3. Hello Good afternoon

    Let us not kid ourselves – there are hypocrites on both sides of the political divide. I do not think PR or BN are any better than each other. Both are baying for blood

    Have a nice day

    1. Dear confused simpleton,

      re: “I do not think PR or BN are any better than each other.”

      GASP! You are committing sacrilege, John Henry. The Dapsters will bay for your blood should you dare utter such blasphemy in their turf.

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