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Now PMO is attacking Umno bloggers?

PMO = Prime Minister’s Office

Dah lah PM ni tak berupaya menguruskan bini, tak berupaya kawal Jabatan dan Kementeriannya sendiri apatah lagi halatuju negara.

In my previous posting, I showed how the PM’s Department is giving money to Malaysiakini and thus indirectly funding anti-Umno propaganda.

BELOW: Ibdililah, KJ’s point man

Khairy Jamaluddin (Khairykj) on Twitter

Tun Dol, when he was PM, had given Khairy the 4th floor to play in. The 5th premier did that because KJ was his son-in-law. It is called nepotism.

Najib appointed KJ to head a Ministry with billions in budget. The 6th premier did that because he likes ‘cons’ (and kangkung too). It is called cluelessness.

BELOW: @reginalah — Hannah Yeoh’s BFF, Scissorati, ex-Malaysiakini reporter

Regina Lee (reginalah) on Twitter

KJ’s secretary Regina Lee is having a protected Twitter exchange with Andrew Ong who is a Malaysiakini editor.

And now we hear that the PMO is itself attacking pro-BN and Umno bloggers, following the call by Wenger Khairy.

Rather than deflecting and countering the widespread opposition fitnah, the PM appears to permit his office resources to be exploited by his Menteri Kangkung.

Crunch, crunch, crunch … the sound of crispy fried belacan Umno devouring itself. Yummy!

Twitter - JebatMustDie- It's only lunchtime yet ... 2014-01-20 13-31-59

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KJ menang: Tahniah bagi DAP, takziah bagi Umno


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14 thoughts on “Now PMO is attacking Umno bloggers?

  1. Heh, heh – on the Internet, you can run, but you can’t hide.

    And if these pro-Umno bloggers (one hesitates to call them “cyber troopers” for fear of being accused as being politically incorrect) believe in free speech, then they should expect robust and critical responses to what they post.

    It’s amazing how thin-skinned these bloggers are when their views are critcised, rebutted and refuted.

    It’s then that they resort to the “berhijrah” panacea, in the sure knowledge that a thorough cleansing of the Augean stables works wonders.

    Oh, wait – I am thinking of “open procurement” vide Paul Low!

    1. re: “they resort to the ‘berhijrah’ panacea”

      The Penang Umno demo that flew the May 13 banner, “Mau lagi kah?” is a reflection of Najib Razak’s failure in leadership.

      You’re not wrong to say that Umno-Najib bloggers (remember that there are two or more camps) should be able to take on the Pakatan propaganda machine. After all, Najib and Umno are in command of billions in resources. But even with all that war chest, they have failed miserably and are throwing good money after bad.

      Not only was there a tsunami in the GE13 votes, there is also a tidal wave with the Pakatan forces sweeping away whatever public confidence there is left in the Najib administration.

      1. The demonstration last weekend was a perfect example of Umno shooting itself in its foot. Through a series of idiotic moves; threatening a repeat of May 13 in response to the meme and acting like immature people, it also gave a new lease of life to the kangkung viral meme that was just about to wind down. Have a look at the #kangkung hashtag on twitter

        If these Umno activists and bloggers had an ounce of a clue, they would just stay silent and let the meme die off by itself. Yet, they had to try too hard and it backfired on their faces. Serves them right.

        1. re: ” threatening a repeat of May 13 in response to the [kangkung] meme”

          Umno Penang claimed that they were responding to the “stuffing” stunt but their demo neglected to chastise the actual culprit — the PKR Adun and his PKR supporters. Instead the protestors went for the DAP.

          It was a retaliation against Chinese in general.

          1. That only showed to the general public, both Malay and non Malay, how stupid they are.

            Some young Malays did another kangkung ‘stuffing’ show on with a large poster of Najib. The photo was put up Sunday. It was likely a “middle finger” response to the Umno-backed protest.

      2. One way or another…the banner is a reflection of your constant bitching and incitemement on race and religion. Najib should wise up and see his true enemies.

        1. Read about her and her articles in Mkini. No reason to believe she IS not a dapster.
          Read her comments about Ridhuan Tee. RT is chicken feet to her.

  2. The civil war between the Khairy clan and Mahathir clan heats up. This will be interesting…

      1. KJ controls J-Star now, so he has the advantage of running Tun M down, just like what he did during his FIL’s tenure.

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