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Aiyooo, again?

At the rate that Najib keeps returning to the #kangkung topic, it looks like the lampoon will continue until 2018 or GE14, which ever comes first.

Najib defends his ‘kangkung’ remark

BN a goner if keep on kangkung-ing

The caricature above is pinched from Zunar. The placard is added by me.

Instead of digging a deeper hole in the veginatable plot, can the PM … please … let go? Why haven’t his expensive consultants given him some good advice, which is to just cut his losses?

Where is Ibdililah, @reginalah and their boss KJ to defend the PM who is under siege?

Gaji buta betui diorang ni. Epic fail.


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4 thoughts on “Aiyooo, again?

  1. There he goes again. The guy is not a PM material even after 40 years of inhouse training. Nazir of CIMB would describe him as ‘bastardisation of the PM office’.

    1. re: “Idiot to the core..”

      Don’t lah say like that. I still would like YAB Najib Razak to be PM. Now if only he’s willing to jettison Menteri Kangkung, I’m sure the political situation in the BN landscape will improve.

      1. kangkung kat pasar borong pandan hari ni cuma RM2.50 sekilo. Banyak mana agak DSN makan ‘favourite foodnya’

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