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What if Perkasa doesn’t share Najib’s superhuman tolerance?

First out all, look at some of the responses to a Perkasa press statement on the recent Umno demo in Penang.

Comments by Malaysiakini subscribers (screenshot below) @

There are lots of insults — “bodoh”, “shameless idiots”, “assholes”, “bahalol”, “stupid”/”stupidity”, “racist”, “bigots”, “mamak paria”, “Keling MOOlayus”, “Perkosa bastards”, “Dimno geng”, “anjing”, “mongrels”, “hounds from hell”.

Please read the Malaysiakini comments to grasp the level of hostility displayed.

Hypocrisy unable to mask hostility

On the one hand, the Anak Malaysia are expressing this level of belligerence. And then on the other hand, these same Firsters hypocritically mouth how all Malaysians are “brothers and sisters” while making the demand that Najib Razak delivers 1Malaysia from his end.

One commenter ‘gumdrops’ even wrote “we can live in harmony” but in the same breath calling Perkasa “mother****er”.

Does the PM still believe that opposition supporters can be persuaded to even meet him halfway to realise his vision of 1Malaysia?

ADAM ADIL “These Perkosa craps are allowed to demonstrate and spew seditious venom because the PDRM and AG are not professional but puppets of the Dimno geng.”
1braincell “Perkasa really should be renamed Pekasar. They reek of evil odors from the armpit of the Toxic Tun who uses these born losers as his hounds from hell, baying against the possibility of a Malaysia free from Mahathirism and Umno Baru.”
Tok “All these mamak paria out to divert attention, commanded by their umno handlers. New dog breed “mamak perkasa paria” only available in paninsula malaysia”
Matmaniamahkow “Fcuk this Perkosa bastards – shameless idiots using taxpayers money to play racial games. You will burn in hell.”
Why Like That? “These ARMNOs bred social pariahs are threatening social disorder again. Is the police force sleeping or running away scared of these ‘ Keling ‘ MOOlayus or what?”
1Malay-sia-sia. “Everytime these assholes got nothing else to argue…..will start threaten with repeat of May 13……..SO WHAT??? ….wait lah for another 123 days….BODOH !!!….then only May 13 again……”
SimonTi “Every time when these kangkung & kampong fellas in Umno are rejected in the election, these extremists resort to threats, May 13 & only spew seditious statements & hatred against other races. Thanks to PAS & the good Malays for standing together with all races & uniting with all Malaysians against these bigots terrorising the rakyat! The rakyat has enough of 50 years Umno’s racism & corruption. This is why the good Malays & the rakyat wants to kick out this corrupt & racist regime in next election.”
Anonymous #70881335 “[…] Perkasa , stop shaking the tree of Malaysian Unity. The fruits may drop on your stupid heads.”
CQ MUAR “[…] Just don’t display your STUPIDITY – give us a break!”
ABU, Don’t Play Play !!! Hello KATAK zahid, lu sama dengan abang ANJING kau zahid KOMEDI PENDATANG Java… Disrespecting Mr Kangkung aka Jibby aka Raja KELENTONG konon..!!!.. Aiyah itu sudah biasa kan…. PERKOSA marah Jibby (Mr BIG MAMA) lagi teruk lah… BAHALOL..!!!.. ABU.”
Anonymous_ABG “This time around the result would be different and will be a prolonged affair and UMNMO-513 mongrels will not be able to withstand the pressure.”
Malaysiakini Perkasa May13
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36 thoughts on “What if Perkasa doesn’t share Najib’s superhuman tolerance?

  1. Perkosa, let me send a very clear message to you:- do not threaten us true Malaysian on another 13 May, you will lose this time. Remember you are not only touching the sensitivities of the Chinese nowadays but a lot of other races especially from Sabah & Sarawak and we do thirst for another round of headhunting. It’s your head that will be on a stake should it happen again and actually we are looking forward for that as we are really irked and fed up with your demo, statements and shit. Lastly, we just hate constipated frog. faham ka tontolou?

    Gaman Logiut, Sabah.

    1. oooh amboi true malaysian ye, pray tell what differentiate true malaysian and the not so true malaysian oh our wise headhunter addict who preaches peace and harmony.

      I bet a true Malaysian according to you must be rude and derogatory in nature.

      Or are you a Cina DAP masquerading as a Sabahan?

      1. He is a Cina DAP especially when he uttered ‘Remember you are not only touching the sensitivities of the Chinese nowadays but a lot of other races especially from Sabah & Sarawak’.

        Dapster had been made to believe that this time around, May 13 would be among the Melayus. Cina kan yam seng, makan bak kut teh by the road side and watch!

        1. re: “Dapster had been made to believe that this time around, May 13 would be among the Melayus.”

          Yup, that’s what the Dapsters keep hearing.

          e.g. “Umno will be surprised that it will no longer be between Malays and Chinese, it will instead be between bigots from their own fold against a united rakyat consisting of Malays, Chinese, Indians and every other race who detest racism and bigotry.”

  2. Helen Fyi.. In this matter… We dont care about pm. We care about islam and our islam country. Period!

    This overrides him. If god willing pm to be is lim, then i can assure you tanah melayu will be chaos like penang now. Baru sikit tu..

  3. bunch of hypocrites…why perkasa have any less rights to mock effigys of pakagan leaders and demonsgrates than theese anglo half breeds.

    march on Perkasa and voice out your opinions.

  4. semua dah tunjuk belang, jangan nanti tinggal belulang.
    amat sedih bila semua dah x de sifat baik dalam diri.

    mungkinkah wujud 1malaysia.

    saya percaya perpaduan kaum semakin longgar dan tunggu meletup.

    siapa yang bakal memperolehi keuntungan dari perpecahan perpaduan antaraBANGSA di MALAYsia ni?

  5. It will only be a matter of time before the Chinese DAP step over the boundary and their slip of the tongue in form of their action repeats the ‘Giant Broom’ parade to sweep the jungle Malay back into the forest. They don’t see anything wrong in their action because it’s in their blood to be rude and all this is just a joke to them until all is lost.

    1. re: “Giant Broom”

      They do not see anything ‘wrong’ (unwise would be a better word) either with their action of stuffing kangkung into the mouth of the Najib cutout and are still defending the action.

      In short, mereka tak kenal batasan.

      With that kind of attitude, it’s just a matter of time (and sooner than we think) before their unabated provocation is met with deadly mob retaliation.

  6. mencarut dan mencaci bagi umat islam PAS adalah dibenarkan mengikut ajaran tok guru.

    yg bukan islam lak akan mengguna pakai terma tok guru untuk menjustifikasikan cacian dan makian.

    hidup tok guru.

  7. I do believe that Perkasa will not retaliate to people like Adam Adli and Anak Malaysia and the like. However, if the dapsters and the avangelists chauvinists keep playing their “Allah for all” and keep up their insults on the YDPA and continue their unrelentless disrespect towards Islam, then sometime, somewhere, somehow they may press on the trigger that will set not just Perkasa but almost all Malays to stand collectively against them in whatever way.

    And right now, these dapsters helped by these young turks are busy whacking away like they are trying to win the biggest prize at the Whack-a-Mole game at the fair.

    Off topic: I think I’ve found calon PM baru jika PM yang ada sekarang letak jawatan. The very cool Menteri Luar, Anifah Aman. He wins my vote based on the name alone. His statement on the Anwar Big In Japan issue, made my day.

    1. One advantage of Anifah is if he can bring behind him a solid Sabah (and Sarawak) block by calming the ‘Allah’ issue there so that Malaysia can stabilize.

      BN is going to have to rely on the Borneo states more than ever.

      1. I don’t think you or even the Federal Gomen for that matter should lump both Sabah and Serawak together under Anifah Aman’s wing. It will be a political suicide for BN, as both Sabah and Serawak stand on their own; Let Zulkifli Nordin’s experience be a lesson well learned.

        1. I thought Sabah showed tremendous unity at the recent PAU by putting up just one candidate for the VP.

          Can you elaborate on what you mean by “political suicide”?

          1. Pehin Taib Mahmud is very much in control of Serawak, I don’t think he likes the idea of Anifah Aman meddling with Serawak affairs.

            1. But Sarawak does not have Umno … for the time being ,)

              What I meant was recalibrating the regional power balance.

              The rise up (to DPM or PM) by a fellow East Malaysian will be well received by the Sarawakians. More equal power-sharing and a move forward from the present peninsula-centric control of Putrajaya.

    2. Orangkampung,

      Thanks to teaching of Islam, Malays though upset with rudeness of Chinese politicians do not generalize the chinese.

      And PERKASA never incites the Malays to be anti Chinese the way DAP incites Chinese to hate Malays and anything represents Malays such as islam.

      1. I think the Islam aspect is a separate issue from Malay-Chinese. The crusade and jihad between Muslims and Christians have been fought for 1-and-1/2 millennia. So today in Malaysia, Islam is an evangelista issue.

  8. Perkasa… don’t worry about all those barking dogs in Malaysiakini. Let them bark as loud. You push on with whatever that need to be done. Earn the respect of the Malays.

  9. I don’t think perkara will care. I means they starting to get a lot of back-up from the Malay youth. Sometimes I think that the Malay youth seeing perkasa as the one who can fight for a Malay right while UMNO will comes a back-up in political ground.

    Once Pemuda UMNO hold this ground, but now, with Pemuda UMNO reducing to political party boys, the Malay youth turn their head towards PERKASA.

    With Najib looking like playing the roles of silence is goldens, how do you suppost this group who feel hopeless with what happening know what to do.

    With the clear aims that they only fight for Malay right preservation, Perkasa gaining in the fighting the ground. They hold the tourch as the Malay group who will fight nail and tooth to face who ever they saw as the enamy towards the Malay right.

    People will say they are the brute but lets face it, with the likes of DAP evengelist shouting left and right about Malay racist, it actually making perkasa stronger day by day. Who is consistantly fight this group? Not UMNO but Perkasa.

    So, the more this evangelist or DAP push it, the more attractive Perkasa look like to this hopeless Malay. Combining with the attitudes of some Chinese group, well, joining Perkasa was the best alternatives for them.


    1. re: “the Malay youth turn their head towards Perkasa”

      Why? Don’t Malay youths think that KJ is trendy? (And got Regina some more.) Ibrahim Ali is not trendy.

      1. Haha…so very true. Perkasa need a new front man aka lge type and let ibrahim be at the background aka lks role. A similar makeover to the dap.

      2. Ibrahim Ali may not be trendy but he was seen as Tok Guru Silat or Master. The different is, it cast him higher than KJ in some point.

        They may like the superstar image of KJ but they will respect and follow guru silat order more. Like and respect is two different things for the Malay. Respect must be earn..


        1. KJ prides himself as a super fit Youth and Sports Minister. Urm, ‘Silat Master’ Tok Him don’t look too fit lah (jangan marah I cakap ye).

          1. Nik Abduh is the son of the party mursyidul am and Tok Guru had been Menteri Besar for 22 years when GE13 took place. Plus at the time, Nik Abduh was himself the Pemuda PAS deputy youth chief.

            So he’s no lightweight candidate.

            1. Nik Abduh is not a lightweight candidate, but neither was he a giant/dinosaur on the level of Ibrahim Ali.

                1. Ibrahim Ali has the backing of the conservative factions in Umno. He is the leader of Perkasa and his organisation has Tun Mahathir as its patron. He is also quite famous in the media for the wrong reasons.

                  If we relatively compare him to Nik Abduh, he would be a giant. And Nik Abduh a giant killer.

                  1. re: “He is also quite famous in the media for the wrong reasons.”

                    If so, then obviously he’s not a winnable candidate.

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