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Jabatan kerajaan akur Kristian kuat dan berpengaruh

Evangelista selalu mahu menegaskan bahawa orang Kristian hanya 9 peratus jumlah penduduk Malaysia.

Manakala penganut Buddha – yang jarang kedengaran suara mereka – adalah 20 peratus, mengikut banci tahun 2010 (lihat carta pai, bawah).


Namun demikian, cuba anda tengok pada borang pemohonan MyKad (bawah) yang dikeluarkan Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara.

Pemohon diperlukan untuk mengisi agamanya di ruangan butir peribadi yang bernombor 15. Pilihan kotak no.1 ialah “Islam”,  kotak no.2 “Kristian”, kotak no.3 “Buddha”, kotak no.4 “Hindu” dan kotak no.5 “Lain-lain”.

Sungguhpun jumlah penganut Buddha adalah dua kali ganda bilangan umat Kristian tetapi Buddha dibelakangkan oleh JPN untuk menduduki tempat/kotak ketiga sementara Kristian dikedepankan jabatan tersebut ke tempat/kotak kedua.

Kenapa perkara ini boleh berlaku?

Borang MyKad

Saya rasa Kristian boleh begitu berkuasa sekali kerana mereka dijuarai oleh jaguh-jaguh PAS seperti Mujahid Yusof Rawa dan Khalid Samad.

Mana-mana orang yang tidak mesra Kristian akan digelar “bodoh” oleh si Pembina Jambatan PAS-DAP — lihat tweet-tweet beliau di bawah.

Mereka ditegahnya daripada membincangkan kemunafikan gereja. Ahli Parlimen Parti Buntar kesayangan evangelista itu menegur orang Islam, “Better not to tweet this isu cause stupidity will prevail if you are ignorant” dan “learn to learn because stupidity has no limits”.

Mujahid ini seolah-olah Dapster yang begitu suka menggelar orang lain “stupid”.

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55 thoughts on “Jabatan kerajaan akur Kristian kuat dan berpengaruh

  1. It is notable to conclude that though Christian represent only the minority religious group @ 9.2%, their public influence is being supported by the extremism of racialist party such as the evangelist DAP.

    As DAP is regarded as the most racist communal party, presenting the Chinese interest, which could not attract the support of the majority Muslims since its early days in the 60s and also that of the staunch Buddhists in the country, DAP has no choice but to play the dangerous racial card to incite hatred and nationwide insubordination against the ruling UMNO led BN government.

    I conclude that DAP will never be in a position to form the Federal government, without the support of the Malays and the bigger support from the extremist Chinese who are mainly Chinese educated in the community.

    1. I agree with your comments. Not only that, the leadership of 2 of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP know exactly what they are doing and kept their rationale from 99.99% of their supporters. Their main problem is their legitimacy and the legitimacy of the DAP which carries a heavy foreign baggage made in Singapore. – the home of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore which conversely means that these 2 guys cannot be expected to do any better. And last but not least, the question of the morality or immorality of being established in 1966 by the retreating Singaporeans – exactly like the real Trojan Horse of mythical Greek history.

      Can these Trojan Horse types fulfil their intended mission in our beloved Malaysia ?

  2. The Truth about Christianity: Avoiding stupidity by overcoming ignorance.

    The Patriarch of the first Jerusalem Church of Jesus the Messiah, was St. James the Just – son of Joseph, and the brother of Jesus the Messiah (peace and blessings be upon them)


    From the Catholic encyclopedia:

    “The Epistle of St. James reveals him as a grave, meek, and calm mind, nourished with the Scriptures of the Old Testament, given to prayer, devoted to the poor, resigned in persecution, the type of a just and apostolic man…..Hegesippus, a Jewish Christian, who lived about the middle of the 2nd century AD, relates (and his narrative is highly probable) that James was called the “Just”, and that he drank no wine nor strong drink, nor ate animal food, that no razor touched his head, that he did not anoint himself or make use of the bath, and lastly that he was put to death by the Jews.”

    * * * * * * * * * * * *

    How did the original Ebionites (lit. “poor ones”) of the first Jerusalem Church view the person and teaching of Yeshua (Jesus)? They regarded their leader as a wise man, a prophet, a “Jonas”, nay even a “Solomon”. Yeshua was significantly a manifestation of the Messiah, the Anointed One (Christ), who was to come, but he had not yet appeared as the Messiah; that would occur at his second coming in the future. In his birth as Yeshua 2000 years ago, he was a Messenger sent to Israel to revivify the Mosaic religion from its spiritual decadence. The New Dispensation (New Testament) was but the continuation of the Old Law of Moses (Ten Commandments) – all was essentially Jewish. After Jesus had passed away, his followers always expected him to return as the Messiah as foretold by their ancient prophets. Yeshua will come as a king, and then all the nations would be subjected to the sovereignty of the chosen people of True Faith, and for a thousand years there would be peace and prosperity and plenty on earth.

    Some of the Ebionites saw Jesus as a man, born as all men, the human son of Joseph and Mary, but others accepted the miraculous virgin birth of Jesus. It was only at his baptism, at thirty years of age, that the Spirit descended upon him and he became a Prophet. They, therefore, guarded his Sayings as a precious deposit, handing them down by word of mouth. The Ebionites never conceived of the “pre-existence” or “divinity” of their revered prophet. It is true that Jesus was “Christ,” but so also would any human being who fulfilled the spirit of the sacred Law.

    Thus they naturally repudiated Paul of Tarsus and his new doctrine to the Gentiles. For them Paul was a deceiver and an apostate from the Law, some even denying that he was a Jew. It is however, Pauline Christianity of the Roman Catholic Church (c. 4th cent. AD) and its derivative sects that has come down to us through history to this age, in their profession of the Trinitarian dogma of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.

    From the Quran:

    [surah 18: v. 1-6]
    “Praise be to Allah, Who has revealed to His Servant the Book, and has allowed therein no crookedness. Straight (and clear) in order that He may warn (the godless) of a terrible punishment from Him, and that He may give glad tidings to the Faithful who perform righteous deeds, that they shall have a goodly reward, where they shall remain for ever. Further, that He may warn those who say, “Allah has begotten a son.” No knowledge have they of such a thing, nor had their fathers. It is a grievous expression issuing from their mouths; but what they utter is nothing but falsehood! You would only (oh Prophet), perhaps fret to death in grief by following after them, if they believe not in this (divine) message.”

    [surah 61: v. 6]
    “And remember, Jesus, the son of Mary, said: “O Children of Israel! I am the messenger of Allah to you, confirming the Law that came before me, and giving glad tidings of a Messenger to come after me, whose name shall be Ahmad.” But when he came to them with clear evidence, they said, “This is but sorcery!”

    [surah 61: v. 14]
    “O you who believe! Be you helpers of Allah: As said Jesus the son of Mary to the Apostles, “Who will be my assistants for (the work of) Allah?” Said the apostles, “We are the helpers of Allah!” But a segment of the Children of Israel received the faith, while the others disbelieved: But We gave to those who believed, ascendance over their enemies, and they became the ones that prevailed.”

    [surah 57: v. 27]
    “Then, in their wake, We followed them up with Our other messengers: We sent after them Jesus the son of Mary, and bestowed on him the Gospel; and We ordained in the hearts of those who followed him Compassion and Mercy. But the monasticism which they invented for themselves, We did not prescribe for them: (We only commanded) virtuously seeking that which is acceptable to Allah; but they did not foster that as they should have done. Yet We bestowed, on the faithful among them their due merits, although many of them are rebellious.” transgressors.

  3. In each of his tweets he quoted the word ‘stupidity’ (Perasan dia pandai sangat la). In his speech he often repeat the word ‘bodoh’ referring to other people.

    So he has a colonial doctorate in Poloktical Sc., intelligence with Nasi Kandar overdose.

    I’ve been around Drs., they were not as smart as I expected them to be.

    Btw Mujahid, your bleeped up brain messed up the word ‘issue’ with ‘isu’, as to your decree of thinking by messing up Islam with Christianity.

    Or Me? Tor For?

    1. re: “Btw Mujahid, your bleeped up brain messed up the word ‘issue’ with ‘isu’, as to your decree of thinking by messing up Islam with Christianity.”

      It could be due to space constraint as Twitter limits each message to 140 characters, and “isu” is 3 letters while “issue” is 5.

      1. Sorry, just lamely making a point there. In fact I was recalling his strong conotation terming the PAS Ordo as – the 10 Commandments.

        As a member of a piety party of such, he should be able to distinguished that with the arrival of Islam, prior religious belief sudah automatically TERBATAL.

  4. People often argue or fought each other for worthless issues or reasons. There are plenty of “worthless” reason in the country now to spark any riot. To name a few issues like kalimah Allah and the stupid kangkong news etc. Issues that spark the UMNO road show.

    Personally I think nobody in the right of mind would need any war in the country, hell no. But some people aka wannabe Christian Church HERO political leaders really needed an issues otherwise nobody would not know them. Assemblyman Lee Khai Loon AND Khalid Samad aka Khalid Gereja are one of them.

    It is relatively easy to become famous in Malaysia nowadays. Possibly UMNO party grass root members do a rally just because of those reasons.

    Let me show some worthless issues highlighted a few days ago by Malaysian Insider news stating that the Catholic priest Rev Father Lawrence Andrew’s life is at risk. Whereas in reality he is trying to “win” the specific religious title given by the Holy Bible for people like him. If you wish to know what titles does the Holy Bible meant for people like this lots simply read on …

    Things would not be has been such a mess if the Christian Catholic Church can consistently be worshiping their usual “The Father The Son The Holy Ghost” kind of name. What happen to that name now?

    What have made the Malaysian Catholic priest to change or to edit their holy scriptures? If they claimed that The Coptic Christian Arab had been using Allah name much earlier than Islam then why there is no Allah name can be found anywhere in the Holy Bible King James version?
    Did any God angel came down to advised them to change it?

    You should ask your Catholic priest what had happened to that TRINITY deity name? Has it already expiring or have expired and no longer suitable to be used? And asked them WHY? Don’t you people think you people should deserved an answer? Because only an unimportant people don’t deserved any answer or is it?

    Didn’t the church regard their followers as sheep? Did you people think sheep can afford to reason out sensibly about this important issues? Personally I didn’t know any sheep that can think. Please don’t be such a sheep because if they (the Church priest) cannot provide a logical answer what do that literally means?

    Curiously we would want to know. Is the Christian “religion” is undergoing refurbishment or being evolutionized or rather being modified? Wow can’t you see that only imperfect “thing” needed to be modified from time to time. Is the Christian religion is like microsoft Windows 98 products that needed to be upgraded to Window 7 and had to be updated from time to time?

    That was why I asked, are you people doing experiment or fabricating new religion? I mean can you called that a true or experimenting religion?

    Don’t you feel it strange if you all can afford to accept this kind of madness blindly?

    Father Lawrence Andrew and the rest of Malaysian priest should not have changed any words or text in the Holy Bible unless if they thought that the Holy book is not perfect and requires the Malaysian Church priest edits. Wow didn’t you people realizes that this man thought that his God is not perfect? Did the Malaysian Catholic priest knows that their Holy Bible had given dire warnings to any wannabe “creative” biblical scribes like them?

    Deutronomy 4:2.

    Ye shall not add unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish aught from it, that ye may keep the commandments of the Lord your God which I command you


    “…Every word of God is flawless; he is a shield to those who take refuge in him.
    Do not add to his words, or he will rebuke you and prove you a LIAR. ” …………….. Revelation 22:18.


    Don’t add to his words, or he will rebuke you, and you will be shown to be a LIAR…….Proverbs 30:5

    Ironically we all should be able to see now these are the Biblical LIAR “awards” titles that they have dearly trying to protect. Funny even some PAS & PKR members that claimed as ulamak had given undivided support to the Church priest to share the same AWARDS!

    Perhaps we should all inquire Father Lawrence Andrew and the rest of the Malaysian church priest if they have realizes about the specific “Biblical awards” for them?

    Sebenarnya kami Muslim Malaysia lebih berminat untuk dengar jawapan dari Father Lawrence Andrew daripada mencederakan orang seperti dia … We don’t need a riot if we can asked these people to answer the above important and critical facts.

  5. I’m not complaining that I’m no. 3. What’s your problem? You are trying to create something evil out of nothing. Grow up. The poison you keep spewing daily is eating you up. Find something more noble to do – like helping people.

    1. re: “I’m not complaining that I’m no. 3. What’s your problem?”

      You claim to be a Buddhist (No.3) who does not complain when the Christians jump over them to occupy the No.2 spot even though Buddhists are more in population than Christians.

      Are you one of those who would similarly insist that the Muslims must not later complain when the Christians eventually jump over them to the No.1 position although Muslims are the bigger population?

      re: “You are trying to create something evil out of nothing.”

      Nope. Creating something evil out of nothing is the domain of the delusional Dapsters who can sight a busload of Bangladeshi “phantom voters” in a Subang Jaya polling centre.

      re: “Grow up. The poison you keep spewing daily is eating you up.”

      On the contrary, it is the poison the evangelistas keep spewing daily that is threatening a race riot. Don’t tell me you’re unaware that Kit Siang has urgently appealed to Najib to hold a summit to “avert another May 13”?

      And don’t tell me also you’re unaware that Guan Eng has urgently convened an emergency meeting of his state’s Penang Aduns and MPs, and now ‘Penang calls end to violence, promises not to provoke enemies’

      re: “Find something more noble to do – like helping people.”

      Why don’t you be noble first, and help Kit Siang and Guan Eng avert the repeat of May 13 which the Daddy&Anak Party now seem to fear?

      Can you help too to persuade your like-minded friends to be less perpetually hysterical and to stop provoking the majority race/religion on a daily basis?

      1. You ARE poisonous. I speak about what you wrote and you drag everyone else into the conversation.
        The form above is from a government department. I didn’t know opposition parties had enough clout to force the government to design the form as such.
        And when I say help people, I mean people who are needy, people who are poor & suffering because of the increasing cost of living.

        1. re: “You ARE poisonous. I speak about what you wrote and you drag everyone else into the conversation.”

          Unlike the censorship exercised by Hannah Yeoh in her Twitter timeline where the Madam Speaker’s detractors are consistently blocked, this here is an open forum. You are given the freedom to “spew your venom” (I’m mirroring your vocabulary) against me and “everyone else” too is free to participate in the discussion.

          Evangelistas engage in the standard modus operandi of labelling the pro-BN side as “racist”, “religious bigots”, “extremists” and “hate-mongers” (or “bridge burners”). I’m quite skeptical that you’re a Buddhist like you claim since your line sounds so much like their SOP.

          re: “The form above is from a government department. I didn’t know opposition parties had enough clout to force the government to design the form as such.”

          Then someone should ask why the Registration Department failed to coordinate with the Statistics Department in determining the order of religious majority. The ‘race’ box always follows the ethnic percentage so that Malay is Box 1, Chinese is Box 2, Indian is Box 3 etc.

          re: “And when I say help people, I mean people who are needy, people who are poor & suffering because of the increasing cost of living.”

          Good, why don’t you go and help the evicted squatters of Kampung Railway in Sentul, Kampung Mengkibol, estate Bukit Jalil and other villages in Penang. Last I heard in Lim Kit Siang’s blog, the Dapsters were egging on the developers to “send in the bulldozers now” to Kg Buah Pala.

          No wonder Hannah Yeoh made that slip and said “soalan mulut” (instead of soalan lisan). Frankly, you sound like a DAP 3.0 politician when you say “help the needy” — jaja air liur aje pandai.

          1. When you have nothing else to say, you question my religion. And my political leanings. I’m apolitical. I know you won’t believe this.
            I found this blog today through another link and read it. And I felt that this article was making something out of nothing & decided to comment. If only you will read what was written without putting a political facade over it.
            Anyway, thanks for your comments.

            1. re: “I’m apolitical”

              Yeah, that’s what Ambiga said. And Suaram. And Aliran. And the columnists who appear in TMI or blog in MSN, Yahoo!, The J-Star.

                1. Yeah, like how I believe Nga Kor Ming when he called Zambry “hitam metallik” and when the Penang state newspaper Buletin Mutiara in its editorial called the mamaks “Melayu celup kopi” could both deny that they really have anything against the mamaks.

                  I’m sure that just like how you claim to be apolitical, they too would said that their descriptions of dark skin are merely impartial observations.

                  1. Gary apolitical? Re: Gary said “I didn’t know opposition parties had enough clout to force the govt to design the form as such”. Why bring/defend oppo in there?

                    I am sure Helen is not daft to suggest such nor insunuating that opposition can have a hand in it. Unlike PR, as in the Anwar Takasimaso saga, BN is thot to have such clout n power to influence the Japanese govt. Hilarious!!!

    2. Gary,

      Re: I’m not complaining that I’m no. 3.

      So good of you.. and you also not complaining when this evangalista trying to re brand their God to Allah and keep making noise about bangsa Malaysia but in the same time still want to keep your SRJK.

      Re: The poison you keep spewing daily

      Beside Helen, you should advice ‘the others’ about poison.. when we poison somebody, surely somebody will poison you back.. advice them is a very noble to do..

      1. Gary also not complaining when the evangelistas convert Chinese Buddhists, Indian Hindus and Malay Muslims to Christianity.

    3. It is odd that Helen will use a non-issue such as a registration form placing ‘Kristian’ in the No.2 question box to put forth her preposterous theories. Anything to rouse up her conservative readership for their daily ‘Two Minutes Hate’, I suppose.

      1. If the “Christian” box is a non-issue, then the “Keturunan” box is similarly a non-issue. So why does Madam Speaker have to challenge the “Melayu” box to be eliminated?

        1. Sebab dia sakit hati permintaannya untuk daftar anak dia sebagai ABM ditolak oleh GOMEN.

          “If I don’t get it, I will make sure you won’t get it too” kind of attitude. First you erase the physical evidence, after a while everyone will forget about its existence.

          Senang cakap, tak payahlah orang pertikaikan bangsa anak dia kelak dikemudian hari.

        2. Helen,

          Re: “why does Madam Speaker have to challenge the “Melayu” box to be eliminated?”

          OMG! you ask this question to AC-DC? he will answer you with his standard answer.. ha ha

        3. This article claimed that the NRD considers Christians to be strong and influential. The ‘evidence’ you cite is a registration form for the National Identity Card where the ‘box’ for Kristian is second in order. It is just as logical as claiming that a person considers the Indians to be more powerful because he said ‘…Malays, Indians, and Chinese…’

          Regarding the ‘Melayu box’ which you brought in, there is just a space for ‘Keturunan’ on the form. Actually, I am supportive of removing both references from the Mykad registration forms, unless it is for census purposes.

          1. re: “It is just as logical as claiming that a person considers the Indians to be more powerful because he said ‘…Malays, Indians, and Chinese…”

            Okay, let’s try to UBAH the gomen registration forms so that ‘Chinese’ is the option for Box 1, ‘Malay’ is Box 2, Lain-lain is Box 3, Indian is Box 4 …

    1. The evangelistas will incite the Dapsters to prove the international survey wrong, at least insofar as Malaysia is concerned.

  6. My apology sis Helen. I have accidentally paste on to the wrong site and thus anded in ur cyberspace. Sorry for the genuine mistake and u may delete it from ur domain. Thank u Helen.

  7. There is 1 verse and 1 sub-verse in surah Al Baqarah that sound very striking and both sound strikingly similar…


    which one applies to the darlings of the Christians PAS duo of Mujahid “the bridge burner” Yusof & Khalid “the crusader” Samad? Answer: Both verses.

    1. re: “Mujahid ‘the bridge burner’ Yusof”

      You made a typo. He prides himself as The Bridge BUILDER.

        1. Okay my mistake then. You’re looking at it from the Muslim perspective which I didn’t.

          This is a good reminder, actually, of how our perspectives come from different angles because we ARE different.

          And we should always keep in mind our real differences and that’s why, for example, you and I just miscommunicated.

          The “Bridge Building” brigade who mouth a lot of nice-sounding but empty platitudes are lulling their sheeple (sheep+people) into a dangerous complacency in believing that everyone has the same outlook regardless of creed and colour.

  8. Oh yeah, Mujahid builds bridges to reach out to his beloved, “civilized and peace loving” Christians but burn the bridges with the “despicable and stupid” Muslims.

    Bask on Mujahid, bask on…in vainglory, you PERASAN fool!

  9. Good question Helen.. and seems Buddhist okey with this position, I think its suppose to remain like that..

    1. Because the DAP has succeeded in convincing 9 out of 10 Chinese that Umno “jahat”, “pukul orang”, “[menggunakan] taktik-taktik keras dan ganas”, “Nazis”, “racists”, “religious bigots”, “corrupt” — all Guan Eng’s words.

      So Gary-the-Buddhist is okay with whatever the evangelistas, who are spearheading the DAP, are doing as long as the ABU, ABU, ABU! ambition is achieved.

  10. Helen, i once thought that you are one delusional lady.. but over sometime and lots of pondering i think you are true in many instances…

    1. Dear mak jemah,

      When and how did you start reading me and what made you stick to my blog over the time when you doubted my observations? :)

      I’m have a strong faith in myself that I’m looking beyond the curve. If I didn’t I wouldn’t have been able to withstand the vicious smear campaign that ‘they’ are running against me.

      1. I wonder what sort of vicious smear campaign is running against you?

        Can you provide some examples?

          1. I have not seen any organised and concerted movement against you, at least on the public internet.

  11. “Pemohon diperlukan untuk mengisi agamanya di ruangan butir peribadi yang bernombor 15. Pilihan kotak no.1 ialah “Islam”, kotak no.2 “Kristian”, kotak no.3 “Buddha”, kotak no.4 “Hindu” dan kotak no.5 “Lain-lain”.

    Opsyen Buddha pun tak betul sangat sebab bagi orang Cina mereka mungkin sebahyang Tao dan Buddha tetapi orang Malaysia bangsa Ceylon agamanya sememangnya Buddha. Profil JPM pun tak betul sangat. Kalau yang betul sebenarnya ada opsyen agama tradisi Cina (Chinese folk religion).

    1. Mulan, look at the pie chart — the 1.3% segment. It says “… Taoism and tribal/folk/othe traditional Chinese religion”.

      1. Your pie chart has the stat but the form does not have the opsyen. It seems like Chinese folk religion would become “lain-lain” which I don’t think most Chinese would want to tick.

        This is the problem with the form. It is not well researched.

        1. “Malaysian Chinese religion refers to religious beliefs of Chinese origin as practiced by the sizable Chinese minority of Malaysia. These beliefs and practices are heavily influenced by the three faiths practiced by Chinese communities, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Taoism.”

          Even Wikipedia does not seem right.

          They put 20% of Malaysian i.e. Chinese pray exclusively to Buddha. Chinese pray to Buddha, Tao and Confuscious. Chinese New Year itself is not purely Buddhist.

        2. Oh, okay. I didn’t get you at first reading. My remiss.

          There’s only the Buddhism box, correct. Taoism and others would have to go under Box 5 (Lain-lain, state xyz). The particulars, e.g. Lain-lain “Sikh” should be recorded and reflected in the JPN database).

  12. Helen,

    Have you read this? I can’t access the site though.
    — 1 min ago

    Ibu lapor Polis dakwa anak didenda pakai loceng & beri rumput di SJK (C), Perak
    Seorang ibu mendakwa anaknya telah didenda secara melampau oleh seorang cikgu di SJK (C) Khai Meng Sungkai, Perak. Laporan Polis oleh Puan Yarnis Kasuma yang…

  13. Dear Helen,

    I started to read your blog probably about 1 year ago.. thru the link provided by other blogs.. i seriously thot u needed help.

    Coming from a mixed marriage, half of my cousins are evangelists (i think so).. overtime i hv noted them to be “insanely insane”. Nothing seems to be right to them anymore. Full of hatred towards others they deemed not with them.

    1. :) but what made you stick through the year?

      About the “full of hatred part”, it’s the gejala sembahyang dua imam in the Chinese community now. And it’s worse than the Amanat Hadi schism occasioned by PAS where the ratio of the split was maybe 6:4.

      With the Chinese now, it’s 9:1.

      So as a Chinese (and my fellow Chinese commenters in this blog who are not pro-oppo), we can see the full effect of the DAP insane push.

    2. Re: half of my cousins are evangelists (i think so).. overtime i hv noted them to be “insanely insane”

      My son also face the same problem with his uncle.. welcome to the club.. they are confirm ‘insanely insane’..

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