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Watch the Dapster mob in action

Nurul Izzah strikes a Madonna pose

Malaysiakini Nurul

Sameness — exploiting the mob psychology

A ‘mob’ is “a large crowd of people”.

They can be disorderly but in the case I’m presenting, they are not being unruly but being mindless sheep in all bleating an identical Pavlovian response.

‘To mob’ (verb) means to “crowd around someone in an excitable way”. It can be either positive (to admire) or negative (to attack). The Dapster mob illustrated below are positive in that they are encouraging Nurul to “be strong”.

Nonetheless, the positive tone of this particular mob does not take away from the fact that they are led to react as a single collective and on cue.

Looking at the sameness of the responses screenshot below will help you understand how it is that 9 out of 10 Chinese in Malaysia can be so thoroughly manipulated or convinced by the opposition to think, speak and act all along the same track.

It also illustrates how the mob psychology is being utilized by the evangelistas to galvanize attacks on their hate targets.

The verbal phenomenon shown by the groupthink that comes from drinking Holy Water must also be understood for how it gives rise to physical phenomenon of the bajungu, Dapster cyber army and hit squads that carry out character assassinations on behalf of the evangelistas.

People who are easily susceptible to the Pakatan brainwashing to behave in a programmed manner cannot be reasoned with.

Comments by Malaysiakini subscribers to the article ‘Report claims Nurul filed for divorce’ (23 Jan 2014)

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“Be strong”













(Note that Hang Tuah PJ is an Indian convert)


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73 thoughts on “Watch the Dapster mob in action

  1. Bukan ke Nurul dah main kayu tiga? Dalam video tu kalau betul, patutnya nurul yg ditalak? Bukan sebaliknya. Anyway, it has to be a positive move for nurul to go for fasakh!

  2. Yes, Nurul, as your sheeple say livestrong. Damn, why can’t I have sheeple like that, bleating me forward?

    There’s nothing interesting about that piece of news. People get married, people get divorced, facts of life. But your highlite of the support from the Walking Dead for her … hmmm you are almost as good as the Beanies cyberwarriors. Someone should recommend you to take over that #Lifestyle to KJ. :D

    Btw, the tussle for the RM billions “harta sepencarian” of the Sarawak CM’s son, that is NEWS. I’m skeptical but it makes an interesting read.

    1. Yup, SHEEPLE grazing in the echo chamber alright.

      I’m really gobsmacked at their talent for doublespeak and how they can mouth luurve, luurve, luurve when at the same time they’re spitting in your face, and talk about helping the poor when they blithely demand a 10 percent monthly tithe from the sheeple’s income.

  3. biasa lah helen. bulu nya sama ada cabang kat hujung…

    cuba jika individu Umno yang macam ni…tertonggeng, tenggelam balik, tunggang langgang mereka akan debukan fitnah berpanjangan.

    Mobs. Mobo Malaysia.

    1. Macam yang dikatakan fazillah, dwi-standard yang diamalkan oleh Dapster amat menakjubkan. The Seventh Wonder of the World how they can talk from two sides of the mouth.

      1. That’s amazing when we have The Seventh Wonder of the world in Malaysia..’people with two sides of mouth that can can talk in the same time with two standards’..

  4. when it comes to opposition rep, they have to be given privacy.

    double standards I say. when it is the pm and wife no holds barred.

    we the rakyat will also require the same from the opposition. what you practise you better preach.

    quoting senior citizen : remember you are the daughter of highly principled parents.

    can I puke.

    1. Guan Eng’s wife Betty once even dragged Chua Soi Lek’s wife into the sex tape imbroglio.

      1. Isteri Najib hampa kutuk kaw-kaw. Pak Anwar pantang ada peluang. Nurul ada hati nak suruh orang hormati PRIVASI dia dan suaminya?


        Nurul, pi habaq kat bapak hang dulu!

        1. They are a bunch of hypocrites. One standard for themselves, a different set of standards for their opponents.

    2. hahahaha….
      ‘highly principled parents….?’
      ‘pemimpin anugerah Tuhan….?’
      alahai….betapa ‘sucinya’ ayahanda dan bondanya!

      memang patut u puke fazillah….

    1. Aiya easy on that Bro. Orang Islam tidak boleh mendoakan Orang Muslim yang lain supaya Murtad untuk apa jua pun tujuannya.

  5. Fortis Atque Fidelis!!!

    Reminds me of a Freemasons’ school motto i used to harvest my knowledge from.

    The BIG question is, as a spouse has she been Fidelis?

    Or Me? Tor For?

  6. Helen,

    Their ‘polite’ comments seems come from one source with different name.. same pattern and same key word..

    1. The evangelista mother church in Jerusubang? The mega churches have a huge flock and wide social network, y’know.

      And don’t forget that the luurrrve, luurrrve, luurrrve people successfully turned 51 percent of the voters to align with their way of thinking while the BN lost the “popular vote” managing only 47 percent.

  7. Simpati juga pada Si Nurul ni.. harap beliau bersabar dengan dugaan hidup ini..

    Dalam menghadapi dugaan ini, Nurul bernasib baik sebab mempunyai rakan rakan penghibur. Pastinya Betty chew isteri LGE tidak akan memperlakukan Nurul dan juga suami sebagaimana beliau lakukan terhadap isteri Chua Soi Lek..

    1. Kenapa simpati pada Nurul Izzah? Dia yang minta cerai, jadi, yang patut kita rasa simpati ialah pada suaminya. Semoga Allah kurniakan Raja Shahrir seorang isteri yang lebih baik daripada Nurul Izzah. Aamiin.

  8. Mob psycho is right.

    It’s almost funny how they readily engage in echolalia.

    Like those stupid locker aliens in Men In Black (YouTube).

    Stupid is as stupid says.

    1. Cool. Thanks for introducing the word ‘echolalia’, which the dictionary says in psychiatry it means

      “the tendency to repeat mechanically words just spoken by another person: can occur in cases of brain damage, mental retardation, and schizophrenia”

      The definition is double cool! You’re da man …

    2. Since we’re on the topic of words that derive from Greek (and Latin), here’s another one introduced by my blog readers.

      pareidolia, meaning “delusions based upon sense perception” or making out images in our mind. The Mother Mary in the Jerusubang window is one example.

      Below is the smiley on the surface of Mars taken by NASA’s Surveyor.


      1. Postscript:

        So now we’ve got Greek words to describe Dapsters — they suffer from echolalia and pareidolia.

      2. A smiley, what a shame. If i had been something like the Turin Shroud or the Subang Window image, imagine we would be almost 9% less populated.

        1. Hahaha. You can Google ‘pareidolia’. Maybe you’ll come across something that can entice them (the Jerusubang share of the 9%) to emigrate to another planet.

  9. When my friend graduated from university and posted a Facebook photo of herself with her degree, there were over a hundred posts with the word ‘Tahniah’ on her wall.

    Another who got married had many posts with the word ‘Congratulations’

    When another friend lost his father to a terminal illness, there were lots of posts with the words ‘my condolences’ and ‘stay strong’.

    Another who’s grandfather passed on, had many posts with the phrase ‘semoga rohnya dicucuri rahmat’ and ‘bersabar’.

    When the actor Paul Walker was killed in a car accident, many reader comments had the word ‘RIP’ or ‘Rest In Peace’

    So in conclusion, this article is trying to make a mountain out of an molehill.

            1. ‘ Penulisan ini mahu saya tutup dengan satu soalan kepada YB-YB Islam yang tidur sebantal dalam kerajaan negeri di mana Bible-Bible ini dirampas. Apa sebenarnya fungsi tuan-tuan di situ? Ahli Sorga sudah mendarat di Sorga-kah?

              Dari Abu Hurairah r.a. Beliau berkata, Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda “Akan keluar di akhir zaman orang-orang yang mencari keuntungan dunia dengan menjual agama. Mereka berpakaian di hadapan orang lain dengan pakaian yang dibuat daripada kulit kambing (berpura-pura zuhud dari dunia) untuk mendapat simpati orang ramai, dan perkataan mereka lebih manis daripada gula. Padahal hati mereka adalah hati serigala. Allah s.w.t. berfirman kepada mereka “Apakah kamu tertipu dengan kelembutanKu? Ataukah kamu terlalu berani berbohong kepadaKu? Demi kebesaranKu, Aku bersumpah akan menurunkan suatu fitnah yang akan terjadi di kalangan mereka sendiri, sehingga orang yang alim (cendekiawan) pun akan menjadi bingung” (Hadis Riwayat Tirmizi)

              Bukankah mereka sedang bingung sekarang? Majlis Syura berkata lain, Majlis Syoru dalam entiti sama mengambil pendirian lain. Ya Allah selamatkanlah kami dari fitnah akhir zaman. Ameen.’

              Read more:

      1. Ms H. In Malaysian politics, sex and politicking go hand in hand together. It is as common as drinking tea. Now wonder the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore spent all his time spying on these prominent Malaysians with their peculiar peccadilloes and forgot to mind his home fires. There is no doubt he was keeping up the tradition of Britain’s greatest traitors from the University of Cambridge, his alumnus, Blunt, Burgess and Maclean. Besides, spying is the World’s oldest profession.

  10. More sensitivities in Penang.

    “MPPP should provide them with a separate place and advise the traders not to sell the meat openly as it makes the Muslims uncomfortable.

    “I’m also told there are illegal traders. How come there’s no action taken?” he told reporters on Friday after handing in the complaint letter to the representative of Deputy Chief Minister 1 Datuk Rashid Hasnon, MPPP and Penang Islamic Religious Council here.

    1. Migrate to other states which are deemed ” sensitive and comfortable ” to you. Why must non Muslim always have to be ” sensitive ” to Muslims?
      What about you Muslims slaughtering cows in the school compound? Kalau tak suka, sila belah.

      1. Nice, isn’t it? To be able to say “tak suka, sila belah”? You do know, the Chinese only control the one state, Penang? What if we were to retaliate in all the other states?

        You may want to remember the Rukunegara. You may want to pay particular attention to it. You may want to re-read (I’m assuming you’ve read it before) the Perlembagaan. Pay particular attention to the part about Islam. You might want to remember under what flag you’re living.

        And maybe then you will realise that you are the one who actually should “belah”.

      2. Haha typical kiasu attitude…bangsa malaysia on the outside, chinese on the inside !

        Stupid hanna yeo really for her bangsa malaysia mantra.

    2. Mulan. More problems will come to Penang. The roads will be more congested, more sewage will flow into the sea etc as all the condos come into service.

  11. Ms H. Many years ago, the most senior Chinese adviser to the Federal Government told me that when Communism gets into contact with Capitalism, Communism is finished. We now have the spectacle of a holistic (I copy) leadership from the Opposition having an unholistic (mine) relationship which confirms. And the surprising number of fellow practitioners in the same boat which came out of the woodwork through the media.

  12. Ms H. In May 13 1969, the mob were 100% Chinamen with a mahogany skin wearing 555 singlets. Today, the mob is led by liberated females who put on different guises to fit into the mind-sets of their constituents whom they want to seduce. Swallows also can. Ducks also can. A’la Singapore.

  13. Never mind, nurul. We sure understand that this is UMNO conspiracy of the highest order. Just solace yourself…And take a pick of the many ex left behind by your father.

  14. This is one disadvantage of being a public figure. You face exposure and scandals hit harder, real or made up ones.

    At least she has a supporting crowd. Though rather than blind followers or admirers I see them as using her as figurehead for their purpose instead, and that might not be the same united one.

    Kind of like that woman campaigning against Najib and proclaiming that Malaysia would go to the dogs if non Malays move out (she doesn’t think that’s racist at all) at a protest against Japan for deporting Anwar. I don’t know if she’s multitasking or just confused. That protest was a sorry affair though. I heard that the anti Lynas one held against Australia was a more animated one.

    Nurul Izzah would be their darling only as long as they can use her. Once she stop saying the usual things she says that they like so much or go against whatever their stand is they would turn on her as hard as they turned on Tunku Aziz.

    1. re: “they would turn on her as hard as they turned on Tunku Aziz”

      Also like how they turned against former DAP vice chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor and Raja Petra.

      1. Ms H. re. ‘they would turn on her hard as they turned on Tunku Aziz.’ Are my eyes playing me tricks on the sexual connotation of this particular sentence ?

  15. Dear Aunty Helen,
    Looking at the above photo of Nurul Izzah, what do you think she is doing? It looks like she is ‘praying’. Why must they use that photo?

        1. re: “That is not how Muslim pray, that is the way of the Christian.”

          Uh-huh and that’s why I said in the article above that Nurul was striking a Madonna pose. The photo is pandering to the bias of the evangelista readership.

          1. Dear Aunty Helen,
            But how does Nurul Izzah feels when MalaysiaKini used a photo which makes her look like praying to the Christian God? She is not angry? Or does she feels that it is okay?

            1. All this while Malaysiakini has given Nurul positive publicity. Maybe in the eyes of Malaysiakini feels that particular photo is a positive pose.

    1. ahmadalikarim,

      The reason why that photo was used was to make fun of Nurul Izzah.

      The fact that she looks like she is “praying” is exactly why it was chosen – she looks like she was “praying” in a Christian way.

      You may remember that some time back, Nurul Izzah was condemned for saying that Malays/Muslims (??I can’t remember which??) have a right to choose their religion?

      Well, that is what that photo is trying to say – Nurul Izzah has “chosen” her religion by “praying” in the Christian way.

      So, maybe the joke there is that Nurul is “praying” to a Christian god for help with her divorce problems.

      Politics is a very very dirty game in Malaysia.

      We do not respect each other because of religion and race, we only pretend that we do.

      We use petty little things like hand gestures, or kangkung, to score points.

      We don’t talk about how we solve problems between the Chinese and the Malays or how to help the poor or how to help Malaysian kids be friends no matter what race and religion they may be.

      In Malaysia, it takes a good person to be a politician who is incorruptible, fair and do good things for ALL Malaysians, not just his friends or those of his own race.

      There are no such politicians in Malaysia at the moment even though they all claim to be good people.

      If you don’t agree that they are good people, their friends will call you bad names and say bad things about you. That is how politics is played in Malaysia today.

      Maybe, when you become a politician, you will be different, I don’t know.

      1. Dear An Unimportant Person,

        Why would MalaysiaKini make fun of Nurul Izzah who is a PKR leader?  Ever MalaysiaKini make fun of PR leaders?

        Yes, I remember Nurul Izzah’s speech at the Subang Jaya Full Gospel Church saying that Malays should be given the choice to choose their religion. I wrote posts about it, including a video of her full speech. And MalaysiaKini supported her idea. So, I don’t think that MalaysiaKini is making fun of her.

        Politics is a dirty game in Malaysia because some politicians are too crazy for power and have no integrity and dignity. They spin stories, tell lies and humiliate their nemeses. For example, when Anwar Ibrahim was denied entry to Japan, he blamed the Wisma Putra when it was his fault for not respecting the law of Japan. Then, he denied blaming the Wisma Putra.

        Some leaders do not respect the Sultans and Yang di-Pertuan Agong and our Federal Constitution. If politicians can become very professional and respect the law and the Federal Constitution, things will be better.

        1. ‘If politicians can become very professional and respect the law and the Federal Constitution, things will be better.’

          It aint gonna happen in my lifetime but i hope that you will be able to uphold that when you go into politics. Remember you wrote it first in Helen’s blog.

          Good luck my little man. 👍👍👍

  16. Ms H. Since Adam and Eve, when soldiers fight through the Ages, you will find ladies of some repute following them – known as camp followers. During the Vietnam War, the American soldiers were here for their R & R. Now fast trek to 2014, solders of the Opposition need R & R too. Hence we can never separate Sex from Malaysian Politics which is a rough and tumble game and anything goes. It is just fun and games. We will find also there is a huge bill for travel expenses whatever this means, but charged to the Rakyat’s accounts.

  17. Ms H. We must always remember that the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP lacks LEGITIMACY. It is not HOLISTIC ( I copy ). The DAP carries the very heavy baggage made in Singapore where their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore screwed up big time legally and again the very heavy baggage of immorality ( famous saying, ‘ It is legal but immoral ‘.by dong nothing for 48 long years. If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew is alleged to have said through his proxy in September 2013 that he will safeguard his integrity but maybe found wantinig in arrogance and competence, what do we expect of pater et fil ?

    1. Ms H. IT IS THE LEGITIMACY ISSUE WITH THE SINGAPOREAN TROJAN HORSE DAP. NO MORE. NO LESS ! Pater et fil 48 years long without a break. During this peiod out beloved MALAYSIA HAS HAD 6 DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PRIME MINISTERS ! Where are you the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with the 14 failed Policies for Singapore !

      1. Ms H. We must differentiate the wood from the trees. The Rakyat should not be misled by politicians who have LEGITIMACY ISSUES. As a prominent politician once said that we must be holistic (I copy) and not get carried away by under-qualified types who roam the political landscape. Emotional issues anyone can raise and stir to the extreme. Since the whole structure of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is part of their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore which is their spiritual homeland, their LEGITIMACY IS IN DOUBT, PARTY AND SUPPORTERS AND ALL – a sort of carbuncle on the body politik.

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