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About the “Najib’s head will roll” rumour mill

The pro-Christian “news” portal Malaysian Insider is going full tilt against the Tun.

mahathirIts latest top story titled ‘Anwar only good enough to be a menteri besar, says Dr Mahathir’ contains this piece of rumour — “He [the Tun] was responding to claims by Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli that ultras led by Dr Mahathir’s faction had begun the process to remove Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak”.

Earlier today TMI had put out its own voice under the dramatic headline ‘Najib to meet supporters tonight to stem party revolt‘ and started the editorial’s first paragraph with the line “Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will tonight move to head off a campaign in Umno by his critics to build up a groundswell against him …”

In its third story of the day pushing the same rumour, TMI quoted Rafizi Ramli as saying it is “an open secret that moves to remove Najib has begun” — ‘Anwar in Kajang to secure Selangor against Umno if Najib falls, says Rafizi‘ (TMI, 29 Jan 2014).

Jahabar Sadiq, CEO of The Malaysian Insider
Jahabar with Lee Hwa Beng (the evangelista ex-Subang Jaya Adun recently sacked by MCA), Guan Eng and Zairil

TMI is really notorious for slandering and cooking up stories. There was its infamous four apologies in just over a week:

“In yet another blow to its journalistic credentials, The Malaysian Insider was forced again this weekend to publish two more apologies — one to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and another to Khazanah Nasional Bhd — making this the fourth time the news portal had to do so in a little over a week. […]

“On Thursday, the news portal had to apologise to the Securities Commission (SC) and again, pulled an article from its website for being an ‘untrue report’. […]

“Last week, the news portal was also forced to apologise to Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir over two articles alleging the Kedah mentri besar of engaging in ‘money politics’ in his unsuccessful bid for an Umno vice presidency on Saturday.” — ‘Malaysian Insider issues fourth apology in over a week’ (The Malay Mail Online, 27 Oct 2013)


ABOVE: Tajudin Ramli slapped The Malaysian Insider with a RM200 million libel suit. After coming to an “amicable settlement” (legal jargon), TMI placed apology ads in the mainstream newspapers. The billionaire tycoon, needless to say, is looking at the TMI apology with some satisfaction.

BELOW: The Malaysian Insider‘s apology to Tajudin carried in the NST (7 Oct 2011).

Okay, now that we’ve established how the pro-Christian, licik TMI is a notorious character assassin, let’s re-examine the portal’s editorial and other coverage about the Mahathir faction purportedly desiring to remove Najib.


Of late, The Malaysian Insider has been mischievously reporting that the Tun faction wants to topple Najib. This malicious rumour-mongering is quite in keeping with TMI‘s noxious and notorious character.


Why the Tun has no plans to “remove Najib” contrary to what has been constantly alleged in the TMI:

  • Who will replace Najib? Muhyiddin Yassin is older than his boss. He has never expressed any prime ministerial ambition and he’s known to be loyal.
  • Why would Dr M want Zahid Hamidi – who is next in line in the Umno hierarchy – to replace Najib? Zahid was, after all, the point man for Anwar when the latter (as the then Deputy Prime Minister) had tried to oust PM Mahathir during the Asian financial crisis, remember?

Ha ha ha, like as if Dr M would want Khairy’s BFF to replace Najib as next Umno prez … ha ha ha some more.


  • And why would Dr M want Hishammuddin Hussein to replace Najib? Mukhriz was vying with Hisham for the last Umno vice president slot only not too long ago. Takkan lah after the stiff fight between Mukhriz and Hisham, sekarang ni pula, Dr M kononnya wants to knock Najib off his perch for Hisham to take his place. Tak masuk akal betul.
  • Shafie Apdal … is the perwakilan ready for an East Malaysian to head the party? It’s never happened before. Furthermore there is no Umno Sarawak to gang up with Umno Sabah.
  • The Tun will be 90 next year. Inasmuch as some of you guys nostalgically want him to return to the hot seat, I seriously doubt that it will happen.


Najib is stronger than cyberspace makes him out to be

Umno is Umno while the www is the Wild, Wild Web.

Remember the KJ poll that I ran? Khairy was immensely unpopular with my poll respondents; four out of five (78%) whom do not support him. Yet he won emphatically in the Umno race.

Who were the more than one thousand opinion survey participants who rejected KJ? Well, quite obviously my blog readers. But online sentiments do not translate into Pemuda Umno delegate votes.

The 1,047 netizens who voted against KJ in our virtual world would have comprised women (who are not Umno Youth members), Chinese and Indians (who do not qualify to be in Umno), older Malaysians (who are age barred from being in the Pemuda wing) and fellow bloggers (some of whom have not even registered to vote in the general election — gotcha! guys).

So likewise the case with Najib. His fate will be largely determined by the Umno delegates, not blog commenters. The upshot is that Umno operates in its own moral universe (they reelected Shahrizat and Khairy, you know).

Alahai DAPsters, tolong gunakan otak sikit, bolah tak?

Back to the Najib equation

Why there will not be an internal putsch:

(1) Najib won the party presidency unopposed just a couple of months ago. This is a different scenario from Pak Lah who was forced to step down, and was indeed challenged by Muhyiddin and Mukhriz to do so. Neither of the men have made a similar call to Najib.

(2) Najib has managed to fill the Umno supreme council with his own men and his appointed nominees. This situation puts Najib on a secure footing in the party.

(3) Administratively Najib is in a strong position too. Tun Daim and Tun M are not cabinet members. Neither men are – officially – holding the top positions in Umno either.

(4) There are no signs of any of the top civil servants “revolting”. None have spoken up against him.

Having said all of the above, of course it is undeniable that Dr M is a very influential and very powerful personality still. Ditto the other Tun.



Musuh dalam selimut

The relations between Najib and Tun are apparently cordial. Urm, but can we say the same for KJ and Mukhriz?

The two senior men have appeared together at many functions. Najib has been careful to be deferential as befitting Dr M’s stature as the elder statesman. The two junior men … hmmm.

I wouldn’t believe the rumours being peddled by TMI about the “Tun faction” attempting to overthrow No.1. If anything, I’d put the rumour down to the machinations by those hidden hands controlling the news portal who are themselves/himself feeling the ants crawling in his pants.

If I were you (dear readers), I’d really give far more credit to that other gossip about a certain young, upstart Minister whose tenure is rumoured to be shaky.

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Pembocoran maklumat sensitif daripada pejabat menteri Umno?


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37 thoughts on “About the “Najib’s head will roll” rumour mill

  1. ‘I wouldn’t believe the rumours being peddled by TMI about the “Tun faction” attempting to overthrow No.1. ‘

    Helen, Helen, Helen…

    TMI and Rafizi Ramli get their news feed by none other than ACDC himself(/themselves?), a Dapster nonetheless! So why bother?

    ACDC and certain Dapsters lurking at your blog has been peddling the Tun M wants Najib replaced for quite some time already.

    Although a lot here wants Najib to undur diri, unlike Pak Lah, Tun M, Muhyidin Yassin and Mukhriz had not been openly calling him to turun takhta, do they?

    1. Nope, they haven’t.

      The Dapster bubble is a remarkable imaginary world. The things that they can believe.

    2. I’d rather his consultants who undur diri, willingly or not. Najib’s calmness could be proved vital in this kind of time. If only he could dust his brain out, he could has the real endless great possilbilities laying ahead.

      1. re: “he could have the real endless great possibilities ahead”

        Quite so. If only he would unemcumber himself of that Kangkung Minister then all will be well.

          1. Second that.

            I had been hoping he could change after been in the political wilderness – well, almost – but I guess i hoped too much. That kind of person is good for nothing.

          2. ‘Najib’s calmness could be proved vital in this kind of time.’

            Maybe this is his sole strength then?

            He should stop talks about petty things. Tun M when he was PM he simply won’t! Pak Lah did talks about his love for gardening and people barely remembers him now.

            Najib hang ni bengap ka, saja buat-buat bengap?

            1. Just guessing but Najib is a man has got everything … wealth (born into keluarga Orang Kaya Indera Shahbandar), a strong marriage, Seri Perdana, 5th floor Bangunan Putra Perdana and he sits at the pinnacle.

              So perhaps what he values is his place in history and his legacy. Greatness in the history books like his father.

              Pure is right about Najib’s calmness being a great asset. He’s the counter-balance to the Dapster gengSTAR.

              Now just imagine if Najib’s nature was like the Lim Anak-Beranak. Our country would already be burning with race and religious riots. It is b’cos of Najib’s calm and collected personality that Malaysia is not aflame. His tolerance is superhuman.

              Remember the stuff I’ve posted about Dato’ Onn being the peacemaker in Batu Pahat? If not for his temperament and his ability to quell the Malay amok, lots of Chinese would have been dead in 1945.

              1. Dok cerita panjang kat atas tu, biar saya ringkaskan. What I mean to say is that perhaps Najib is the one keeping Malaysia from slipping into sectarian warfare.

                  1. What about Tun M, what your take on his doings, now and perhaps the last time he was in power, prevention is way better than cure, no?

                    1. The challenge and situation is now completely different since Dr Mahathir left the PM office. He, even he admits that in one of his articles in

              2. and hopefully najib not being ‘throw away’ like Dato’ Onn..

                Re: His tolerance is superhuman.

                sorry to say Helen, he is our UMNO’s President cum our PM.. not PM for ultraman, superman, batman. catwoman etc… no need being superhuman..

    3. Not to worry, we always have that “Raja Lawak No.1 Fan” minister or the Cuepecs President (recently announced his retirement – available anytime) to replace him.

      (Smacks forehead !)

    4. Then what about the latest spin by Red Bean Jenny The Sexy of 1,000,000 Chinese dont want MCA to represent them FB fame!/photo.php?fbid=614614125254827&set=a.199344780115099.43102.199275490122028&type=1&theater

      “I just came to know that Betty Chew (wife of Penang CM LGE) is a nyonya.Maybe she got Sultan Mansur Shah and Princess Hang Li Poh blood?Look at her,she dont look like chinese.A good mixture of malay and Chinese.”

      Do they want to create their spin on the Sultans pulak. So Princess Elizabeth Chew wants to royal pulak. So now Melaka or Penang has a Sultan is it?

      The Tokong now royal cosort kot? First anyone can be Malay then kids by non functioing Tamil hubby can be Malaysian then Chinese.

      i do admire the Red Beans. Great story writers. Makes Lord of The Rings look like Pokemon. Great imagination.

    5. “TMI and Rafizi Ramli get their news feed by none other than ACDC himself(/themselves?), a Dapster nonetheless! So why bother?”

      You give me too much credit.

      It is common knowledge to many people that Tun Mahathir is plotting against Najib. His goal is to either replace Najib with somebody which he can easily control, or get Najib under his thumb, which is unlikely.

      1. re: “You give me too much credit.”

        Actually islam1st is giving you too little credit by calling you a Dapster. You’re really one notch higher. You’re an evangelista.

  2. Sorry wrongly post this under different entry:

    The Malaysian Insider has been caught lying many times. Just right after the Kajang Adun resigned they wrote an article saying that Anwar would not contest but later was proven wrong.

    They really like to cite anonymous sources, which I suspect are fictional persons or something they just make up to support their stories.

    I am just wondering what is their motive? Many of their columnists are ex-NST (to name a new Sheridan Mahavera and Zuraidah Abu Bakar, because these names are the most recent that I can remember).

    They also made up a story about cabinet discussing about kangkung and blocking the BBC website.

    1. Saya dah lama tak baca Malaysia Insider.. spinning too much.. Saya pun dah lama tak baca Malaysia Today tapi sejak Helen Ang rujuk pada Malaysia today, saya jengoklah… hampir dua jam saya baca artikel di Malaysia Today malam ni

      Ada perubahan… tukang komen in Malaysia Today dah nampak balance.. dulu staunch anti BN, anti Malay

      1. re: “tak baca Malaysia Today”

        I never used to read it. I only started after Raja Petra had a quite recent change of heart and political direction, heh-heh-heh.

  3. No, Najib’s head will not roll, if Mahathir wanted him down, it would have been last year during PAU. Of course Najib can’t please everyone, if Mahathir wants him down it’d be by 2016 in the next PAU.

    I believe the rumors is either fabricated by Pakatan or just as bout of whining by certain pro UMNO and pro Mahathir bloggers like that delusional SAA shooting their mouth ahead of their brain.

    I am increasingly disliking Najib but I will not support anarchist ideas even ones schemed by Mahathir. Najib is currently the appropriate PM we can afford amidst this challenging environment.

  4. Helen,

    One would have to be extremely naive to think that there are no moves to get rid of Najib.

    Heheheheh!! I’ll bet that even a ten year old child can see it :)

    There were already moves against Najib BEFORE PRU13 but these were put on hold because of the precarious position of the BN coalition.

    Now that PRU13 is in the bag for BN, it’s back to the business of getting rid of Najib as quick as possible so that his successor will have plenty of time to settle into the job before PRU14 comes around.

    Unfortunately for the schemer (yes, there is only one schemer who shall remain nameless) Najib is not about to go anywhere.

    Najib knows there is nothing anybody can do if he refuses to step aside.

    Let me correct myself there – the only way Najib can be forced to step down is if somebody can provide irrefutable proof that he is involved in the Altantuya case. Maybe that is why that recently released ex-police commando has disappeared :)

  5. “(4) There are no signs of any of the top civil servants “revolting”. None have spoken up against him..”

    Do you know that the Attorney General is the most semior civil servant now? The KSN is very much junior to him. TSAG is a staunch supporter of the PM. You think any civil servant will have the balls to go against PM while TSAG is still around?

    Dont think so…

  6. Tak habis-habis dengan Altantuya. Nak buat cerita yang tidak wujud. Fitnah sana sini padahal Najib dah sumpah dalam masjid. Janganlah memanjangkan fitnah, kita hidup tak lama, balasan akhirat menunggu.

    1. Agree, Urb.

      Najib said that for “national reconciliation” to take place, all the FITNAH must stop.

      If the Dapster-evangelistas want to persist with their endless fitnah, then BN has the legitimate right to call off the process of “national reconciliation

      1. I hope this national reconciliation is not a ruse. Anwar is shrewd and sly when it comes to fulfiling his objective.

        I hope najib will include tun mahathir in this so called reconciliation as observer in order to be able to read anwar. Tun is the best person for this.

        Do we cross our fingers and hope for the best.

        In my heart of hearts i think anwar is ‘playing the field’

        1. Fazillah.

          Contrary to what Anwar wants us to see, UMNO is not dying like MCA or Gerakan.

          My advice to Najib, ignore Anwar’s call for dialog. ANWAR is a mere Ketua umum, unelected post. He attaches importance to the post when everyone in this planet will laugh hearing unelected post in political parties.

          THERE IS NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. Simply because the messenger (Anwar) is a con man.

          REMEMBER that the real reason why UMNO penetrated SAbah in 1990s is due to USNO trusting the messenger, Tun Ghaffar. Tun Ghaffar, an honest man is trusted as a genuine friend. Thus paving the way for Tun Mustapha to dissolve USNO

          So, UMNO, please ignore Anwar’s call. It is a trap.

    2. Being fitnah at, is like you driving a brand new car and Bam! (Blasphamies) Somebody rams your new car. Go through all the troubles of that recovery process.

      The insurance paid for the damages, the workshop repairs (granting your demand for apologies) your car looks like new again.

      But you dah tak syok driving your new car lagi still going around crying over spilt milk.

      That is what their intention over you is. (Do the damage, by chance it cud be a ‘hit n run’ and getting away from it scott free!

      Or Me? Tor For?

      1. You’re spot on about the hit-and-run.

        They deviously inflict damage. Like the hatchet job TMI did on Mukhriz on the eve of the Umno election. After that senang-senang get away with a simple apology.

        And then some more can claim an “amicable settlement” has been reached.

  7. okay let me make it very clear

    this is about someone who doesnt know how to control his men. and cant control something else. hurmm. thats your own interpretation but ur guess is pretty much right. later on that

    so rafizi went very hard to picture this kajang thing as one of the urgency for the sake of blah blah blah

    the fact that matter is, anwar needs a seat to control his men. and that very much it. so if he cant control his men of which he of course CANNOT, then what chance he got when got armtwisted by someone from….lets say the US? or any jewish reps who want something from us malaysia

    thats why this guy isnt fit to run for premiership.

    1. Even if AI becomes the MB that position is only good in Selangor. He would still have no control over the rest of PKR in the other states. He is narcissistic and an egotist as well. If you notice, that’s all the Dapsters and Pas do: feed his egoism to keep him in control and then they go about their own agenda. He may think he’s important but what he is, is an important tool.

      1. Orangkampung,

        Anwar loves to be the centre of attraction. To him, the universe evolves around him. at least that is how Anwar behaves.

        PRK in Kajang is another attempt to show the world that he is the saviour. That Anwar is still relevant. That Anwar is still a force to reckon with.

        The reality is that Anwar is used by DAP to unseat UMNO. Let us get real. Do you think DAP would want Anwar as the PM should PR win the general election?

  8. I am just thinking probably TMI is an experimental project or something. The intelligence community has this so call feeding misinformation to capture the person who leaks confidential information to the opposing side.

  9. Malaysiakini is just upset that Tun Dr Mahathir found out their fail proof plan. Just it’s another round of twisting and rumor created by opposition which can’t be trusted.

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