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My blog is still under attack

Now you know how destructive ‘those people’ are.

Click on this url —

The “Blogs of the Day” (botd) page lists the Top 50 ranked WordPress blogs in Bahasa Melayu.

Click on any of the other blogs. You’ll find that ALL of them – i.e. the other BM WordPress blogs in the Top 50 – can be accessed easily.

However you’ll find that some other alpha P.O.L.I.T.I.C.A.L blogs (pro-establishment ones) are presently experiencing various degrees of disruption as well.

All these connectivity problems began for us coincidentally (or not) in timing with the announcement by the Kajang Adun that he’s vacating his seat to make way for Anugerah Tuhan to contest.

Perhaps our blog access troubles are an Act of God too.

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I have no Faceook or Twitter.

28 thoughts on “My blog is still under attack

  1. Helen,

    I have no problems accessing your blog.

    I suggest you find a friend who has some technical knowledge who can help you determine if the fault is with your connection or with WordPress.

    Given what little I know of the Malaysian network and how WordPress operates, my money is on your connection being the culprit.

    Good luck.

    1. I doubt it’s my connection because a number of readers have complained that they too cannot access,

      see CheDebt’s feedback: “Btw Helen, I’ve been trying to post on your blog for the last 2 days without success” @ 2014/01/30 at 10:37 am,

      islam1st: “After a few attempts I still can’t access your blog late last night” @ 2014/01/29 at 10:48 am,

      setem: “yalor…. my access to this blog was intermittently cut off or hung since last night” @ 2014/01/30 at 12:36 pm

      and I’ve had people notify me via sms and e-mail of their problems in accessing.

      You’re reading me from a foreign country, so that may have something to do with your ability to access.

      1. If Syed Akbar Ali’s blog cannot be accessed also, then it appears your problems are not coming from the Opposition.

          1. He has also written many negative articles about Najib and Khairy, some of which I agree with, some I do not.

            Other blogs that are anti-Najib have apparently been attacked.

              1. Here are two: Kadir Jasin and rockybru.

                Kadir Jasin has been quite lenient (or even friendly) with the Opposition in his recent writings.

    1. Since Umno has god-like powers, can I please ask Umno to make it that we have four seasons in Malaysia so that it snows here during Christmas?

      1. ROTFL…

        Aiya! awak pagi-pagi Sabtu ni, dah bikin saya pakai saya punya “Religious Police Cap”.

        Why not ask for Mrs. Mama Dapster become Chinese, I think he would sure love that since his Tamil is non-functioning.

        1. Haha

          ‘can I please ask Umno to make it that we have four seasons in Malaysia so that it snows here during Christmas?’

          It depends. Should the snow mengembirakan Dapster dan puak-puak Evangelistas, they will say that the gods had their prayers answered.

          Should the snow menyusahkan mereka, the credit will then goes to UMNO for showing its wrath on the Christians! You know, UMNO being the bully that they are…hehe

  2. Some of yr postings seems to have just disappeared when I open your blog,

    I thought I posted my comment in that particular article in my dreams, only now realise actually yr blog duk tengah kena godam..

    1. Yes Rina, your comments would not have registered. I hope you’ll write your comments in your own Word document and then copypaste the comments over to my blog.

      As for ‘them’, they are demonstrating how much value you can place in their sloganeering “freedom of speech”, “freedom of the press’ etc.

      When you ask yourself the question “What kind of people are they?” and you ponder deeply on the answer, just don’t freak out at how low they can go.

      1. Tak dapat lagi tu la agaknya, tu yang meroyan pagi, petang, siang and malam. Pelik bin ajaibkan, datang rumah orang tapi lepas tu nak halau TUAN RUMAH?

        Apakah maknanya itu?

        I think your blog matters the most compares to all other pro-BN blogs, for first you are a Chinese who are reaching out to the Melayu TOTOK, and these majority of Melayu TOTOK is their pown in the next PRU.

        Second, as Melayu TOTOK, nothing has been said or done by the pro-BN blogs is new news to us, but coming from a Chinese who is in general is view as the Malay arch political nemesis after pRU13 is something new to us. For the record, many Melayu TOTOK have doubt about you in the beginning ( your sincerely included here), and you have even read some of the testaments in here, Mak Jemah is the recent one. They are many more silent followers out there as well, unknowing to you.

        Third, the fact that they have sent various characters, the good, the bad and the ugly, in here to demoralize you at various phases and stages, says something that you are A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH; you have psyched them a great deal to the point of “Be Afraid and Be Very Afraid”.

        For the record your entry on the CNY’s eve “Kata Takde Bangsa Cina di Malaysia Tapi Mahu Jugak Cuti CNY” is a class on its own, and no blogger can top that at this point of time.

        You have proved time and again that they are Super Duper Hypocrite Chameleon/Iguana Evangelista who have destroyed the social fabrics of this Beautiful and Peaceful Nation, to the oblivion of their followers who are in the Perpetual Hysteria.

        Those are NO GOOD NEWS Madam. In fact. I wouldn’t be surprise that you are the second person after Tun M, to be thrown in Jail or put under ISA if they come power next.



        Why did you ask “FuckMe” to bugger off? We like him to come in here so that we can fuck his brain, his mother’s brain, his father’s brain, his sister’s brain etc. etc. until his paymaster’s as well.

        1. He made a rape and death threat against me. I do not appreciate that somebody thinks he say extreme things like that, and then resume commenting as if nothing happened.

          1. Itulah namanya muka tak tahu malu, dah kutuk orang dan ugut orang, datang balik rumah orang. Samalah dengan Mama Dapster dia, kata takde Melayu, Cina dan India di Malaysia ni lepas tu nak pulak beraya cina.

            Dia ni mungkin anak sedara si Mama Dapster (GOSH! I just hate that woman like nobody business by the mere mention of the term), tu agaknya, masa makan besar semalam entri you jadi topik hangat sekeluarga, jadi yang meroyanlah tu…

            wrt the threat, please keep his IP address in record, he can delete the fictitious email account, but never the track of the IP, even if he posted at Cyber Cafe.

            Perangai macam Harambejadahkan? Entah apa yang MAK BAPAK dia beri makan sampai buruk kelakuannya. Yang lawaknya dia tulis “who cares”, tapi dia datang sini dan baca juga. BOLO PUNYE OLANG. Sigh….

  3. Nice to have ur blog back. The Dap chauvinists will surely get soared.

    Keep writing Helen.

    Belated KongsiFattChoy from me (Veteran,Sarawak)

  4. Blog kau no. 1 Helen. No wonder la DOS attack. One thing for sure, it is not Umno fault. hehe

  5. Hi Helen,

    Whenever I can’t access your blog, I use a proxy server – such as hidemyass, freeproxyserver, etc – and it’s fine.

    The only drawback is that I can’t post any replies. It has something to do with using proxy server, I guess.

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