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National reconciliation, DAP style

The exchange between Onyourtoes and Anticommunalist are taken from the reader comments section in today’s Malaysiakini article, ‘By-election hopeful caught in racism row‘. The Kajang by-election prospective candidate referred to in the Malaysiakini article is Yuktes Vijay.

Yuktes had courted controversy and the ire of the Dapsters with his Facebook posting below. Continue reading “National reconciliation, DAP style”

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Hannah Yeoh nampaknya menyerang Jakim

Tidak berapa lama dahulu, Puan Spaker telah melancarkan serangan terhadap kewibawaan Jais — ‘Hannah Yeoh mahukan pegawai Jais digantung (kerja)‘.

Sekarang Hannah Yeoh nampaknya menyerang Jakim pula.

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