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National reconciliation, DAP style

The exchange between Onyourtoes and Anticommunalist are taken from the reader comments section in today’s Malaysiakini article, ‘By-election hopeful caught in racism row‘. The Kajang by-election prospective candidate referred to in the Malaysiakini article is Yuktes Vijay.

Yuktes had courted controversy and the ire of the Dapsters with his Facebook posting below.


The first Dapster salvo against Yuktes is fired by Onyourtoes:

“Did you [Yuktes] post this in your FB after lots of cheap toddy? With high cost of living, I doubt you could afford quality wine and whisky. You see, I don’t hate you as an Indian. I just hate educated and hypocrite Indians who sell the poor and the margainalised Indians lock stock and barrel for cheap toddy.”

Malaysiakini OYT cheap toddy

Onyourtoes’ protestations and prejudices are most interesting to observe:

(1) He claims that he doesn’t hate Yuktes just because the latter is an Indian.

(2) He claims, on the other hand, that he hates Yuktes because the latter sells poor Indians “lock stock and barrel for cheap toddy”. This toddy fixation is a recurrent leitmotif of the Dapster racism.

(3) Does anyone believe that Onyourtoes or his fellow Dapsters even give a fig for “poor and marganalised Indians”?

(4) Next comes the Dapster putdown: Onyourtoes declares that he doubts Yuktes can “afford quality wine and whisky”.

(5) And don’t forget the potshot with which Onyourtoes kicks off his comment, i.e. his insinuation that Yuktes had made his FB posting “after lots of cheap toddy”.

Malaysiakini Anticommunalist

Malaysiakini OYT toddy

DAP propaganda spewed on a daily basis

Anticommunalist in his riposte has a point. He says that what Yuktes wrote in his Facebook is a reaction to counterbalance the abundance of Dapster behaviour like Onyourtoes’s taunting.

Anticommunalist commented in Malaysiakini (screenshot above):

“As long as there are closet racists like ‘Onyourtoes’s around and there are platforms available that provides space for their venomous comments as what Mkini provides, then we should not be surprised if more ‘Yuktes’s spring up. Onyourtoes spews DAP propaganda on a daily basis via his comments.”

In reply to Anticommunalist’s allegation about the “DAP propaganda [spewed] on a daily basis”, Onyourtoes replies that “DAP propaganda is multiracial and based on efficiency and meritocracy” (screenshot above).

Malaysiakini OYT farting

Dapsters — the champions of fitnah

Aside from praising the DAP’s propaganda as “multiracial and based on efficiency and meritocracy”, Onyourtoes also took the opportunity to indulge in stereotypical canards that only a Dapster is capable of concocting — he claims that Hindraf is “milking the poor and marginalised Indians to satisfy their thirst of toddy”.

Apart from the Hindraf leaders, I also know a number of Hindraf activists on the ground. None of them are anything like what Onyourtoes has scurrilously imputed.

Instead they are decent, hardworking men who care very much about the plight of poor Indians. Contrary to the fitnah by Onyourtoes, it is a personal sacrifice – and not any material gain – on their part to be involved with Hindraf.

Malaysiakini subscription

Dapster’s public service in cyberspace

Onyourtoes avers that he has the right to write his comments the way he deems fit because he pays a subscription to Malaysiakini — see screenshot above.

Onyourtoes considers his online comments to be his “public service” because he does “not earn income” from his writing in the news portal.

He further describes his comments as “the honesty to talk sense”. And he hates “the Hind-draft Indians and their sidekicks here like scumbags”.

NOTE: Onyourtoes has been featured previously in my blog – see below – because his hatred for Hindraf is simply fascinating — see screenshots below.

Dapsters are busy building bridges

Hindraf and BN have to tried reconcile. Dapsters hit the roof when Hindraf chairman P. Waythamoorthy campaigned for BN during the last election.

Dapsters despise the reconciliation attempt between Hindraf and BN.

But now Dapters say they want to have a national reconciliation with Umno Malays.

Gangnam style

Last Chinese New Year, the Prime Minister was in Penang for the concert by Korean popstar Psy who is famous for his hit song Gangnam Style.

The Penang audience who went for the free concert and free food, booed Najib Razak when he asked the crowd if they were ready for BN.

Hannah Yeoh recalls that “hari ini dalam sejarah” up north in her tweet yesterday. Her twit following responded with a second round of laughing, hooting and mocking at Najib — see Madame Speaker’s timeline below. PLEASE READ!

Hmmm, and Kit Siang claims that his party (and their Dapsters) are keen on national reconciliation.

Twitter - hannahyeoh- Hari ini dalam sejarah

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Biar saja MCA bertanding di Kajang


Najib wasting his time talking about ‘national reconciliation’


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

8 thoughts on “National reconciliation, DAP style

      1. Mama Dapster’s tweet dated 30th. January 2014 at 7.34pm, not long after your entry. It must have spoiled her reunion dinner, hence to comfort herself she resort to that.


  1. Saya rasa sebab utama pengosongan DUN Kajang dan Anwar menjadi calon adalah untuk mengalih perhatian daripada Rayuan Kes Sodomi 2 yang akan muncul tidak lama lagi. Timingnya amat tepat sekali. Perbicaraan akan bermula Februari ini namun sudah pasti Anwar akan lakukan apa sahaja untuk lengahkannya sehingga sewaktu dengan proses kempen PRK Kajang. Anwar akan nyanyikan semula lagu2 sebak kononnya kes ini adalah sandiwara dan konspirasi.

    Sebab hendak jadi atau tidak mahu jadi MB Selangor masih soal kedua bagi Anwar. Soal hakiki ialah alihkan Kes Sodomi itu seolah dia adalah mangsa. Untuk dijadikan bahan kempen nanti. Sekarang Anwar sedang ketawa sebab diversion ini sedang menjadi. Orang sedang bercakap tentang isu MB dan segalanya kecuali kes sodomi beliau.

    PRK Kajang nanti mungkin dia boleh kalah. Jika kalah, dia akan salahkan BN atas kes sodomi ini. Tapi mungkin juga dia akan menang, lebih2 lagi MCA yang semakin nazak yang akan bertanding. Sudah tentu cina2 DAP dan sewaktu ini akan memilih Anwar malah Tunggul Kayu sekalipun, agar Pakatan kembali stabil untuk merampas Putrajaya. Bagi penyokong2 PAS pula, mereka sudah tentu sifat hipokrit tebal mereka, tidak setuju tindakan Anwar tapi masih pangkah PKR. Kalau bukan hipokrit, bukan PAS namanya.

    Anwar pun tahu bukan semudah itu Sultan akan pekenan dia sebagai MB jika menang. Faktor bukan anak Selangor, bukan Exco, baru jadi Adun, bekas banduan, PAS pun tuntut jawatan itu, tentangan pengikut Khalid, malah Khalid sendiri belum tentu lepas jawatan jika disokong oleh Sultan. Jika saya Anwar, sudah tentu saya ambil kira faktor ini, iaitu kemungkinan tidak dapat jadi MB amat real. Jika dapat juga jadi MB, adalah bonus luar jangkaan Anwar sendiri.

    Masalahnya bukanlah Anwar atau jawatan MB itu. Semua ini hanyalah sandiwara Anwar untuk divert kes liwat beliau. Masalahnya ialah mampukah Najib ambil kesempatan atas situasi yang di create oleh Anwar sekarang? Atau Najib masih ingin diperbodohkan oleh cina2 DAP dengan menabur jutaaan ringgit kepada sekolah2 dan tokong2 cina di Kajang tetapi akhirnya MCA tetap kecundang atas faktor pengundi cina.

    Bagi saya, Najib harus bijak begini:- Jika Anwar menang, Anwar akan hadapi krisis lebih besar di Selangor nanti. Jika Anwar menang besar, maka terserlah cina akan undi siapa sahaja asalkan BN tumbang, dan MCA sudah tidak relevan, boleh bungkus terus terus pada PRU14.

    Jika pun MCA menang (saya rasa paling pun majoriti amat tipis dan saya masih yakin MCA akan kalah), bolehlah mereka kekalkan kerusi itu pada PRU14 nanti. Buat apa UMNO bertanding sekarang, kalau menang pun tak akan mengubah komposisi di Selangor, kalau kalah akan terjejas lagilah imej Umno tak pasal2. Jika MCA kalah, barulah Umno ada alasan kuat untuk tuntut habis2an kerusi itu pada PRU14.

    Jadi Najib, kalau anda bijak, BN menang atau kalah nanti, you should know how to ultimately win it both ways. Jangan lah lembab sangat Najib. To kill or to be killed in politics. You choose! Or we change you.

    Or you have an easy way out Najib. Let BN stay out and allow the likes of Yuktes menjadi calon bebas. This could be the kura2 strategy you are quite fond of lately, nevertheless you might still come out being winner of consolation price. Not too bad eh!

    Najib, jangan jadi kura2 lah. Do your mathematic and figure it out lah how best to make Anwar Kangkang eat kangkung!

  2. I just want to state my view on what had been posted by Onyourtoes that he or she being a real racist to call names of others, is really a DAP propaganda agent of the worst category and hiding in the sarong.

    Hi Onyourtoes, I don’t know who the hack you are but please identify yourself if you want to interact or debate on the cyberspace, just like me and Yuktes? However, I do know those who had started Malaysiakini way back in the late 80s and they had even sought my help previously when they were in need of some kind of invention.

    The language which you used is also filthy and does not reflect on you as a matured or civic minded character. I preempt that you will dick up all the shits against me Mustapha Ong, but do I care for somebody like you who is a running pig for DAP.

    Please ask Uncle Lim Kit Siang or Bro Lim Guan Eng whether they know me or I know them? Until then you and all of us are free to interact and debate on our national issues that are of great concern to all of us Malaysians, may it be politics, economics, social, etc but please do have some decency and sense of humanity and self esteem. So Onyourtoes, please think before you start to criticise me and the others again.

    1. Onyourtoes or others of a similar ilk. You twits are just making things difficult for your struggling leaders in the Opposition to dethrone the BN as led by UMNO with the 13 component parties from Putrajaya.

      How can you people govern when you are no better than the garbage which is now flowing into the sea at Batu Ferringhi? Your vulgar and indecent language reveals the sad side of your negative character. Try to do something better, twil ?

  3. Perutusan Tahun Baru Cina daripada LGE. Looks like they don’t let us paraprase so have to put the whole thing up

    DAP Chinese New Year Message By DAP Secretary-General And MP For Bagan Lim Guan Eng In Kuala Lumpur On 3.2.2014.

    Playing With The Fires Of Racial And Religious Hatred Will Only Paralyse The Pursuit Of Happiness And Hasten The Brain Drain By Accelerating The Exodus Of Human Talent.

    During this year’s Chinese New Year festivities, the regular topic of discussion in family reunion gatherings is …how the toxic atmosphere of playing with the fires of racial and religious hatred has paralysed the pursuit of happiness and hastened the brain drain by accelerating the exodus of human talent. Recent events coupled with the refusal to address the pressing issues of entrenched corruption and cronyism as well as price hikes that threaten the livelihood of ordinary Malaysians have lent credence to the view that BN has stopped governing because they no longer know how to rule.

    The violent demonstrations by UMNO supporters, the attempted fire-bomb attack on a Catholic church in Penang and the call by a UMNO division to ban the 200-year old practice of open selling of pork in a 95% non-Muslim area in Penang have raised serious doubts about UMNO‘s true motives and whether UMNO is intent on destroying the very foundations of a nation-state so assiduously built by their founders Tunku Abdul Rahman and Tun Abdul Razak.

    Since Merdeka official government statistics have revealed that more than 2 millon highly-skilled and talented Malaysians have left the country. In their place are more than 5 million unskilled foreign migrant workers from Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Vietnam – clearly a loss in exchange value in skill gaps and management expertise for Malaysia.

    Even these unskilled foreign migrants sent back RM20 billion in remittances in 2012, a figure expected to increase to RM30 billion this year. With so many unskilled foreign migrants, some Malaysians are feeling like strangers in their own land, particularly in Sabah.

    Malaysians must not lose hope but compel UMNO to back down from playing with the fires of religious and racial hatred by focusing on the economy. Malaysians must persist to insist in integrity and transparency to fight the cancer of corruption, the pursuit of excellence and competitiveness must not be given up, give hope to the future by providing a platform of equal opportunities not only to build human talent but allow them to realise their potential and most important of all that social harmony can only be achieved by celebrating our differences.

    The public can not compromise in demanding good management and productivity skills in our political leaders. Political leaders must be subjected to the criteria of adopting sound management techniques of setting targets, rewarding performance and ensuring that the results can be measured.

    Only with an objective outcome-based administration can we ensure that the pusuit of happiness of Malaysians is not aN empty dream but a vision that can be realised through hard work, collaborative effort and respect for rule of law. There can be no rule of law when justice easily falls victim to power. There can only be rule of law when our legal system protects rights of all citizens and serve the people.


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