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Kit Siang: Term ‘Chinese tsunami’ is “downright racist”

I’d have posted this article earlier but my blog is under relentless DDoS attack.

Just reflect for a moment, okay: What kind of people are they?

If this is what they do to mere bloggers, think what those people will do to anyone who gets in their crosshairs should ‘they’ (the kind of people who hire hackers to attack blogs) attain federal power.

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GE13 It was a Malaysian tsunami, says Kit Siang - Nation The Star Online 2013-05-19 12-04-08

The J-Star‘s treachery

Lim Kit Siang’s most recent rant in his blog is titled, in his usual long-winded manner – ‘Zainuddin’s infantile but dangerous gambit to racialise Kajang by-election is utterly irresponsible and cause of worsening racial polarization in Malaysia’ (2 Feb 2014).

The DAP mursyidul am accuses former Utusan group editor Zainuddin Maidin of being “up to his mischief of communal politicking again”. To the DAP patriarch and his Dapsters, the term ‘Chinese tsunami’ invoked by Zam is “downright racist”.

The J-Star in its immediate coverage of the GE13 aftermath had propped up Kit Siang’s version of events (screenshot above) i.e. insisting it was a “Malaysian tsunami” — in the same vein as how Hannah Yeoh’s child is to them “Anak Bangsa Malaysia” or Chinese but never Indian.

Well, we know where lies the loyalty of the Gunting Dalam Lipatan, don’t we? Hence it is no surprise either when The J-Star panellists brazenly declare that the Chinese tsunami did not happen, But then again, we’ve by now been exposed to the Jerusubang’s paper’s true colours already.

gunting star dalam lipatan

Don’t bluff lah, Uncle

A couple of days ago, Zam had blogged that the Kajang by-election should be seen as “peluang keemasan kepada masyarakat Cina menyekat arus sentimen dan persepsi orang Melayu bahawa orang Cina tidak boleh dipercayai lagi sebagai rakan perjuangan politik”.

Zam is correct in his challenge.

Most predictably, Kit Siang accuses Zam of harbouring a “racist attitude” that – according to the DAP – is the cause of worsening racial polarization in Malaysia.

Oh really? Like there was no Chinese tsunami, meh?

DAP rally in Han Chiang, Penang (29 April 2013)
The ‘Ubah’ placard says: “5th May, change government”

And what about those mega rallies in Gelang Patah. See, ‘70,000 swarm Johor Pakatan ceramahs‘ (FMT, 2 May 2013)

The facts and data indicate that the GE13 results were indeed a Chinese tsunami. Or else what could “Ini kalilah” have been all about, eh?


Having the cake and eating it too

I’m mighty tired of this Apek yang tak jemu-jemu menegakkan benang basah. Aren’t you?

His party is most happy with the 90 percent Chinese support that they’re getting but at the same time don’t want to face up to the inevitable repercussions of enjoying that dizzy level of endorsement.

With every 9 out of 10 Chinese voters in the DAP bag, there arises an untenable lopsidedness. This gross imbalance has, quite reasonably, sparked the Malay reaction — which is the loss of faith in the Chinese, just as Zam has described.


Why call it ‘Chinese tsunami’?

(1) DAP emerged the strongest opposition party

There were 505 state assembly seats contested in GE13 on 5 May 2013 and a separate 71 seats contested in the Sarawak election earlier in April 2011. Pakatan’s share of the seats are: DAP 107 (inclusive of the 12 it has in Sarawak), PAS 85 (none in Sarawak) and PKR 52 (3 in Sarawak).

You can see the DAP’s dominance which comes on the back of the Chinese gila taksub. The wildly popular Teresa Kok, for example, easily obtained at least 90 percent of the Chinese vote in her Seputeh constituency.


Meanwhile for Parliament, the DAP gained 10 new seats taking its GE13 tally to 38 seats from its GE12 haul of 28.

Let’s look at the Chinese voter composition of the DAP’s 10 new Parliament seats:

(I) Chinese absolute majority above 50 percent: Stampin (73%), Lanang (72%), Sarikei (66%), Sibu (65%), Kampar (61%), Kulai (56%), Sandakan (53%), Gelang Patah (52%)

(II) Chinese majority: Kluang (49%)

(III) Not Chinese majority: Raub (C:40%, M:50%)

Note that nine out of the MPs in the DAP’s 10 new Parliamentary seats above are Chinese: Lim Kit Siang, Teo Nie Ching, Liew Chin Tong, Ko Chung Sen, Oscar Ling, Julian Tan, Wong Ling Biu, Alice Lau, Wong Tien Fatt, Mohd Ariff Sabri.


(2) DAP made an almost clean sweep

DAP won close to all the seats it contested in the DUN on 5th May (see table above).

  • Penang: DAP contested 19 seats, won 19
  • Perak: 18 / 18
  • Selangor: 15 / 15
  • Johor: 14 / 13
  • Negeri Sembilan: 11 / 11
  • Malacca: 8 / 6
  • Pahang: 7 / 7

Now look at the names of the Pakatan Parliamentarians in Sabah and Sarawak (list below). The CHINESE tsunami rolled across to the South China Sea as well.


(3) DAP wiped out the BN Chinese parties

DAP swept every single one of the urban Chinese-majority seats and the process, it wiped out the Malaysian CHINESE Association (MCA) and Gerakan, the party that previously ruled the only state – Penang – that had a Chinese chief executive.

See the table below?

The reds are the DAP winners on Hari Tsunami. The dark blues are the handful of MCA survivors.


(Click 2x to enlarge)

Unprecedentedly, two MCA state candidates even lost their deposits in Penang; Lau Chiek Tuan in Berapit and Loke Cheang Gin in Pengkalan Kota.

Furthermore, the 12 DAP Chinese Aduns now in the Sarawak assembly who were victorious in the 2011 state election all beat 12 SUPP-BN Chinese candidates. So we can say that the DAP wiped out SUPP too.

The state seats that DAP failed to win in Sarawak were the ones where its candidates were defeated by BN non-Chinese opponents.


(4) Ha ha ha, this is funny!

DAP fielded 14 candidates for the Johor DUN.

The DAP winners are: Tan Chen Choon (Jementah), Lim Eng Guan (Bekok), Ee Chin Li (Tangkak), Chua Wee Beng (Bentayan), Chew Peck Choo (Yong Peng), Gan Peck Cheng (Penggaram, Tan Hong Pin (Mengkibol), Liow Cai Tung (Johor Jaya), Chen Kah Eng (Stulang), Cheo Yee How (Pengkalan Rinting), Dr Boo Cheng Hau (Skudai), Wong Shu Qi (Senai), Yeo Tung Siong (Pekan Nenas).

All 13 DAP Yang Berhormats are CHINESE.

Guess what is the name of the only DAP Johor candidate who failed to win his state seat of Paloh? Drumroll … Shanker a/l Rengganathan

Now look at the 10 Parliament seats where DAP won with its biggest majorities (table below). Nine of them have a Chinese electorate of between 70% and 90%. The outlier is Serdang alone with 49% Chinese voters.


(5) Malay opposition candidates did not fare as well

If the Malays did not support Umno, BN would not have retained Perak with 31 seats to Pakatan’s 28. Out of the BN’s 31 Perak seats, 30 are Umno’s.


Umno won the Perak Melayu totok seats (see details here) whereas PAS had to depend on Chinese votes to win theirs, e.g. Mujahid Yusof Rawa retained his Parit Buntar, Perak seat which is a Parliamentary constituency with 27 percent Chinese electors.

Perak state seats:

(a) > 90% Malay voters

Umno won all 3 seats

(b) > 80% Malay voters

Umno won 5 seats, PAS 1

(c) > 70% Malay voters

Umno won 5 seats, PAS 2

Kedah PRU13


The same Umno popularity surge was seen in Kedah. Look at how the state turned from green in 2008 to blue in 2013 (map above).

If the Malays did not support Umno, BN would not have regained Kedah, and with PAS losing badly its rural Malay support. Detailed results here.


In Penang, all the PKR Chinese candidates won their state seats: Lee Khai Loon in the now infamous kangkung DUN of Machang Bubuk, Ong Chin Wen (Bukit Tengah), Law Choo Kiang (Bukit Tambun), Cheah Kah Peng (Kebun Bunga).

All the PKR candidates who lost in the Penang DUN seats were Malay: Syed Mikael Rizal Aidid (Bertam), Ahmad Zakiyuddin Abd Rahman (Pinang Tunggal), Norhayati Jaafar (Telok Ayer Tawar), Badrul Hisham Shaharin (Sungai Acheh), Mohd Tuah Ismail (Pulau Betong), Abdul Halim Hussain (Teluk Bahang).

Below are the 50 Parliament seats with the highest number of Chinese voters. They are mostly held by the DAP (red).

The ones that are held by PKR (light blue) are also predominantly in the hands of its Chinese Parliamentarians, e.g. Michael Teo (Miri), Sim Tze Tzin (Bayan Baru), Lee Boon Chye (Gopeng) et al.


(6) Chinese vote swung to the opposition

Below is the vote count at certain race-definable polling stations in the Sungai Siput Parliamentary constituency. See how the Chinese support for PKR shot up and the Malay support went down.

Details on the Sg Siput voting streams here.



(7) Chinese voter registration over-represented 

Look at the bar chart below for a comparison between the number of Chinese voters against the actual number of Chinese in the state population:

  • Penang (53.4 percent voters, 45.6 percent of the population)
  • Federal Territories (52.2% / 43.2%)
  • Johor (38.8% / 33.6%)
  • Perak (37.7% / 30.4%)
  • Selangor (34.0% / 28.6%)

It’s true that Pakatan obtained a large slice of the popular vote in Penang (67.8%) and in the Federal Territories (63.1%) plus Selangor too as mentioned by Kit Siang.

Nonetheless both Penang and FT are also the states with the highest number of Chinese voters while the Chinese voters in Selangor are 5.4 percent more than their population numbers.

And here’s something ‘interesting’. Look at how the voter numbers in Gelang Patah leaped and jumped.

In 2004 Gelang Patah had 70,023 voters, in 2008, a total of 78,676 and in 2013, a total of 106,726 voters. Between GE11 and GE12, the increase in voters was normal but suddenly in GE13, the size of the electorate in Gelang Patah expanded tremendously before Kit Siang’s venture there.

The Dapsters were very busy registering themselves to boost the Chinese headcount so that the DAP warrior could stride in with great confidence.


(8) Despite the tsunami, Umno is still standing

The 90 percent Chinese took their best shot ‘Ini kalilah’ but failed to wash away Umno.

Yet until now these baling batu sorok tangan Ubah herd are STILL pretending that the Chinese tsunami didn’t happen. And if you dare say that it did, they’d label you a “racist” who is “inciting hatred, conflict and tension” (Kit Siang’s words).

Kit Siang is spinning that the GE13 results are solely a rural-urban and class divide, and have nothing to do with race. I know you don’t believe him but the good thing is that I can provide the data to back you up.

Umno won the semi-urban state seats below in KEDAH:

  • Pantai Merdeka (91.8% Malay voters)
  • Bukit Kayu Hitam (89.0% Malay)
  • Jitra (83.4% Malay)
  • Tanjung Dawai (80.2% Malay)
  • Bandar Baharu (77.8 % Malay)
  • Kulim won by MCA (60.8% Malay)

BN victories in these six semi-urban seats were due to strong Malay support as they are in Malay majority areas. This shows that Umno support is not confined to the rural Malay heartland.

The semi-urban mixed seats that eluded the BN’s grasp were lost by the coalition Chinese and Indian component parties and not by Umno (with the exception of Merbau Pulas).

They are:

  • Bukit Selambau lost by MIC (54.1% Malay, 19.7% Chinese, 25.5% Indian)
  • Lunas lost by MIC (47.0% Malay, 28.0% Chinese, 24.6% Indian)
  • Bakar Arang lost by MCA (43.9% Malay, 41.3% Chinese)
  • Sidam lost by Gerakan (38.5% Malay, 40.5% Chinese)

The common denominator characterizing the four semi-urban mixed seats which the BN failed to win is the Chinese element, i.e. the constituencies had 20-40% Chinese voters. If an Umno man had been put in the aforementioned four seats, he would have stood a better chance.

Umno won the semi-urban state seats below in PERAK:

  • Pangkor (69.8% Malay voters)
  • Pasir Panjang (69.1% Malay)
  • Manong (69.0% Malay)
  • Manjoi (67.2% Malay)
  • Bukit Chandan (66.8% Malay)
  • Changkat Jong (62.3% Malay)
  • Tualang Sekah (60.4% Malay)
  • Hulu Kinta (60.0% Malay)
  • Lintang (55.6% Malay)

In Perak, Umno won 9 out of the 10 semi-urban state seats that it contested.

The semi-urban seats where BN suffered losses were ones where the Chinese and Indian BN component parties were defeated, not Umno (with the exception of Sungai Rapat).

They are:

  • Keranji was lost by MCA (75.6% Chinese voters)
  • Sitiawan was lost by MCA (74.3% Chinese)
  • Malim Nawar was lost by MCA (70.8% Chinese)
  • Pasir Bedamar was lost by PPP’s M. Kayveas (69.1% Chinese)
  • Simpang Pulai was lost by MCA (63.7% Chinese)
  • Jalong was lost by Gerakan (56.1% Chinese)
  • Teja was lost by MCA (50.1% Chinese)

The discernible pattern here is that all the semi-urban seats seats where the BN stumbled are Chinese majority seats.

An analysis by Dah Ikhwan found that 63.0% of Malays in Perak and 56.7% of Malays in Kedah had supported the BN. Malay support for BN was highest in Johor at 84.1% (source: Dah Ikhwan).

(9) Melayu hilang di Pakatan

It is absolutely incorrect for The J-Star to say in its article ‘‘Campaign for survival of race, religion failing as more Malaysians reject it‘ (28 May 2013) that Pakatan has more Malay MPs in the current Parliament.

In truth, there are only 39 Malay Pakatan MPs presently compared to their 50 non-Malay counterparts (see table below and MP name list here).

In GE12, Malays made up 52.4% of the Pakatan MPs while in GE13, Malays made up 47.6% of the Pakatan MPs.


(10) What kind of people are they?!

Raja putar-belit in defiance of the facts. Pemfitnah tegar. Masih lagi mahu menipu bahawa tidak pernah berlakunya Tsunami Cina.

The only one thing that the DAP spin has probably got right about the GE13 results is the increase in Malay youth support for their party.

This is definitely Umno’s fault for being PPTA (Parti Paling Tidak Apa).

And the situation will worsen in GE14 because Umno has a Menteri Kangkung who placed Hannah Yeoh’s BFF, the Scissorati Regina Lee, in his Youth Ministry office as a “secretary”.

With musuh dalam selimut, Umno doesn’t need enemies.


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  1. Ms H. It is only in a country like our beloved Malaysia that the BN Government as led by the UMNO with the 13 component parties permit such a Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. The DAP is forever agitating on minor issues to disrupt and bring down the BN Government. If the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore did not (i) interfere in Thai domestic politics in 2003 (ii) found the DAP in 1966 as the Singaporeans were retreating, then I can holistically ( I copy ) say the DAP has no LEGITIMACY ISSUES. But the brilliant Lee did and both his interference only CAUSED HARM AND INJURIES TO THE POPULACE OF THE 2 COUNTRIES HE INTERFERED WITH. In June, 2009, he confirmed this by his ill-advised Grand Tour of the Ulus to exhort his air-conditined digits and cohorts which were all in the Opposition. The BN Government raised not a squeak at this gross interference in Malaysian domestic politics by a foreign outsider. No sovereign Government in the World will accept this insult to their domain.


    It is time the Chinese, the Malaysian Chinese, make it clear in their minds that the Singapore Trojan Horse DAP is a foreign entity as proven by its history and confirmed by the recent visit of their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew ot exhort them in June 2009.


      Singapore gained Independence from Malaysia through 2 separate racial riots within the same year. One during a Maulidur Rasul procession and another a Malay trishaw peddlar attacked to death by a group of chinese within their vicinity. As usual both were maliciously planned and sparked by the chinese.

      Afraid of the of the strong Communism influentials in Singapore then (funded by the Bank of China) which could spread to throughout the Peninsula the Malaysian government had no choice but to unleased the wild boars free by granting their Independence, while the Malays in the island are considered – collateral damage.

      The chinese in Malaysia should learn from the Opium Wars their ancestors lost on their own soils of mainland China. For the Malays, will we make the same mistakes again, this time self-inflicted collateral damage?

      Or Me? Tor For?

  3. Ms H. When the Chinese, Malaysian Chinese decided to support the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP, they had a choice in their actions

    1. To support the DAP means supporting a foreign political entity.

    2. To support the DAP means supporting a political racist entity.

  4. DAP rasis dan hipokrit… what else is new? ..same all tune they play over and over bangsa malaysian konon…. tak rasis konon… habis mse pru sape2x yg ada muka iras2x mamak kah arab kah punjabi kah dia tahan dan cuba halang dari mengundi.. poodah dia rasa muka dia tu malaysianlah sangat

  5. “The only one thing that the DAP spin has probably got right about the GE13 results is the increase in Malay youth support for their party.”

    The tide has changed quite remarkable since the Allah issue. Majority of Malay muslim youths opposed the use by christians as championed by DAP (refer recent poll). Made worse by PAS and PKR who were at loss on how to handle this issue.

    The youths demand straight answers to issues. The worst thing about blatant lie is when corrupt racists and hypocrites like Lim Kit Siang, Tokong S300L Lim and Anwar Satay are not lying when they lie.

  6. ‘I know you don’t believe him but the good thing is that I can provide the data to back you up.’

    Unke apasat lu lagi mau tipu? Talak takut ka nanti itu muka kuda sama kepala lembu tendang sama lu punya buntot?!

  7. Bukan saja manusia, animal kingdom pon racist juga… so why make so much noise? Nature is such.

    You think the tigers can live in peace with pigs or goats?

    Birds of the same flock fly together. Same with marine life.. You think sharks swim around with penguins owh?

  8. Helen,

    Most of my Chinese friends do not believe me when I told them that even in urban area, UMNO has the lion share of Malay votes. As an example, I believe UMNO won at leat 60% odd of malay votes. But as almost entire non Malays (especially chinese) voted PKR, UMNO lost the seat.

    They (my friends) cant accept that urban Malays still voted UMNO in. I told them as they seldom care to mix with Malays beyond reading Malaysiakini, STAR, they fail to grasp Malay thinking.

    As for some seats, UMNO would have won it if UMNO contested it instead allowing MIC, MCA to contest. Remember Alor Setar, Bukit Selambau. The lesson is that Malays too are changing. The days to babysit MCA is coming to its end.

  9. Ms H. It is time all Bloggers realise that there are political parties which have been set-up for a purpose and have issues of legitimacy concerning their foreign baggage and their legal immorality of doing nothing for their constituens.

    It is time all Bloggers realise the open support by a foreign political spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore, is not done by any other foreign political leader in the World.

    His ill-advised Grand Tour of the Ulus in June, 2009, his founding of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP as the Singaporeans were retreating in 1966 and finally his purchase of Thaksin business for US$1.3 Billions, were followed by dire consequences concerning the populace of these 2 friendly and hospitable countries, Thailand and Malaysia. Why should he interfere in the internal domestic politics of these 2 countries ? Why can’t he just mind his own business ? Why must he spied since 1972 on his abang adeks, neighbours and friends and pass on the information to 3rd Parties ?

  10. Semua Melayu tahu siapa sebenarnya father of all chauvinist racist.
    BIAR dia SYOK SENDIRI…………….

  11. Well, it does show that the Chinese last election threw almost all support to the Chinese dominated DAP despite all Najib’s attempt to get them supporting BN.

    I’m just worried that this support to a party that’s blatantly anti Malay and dishonest about it also implies that the rest of the Chinese share their ideals and hatred as well. It would be silly to think that extremists could only come from Malays and Chinese and others are exempt and immune from racism, especially after a lot of propaganda fed to them.

    If authorities are not careful, we could see hate crimes coming from both sides that could escalate to worse things.

  12. To neutralize the Chinese tsunami is for UMNO to merge with PAS since MCA and Gerakan are being rejected by the Chinese.

    There is no two way about this because the Chinese think that they can take control over Malaysia through DAP. They do not believe anymore of cooperating/living together with the Malays.

    That is the reality today and that the Zmalays have to wise up to this reality.

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