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The Christians MUST be challenged now!

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7 thoughts on “The Christians MUST be challenged now!

  1. I think it is your agenda to make a huha to exaggerate the threat of Christian. What she said is correct. The Chinese Christian would not use Allah in their Chinese, English service. BM is even rare among the Chinese Christian. I think it is your agenda to provoke the Malay Muslim to go against and if possible see them act violently against the Christians especially Chinese. You are looking forward for another 513 between the DAP and UMNO using religion s provocation.

    1. Hullo, when you claim that more than one-and-a-half million people are involved in something, then you should back up your numbers with the accredited source.

      She claims that one-and-a-half million Christians can only speak bahasa Melayu. I’d like to be able to verify the source of her info.

      FYI, the figures I put up are from the Department of Statistics. You can go and retrieve the figures there if you wish to double check.

      Imagine if I were to say that one-and-a-half million Malaysians are HIV positive. Can I simply conjure up such a figure and not tell you from where I cited it?

      And if she says that “BM service is rare” (as you claim she did), then why kick up such a big fuss here in the peninsula?

      The government has been willing to find a compromise for Sabah and Sarawak.

    2. They are now moving into Plan C. Try to de-legitimise the East Malaysian Christians who use the word ‘Allah’.

      Plan A was to spread the myth that Christians in Malaysia are mostly Chinese or Indian. That has been disproved, since around 60 percent of them are Bumiputera.

      Plan B was to accuse the Christians of using the word only recently. That fell flat, as it was proven they had been actually using it long before Merdeka in 1957, and certainly long before the formation of Malaysia.

      James Masing and Bernard Dompok, among others, would disapprove.

      1. re: “That has been disproved, since around 60 percent of them are Bumiputera.”

        You could be correct on this. Perhaps Patricia Martinez’s “64 percent” refers to what you’re saying. She should clarify.

  2. Why should she reveal her source to political parasite like you who is hell bent on nothing but inciting? Why?

    1. Hullo. Data is data. Data is not a “political” source.

      Data must be open to scrutiny and cross-checking. You cannot simply pluck a figure from thin air. Can I similarly say that 64 percent of Chinese in the Klang Valley are Christians without citing who (which agency) enumerated the figures?

      The Christians have been demanding the same of the Muslims — to provide the murtad numbers too. I have blogged the same suggesting Hasan Ali, Zul Noordin, et al to give provide the data to back up their claims. I’m fair to both sides.

      You, on the other hand, with your incessant name-calling, are very revealing of what kind of people you are that support the evangelistas.

      1. Helen,

        What I find more interesting is that when trying to back up the data some people will resorted to used percentages. Then they convinienly forget to provided the data sources. The data creadiblity cannot be checked too. And this people call themselves a learn people of higher degree.

        Interesting fact to pounder, if you distributed the questionaires to local areas where a lot of people’s using Malay as their daily main comunication languages and the local also Critianity in relegions than you can get those data especially if you distributes it to Sabah and Serawak.

        It also interesting to notes that the Sabah and Serawak local Malay languages actually a lot more similer with Indonesian Malay. Thus why the Bahasa Melayu Bible from Indonesia was widely accepted there for century.

        How comes to awares about the existing of this data? A friends kids use to tell me about his studies and one of his assignment need him to do a questionaires studies about the local.

        I cannot provides you with a link because I cannot find anythings on line. I guess the Uni didn’t republish this studies on line. But I saw the articles and known of it’s existings as I’m the one who help him print it out before he’s going back to Serawak.

        You can check Uni Serawak and Sabah for this student articles..


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