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If Dapsters are anti-corruption, then I’m Li Ka-shing’s granddaughter

Kudos to Maximus Johnity Ongkili tapi kesian kat Paul Low.

Water, Energy and Green Technology Minister Maximus J. Ongkili became the first Christian in the cabinet to openly distance himself from the church’s demand in court to use the ‘Allah’ word, the Daily Express reported today.

According to Sabah’s largest circulation daily, Ongkili had blamed the opposition for politicizing the ‘Allah’ issue until it became emotive.

Ongkili is also quoted by the paper as saying he can always address God as “Bapa Syurga” in Malay, “Kinorohingan” in his native Kadazan dialect or “Jehovah” or “Yahweh” in Latin/Hebrew and the lack of the ‘Allah’ word would not affect his quality of worship any.

Meanwhile, Ongkili’s fellow Christian cabinet member Paul Low – who is also the only Chinese Minister in the present Najib administration – is unfairly receiving a shelling from the evangelistas.

Paul Low has no integrity or transparency, says Guan Eng

You can read their comments in the readers’ feedback to today’s:

BELOW: We really need to find another planet for some oppo people …


Dapster-evangelistas slandering Minister Paul

The current online bashing of Minister Paul by the Malaysiakini mob is in tune with the lead given by Lim Guan Eng earlier in TMI — article screenshot above. The DAP sec-gen screamed that “Paul Low has no integrity”. Guan Eng is actually talking about himself.

What kind of people are they … that always want to try – most baselessly and without an iota of evidence – to drag other people’s good name into the mud?

Paul Low is the former chairman of Transparency International’s Malaysian chapter.

The Chinese scream that they are the greatest crusaders against corruption in the country. They declare the main reason that they want to UBAH the federal government is because they (these Bersih suci Chinese) are anti-corruption.

Nonetheless when the Minister tasked to tackle corruption has just outlined the concrete steps which are pledged by the government to alleviate the problem, they run him down with their Developers Above People (DAP party) bulldozers.


Evangelista’s favourite word

One Cinapek evangelista calling himself ‘Fair & Just’ called Paul “a third-class minority minister” (comment screenshot above):

‘Hello, like ex-mca Ling said ‘you should know your place under the sun’. Paul you are a chinapek, a third-class minority minister among the master racist ministers. Do your words or action carry any weight? It will be when the day the sun rises from the west.

‘Fair & Just’, with his slur that other people are low class, sounds like a staunch follower of Madame Speaker.

Another Cinapek calling himself ‘Taxpayer’ commented:

“This asshole talk cock ! First thing first, make MACC report to parliament and ministers declare their assets publicly. IF he cannot do that, better go lick Najib’s asshole !”



The evangelista malice and viciousness

Among the Dapster responses to the two articles on Paul Low’s efforts to eradicate corruption:

(See screenshots below)

  • “Paul, you are the greatest joker of this century. You are not only blind, you spoke with your conscience covered, you are the greatest hypocrite that I ever know.”
  • “What kind of Christian are you?”
  • “why waste time?”
  • “A whole lot of energetic talk cork”
  • “Paul, why you talk so stupidly. … don’t tokkok!!!”
  • “Life is good as a millionaire isn’t it? Paul Low how low will you go? Your surname is a prove that you are indeed a ‘Low’ life.”
  • “This fellow has sold everything for position”
  • “Paul, seems like you had a whiff of something before you spoke.”
  • “when ministers grow old…… they also go senile”

Do the comments above indicate to you that the opposition supporters will back whatever programmes are created to fight corruption?

Their tone demonstrates that they don’t really care about solving problems or improving the situation. All they want to do is destroy.







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20 thoughts on “If Dapsters are anti-corruption, then I’m Li Ka-shing’s granddaughter

  1. As much as I lauded his keberanian and his moderate thinking, I personally thinks the silence so far, as I have pointed out before too ffc, on Allah issues is baffling to say the least.

    Christians and churches that disagrees with Pakiam and his bunch of religious terrorist evangelists, should make their voices heard.

    Where are they when ‘Reza Azlan’ laughs at us? Where are they when the Herald mocked and agitating us on daily basis? When Malaysiakini and Malaysia Insider publishes berat sebelah bordering to lies (after lies) on Allah issues?

    Is it fun to sit still and watch the bullies simply because the laugh is not on us? If you ikhlas, so much of love thy neighbor, please la, tell Pakiam and his cohorts to stop this nonsense war on Muslims!

    ACDC stop the lies already the Bumiputera has spoken!

    ‘“Kinorohingan” in his native Kadazan dialect…’

    ACDC lu semayang lu sebut apa, God ka Lord ka Tua Pek Kong ka? Please jangan tipu and says you semayang sama Bapa Syruga, kita orang sudah tau ma, lu BM manyak lemah!

    1. Mate, it works both ways. When Muslims like Marina Mahathir goes against the grain & supports the usage of the word by Christians, she was condemned & called all kinds of names.

      Now if everyone can just shut the f**k up & allow the appeal to run its’ course first, I think life would be more peaceful & less stressful for Muslims & Christians alike.

      I prefer to spare myself the aggravation since the law still provides an avenue for the issue to be resolved. After all, we can count on UMNO/Perkasa & DAP/suspect NGOs led nationalists/evangelistas to whip the crowd up in a frenzy whatever the outcome.

      If they can’t be mature about it, let them all kill each other lah. How I call my God & you call your Allah makes us answerable only to the Creator, not to men.

      1. ‘How I call my God & you call your Allah makes us answerable only to the Creator, not to men.’

        I’m sure it would do us all good of you could convey this to Pakiam and SIB, mate.

  2. Corruption has always been equated to 💰💴💵💷💶. Dapsters need to know that cronyism and nepotism is also a form of corruption.

    They are a far cry from being anti corruption.

    Tokong is corrupted to the hilt – camry to mercedes within 3 months.

    Salary hikes at such disgusting percentages.

    Local councils in selangor and penang all dominated by dapsters.

    Their partners in crime are just as corrupted. PKNS according to the MB will save rm7 million a year as a result of the sacking of the 20 staff. Do your math?

    PAS under tgna cheated on the tanah rakyat, just recently being taken to court on the highway deal.

    The list goes on.

    Helen, can i be li ka-shing’s other granddaughter?

    1. Fazillah,

      Your examples above would warrant the MACC to conduct investigation. Question is will MACC really investgate?

      1. Agree that macc should look into it.

        The QUESTION is – are dapsters anti-corruption.

        The ANSWER is – in name only but not in reality.

        The biggest fiasco is the CEC election. Blatant corruption. Being addressed by ROS but DAP accused them of being in UMNO’s payroll etc etc.

        Even the more rational DAP members cannot get the likes of tokong n his father to acknowledge the fiasco of the CEC.

        Dap has 2 sets of rules. Ok for DAP (PAKATAN)

        but not ok for UMNO (BN).

        1. re: Agree that macc should look into it.

          We have both agreed. Many Malaysians would agree also.

          Then, why no action from the authorities like MACC or Police? The action by ROS are limited to administrative matters governing societies. The substantial issue on the allegation of corruption is not addressed at all.

          Where is MACC and Police?

  3. “On the claim that Christians want to use “Allah” as a translation for God in order to convert Muslims, he said there is no proof of this. By and large, he believed Christians are law-abiding, know their boundary and are aware that proselytising Muslims is prosecutable.”

    No comment, Helen?

  4. I want to be Madonna. Ajib is really practising Christian values to love ones neighbour and to turn when slapped. Actually to turn when ass kicked by every DAPster.
    What kind of Christian is Terasa or Tokong? Incite and get offended when people retaliate. Make a video and get the heat? No, make a police report.
    Apa Cina Kristian DAP mahu lagi?

    1. Wow from slapping miss Kok the Cinas selling the issue as being Melayu slapping a Cina.

      Even a Cina could claim the RM1200 for slapping miss Kok. An Indian also could. Its not that the offer ‘slap’ Cina Only or Mandarin speaking only offer!

      Apa lagi Cina mahu indeed!

  5. When ‘The Chinese scream that they are the greatest crusaders against corruption in the country’….

    Saya rasa nak tergelak besar tapi saya tahan gelak saya dalam perut sebab taknak orang sebelah dengar.

    Macamanala this chinese yang merupakan kaum paling kuat beri dan terima rasuah boleh jadi ‘greatest crusader against corruption’ saya sendiri pun jadi keliru.

    Tanyalah kaum mana sekalipun, pasti semua jari akan dituding kepada kaum cina sebagai pengamal rasuah tegar…..

    Agaknya bila sudah join DAP maka semua cina perasuah sudah bertaubat kot?

  6. Paul Low kena buli kaw-kaw. I suspect it’s why most Christians who don’t agree with using the word Allah kept quiet all these times – to avoid the guns from the evangelistas away from them :(

  7. Ms H. I am just as interested as you are on the shenanigans of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP in 1969 as compared with those in 2014. Maybe through your expertise, it is high time to compare the slogans, the cliches, etc side by side between 1969 and 2014. It is interesting to find out whether the Singapura Lion has changed its spots. There is the question of the DAP legitimacy issues which have to be answered.

  8. Dear Helen

    I hope you are well.

    I agree what kind of people are they. I agree with your highlighting all the perceived and overt transgressions and hypocrisy displayed by PR. I know you have written at length regarding the reasons for your “crusade” against the DAP. Sorry for the choice of words. m

    I just have to ask humbly – are you doing this because they did something awful to you personally or is this mission fueled out of unadulterated altruism to save the country from the DAP.

    Please take care and hope you keep well.

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