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Video Teresa itu “lucu” lah, Najib digesa untuk berkata

Bersambung dari ‘Hannah mahu tindakan polis diambil terhadap pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam yang tunjuk perasaan‘.

Dua hari lepas,  Lim Guan Eng telah men’hijack’ upacara pemujaan oleh orang Cina di Pulau Pinang sempena perayaan tahun baru untuk memberi sebuah ucapan menghasut yang berjudul ‘Penang will counter Umno’s dangerous games of playing with the fires of racial and religious hatred with the weapons of social justice, economic prosperity, good governance and clean leadership’.

Hari ini pula Lim Kit Siang mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar bertajuk ‘Call on IGP to form a special team to investigate the incessant incitement of racial and religious hatred, conflict and tension to create another May 13 riots in the past few months and to nip the nefarious and treacherous plot in the bud’.

Kata Kit Siang:

“Two days passed without the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak or any top government Minister publicly condemning the criminal activities of the self-styled Council of Islamic NGOs on Thursday.”

Tajuk sebuah rencana Malaysiakini hari ini mengatakan penyokong pembangkang mahu melempang Najib pada hari mengundi nanti (bawah).

Malaysiakini Slap Najib

Be entertained

“Najib should say he found video clip funny”

Beberapa hari lepas, Lim Kit Siang telah berkata bahawa Shafie Apdal dan Shabery Cheek tidak betul dalam tafsiran mereka terhadap maksud klip video CNY Teresa Kok itu kerana kedua-dua orang menteri tersebut tidak faham bahasa Kantonis.

Dalam blog Kit Siang hari ini pula, ia sebaliknya disyorkan:

“At the same time, Prime Minister Najib Razak should say that he has found the video clip quite funny and well acted, even if he thinks it is inaccurate and wrong in its insinuations.”

Najib kini digesa untuk memberitahu orangramai yang beliau mendapati bahawa klip video Teresa itu “sebenarnya lucu serta ia dilakonkan dengan bagus sekali”. Syor ini dicadangkan sebagai jalan penyelesaian yang terbaik kepada kontroversi “ma lai sai leh ah” yang timbul.

Advice to All Politicians: Keep Calm, Cool and Collected

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LKS advise Najib1

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14 thoughts on “Video Teresa itu “lucu” lah, Najib digesa untuk berkata

  1. Helen,

    One effective principle that Najib or practically anyone in this planet must understand is that diplomacy, leniency will never work with DAP

    Najib must be firm with DAP. Only firmness will send the message across to DAP that there is a limit to everything. That there is a line that DAP or any political party must not cross. That he(Najib) is prepared to be unpopular for punishing them.

    DAP as far as I can remember thrives with “fitnah” just like its “vassal” , PAS and PKR. Theresa insulted Najib, ridiculed the Lahad Datu incident. That is a manifestation of :kurang ajar’.

    That is a manifestation of playing with racial card. And she must be punished.

    It does not take rocket science to appreciate why Malaysia was spared of religious and racial conflicts during the tenure of Tun Dr Mahathir or even his predecessor,, ever cordial Tun hussein. Both are no nonsense guys.

    Theresa Kok’s antics if done during Tun Dr Mahathir’s office is enough to land her under ISA.

    Najib’s refusal to decide or act make thing worse. Refusal to to be firm is a sign of weaknesses. Which translate into people insulting your wife. something that nobody dares to do during Tun Mahathir or even Tun Razak or Tun Hussen’s tenures.

    Malaysia is fast approaching another bloodbath.

  2. Not too long ago , one Fake Green guy threatened to burn down Lynas , no action was taken against him, so why is it so much fuss about this slapping a COCK ? Look at it deeper, again it is about Race. My own race is always not racist. The whole issue now is just a COCK

  3. This one is up to DS Najib, if he wants to be cuckolded and humiliate himself even further after some comedian wannabe politician insulting, insinuating and lying about him, his family and also the country on a poorly timed video with zero taste and decency, who are we to stop him?

    Silence won’t be elegant too, we Malays always had the saying, silence means consent.

    Just as Teresa Kok claims she’s being sarcastic with the ma whatever chinese phrase, perhaps LKS is being sarcastic with this statement and actually daring DS Najib to do anything, if he thinks the video is bad and he has any balls to fight back.

    The people don’t have to do anything to defend DS Najib, because after all their reactions would only be deemed extreme, racist, violent, barbaric, inflammatory, whatever, and DS Najib would do nothing to defend them back for standing up for you.

  4. Helen, like always DEMOCRACY is for DAP only, others no DEMOCRACY rights. Opposition can do anything they want even disturbing the peace while others if you do it and annoyed them then its wrong, police must take action otherwise police PILIH KASIH. That’s opposition and that Malaysian Democracy .

  5. “the incessant incitement of racial and religious hatred, conflict and tension to create another May 13 riots in the past few months” what the Old Cock Lim said is right, but then who started all this incitements? Just as the Cock issue, Dapsters always like to provoke first, then when there are reactions, they look like there are the victims now

  6. I don’t want my so called elected leaders to be ‘funny’ or ‘well-acted’ in any freaking videos. That’s a job for comedians and actors. I want leaders to do their freaking JOB!

    also, LKS seriously want to tell people what to do? =___=

    also, people seriously BELIEVE what LKS is writing?! dear god.

  7. Hello Kit Siang. I am a Malaysian. Why should I be interested to see a video in a NATIONAL language of the PRC?. Why should Najib want to see that video. Lebih2 lagi diterbit by Teresa Kok?

    Mau cheap publicity ke? Not enough viewerships?

    Even after reading Helen’s blog pun tak tergerak dlm hati mau click and watch. That lady only good to serve her community of her bahasa Ibunda speakers owh.. so let them enjoy the video la, why sibuk2 nak publicise?

    Kalau nak translate subs into BM/BI better make sure Teresa is not involved, nanti dia tunggang terbalik pronunciation, dah lagi messy misunderstandings..

    Haiyaa Apek Kit Siang, CNY belum selesai pon duk sibuk nak gaduh2 ke? You people make sure no Lion dance nonsense soon on the street Okay.. Give more respect to others who don’t follow your beliefs – confine all those activities in temple compound only OKAY.. And for those who needs blessings, go get yr blessings from the lions at your temples. Nak donate, use ebanking… UBAH with the times OKAY..

    And Cap Goh Mey.. don’t pollute our air with all the crackers smokes and noise. Ask your Red Beans to drive whatever Ghosts home using net facilities cukup ya.. Ghosts also have to learn to UBAH their ways..

    1. Itu Namewee tak bikin video CNY ke?

      Mintak Teresa Kok sponsor.. make sure don’t use cloth lions, go rent from zoo negara few live lions and let those animals dance for real in front of all your premises.

      UBAH jgn tak UBAH.. Use real lions.. What say you Namewee?

      Haiyaa.. few nights already, my place filled with all the smokes from fire crackers and the endless noise.. Hoi.. Budak2 kecil mau tidoq le, semua orang termasuk orang tua2 pun mau tidoq.. tarak otak ke?

  8. This silence from Najib must be really painful n hurtful to LKS, the silent treatment :)

    “Spiteful words can hurt your feelings but silence breaks your heart”

    1. Silence is Golden…ROTFL. Frankly I have said before, Najib’s silence is deafening to the DAP and Pakatan.

  9. I think the article was written by Koon Yew Yin. He did advise TK to apologise which is the decent thing to do since she mocked others. But asking Najib to say it’s funny is really stretching it bit too far…

  10. Teresa got no humour. Slapping her is also funny.
    That is why we watch Laurel and Hardy.
    New Christianity by Taoist rejects.
    Do to others what you dont want others to do you.
    Hate thy neighbour.
    Always bear false witness.

    They destroyed Taoism now Christianity. Thanks to DAP Christians become the most hated people in Malaysia.

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