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Najib holidaying in Bermuda

… in the Bermuda Triangle, I mean.

Dunno lah actually where our PM is now. Last Dec 30, Kadir Jasin blogged that Najib Razak could likely be in Las Vegas to catch the new year sunrise.

“Yes, Najib is some sort like kura-kura. Kura-kura suka makan kangkong. Plus kura-kura bergerak sangat ppeelllaahhhaannn and bila ada problem, sembunyi kepala dalam tempurung. Senyap seribu bahasa.”

Waytha’s resignation and Najib the clueless kura-kura - Helen Ang 2014-02-09 19-38-46

Recently on Friday, I posted ‘Najib masih cuti CNY?

Today TMI asked ‘Di mana Najib Razak?’ (see screenshot below).

There is a ROTFL comment by a Zamkata reader. It’s so hilarious that I will kebas and reproduce it here:

Dora Melaka (8 Feb 2014 21:43)

“PM clueless dan khabarnya sedang bercuti kerana cuti tak boleh tangguh macam tangguh masalah.”

Di mana Najib Razak- - The Malaysian Insider 2014-02-09 16-36-03

Not getting a grip

Najib does not control the narrative. For example, Waytha Moorthy’s resignation has just given rise to a mini political circus that is being exploited to enhance the opposition script.

If Najib was in control of things, he would have been the one announcing the departure from government of his erstwhile Deputy Minister with a short, firm statement that sets the tone of the subsequent public discourse.

He would not have let detractors seize the initiative in framing public perception. But as we can see, nobody from the top establishment is doing any damage control on the breaking news which the oppo are happily milking.


“Najib’s freaking fetish”

Mulan, a regular commenter here asked @ 2014/02/07 at 4:06 pm: “What is Najib’s freaking fetish of trying to please Penang people?”

The PM wastes his time in pursuits that bring no benefit like spending last Christmas in Penang, and similarly last CNY where he got booed by the Penang crowd who attended the free, BN-sponsored concert by Korean popstar Psy.

I’ve said this before. Najib boleh buat hantaran 7 tempayan airmata anak dara Puteri Umno dan tujuh treler penuh dengan tas tangan Birkin kepada orang Cina Pulau Pinang namun mereka tidak akan berganjak walau satu inci pun daripada benci dan hasad dengki yang tersemat di dada mereka terhadap beliau.

He would have better spent his time and resources paying at least some decent little attention to the Indian poor problems that Hindraf was trying to get him interested in.

Twitter - mpkotabelud

“Kurang ajar”

My regular commenter Sarah has made what I feel to be a realistic evaluation of the current scenario. I’m reproducing her comment, originally @ 2014/02/09 at 2:33 pm, below with minor editing on spelling and grammar.

Sarah’s comment:


“I don’t think that in this situation the Malay will care what treatment they will get from PM. They simply don’t trust Chinese, period.

One by one the stories, I guess some of it is rumour, surfaced. A story how the Chinese is trying to cheat them [Malays] when the price of some items which was high the last week and this week, after the enforcement of the price control by government, the prices of those items go down.

The story about how the Chinese officer who refused to attend to them in investment [opportunity] chided they’re busy but when he [the Malay] came back after 5 minutes, the same officer is busily explaining about the same business portfolios to the Chinese [client].

This is a sample of the stories I heard yesterday. I mean, really, it [political temperature] is getting hotter by the minute.

I think the Malay sees that in Umno you can replace the president with a motion and with enough forces and requests from akar umbi (like  first PM TAR and then Tun A), it can really happen.

They don’t see today’s situation as Najib’s fault right now. They see it — it is the Chinese’s fault. They [Chinese] are the ones who created this situation.

Unlike some of us who are busy reading blogs, a lot of these people are busy attending to their day-to-day life. Their stories are centered around what they’re facing daily. That is what I read on the ground in a suburban area where the community is a mix of the lower, middle and higher income people. Majority of them is Malay.

These people will discuss Bantuan Persekolahan, BRIM, income tax closing dates, Tekun and much more. Last year I joined this group once in a while and their discussion was centering around these matters.

Suddenly in the past few months, it morphed into Chinese kurang ajar. If this kind of people have started to discuss this, what do you suppose is brewing inside their mind and heart? It makes you wonder how the kampung folks feel. Based on a few places I visited, similar things brewing too.

Do the Malays care what they will get from PM? I don’t think they care. PM already gives them BRIM, Bantuan Persekolahan, Tekun and much more. It is enough for now and with a few more [programmes] they foresee all coming to the Malay, they don’t care.

I got the impression that they only care about what they view as the survival of Malay which is now facing a threat from the Chinese.

A dangerous sentiment is brewing among the Malays. I read in history that this sentiment was once brewing among the Malays. It is like seeing the history repeated once again and this time it is live in front of my face.

I’m afraid it can explode and we will facing another tragedy and we will be the one in the history books, read by our children and grandchildren as  the people who are living in it.”




Najib is suffering from a major failure to read the rumbling grassroots sentiments. Not to mention now he has lost even that bit of Indian ground which could have been provided by Hindraf to the BN.

Najib is allowing the minority to bully the majority and to pijak kepala everything that the majority holds sacred in this land.

We cannot tahan Lim Guan Eng and his DAP evangelistas who are so conniving and so manipulative as to portray themselves the victims.

Twitter - mpkotabelud- Sejak 2008, DAP bertubi2 mengasak

Twitter - cmlimguaneng- @Ambiga_S He the Minister who


But the clueless kura-kura Prime Minister is making all the wrong moves and sending out all the wrong signals. Very soon it will not only be the rebel bloggers targetted by the PMO operatives who are revolting but large swathes of the Malay ground.

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23 thoughts on “Najib holidaying in Bermuda

  1. HOLD ON!…Najib has ceased to be a kura-kura. He has now morphed into a PATUNG KURA-KURA. Patung can neither walk nor talk. That’s why you neither see nor hear him!

  2. I’m begging and pleading you UMNO members once again. Please remove your president! Soonest the best!

  3. Helen

    Najib ni ingat bila dia pergi ke luar negara semua masalah yang dia tinggalkan akan hilang. Tetapi dia lupa bahawa semua masalah yang dia tinggal-tinggalkan itu, akan tersenyum menyambut dia ketika sampai di lapangan terbang.

    Nampak sangat orang yang memberi nasehat kepada Najib, adalah orang yang mempunyai tujuan untuk memalukan dia di mata masyarakat Malaysia.

  4. i’m honestly scared, Helen. My dad went thru may 13 event. it wasn’t pleasant for him. I don’t want it to happen in this generation. But as much as I hate it it really feels like we’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

      1. you’re right, but the event will leave a mark on the rest of us Malaysians. If we have already started viewing one another with suspicion now, imagine after something like that!

        things are not really getting better here on the ground either – while S’wakians are generally quite laid-back still, negative sentiments are already simmering beneath, esp among S’wakians who used to work in S’pore/ Peninsular. I do believe this whole Allah issue is also used to appeal to the S’wakians, whose population of Christians far outweigh the Muslims here, and already some people are sporting that ‘victim mentality’ (of how they’re being persecuted) despite this state having far more churches than there are mosques.

        Apparently lots of lecturers ‘imported’ from the peninsular are ‘infiltrating’ places like UNIMAS under the guise of teaching political science etc but are actually bringing in partial/bias sentiments aligned with their political preference. I think we’re going to see uni kids mindlessly yelling ‘revolution/ democracy/free education/kerajaan zalim’ while lying down on roads wearing Guy Fawkes masks on this end soon enough .

        p/s so tired of seeing those stupid Guy Fawkes masks. I read the actual graphic novel the movie is based on, long before the movie was released and it has so much contextual message that these faux Guy Fawkes mask-wearing posers will never get it’s just frustrating.

        1. re: “negative sentiments are already simmering beneath, esp among S’wakians who used to work in S’pore/ Peninsula”

          DAP poison is something terrible.

    1. My blood boils everytime I see Kit Siang, Guang Eng, Cock HY and the DAP likes on the news or hear their voice. What does that indicate? A turn for the better or worst? I am sure I am not alone.

      1. the provocations sudah tahap melampau, orang-orang Melayu dulu kena hina on daily basis dalam suratkhabar Cina, theSun dan Star pun ‘xmengamuk’ sampai macam ni!

        hmmm…tick tock tick tock, KOK tiket kapal terbang dah beli ke belum?

        1. The J-Star belongs to MCA which is a BN component party. If Najib as BN chairman doesn’t want to say or do anything, then don’t complain.

    2. I doubt it will happen. Certain quarters allied with Barisan Nasional have been trying to light the flames, but their actions have been akin to tossing a match on wet grass on a rainy day.

      With internet and social media, it is very easy to expose any events aimed at sparking a race riot as orchestrated.

  5. I org Islam. Tapi I tak faham le kenapa org melayu sokong perasuah, penzina, perompak harta rakyat ,penipu dll

  6. also, *praying hard it will not happen* but hypothetically speaking, if it happens in Penang, does this mean we’ll lose Penang too, like we lost Singapore back then?

  7. Salam. Saya amat bersetuju dgn Idris. Sesungguhnya bangun lah bangsa ku Melayu, kita telah dipijak2 oleh “kaum ABCD” yg batas2 perkauman mereka yg melampau.

    Sedarlah dan bangunlah bangsaku Melayu…. demi bangsa, agama n ibu pertiwi.

  8. Dear Helen,

    Tiru Macam Helen

    Wishing you good health thru out this year of the Horse.

    Saya kagum dengan kecekalan anda. Saya berdoa agar anda tidak akan putus asa dan berhenti menulis. Exposekan semua kegiatan Dapster yang jijik. Juga kelemahan Najib’s administration.

    I noticed in recent times, most of the pro-gov bloggers that used to be very critical of Najib have stopped doing so. I’m sure Tuan Syed Akbar and gang have got their reasons. And these reasons whatever they are, are not good enough for me and many others.

    For that reason, I pray that you will persevere. Your writings, meticulous analysis and arguments have kept me and many others aware of all the “tersurat dan tersirat”. It has convinced us that our suspicions are indeed true.

    To other bloggers, or those with penchants for writing, pls lah
    “Tiru Macam Helen”

    Sincerely praying for your well being.

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