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Tentera Selempang Merah-flavoured banners are unfurled

An FMT reporter criticized Teresa’s video.

If you want to know what the DAP supporters are really like, you must check out the reader comments to the said reporter’s article —

Twitter - JebatMustDie- That @TeresaKok youtube video ... 2014-02-10 12-46-27

Mind you, these are the same oppo people who preach blithely about “building bridges” and “national reconciliation”.

In my previous posting ‘Di mana ada sarang tebuan, di situ evangelista DAP akan jolok‘, I had said that there is a message embedded in the banner below carried by the anti-Teresa protestors.


The message is not in the words in red. It is instead contained in the words in blue — “Sg Manik, Batu Pahat, Muar“. Those who still don’t get it are buta sejarah and there are plenty of these kind of blinkered people in the Dapster ranks.

These banners are coming up because of the kebiadaban yang tiada tolok banding yang terus-menerus ditonjolkan puak evangelista DAP.

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8 thoughts on “Tentera Selempang Merah-flavoured banners are unfurled

  1. Orang Melayu kalau dah mengamuk nanti semua habis. Nasihatkan lah masyarakat Cina ni jangan terjebak dengan permainan DAP ni Helen.

    1. I don’t think so anymore, Malays wont run amok anymore, Malays have been a complacent lot for the past ten twenty years or so. (reserve for those with unstable minds out there).

      Most of us think “we already have the ATM and PDRM to take care of the nation’s/malay’s security/interests” ….. they are more prepared and equipped ….. at least we think lah.

      Then why going with all the trouble when in the end we’ll be labelled as terrorists and thrown behind bars. Especially most of us has our families to take care of, family will always comes first. I think the same goes to all Malaysians.

      The perpetrators (penjolok sarang tebuan) knows also that the authorities won’t simply allow any aggressions towards the citizens especially the Chinese. Chinese (DAPsters) who are only throwing words of insults and hoping the Malays (a very small numbers that they are not very worried of) will react with resorting to minimum aggressions. e.g? with a threat to slap also, Ms Kok already jumped hiding behind a police report.

      Melayus now are more lemah lembut if not lembut all over.

      1. “……Especially most of us has our families to take care of, family will always comes first. ……”

        Meaning to say all those people involved in 1956 riots and the late 90s shrine disputes are sebatang kara Malays.

        Hidup Islam Lib. ! Hidup wahans!

  2. Spot on. Just days after Lim’s crocodile tears of urging Najib to join hand to build bridges, DAP goes the other way to inflame hatred and racial discord.

    Will they ever change ?

    DAP is a double-headed snake – one preaches Bangsa Malaysia while the other spew racist poison and stoke hatred.

    1. kamarul,

      Najib is busy defending the right of those waging war against BN, UMNO and entire malay community.

  3. Those who lived thru May 13 will understand the message in blue on the banner. I lived in Kg Baru on that fateful day and I can still remember busloads of Selendang Merah people assembling at the MB’s (Dato’ Haron Idris) residence which happened to be opposite where I lived.

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