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Najib, a kura-kura in hiding

Ahmad Mustapha Hassan, a former press secretary to Tun Razak, today shares his views on why Najib does not have the qualities to be PM.


Ahmad Mustapha wrote in his column ‘Najib losing the moral right to lead the country‘, published in the news portal Ant Daily:

  • Najib does not have control of his own government
  • Najib does not have the full backing of his own political party
  • Najib is not decisive
  • Najib is unable to act promptly
  • Najib does not have a vision and a goal

Ahmad Mustapha makes this damning indictment: “Unfortunately, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak has none of the above qualities [in control, decisive, prompt, visionary, achievement-oriented] and will never have any of these leadership traits”.

tortoise upside down

Furthermore, according to Ahmad Mustapha:

  • Najib’s intelligence is questionable
  • Najib is over-dependent on foreign consultants
  • Najib spends the rakyat’s money as if there is no tomorrow, both on his consultants and on other things
  • Najib has no basic understanding of simple economics (c.f. the “classic kangkung episode”)

Ahmad Mustapha feels that Najib is “the first prime minister of Malaysia who has become the butt of jokes for the things he did and for the things he said.”

Other than that, Ahmad Mustapha also highlights that:

  • Najib has no credible team
  • Najib never came out with any definitive statement on the ‘Allah’ word
  • Najib avoids facing controversy. He fears offending the Muslims. He also fears offending the non-Muslims
  • Najib never walks the talk but he flies away out of Malaysia as often as he likes
  • Najib is not in control; he has lost control of the government, of the party and of the country

Ahmad Mustapha concludes with the advice that Najib’s time “should end promptly for the sake of the future of the people and the country”.


Contrasting the distinguished father and the son, Ahmad Mustapha is convinced that Najib is found very much wanting when compared to our country’s second prime minister.

Ahmad Mustapha’s article is screenshot at the bottom of this page.

All of the points reproduced above are solely the views of Ahmad Mustapha. As mentioned in the intro, he is Tun Razak’s former press secretary.

I would however disagree with Ahmad Mustapha when he says that Najib has no credible team. Some of the Cabinet members appear to be competent.

It is just most unfortunate that Najib has a Menteri Kangkung – winner of the Shout! Awards – who daily screams for attention. The honorable Prime Minister has all the wrong people the closest around him who are walking disasters for a continued BN rule of the country.

BELOW: Tweet by Khairy Jamaluddin’s press secretary

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33 thoughts on “Najib, a kura-kura in hiding

  1. I would take these comments with a bucket of salt. First red flag is that the antdaily carried it and secondly, of all people he was featured. Why would antdaily feature him unless he fits with their anti govt agenda?

    While some comments are valid but most of it merely recycles the same accusations that pro-PR media had been throwing.

    1. The points are as they are.

      Pro-BN people can ponder critically on what the man said and evaluate for themselves.

      Methinks the Ant Daily portal might be crashed for publishing it, wink. That’s how Team Najib apparently deals with online criticism — Shoot the Messenger.

      1. Refuting these allegations is simple, Najib cannot suddenly turn from Cindrella to a pumpkin. This is no Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. The agenda of PR is to present Najib as indecisive and weak and run him down. People like Ahmad Mustapha is merely another pawn in their game who gets his 15 sec of fame as he fits with their agenda.

        The moment he says something that doesn’t he’ll get discarded – just ask Hindraf.

  2. I never wanted to believe an old rumour about Najib that he did not pass MCE the first time he took it.

    1. Jahat lah you dropping rumours here.

      All rumours should be disbelieved until proof is furnished.

        1. Oh, you squat in my blog 24/7 and are so often the first one to comment because you like reading rumours?

      1. quote,”All rumours should be disbelieved until proof is furnished.”unquote.

        That’s what I said in my post.

        Me jahat? Hahaha… So all bloggers also jahat laa…I bet no bloggers are free from ‘rumor-mongering’ in their blogs. I am too lazy to quote your past blogs to show that you are also ‘jahat’.

        1. re: “I am too lazy to quote your past blogs to show that you are also ‘jahat’.”

          Some operatives think I’m so jahat that I’ve been red-dotted and my blog DDoS attacked.

  3. helen,
    also sorry off-topic, for the billion gazillionth time, “God” in Malay is not Allah and Allah is Ar-Rab in the Qur’an.

      1. The Meaning of Ar-Rabb, the Lord

        Ar-Rabb is the owner who has full authority over his property. Ar-Rabb, linguistically means, the master or the one who has the authority to lead. All of these meanings are correct for Allah. When it is alone, the word Rabb is used only for Allah. As for other than Allah, it can be used to say Rabb Ad-Dar, the master of such and such object. Further, it was reported that Ar-Rabb is Allah’s Greatest Name.

        Source : Tafseer Ibn Kathir, Surah Fathiha

        1. Is ‘melayu kafir harbi’ saying something like Allah is the God and he has x number of names?

          1. I think he’s been studying the Quran on his own without guidance, so terlebih pandai tafsir. Or he gets confused because there are 99 other descriptive names for Allah.

            There is a zikr that most Muslims are familiar with, called the Asmaul Husna roughly translated glorious names of Allah.


            1. Orang kampung…you are as confused as melayu kafir harbi, if not more. Allah is God’s name which he has given Himself..’I’m Allah, there’s no deity/god [“ilah”] but I’. Ibnu katsir was just giving the definition/elaboration of the word “rabb” which is much wider/ all embracing than the word “god” as generally understood.

              Ar-Rabb is not Allah’s name but the most powerful definition of His “Godliness” [off hand, I do not think “ar-rabb” is one of the al-asma ul-husna].

              God’s greatest name is Allah as per surah al- fatihah…AlhamdulIllahi RABBil ‘alamiin [all praise to Allah, the “rabb” of the universe]. Allah is a specific, proper noun whereas, “rabb” & “ilah” are generic Arabic words/ common nouns for “god”. That’s why “Allah” cannot be translated.

              When you want to use the name “Allah” you must refer to the One & Only Being, nothing else. Sori, don’t mean to offend, just to correct. But I stand corrected myself.

              1. BTW, who is thsi melayu kafir harbi? if you are a kafir & a harbi to boot, hands off Islam. kafir-kafir ni is not a play thing!

          2. Why dont you do your own fact finding helen… Allah is definetly not god’s name according to al-quran! according to other book maybe, i’m not sure …. anyway like you said dont shoot the messenger …. Or you can simply ask pengomen2 garang diatas dan dibawah to point you where in al-quran allah is stated as god’s name. Tq


            1. Something as simple as my name is allah and i am god perhaps, any tom dick and harry can come up with their own version of tafseer or interpretation of surah from al-quran, but really the almighty, our rabb tak boleh keluarkan a simple and direct sentence to tell people his name? Helen one thing for sure information without evidence is just mere opinion, you should know better, this people yang garang2 ni semua will probably tell you that logic cannot be applied in their version of truth, jangan bertuhankan logik, itu kafir some of them akan kata, i guess benda yang tak logik is what the put their faith in.


              1. Kalau dah benak sangat sampai tak tahu hujung pangkal, cakap pun ikut-ikutan, lebih baik diam sahaja.

                ‘Terdapat sebuah formula tidak langsung berkenaan besar atau kecilnya populasi Kristian di dalam dunia. ia sentiasa berkait dengan tingkat perkembangan daya intelektual manusia.

                Apabila sesuatu negara itu mempunyai manusia-manusia dengan tingkat daya intelektual tinggi, maka agama Kristian tidak akan dapat subur di situ. Jika negara ini, merupakan sebuah negara dengan Kristian membentuk majoriti populasinya, maka, sebaik daya intelektual mereka meningkat, mereka akan secara beramai-ramai meninggalkan agama Kristian.

                Pada mulanya mereka akan tercari-car arah. Akhirnya apabila bertemu sahaja dengan Islam, mereka akan segera mengenalpasti bahawa agama inilah yang mereka cari. Dan Tuhan di dalam agama inilah yang mereka rindukan selama ini.

                Perhatikan statistik betapa semakin banyak gereja-gereja ditutup di negara-negara barat yang maju. Semasa Kristian subur di barat, zaman itu dikenali sebagai zaman gelap. Sehinggalah gerakan membebaskan gereja dari mencengkam sistem pemerintahan negara. Ketika itu, baharulah Eropah dan barat bangkit. Zaman kebangkitan yang dikenali sebagai zaman pencerahan. Perlahan-lahan mereka meninggalkan gereja dan agama mereka’

                Read more:

  4. Could be due to the aftermath of that “Cloudy chance for mountains of Pak Lah’s shitballs” that Najib has to keep-on cleaning.

    Or Me? Tor For?

      1. Haha..
        Yea..when he hiked the petrol price to a record high of rm2.70 and brought it back down, but alas he already created – A point of no return. From then on I could no longer get my goreng pisang for 10 pieces a buck!

        1. …the rest is not even worth mentioning, TURUN was supposedly to be rallied during that time when the petrol price was reduced back.

  5. Sure, kick the guy when he appears to be down and out. Whomever is the Prime Minister from UMNO will be attacked just the same. Seems like it’s a neverending propaganda from PR.

    Although DS Najib has his weaknesses, I am willing to give him a chance to redeem himself from the support he received from the Malays from the last PRU. There is still time. We shall see. But please get rid of all your consultants. It shows lack of confidence and intelligence from the PM side. And it demeans the great pool of talent in the government service.

    1. I’m with you on this. We need to give him a bit more time. I do not think that changing the government every time we feel someone isn’t effective is the way for us. It may work for Thailand or Japan but not a smart way to go, here.

      But we need him behave like a PM, not like a celebrity collecting votes for some popular award. We need a PM who has long term plans and know how he is going to achieve them. He needs to know his own shortcomings and if he can’t handle the finance portfolio then he should appoint some one (preferably from the corporate world but not Khazanah) who can do the job. He has to reshuffle his cabinet, get rid of dinosaurs, if he must have them keep the theropods but please get rid of the sauropods.

      He should be telling Pemandu what to do and not have Pemandu tell him what to do. If he must have Pemandu then place them under the EPU (or whatever equivalent body now). He needs to tighten up the cabinet. Get rid or overlapping ministries.

      That should do for start.

  6. Allah is the name that god gave to God self before this earth created. So the history or any story on earth to explain how the name Allah come to existence is no more valid unless the writing make the Quran as reference.

    The best translation for God in Malay is Tuhan and rab in Arabic… In buddha scripture there was never mentioned about the name Allah.. ( i know after read the buddha scripture translated in english from website) but chinese always heard say tuhan Allah..because they have friends amongs malays who always say the word Allah… so this thing happen same to arab people.. they translate the bible english to arabic by using the name Allah.. because they always heard the word before..easy to colgate.. previously people always say buy colgate even thought in their head they wish to buy other brand actually..

    so it’s wrong to say Allah is not the name of God in Islam.. Allah is a nouns and rab or god or tuhan is a pronoun.. like manusia or human is pronoun and the name like ah chong is noun..


  7. Re: “Najib, a kura-kura in hiding”

    Kura kura ni kekadang keluarkan kepala dan kekadang sembunyikan kepala dia.. tetapi najib ini lebih hebat dari kura-kura kerana dia memang enggan menggunakan kepala dia..

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