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Why Malaysia is better than Indonesia

Today on page 8 in the Jakarta Post,

“Code of attire: Officers from Banda Aceh’s Islamic Sharia Agency and the local police stop motorists, who they deem to be wearing trousers that are too tight and not in line with the Islamic legal code, in a joint operation.”

The article is titled ‘Aceh fully enforces sharia‘ … on non-Muslims too.



No tight jeans ya

Last week the Aceh sharia police stopped motorists but let non-Muslim women go after advising them to wear a headscarf, the Jakarta Post reported.

Photo below: “A Shariah policewoman lectures woman who were arrested for wearing tight jeans during a Shariah police raid in Banda Aceh on Feb. 5, 2014. (EPA Photo/Hotli Simanjuntak)”

Photo above: The Midget Mind of Jerusubang


Hijab is Christian culture too

Meanwhile another paper in the Indonesian capital, the Jakarta Globe, carried the headline ‘Hijab suggestion for non-Muslims in Aceh draws criticism‘ (7 Feb 2014).

Unlike in Aceh, the Christian women in Malaysia welcome donning the hijab because it is a part of “Chinese culture” that is a legacy of their forebears who came to this land as immigrants.

The early Chinese women who came to Malaya to work as rubber tappers and tin mine pan washers (below) as well as construction labourers wore tudung too. (I didn’t say this. It is those Dapster defenders of Teo Nie Ching and Hannah Yeoh’s tudung-wearing habit who brought this up.)

rubber tapper

No objection

Malaysia’s Christian women who support the country’s evangelista party are not like their Indonesian counterparts who object to covering their hair.

Quite on the contrary, the top DAP women politicians are themselves showing Leadership by Example — see photo montage below.

If the mandatory hijab ruling is enforced in Malaysia, there will be no objections from the non-Muslim DAP supporters. These Anak Bangsa Malaysia women will surely welcome the ruling.

Our Christian women are better than the Indonesian Christian women because over here they do it voluntarily while over there they raise objections.

tin mining wash
Tudung is CHINESE tradition, say the evangelistas





The munafiks will do anything for their 5-digit take home pay.


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97 thoughts on “Why Malaysia is better than Indonesia

      1. God is God do not have creature features like talking, seeing, feeling, etc. Islam & Christian imagine God like human.

        1. And who told you that? Which scripture are you referring to? It’s clear that Christians imagine God on High in anthropomorphic terms, as Father to Jesus Christ through the virgin Mary.
          But unless you’ve been studying the convoluted “Triple-Tawhid Dogma” of the Hanbali-Wahhabis, you would never attribute to Allah Most Sublime and Transcendental, any form of creature-like attributes. It is hoped you are not presuming to speak on behalf of classical Nusantara Islam.

          1. Quran 4.164 – Allah talking to Musa. Quran 39.4 – Allah possible to have son. Are Allah have human features – talking, son etc?

            1. Aku berlindung daripada kejahatan syaitan yang direjam

              Dengan Nama Allah Yang Maha Pengasih Lagi Maha Penyayang

              I don’t have to. I believe Quran is the absolute Truth.

              Can you prove it otherwise?

            1. Are you sure it is not the other way round, God created religion but man manipulated it.

              Surely Quran is the best, it’s from God. You cannot amend nor reject the Quran.

              Whatever teachings you disagree with, you yourself please don’t manipulate the interpretation of the verses of the Quran. After all, man tends to manipulate according to his wishes.

              Did you say hard up for popularity ?

                1. Quran is from human mouth. It just human words. Some words no message such as demi bulan, demi bintang, demi matahari. Some words even the real meaning are unknown.

                  1. Sah tak belajar mengaji dgn ustaz. Tan menonton rancangan “Bismillah”? Jgn dipandang rendah para ustaz – pondok, madrasah kampung, etc.

                    Anyway u ‘re entitled to u’re opinion. But on matters relating to religion best we refer to those who know than us.

                    end of this discussion.

                    1. You shall realize God never sent messenger because sending messenger is human feature. Impossible God act like human.

              1. Can you prove Quran is God’s word? Do you imagine human speak as part of God? I can reject or accept any teaching include Quran. No obligation.

                1. No one knows whether or not you are a Muslim.

                  How do you prove you are a Muslim?

                  If you feel you can accept or reject anything, just get it done and over with as you don’t owe anybody any explanation.

                  1. Muslim = orang yang selamat. We will safe if know the real fact of God. God is God impossible have human feature like talking, seeing, feeling, etc. So we can avoid wrong divinity teachings.

                    1. Ini Paksyed punya geng la ni.. batu gantung teori kepunden marang skeper! [deleted]

                      Bangang itu Paksyed kata Parameswara mamak pun hampa percaya. Hindia bukan India. Hindia Purva lain. Hindia Bharat lain.

                    2. I Muslim but I free will to reject any teaching include Quran & hadis. I can not force myself & pretend to follow what I disagree.

                2. Can you prove you’re not a “fiery jinn” intruding into the consultations of sound and sane human beings? We are not obliged to care if you accept or reject anything, you obnoxious narcissicistic religious pedant!

  1. Perempuan Cina datang ke Tanah Melayu pakai tudung kerana tak tahan dengan cahaya panas matahari yang memancar terik kemuka mereka. Almaklumlah perempuan! Kalau dah hitam dan berbintik muka siapa mau…

    Jerusubang bertudung kerana undi mauuuu!

    1. Gold Glory Gospel

      GREED …. The (Angry) Munafiks will do anything for their 5-digit
      take home pay.

      One could get powerfully absorbed in one’s EGO to Infinitesimal Limits


  2. As a Muslim I opined that this ridiculous argument that non Muslims or those early migrant workers also wore “tudung” the Chinese way is rubbish! They wore “tudung”or covering their heads from preventing the heat or dirt and had no religious significant.

    Dapters like Madam Speaker Hannah Yeoh wears tudung on purpose without any Islamic significant but only with the intention to politicise the issue in the eyes of the Malay audience publicly. If Hannah is a Chinese Muslim revert, then it’s considered hijab.

    Christian sisters and nuns too wear “tudung equivalent” but also has no Islamic significant because they are non Muslims.

    Please get it right and stop insulting the intelligence of some of our Muslim brothers and sisters on the pretext of wearing “tudung, pakai baju kurung, bersokong dan pakai baju Melayu” to show to your political supporters. No need to stoop so low just to score political mileage!

    1. re: “Please get it right and stop insulting the intelligence of some of our Muslim brothers and sisters on the pretext of wearing ‘tudung, pakai baju kurung, bersongkok dan pakai baju Melayu’…”

      But it works :D


      1. Helen – You still don’t fully understand Malay minds. Sometimes Malays do things not because they actually want to do it. It’s in the culture. Malays are taught to honour guests in the house, tak kira siapa tetamu tu. If LKS drops by my house, I will still serve him some drinks and food, though I despise his political stand.

        1. well i hope you are aware to the non-muslim you are KAFIR too! LoL

          p/s: helen perhaps you want to look-up the meaning of the word kafir as well.

          1. That’s why perhaps I should agree that the Allah word must be banned among non Muslim to protect the Muslim. Since tudung can confuse the Muslim, what’s more the more complicated word and concept of Allah, the UMNO sincerely think the Malaysian Muslim are too stupid and Helen think that Muslim are even more stupid and easily confused by just tudung.

        1. As you can see, I’ve already taken down the Control-Alt-Del banner.

          I’ve come to the realisation that “some men you just can’t reach” (line from Clint Eastwood movie).

            1. The banner says “Be kind to animals”. I wish stray animals were treated kinder in Malaysia but more than that, that we have far fewer strays in the first place. Dogs and cats should have good homes.

              1. In my area there are few senior people Malay and Chinese who feed the stray cats and talk to them on daily basis at few locations. It is amazing to see that the stray cats know who they are and the feeding time. They bought the real cat food not the left over foods.

  3. Gullible Malays…just about ready to sell out their mind and body to political prostitutes the likes of hanna yeo and co.

    1. But the Dapsters say that Hannah Yeoh’s tudung-wearing is acceptable as Chinese tradition because last time the Chinese immigrant women who were rubber tappers, tin pan washers and construction labourers carrying brinks on a pole on their shoulders wore tudung too.

      1. Hmm ‘acceptable chinese tradition’…so do those Chinese ladies in the prostitution den then, can’t wait for hanna yeo to turn up mah.

  4. Since dapster ladies want to wear the tudung so much, maybe it is time for shariah laws to be imposed in malaysia. Irrespective of race or religion, all have to conform.

    BN should tweek their manifesto to become an islamic country and therefore syariah laws should be enacted.

    This definitely will augur well with PAS who have been screaming their heads off about HUDUD but have not imposed this in Kelantan.

    When this happens, dapsters ladies and wives of dapster men will be happy lor. Will have to wear tudung everyday in public.

    1. Can-can, Allah-Loving-1-Malaysia. All Fuckatans supporters can wear tudung.

      You see, if Madam Speaker first class pakai tudung and menjerit, nampak macam Naib Presiden PKR yg tak pandai jaga laki tu! Tepi kain orang pandai sangat nk jaga, komen itu and komen ini, tapi bila kena expose rumahtangga dia pun tak betul pandai plak nak mintak privacy.

      Pakai tudung lagi bagus, boleh terus tipu rakyat. Kalau pakai jumpsuit pink power rangers or ugly dragon-ball-inspired gown macam yg neelofa pakai tu, sapa nk percaya kan?

    2. re: maybe it is time for shariah laws to be imposed in malaysia. Irrespective of race or religion, all have to conform.

      That is unconstitutional. To compel non believers to confirm to religious laws is also against human rights.

      1. re: “That is unconstitutional.”

        Since Pakatan have a 2/3 majority in Salangor, the Madame Speaker of the Dewan can lead the way to make her tudung inclination into legal state law with the backing of DAP evangelista’s coalition partner PAS.

        1. Helen,

          re: Since Pakatan have a 2/3 majority in Salangor………

          Kelantan did that last time. Tried to implement Hudud law at state level. But failed as the state law contradicts with Federal Consti. So, need to amend Consti first then only amend the State Consti respectively.

            1. Komen asus #65. Last para: “Kamu mungkin terlepas pandang soalan saya. Boleh respon?”

              —alamak bila soalan dipusing balik ke batang hidung sendiri, jadi bisu pulak!

          1. “Kelantan did that last time. Tried to implement Hudud law at state level.”

            -sebelum nak bohong, semak dulu fakta. Sebelum nak “tried to implement” kenalah bawa dulu Hudud law tu ke Dewan Undangan Negeri” untuk digazetkan. Bila dah gazet, barulah boleh mengaku “tried to” atau “telah cuba tapi dihalang”.

            Setelah lebih 20 tahun masih tak gazet, apa lagi excuse kamu? Mufti pun kata boleh, tapi Hadi dan Pas kata tak ready pulak. Bila kata tak ready, macam mana boleh mengaku “tried to implement”?

          1. Leadership by example of the Selangor Madame Speaker lah. After all her Dapsters say tudung is Chinese culture mah, so why complain.

        1. re: Unconstitutional – when it does not suit you.

          This is the position of our Constitution now. It says the criminal justice system as civil. Not syariah or hudud. That is why we have no hudud in Malaysia now. Until the Consti is amended, it is indeed unconstitutional as of now. Not because it does not suit me, simply because it does not suit the Consti.

          re: Human rights by whose definition.

          Refer my comment above.

          1. Buat dulu hudud kat Kelantan, then baru boleh confirm against Constitutional atau tidak. Otherwise jangan merepek kata tak boleh itu, tak boleh ini. Talk is cheap.

            Ini tidak, dah berpuluh2 tahun cipta hudud Pas, tapi sampai sekarang tidak berani bawa ke Dun untuk gazete dulu. Nak suruh gazet baru tu, bukan nak paksa implement dulu pun. Lepas gazete, cuba le laksana. Nobody will stop you. Not even Tun Mahathir, he is not gomen anymore, any even if Fed Gomen object, bukankah hukum Allah mengatasi segala hukum manusia, maka berjihad lah untuk laksanakannya.

            Berguling2 lah atas jalan dan kerahlah seluruh batalion unit amal tu demi hudud. Kalau bab teresa kok unit amal boleh berjihad, takkanlah hal hudud tak boleh. Lawak atau biawak?

            Ini tidak, berbuih2 cakap pasal hudud, bila pihak mufti? sendiri kata tiada halangan nak laksana hudud di Kelantan, puak2 Pas pula persoalkan kesediaannya. Pesan makanan pun belum dah merungut tak dapat makan. Makan pun belum dan cakap tak sedap. Apa kejadah Pas ni, hipokriti melampau. Dont just talk like teresa kok, walk the talk la.

            Di Kelantan bukan hudud Islam, tetapi hudud Pas. Kalau hudud Islam dan tidak dipolitikkan oleh lebai2 Pas, dah tentu semua umat Islam sokong.

            Lagi pun Pas Kedah sendiri reject implementasi hudud Pas Kelantan, malah Pas Terengganu dibawah MB Hadi sendiri gagal, how to impose on others when they themself failed.

            And about the ‘which part of the FedCon does hijab wearing contradict’ asked by Helen, jawab le soalan tu.

            1. PAS=FASAD

              Faa Seen Dhal

              Sound of ‘f s d’

              Fasad behind their jubah. Fasad behind some orang-orang baik yang melihat PAS dengan ‘satu mata’. Fasad disebalik nama Islam pada pangkal parti.


              Ahli2 dia walaupum bukan semua adalah mufsid…in english misfits…suka demo sana sini dan buat huru hara!!!

              Baca buku Imran Hosein

            2. PAS tu cakap aje lebih. Politics lagi penting. Senang to play the blame game. Too bad pengikut2 also blinded and taksub esp to tgna.

              Because of tgna islam pun sanggup digadaikan.

  5. Pendekatan populis yang diambil oleh pembangkang (DAP khususnya yang majoriti pemimpin mereka adalah evangelist dan PKR) untuk meraih sokongan umum:

    1) Isu Korupsi, nepotisme, kronisme dalam UMNO
    2) Isu tadbir urus negara ( kenaikan harga barang, minyak dan tol)
    3) Isu minoriti yang ditindas
    4) Keadilan dan kebebasan

    Secara fitrah, tiada orang yang setuju dengan perkara ini semua. Tetapi mereka menggunakan pendekatan populis ini menarik sokongan rakyat bersama mereka. Secara tidak sedar mereka mempergunakan rakyat untuk mencabar kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan Raja yang merupakan teras kenegaraan Malaysia dalam perlembagaan.

    Hasilnya, keluarlah tuntutan-tuntutan yang mencabar kedudukan institusi IMR ini dalam perlembagaan. Seperti tuntutan IFC, COMANGO, pengunaan kalimah Allah dan sebagainya.

    Pihak-pihak evangelis Kristian, golongan syiah, pengamal LGBT, mengambil kesempatan di atas pengaruh yang dibawa pembangkang ini untuk memperjuangkan hak mereka, dengan membawa mesej ‘mereka adalah minoriti orang baik yang ditindas daripada mendapatkan hak mereka’. Sedangkan apa yang mereka mahu adalah melebihi yang sepatutnya. Tetapi hak-hak mereka ini disekat oleh perlembagaan yang mempertahankan ketiga-tiga institusi IMR ini. Sebab itu mereka tentang ketiga-tiga institusi ini.

    Dan mana-mana pihak yang mempertahankan ketiga-tiga institusi ini, akan ‘dikutubkan’ oleh media-media liberal seperti Malaysiakini yang mendapat dana khas daripada kerajaan USA melalui NED(National Endowment for Democracy), dengan gelaran ekstremis, pelampau agama, racism dan sebagainya.

    Sebagai contoh, ISMA yang pada dahulunya berimej bersih, kini sedang dikutubkan bersama-sama PERKASA, JATI, UMNO dan sebagainya walaupun memang jelas, ISMA tidak ada sebarang kaitan dengan kumpulan di atas melainkan persaudaraan atas dasar akidah sahaja. Strategi ini digunakan mereka untuk menjadikan rakyat menolak siapa sahaja yang mempertahankan ketiga-tiga institusi ini.

    Ketahuilah permainan licik ini. Atau anda turut sama bersengkongkol dalam permainan jahat musuh.

  6. per:
    1) Isu Korupsi, nepotisme, kronisme dalam UMNO
    2) Isu tadbir urus negara ( kenaikan harga barang, minyak dan tol)
    3) Isu minoriti yang ditindas
    4) Keadilan dan kebebasan

    Secara fitrah, tiada orang yang setuju dengan perkara ini semua.

    1. Adakah langsung tiada isu Korupsi, nepotisme, kronisme dalam UMNO? Apa itu PKFZ, NFC, banglo Khir Toyo?

    2. Adakah negara ditadbir dengan baik? Macam mana dengan isu Barang Naik selepas PRU, isu pembaziran dalam laporan Ketua Audit Negara?

    3. Isu minoriti yang di tindas. Maksud minoriti adalah golongan miskin tanpa mengira kaum. Bukankah mereka ditindas seperti isu Barang Naik?

    4. Keadilan dan kebebasan. Contoh seperti penggantungan akhbar The Heat, Zahid berkata tidak perlu siasat NGO Islam yang menawarkan ganjaran lempang Teresa dll.

    re: Secara tidak sedar mereka mempergunakan rakyat untuk mencabar kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan Raja yang merupakan teras kenegaraan Malaysia dalam perlembagaan.

    Macam mana tuntutan tidak menaikkan harga barang boleh dikiaskan sebagai mencabar kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan Raja?

    1. Ralat:Sepatutnya tiada orang yg tidak setuju dgn perkara ini semua.
      kiasan nya mudah saja…gunakan isu umum untuk tarik sokongan rakyat terutamanya melayu, bila dah dapat sokongan lepas tu jalankan jarum agenda sebenar spt apa yg terjadi sekarang.

    2. 1) nobody is denying umno is not corrupted.
      2) barang naik – siapa yang pegang ekonomi. The cartels for essential goods siapa yang pegang.
      3) read no 2
      4) the heat – tak mati pun kalau tak de. Siapa provocateur dalam issue TK. Lia bikin lia tanggung lah.

      1. per: barang naik – siapa yang pegang ekonomi. The cartels for essential goods siapa yang pegang.

        Barang Naik sebab subsidi dikurangkan. Peniaga ‘pass’ kos kenaikan kepada pengguna. Contoh petrol, gula, elektrik. Kalau harga barang naik, boleh beli di kedai yang harga lebih murah. Lagipun, kerajaan ada kuasa untuk mengawal kenaikan harga barang melalui undang-undang. Mengapa tak guna?

        per: the heat – tak mati pun kalau tak de. Siapa provocateur dalam issue TK. Lia bikin lia tanggung lah.

        Siapa yang kamu maksudkan dengan “tak mati pun kalau tak de”.

        Isu video TK sudahpun dalam siasatan polis. Biar proses undang-undang mengadili TK. Kalau dia memang bersalah, hukuman adalah penjara atau denda atau kedua-duanya. Hukuman datang dari kerajaan. Bukan kamu atau saya pergi lempang TK dan seterusnya tuntut ganjaran.

        per: Macam mana tuntutan tidak menaikkan harga barang boleh dikiaskan sebagai mencabar kedudukan Islam, Melayu dan Raja?

        Kamu mungkin terlepas pandang soalan saya. Boleh respon?

        1. Subsidi, subsidi, subsidi……. macam mana melayu nak maju jika subsidi, bukannya berusaha kuat dan berdikari, menjadi pedoman.

          Barang naik, barang naik barang naik….. selain faktor inflasi, berapa banyak negara di dunia ini yang barang turun, barang turun, barang turun? Cuba tuan senaraikan negara2 itu dimana gomennya lebih hebat daripada BN.

          BN bukannya super clean we admit, tetapi yang puak2 mengaku clean dan anti-corruption kononnya itu pun penuh terpalit dengan tahi, do you expect these species do the clean-up? Especially spesis Satay Kajang tu pun dulu super corrupt semasa jadi Menteri Kewangan, what do you make of it?

          You picked pKFZ, nfc, khir toyo…. those happened over a span of 60 years if BN’s rule, surely things like this could happen and beyond Mahathir’s control, lagi pun all were brought to Court. Kes Anwar corrupt tak nak listkan ke. Why so picky, in fact Pkfz is mostly Mca not Umno. Whoa, u ni pandai la!

          On the contrary, baru 5-8 tahun Pakatan memerintah itu pun baru at State level, dah macam2 scandal rasuah, Bayan Mutiara, PKNS assets, Talamgate, Pasir Selangor, Balak Pedu Kedah, Mercedes, sampai projek tailor pun nak sapu bersih, apasal lu buta tak mahu list kan juga?

          And now latest the 6.3billion Penang Undersea Tunnel scandal, you tak mahu korek korek korek ke? Nak tunggu duit rakyat dilesapkan oleh DAP Guan Eng, baru you nak korek? Can you imagine if it was Anwar, Guan Eng and Pakatan who run Fed gomen for 60 years!!!! Lingkup this nation.

          Umno nepotisma, kronisma!!!! As if this never happen in PKR, DAP. Lebih teruknya mereka sendiri amalkannya tetapi menuding jari kepada Umno. You hipokrite tahap apa ni?

          Ala, talk is cheap maa, especially by fork-tongue hypocrites! Kalau nak repair baju, panggil lah tukang jahit bukan Penyamun yang pakai jubah atau baju kot.

          1. re: Bayan Mutiara, PKNS assets, Talamgate, Pasir Selangor, Balak Pedu Kedah, Mercedes

            Betul. PR juga ada skandal. Mengapa MACC tak siasat? Kita selaku rakyat biasa tiada kemampuan untuk menyiasat, mendakwa dan menghukum. Ini adalah tugas kerajaan. Apa yang MACC sedang buat? Mengapa mereka ‘melindungi’ PR? Sama ada mereka tidak cekap dalam membuat kerja maka tak jumpa bukti ataupun PR memang tidak rasuah. Sekarang kita nak tahu apa hasil siasatan pembelian Mercedes oleh LGE.

            1. Since every time the Dapsters open their mouth they will say that BN is corrupt, then why not un-OSA the state papers in Selangor and Penang and show the public where it is that the previous BN administrations were corrupt.

              The Pakatan state govts of Selangor and Penang now having control of all the paperwork (including from the past years of BN rule) can provide the evidence of BN corruption. So why not?

              1. Hehehe, saya nak pinjam ayat tuan asus :-

                ” Sama ada mereka (Kerajaan PR) tidak cekap dalam membuat kerja maka tak jumpa bukti ataupun BN memang tidak rasuah. ”

                Dah hampir 10 tahun, takkan tak jumpa pun satu fail daripada bertimbun2 tuduhan rasuah ke atas BN. Takkan tak siap2 hasil siasatan untuk diserahkan kepada MACC? Takkan nak tanya Tokong Lim dan Khalid Ibrahim, apa yang kamu sedang buat?

                Tak mungkin kamu nak cakap BN memang tidak rasuah. Takkan kamu prejudis dan hipokrit macam Anwar dan DAP kot?

            2. re: Bayan Mutiara, PKNS assets, Talamgate, Pasir Selangor, Balak Pedu Kedah, Mercedes Betul. PR juga ada skandal.

              —terima kasih kerana mengaku PR adalah perompak. So janganlah harapkan perompak untuk tangkap pencuri ya.

              Mengapa MACC tak siasat? Mengapa mrk melindungi PR?

              —ya, ajukan soalan ini kepada MACC jika ingin tahu. Adakah tiada siasatan, atau masih dalam siasatan, adalah 2 perkara berbeza. Anda hanya membuat andaian. Anda pasti tiada siasatan, tiada sebarang fail siasatan dibuka?

              “Sama ada mereka tidak cekap……atau PR memang tidak rasuah”

              —-Amboi senangnya menuduh tidak cekap seolah2 MACC gagal dalam semua kes. Tapi yang pasti, perompak2 PR ini memang sungguh licik dan cekap bila merompak, hinggakan CAT dan Selcat pun tak nampak. Ada nampak?

            3. The minute news of SPRM’s intention to investigate, PAKATAN will be jumping and accusing UMNO of being behind it all.

              CEC election, ROS nak investigate melompat2. Please asus, tell your pakatan people, they are not corrupt free.

              Selangor under Pakatan, is more corrupted than when BN was ruling it.

              It is all coming out so dont have that holier than thou attitude lah lks, lge, ai, hy, tp, tk just to name a few.

              Did not realise only 1 melayu or ex melayu.

        2. Lagi satu, yang sengaja naikkan barang ialah peniaga2 Cina yang menguasai pasaran. Yang disalahkan ialah BN.

          Lu tahu tak contohnya dalam bidang pembinaan. 2 bulan dulu saya beli BRC at rm75 per piece dari kedai hardware Cina (harga diberi oleh pekerja bangsa melayu nya). Tetapi minggu lepas saya pergi kedai sama taukeh cina beri harga RM82. Bila saya minta harga lama, dia kata tak pernah jual harga itu. Bila saya tunjuk resit lama, dia kata pula harga barang dah naik.

          Walau pun dia beri saya rm80, bila saya kata tak mahu lagi datang kedai dia selepas itu, boleh pula dia jawab next time you datang lagi you beli banyak wa boleh bagi harga lama rm75. Tiunieseng lu ahpek.

          Harga simen pula, dulu jual rm17-17.50 sekampit, tetapi ada kedai turunkan ke rm16 sekampit cap panda bila ada persaingan. Boleh pula turun harga, tak pelik ke?

          Inilah dasar Cinabeng DAP sengaja naikkan harga barang supaya rakyat salahkan BN. Bila barang tak laku, baru terkiai2 turun harga.

        3. Enough of this hypocracy. Bila beri komen, asyik2 BN Umno yg korup, tak bagus, asyik2 bagi reference kes2 one side tetapi kes2 the other side dia buat pekak.

          Actually Najib BN is lembik. He should change and be much more biased towards the Malays who supported him in pru13. He tried to be accommodative to the tsunami Chineses buat they ‘stupidize’ and curse him. So if Najib doesnt change, the Melayus will change him. No big deal to change him or anyone in BN who corrupts. Or even to change BN. Tapi biar justify la.

          Enough of this Pakatan can do better job, they are clean, they are new politics bla bla bla scam. What i see is they are wearing different shirt but perangai lebih buruk. Lebih buruk sebab mereka hipokrit. Suruh perompak tangkap pencuri? Gila lu

          MCA’s Pkfz? Dei, how about DAP’s Mutiara Bayan and Undersea Tunnel scandals? Lu buta ka? Itu bukan melayu Umno atau Pas tau, itu Cina DAP yang mau bikin Tunnel gila.

    3. “2. Adakah negara ditadbir dengan baik?”

      “AFP Feb 13, 2014: SYDNEY: Australia’s unemployment rate in January jumped to 6.0 per cent — its worst in a decade — with the economy shedding 3,700 jobs…..” “The government has said that Australia will be in deficit for up to a decade, and warned citizens to adjust their expectations of what government can sustainably provide…,,”

      Agak2nya negara macam Australia pun boleh ditadbir dengan lebih baik oleh Pakatan Anugerah Tuhan dan World Class Leader pimpinan Anwar Satay.

      Anwar and Pakatan, why not run the world, why only Kajang?

  7. tell your commenters here that “Humanism” in the in thing lah helen, malaysians always 10 steps behind …. all this BS on race, religion, etc are just like “surat khabar lama” lah. Lol

    1. Humanism – wonder if you know the meaning.

      What TK did – does it not smell of de- humanism

      The CEC fiasco – isnt that de humanism as well

      All this bs on race, religion – speak for yourself.

  8. For one thing Malaysia doesn’t have a separatist problem, despite propaganda by certain sides trying to paint this country very negatively, they still want to be Malaysia.

    Aceh on the other hand resisted Indonesian’s government rule for a long time, took a catastrophic disaster that I never saw before in my life to get them seriously discussing peace, and part of the agreement let them to administrate more freely the way they want, and they chose to have and enforce laws based on their interpretations of Islamic syariat, to all Aceh people regardless of religion.

    The example you have is just a mild one for a mild offence. I imagine they would also have provisions against things such as gambling, liquor, illicit sex, homosexuals etc with their own special kinds of punishment.

    As for DAP’s antics, they’re just hypocrites insulting the intelligence and making fools out of Pakatan’s Muslim supporters. I’m sure that non Pakatan diehards can see what is their real stance on laws based on Islamic religion. What I don’t know is how far and to what stage they are planning to carry on their unofficial alliance with Christian churches. Sarawak would be a nice catch come next state elections.

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