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Teresa: Umno ministers “takde sense of humour” (must watch more Hong Kong movies)

You can watch Teresa Kok’s interview uploaded today in KiniTV where she says that the Umno ministers have no sense of humour — ‘Umno sengaja cari pasal, siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas, kata Kok

The actress in Teresa Kok’s CNY video denies that she was portraying Rosmah Mansor but instead claims that she was imitating Lydia Shum, a famous Hong Kong comedienne. Her KiniTV interview here.

Lydia Shum Din Ha bukan Rosmah

The Malaysian actress, Lim Ching Miau, said that if only you watched more Chinese movies, then you’d know who Lydia Shum (pix below) is and you’d realise that in the Teresa Kok video, it is Lydia Shum who is is being depicted.

Do you believe her?

The real Lydia Shum

If Lim Ching Miau – pictured below in tutu dress and yellow tights when visiting the police station for her interview – had really wanted to imitate Lydia Shum, then the first thing she should have followed is Lydia’s more decorous dress sense (see red cheongsam photo above).

Lim Ching Miau

Below is a still capture of the Teresa video showing the actress Lim Ching Miau flashing her diamond rings.

She also said in the video that she likes to buy expensive, branded handbags as well as that she has bought several apartments abroad for her children, among them in Manhattan, New York.


Teresa’s video is not the first DAP political production to feature a plump woman flashing diamond rings and extolling branded handbags.

Earlier, the ‘Ubah’ music video produced by Tony Pua for his party’s publicity bureau also featured the same. In the DAP parody of Gangnam Style, a ‘woman’ is seen with a huge rock on her finger and carrying a ‘Birkin’ lookalike bag — still capture below.


The upshot is this, according to Dapsters and their leaders.

(1) Malays do not have a sense of humour.

(2) Malays do not understand Cantonese but simply make accusations.

(3) Malays should watch more Hong Kong movies so that you will not be so ignorant as to mistake a Lydia Shum comic tribute for a Rosmah caricature.

So what’s the best way to deal with people who think we are stupid?

Twitter - mpkotabelud reap

Abdul Rahman Dahlan (mpkotabelud) on Twitter 2014-02-12 17-34-01

What kind of people are they?

I suspect the Kota Belud MP has got the right idea. We must tell the Dapsters: “I will wait for you” (Just name the day and place).

Or how else do we deal with the kind of people who treat us as if we are morons who dunno how to “chill, dude”.

I’d like to see how Abdul Rahman Dahlan deals with Lim Lip Eng. Actually, I can imagine. Good on you, @mpkotabekud. Go Rahman go!

When Rahman meets Lip Eng, we can display that sense of humour which Teresa Kok says Umno ministers (and BN politicians and the “stupid” 49% of the Malaysians who did not vote Pakatan in GE13) are all lacking.

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56 thoughts on “Teresa: Umno ministers “takde sense of humour” (must watch more Hong Kong movies)

  1. Why Theresa Kok dont have a sense of humor when suing Utusan Malaysia for publishing a short stories on what she alleged as her?

    I love to see Rosmah suing Theresa Kok and say that she feel bad cause Theresa actually make it the actress look like her..

  2. Malays are a humorous lots… but to make them laugh using the kind of not so ‘onederful’ video is a real stupid way of a dapster.

    Pada saya, orang macam Teresa Kok ini hanya layak jadi penjual daging babi di pasar-pasar pagi kawasan Kuchai Lama, Taman OUG, Seputeh, SS2 dan Sea Park yang ramai Cina sekaum dengan dia…
    Dia boleh buat lawak ‘onderful’-pig di kawasan berkenaan kerana semua orang di sana faham mandarin dan kantonis.

    Mentaliti seperti beliau ini memang tidak sesuai di tempat lain.

    1. Abang Alwie saya setuju dengan pandangan anda, memang third class and fourth class punya Takrasa Kok (funny or not?), macam yang depa selalu ‘doakan’ dalam ceramah politik depa

      BTW pasal orang yang anggap kita ni orang bodoh, ini saya nak petik…

      Surah Al Baqarah Ayat 13-Sahih International

      ‘And when it is said to them, “Believe as the people have believed,” they say, “Should we believe as the foolish have believed?” Unquestionably, it is they who are the foolish, but they know [it] not.’

      ini juga merupakan profil kepada Yakjuj dan Makjuj dan golongan Fasad mereka seperti yang diperjelaskan oleh Dr. Tammam Adi sebagai pengenalan dalam buku Imran N Hosein-An Islamic View of Gog and Magogin the Modern World.

  3. This kind of people “cina tongkang” is too much. lain takde kerja…. asyik nak tipuuuuu dan perbodohkan melayu saja… Asak lah lagi, dan lagi dan lagi…. mereka akan dapat jawaban nya !!!

    Apa yang mereka mahu sebenar nya ! Ada otak pun macam lembu..

    1. ‘Apa yang mereka mahu sebenar nya !’

      Kan depa dah cakap, Malay, Sey Lei Ah!!!

      Sebelum ni pun dalam hokien depa sebut Malaysia sebagai Ma Lai Si A!

  4. What a twist; Lim obviously chickened out due to immense pressure and probably been “taught” to give such a statement to police under the guidance of lawyer. If she wants to imitate the late HK actress, at least she’ll need to wear a signature black rim glasses with a large bouffant hairstyle.

    PS: I grew up watching “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad World”

    1. Please the actress is wayyyy funnier and classy than her! Since when Lydia Shum boleh cakap ‘kreatif skit’?

      Memang spinning gasing tahap dewa!

  5. Kok on damage control mode… typical cinabeng kiasu reaction on being caught out with the tail between the legs, part and parcel of a racist complex syndrome.

  6. Lydia Shum ooooo no she looks like Rafidah Aziz twin . It’s all politic. Matured people will just smile and move on. When satire people like Teresa did and responded by others satire people this is what you get a Jim Carey dumb and dumber

    1. Teresa Kok trying to make fun of Rosmah? hehehe at least Rosmah as a women is not lacking in any way, ade suami dan dia seorang ibu, mungkin dah bercucu and later bercicit..

      And when Rosmah give a speech, perfect BM or BI.

      Teresa Kok going thru menopause as an andaratu. By now nak go on par with Rosmah dah too late, kalau pun kahwin esok, dapat anak sure Mongoloid wan.. Baka tua!

      Teresa sebagai seorang wanita apa lu sempurna ke?

  7. Re. tutu dress

    I though it was bed skirting that she just wrapped around her body after waking up that morning.

  8. The Cincin the Rambut memang macam ROSMAH!!! Baling Batu Sembunyi Tangan! Memang muka tebal tak tau malu!

    Apa Lagi Cina Mahu?

    Malay, Sei Ley Ahh!!!

    Dan terus-terusan mempermainkan tahap kesabaran orang-orang Melayu!

  9. Where is this TK coming from? She just does not have an ioata of finesse in whatever she does.

    DAp in totality are derogotary airhead parasites

  10. The Malaysian actress, Lim Ching Miau, said that if only you watched more Chinese movies, then you’d know who Lydia Shum (pix below) is and you’d realise that in the Teresa Kok video, it is Lydia Shum who is is being depicted.


    Teringat peristiwa di sebuah restoran KFC di mana seorang remaja cina hampir2 di belasah oleh pekerja KFC berbangsa melayu.

    Akhir cerita, remaja cina dengan segera membuat press conference dan mendakwa dia tidak memahami bahasa malaysia dengan fasih. Remaja cina terselamat dan pekerja KFC berbangsa melayu di gantung kerja.

    Lihat betapa liciknya mereka.

    1. Just point at the pictures of the menu at KFC.

      No need to speak a word.

      A sincere smile would have avoided unnecessary unpleasantness.

      Maybe the Cina was trying to act funny.

      He deserved it then!

  11. ‘dap’ian memang kurang sopan rude tak tahu nak hormat orang. Kita tak ckp pasai sense of humour. It is about respect and sensitive terhadap perasaan org lain.

    Teresa and dapian semua penting kan diri. Jangan sampai satu hari melayu islam penting kan diri dan tak fikir bangsa lain. Then u will know and see malay dont have sense of humour..

  12. If it didn’t tickle almost all of the viewers funny bones who’ve seen it and could even angered those who HAVEN’T even watch it, don’t you think that it backfired? NOW THE JOKE’S ON HER & THE GANG!

    Hahahaha… Now that’s what you call the Malay sense of humour?

    Actually when it comes to the Malay sense of humour…

    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.”
    – Thatcher’s toast to Reagan.

    Or Me? Tor For?

    1. The authorities have started calling them in for investigation, don’t we all wonder who’s turn atau siapakah gerangan perempuan gemok yang akan menyanyi lagu blues? (..fat lady sings the blues)

      Blues – Lagu-lagu pilu slaved cotton pickers late in 1800s

  13. Question: Why is Teresa Kok still not married?

    Answer: Because she already has a Kok..

    Like this lucu tak Miss Kok?

    1. LOL cant stop laughing ….this is so funny …..and does this mean i do not have a sense of humor???

  14. Wait a minute, Teresa, LGE and LKS claimed it was political satire and as far as I know Lydia isn’t into politics, especially Malaysian politics. Dumb and dumber…this is worse than Rafizi’s Kajang Move cock-and-bull-shit…It you want to make fun, just admit lah. No need to spin and lie some more.

    1. Political Satire for whom?

      Cinas! (Mandarin & Cantonese)

      Cinas! (CNY greeting maa)

      Cinas! (of course Cinas like to talk among among themselves ony.. further more from Takrasa Kok of DAP what! What else?!)

      We already know that the Cinas like to laugh a lot… but would they be laughing should their lady Tokong (deleted) buat itu video cantik2, mahal2 just to say ‘Melayu Hebat?!’

      Si meh?

      Of course not! ‘Kreatif skit!’

      So the jokes must be on, siapa lagi kan…

      Even funnier with curses like Malay, Sei Ley Ahh!!!

      I don’t think Cinas can deny their Curse-loving (how many years old civilisation again?) nature, kan?

      I bet ABU kakis, especially more than 90% Cinas had ketawa terbahak2 sambil makan kacang Ngan Yin on CNY!

  15. terasa cock nak spin boleh. ramai orang melayu pergi sekolah cina. mak atau pak keturunan cina. atuk cina, nenek cina. diorang pun kata teresa kok cakap melayu sial/pergi mati.

    kalau nak cakap melayu /tanah melayu malaysia/malaixia.. bukan malai sei ah…tak kira apa pun alasan teresa kok menyindir dan mengata polis/tentera yg bersusah payah jaga keamanan negara. seolah tentera dan polis tak buat kerja. majoriti polis dan tentera tu orang mealayu/bumiputera.

    bila menyindir melayu pergi mati cina dap saja boleh hidup di tanah melayu. teresa kok tak tau perasaan melayu majoriti yg tersinggung dengan sindiran dia. negara ini dipimpin oleh melayu.

    bila hari mulia/perayaan suci dan hari kebesaran sesuatu kaum dijadikan hari untuk sumpah seranah, menyindir dan mengata orang melayu tak boleh terima. ada limit dalam setahun you nak berpolitik, menyumpah seranah. memaki dan menghina tetapi tidak pada hari atau malam perayaan sesuatu bangsa atau kaum.

    kita anggap orang yg menyindir, memaki, mengata waktu hari perayaan memang tidak ada kelas dan tidak menghormati orang lain.

    you tengok our pm, dicaci, dihina dan disumpah setiap hari. tapi musuh ketat dia dap buat open house christmas tetap datang dan tidak mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat dan maki hamun kerana menghormati perayaan kaum lain.

    1. Teresa mengkaldaikan CNY untuk politiknya kerana dia seorang Kristian evangelista tegar.

      Dia tidak pula mempergunakan perayaan Krismas untuk cari pasal.

        1. She enjoyed a really big majority in election, maybe she’s saying what a lot of Chinese wants to say.

          After all she didn’t do the video alone as well.

          Congratulations to them for promoting trust and national harmony.

          I wonder, will they keep pushing until the Malays in Pakatan snap and decide they hate Chinese DAP more than UMNO?

  16. Bullshit! That woman has nothing in common with Lydia Shum.

    And I ought to know…I’ve watched my share of Hongkie movies back in the 80.

    At least Fei-fei (Fat-fat) was intelligent and looked prim and cute with her rotund form.

    Lim Ching Miau looks and sounds like a psychotic sow.

    Btw, Fatty is dead.

    So either way, the video is in bad taste.

  17. I reckon if she ends up in the dumps, she’ll naturally go for a crash diet and a lipo after. To emerge back beyond recognition.

    Or Me? Tor For?

  18. Kenapa asyik UMNO? Adakah tiada org Melayu lain selain drpd UMNO yg marah dgn si COCK ni? Jgnlah nak gunakan UMNO tapi sebenarnya niat tu nak halakan penghinaan kpd Melayu. Suwey ah so ni

  19. Another CNY, another CNY video from Teresa Kok.

    I’m not sure how I feel about the video. It’s a dumb video. The lampoon doesn’t work for me. It’s shallow, it’s not funny and the conversation sucks. My toes can write a better scrip an my cat’s antics are definitely funnier.

    But I have a question. Do the Cina in general thinks it is an auspicious start to the new year when you celebrate it by making a whole group of people upset?

    1. After deeper thought and critical appraisal, I’ve come to the view that what Teresa said – “ma lai sei lei ah” – in her last year’s CNY video was a sly and subtle but brazen insult.

      I also believe there’s no hope and no cure for the controversy-magnet loyar.

      1. ADD:

        By “sly and subtle”, I’m referring to the Chinese bare-faced denial, i.e. insisting that ma lai means “horse come” and not Malay, and sei lei ah is not telling off the said malai.

        Another case of “Bak Kut Teh is not pork” from the what-kind-of-people-are-they …

        …to answer your question on why the Dapster evangelistas (Teresa is a staunch Christian) are hellbent on upsetting other folks.

        1. We know that TK, EP and all those dapsters with English first names (how do they write those names in Chinese characters?) are evangelists. But what about the MCA, Gerakan? Why are they not condemning these vids?

          1. Don’t think EP is an evangelista. He is ‘Trouble’ and gets a kick from creating havoc.

            DAP evangelistas can also be without Western names such as Ong Kian Ming, Yeo Bee Yin, Rajiv Rishyakaran, and those who keep their Christian names under the radar like Ngeh Koo Ham (James) and Nga Kor Ming (David).

            As for MCA, their collusion reflects the fact that 90 percent of the Chinese electorate voted for the opposition.

    2. Re But I have a question. Do the Cina in general thinks it is an auspicious start to the new year when you celebrate it by making a whole group of people upset?

      You should notice by now that they never made a video to make a whole ‘group’ of people upset on Christmas day because they know it is not politically correct to offend that certain ‘group’ although that certain ‘group’ is a minority it is nevertheless a very vocal and assertive ‘minority’.

      But making a video to insult the Chinese and at the same time provoking the Malays is a ‘politically correct’ move though. The ignorant Chinese will think the video is poking the Malays while the also ignorant Malays will think the video is poking them when in fact it is insulting the Chinese on an auspices day.

      But with the political atmosphere nowadays most people cannot think rationally. That’s why these devious crooks succeed in their machinations. So before long the Malays and Chinese will have a go at one another and these evangelists will laugh at us.

      1. Hence my question. To me, the Cina who support the TK video do not understand that they are also being mocked and their day of celebration is hijacked and being turned into a political tool. What’s worse is they are actually being used by these self-proclaimed classy, peace-loving evangelists in their battle to take over Putrajaya at whatever expense, without them even realising it.

        1. They are blinded by hate and thus their field of vision fails to extend beyond ABU.

          Presuming that EP is not Chinese (is he a Sabah/S’wak pribumi like Jill Ireland binti Lawrence?), then why cannot he detach himself from the Sino-Malay nihilistic antagonism, take a step back and appraise the whole situation with more objectivity?

          He promoted the TK vid. I’m baffled when an apparently intelligent person doesn’t use his grey matter with more wisdom.

          1. Helen,

            The only language the entire DAP organisations, its supporters know is decisive, firm response. No two way about it.

            Detain Theresa. Stop the nonsense procedure of getting statement and then releasing her. Detain her and charge her for mocking and bringing disrepute to a legitimate government. Let her languish in police lock up while waiting for her trial.

            Yesterday police in Sabah released people who distributing pamphlets promoting secession of Sarawak and Sabah from Malaysia.

            This is wrong. Detain them. Let they suffer while waiting for trial. And they should be tried for waging war against Yang dipertuan Agung and treason against Majlis Raja Raja. If found guilty, they shpuld face firing squad.

    1. Scumbag portal The Malaysian Insider being very batu api on this …

      The TMI‘s own editorial, ‘Same old racial mindset in 1Malaysia’ @ url

      – MCA …

      TMI – DAP …

      TMI menghasut …

      ‘Police to summon minister over racist Facebook post, IGP tweets’ @ url

      ‘Deafening silence by top cop over minister’s racist statement’ @ url

      & at least a dozen other TMI slanted story angles on Ismail Sabri in the last 24 hours alone.

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