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Kit Siang: Umno ministers so “gullible”

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today is titled ‘Call on new MCA leaders like Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong not to be xioren 小人 but dare to speak truth to power by declaring that Teresa Kok’s video is not anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-royalty’.

Kit Siang says that he is “really intrigued as to how at least five Umno ministers could be tricked and fooled” by the MCA and Gerakan Chinese leaders into believing that Teresa’s CNY video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers so as to “publicly launch a ferocious attack” on her when there is nothing anti-Islam, anti-Malay or anti-Rulers in the video.

He says over the last fortnight he had challenged the detractors to produce evidence that the video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers but there had been no takers.

He says this is an “expensive lesson to Umno ministers not to be so gullible as to believe everything” they are told, adding that the “other Umno ministers apart from these five must be greatly relieved that they have not made a fool of themselves in being so gullible as to believe the whisperings of Chinese leaders in Barisan Nasional, whether MCA or Gerakan”.

His press statement continues: “When there are MCA and Gerakan leaders who could lie to Umno ministers that Teresa Kok’s video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers when there is not an iota of evidence in the video to substantiate such wild and irresponsible allegations, what other unprincipled and unscrupulous things MCA and Gerakan leaders are incapable of doing to serve their petty political interests?”

Kit Siang wants “the whole artificial crisis” brought to a closure now and urged the MCA top leaders to declare that the “video is not anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-royalty” unless they really are “of the view that Teresa Kok’s video is really anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers, then let them say so openly, and [he] will respect them for it – but they must be able to prove that Teresa Kok’s video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers”.

The DAP Mursyidul Am insists:

“Nobody will respect the MCA leaders if all they can do is to work in the dark to whisper in the ears of Umno leaders that Teresa Kok’s video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers although there is no evidence whatsoever.”

“What is the use of MCA getting back to cabinet and government to have ministers and deputy ministers if they all stripped of all public respect, honour and credibility – when they dare not speak truth to authority to state publicly to ask Umno leaders to stop persecuting and victimising Teresa Kok over the CNY video as there is no basis in the allegations that the video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers?”

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Kit Siang arrested

May 1969

We are beginning to see and understand why Lim Kit Siang was arrested in May 1969 under the ISA.


Since July, 1968, you, Lim Kit Siang, have been acting in a manner prejudicial to the maintenance of public order in Malaysia in that in the several speeches you have made since the date you have deliberately and intentionally roused intense communal feelings thereby promoting feelings of hostility between different races in Malaysia and causing suspicion and disunity to grow between them.


1) On the 27th July 1968, at a DAP public rally at Tanjong Malim, Perak, you deliberately distorted the Government policy on Education by telling your audience that the policy was designed to achieve and eventual extermination of Chinese newspapers, Chinese schools and Chinese languages. Such distortion was made by you with the deliberate intention of creating and furthering suspicion and animosity between the Chinese and the Malay in this country.

2) On the 24th August 1968, at a public rally at Slim River, Perak, you deliberately distorted the Government’s policy on language by telling your audience that a tourist poster with the Malay wordings “speak the National language only” clearly illustrated the one language policy of the government and that the dubbing of English, Chinese and Tamil T.V. films with Malay was unfair to the other races as their languages were not being given equal status such distortion was made by you with the deliberate intention of creating and furthering suspicion and animosity between the Chinese and the Malays in this country.

3) On the 7th September 1968, at the DAP public rally at 24 milestone, Sg. Besi road, Kuala Lumpur, and on 21st. September 1968, at Sungei Way new Village Selangor, on both these occasions you deliberately roused intense communal feelings by telling your audience that the MCA had instead of striving for the rights of the Chinese Language and Education in fact assisted the government in suppressing the Chinese Language as evidenced by the Non-recognition of Nanyang University project. The speeches are evidence of a deliberate misinterpretation of actual facts and had resulted in generating suspicion and animosity between the Malays and the Chinese in Malaysia and thereby creating a feeling of tension and racial hatred.

4) On the 29th September 1968, at the DAP public rally at Batu Pahat, Johore, on 2nd November 1968, at Lawan Kuda Bahru, Gopeng, Perak, and on 26th January 1969, at Jalan Yow, Pudu, Kuala Lumpur, on these three occasions you deliberately roused intense communal feelings by telling your audience that the alliance’s policy was a “racialist policy” as the Alliance had given more privileges to Bumiputras in University education and that there were first and second class citizens – the Bumiputras being first class citizens, and that the awards of honour such as P.P.M, are not worth anything because they were given to men in the streets and that P.P.M. stands for “ PELAN PELAN MATI”. By these utterances you had deliberately distorted the actual Government policies and by doing so you had generated racial tension, hatred and disharmony in the country.

5) On 12th, Feb 1969, at a DAP public rally held at Jalan Lengkongan Brunei, Kuala Lumpur, you deliberately roused intense communal feelings by telling your audience that the Government was showing discrimination between the various races in examination entry to University of Malaya, employment and in the distribution of land and that special privileges were being given to the Malays. By these utterances you deliberately distorted the Government policies and thereby causing suspicion and animosity between the various races.

6) On 13th May 1969, at a public rally held at Kampong Ayer, Kota Kinabalu, you deliberately roused intense communal feelings by telling your audience that the Government was trying to have a Malay Malaysia by dividing the people into bumiputras and non-bumiputras, that “the Malays were first class Bumiputras” and that the Government was carrying out a policy of “Malaysiation” of Sabah whereby all top post were held by the Malays. You also stirred anti-Malay and anti-Islamic religious feelings by telling your audience that the Government was pursuing the policy of exploitation by Malays of other races and that the Government by holding an International Islamic Conference in Kuala Lumpur had intended to send Malaysian citizens to die in the Middle East in order to capture Jerusalem for the Muslim World. By this speech you had made dangerous statements of a communal nature there by fostering communal resentment fear and apprehension amongst sections of the public in Sabah.

By direction,



DATE: 11 JULY 1969


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25 thoughts on “Kit Siang: Umno ministers so “gullible”

  1. He never change… always denied and force people to accept his political ideology is good for Malaysian. What service he has done to Malaysian???? Disinformation and Misinformation……

  2. The grandpa is up to no good. A nation can never move forward if we have a dozen or two like the grandpa.

    His inferiority complex makes a perfect carmouflage. He is afraid to face reality that Malaysia is the land of the Malays once. Now that we share a bit we have. But the old man seems to want more for his race. Let the others die and suffer. What kind of evil that is?

  3. Since Kita Siang was the agitator, he knew something bad is about to happen. That is why he fled to Sabah. No wonder, he proudly said, “I was not in KL on May 13,1969”, because it’s true.

    What a deceitful politician, this old man. I’m not surprise though. There are many more of them in Pakatan. Their PM wannabe leader is the master of all. Thick-skinned people.

    1. re: “What a deceitful politician”

      Yeah, like his young understudy — the geng sesumpah (tudung, #sahur).

    2. RD,

      Kit Siang loves to say he was not in KL during may 13, 1969. what he did not tell what he did just days before may 13.

      I used to stay in Kg Baru, KL when I was a bachelor. I used to mix with the elders then. They told me that they saw Kit Siang in procession right through the heart of Kg Baru, insulting the Malays.

      DAP actually leads the Chinese to collide with the Malays.

  4. Rasanya LKS pun dah rasa de-javu kot. Al maklum, tak perasan selama ini ramai orang melayu yang rupanya tahu bahasa Cina.

    Sekarang hendak minta maaf terang terang, orang melayu sudah tidak pandang. Cliche katakan. Banyak sangat permintaan maaf sampai ke tahap orang mempertikaikan semua permohonan maaf mereka.

    Jadi serang pemimpin cina pula. Paparkan imej mereka tidak ada jati diri dan kesetiaan kepada bangsa cina (ada pula bangsa di sini kan). Sedangkan hakikatnya mereka tahu mereka sudah terlajak kata.


    1. Yup.

      DAP yang buat hal musim perayaan tapi boleh salahkan MCA dan pemimpin Gerakan Cina pula. Dan lebih-lebih lagi Kit Siang menggelar mereka “orang kerdil (yang berjiwa kecil)”.

      Tak hairan kita, kan, kenapa politikus evangelis DAP begitu gemar sekali menggelar orang lain sebagai “low class”.

      1. Si tua kutuk nak mampus ni masih lagi tak mampu-mampus ideologinya yang tetap sama sejak merdeka sampai sekarang!

        Apa boleh buat sebab biasanya kalau sudah tahap umur macam dia ni, dia memang dah tak boleh berubah waima di rendam dalam ‘klorox’ sekalipun.

        Yang jadi masalah sekarang ni ada pulak ‘juak-juak’nya tapi berbangsa melayu dan mengaku islam yang beria-ia ‘membina jambatan’ dengan ‘tahyul-dah-basi’….konon itulah yang ‘halal’ manakala kerjasama pelbagai kaum dalam BN pernah dikatakan ‘haram’ satu ketika dulu.

        Bertambah malang dengan ‘si tua kutuk’ ini kerana masih hidup dalam era ‘glory of the past’ yang tak berapa sangat ‘glory’nya pun walhal zaman sudah jauh berubah….

        Yang berubah bagi beliau cuma usia yang dah semakin ‘rumah kata pergi, kubur kata mari-mari’…..

        Hari ini ramai jadi saksi bahawa bukan hanya melayu saja yang mudah lupa………!

        1. Soekarno dulu kala mahu ‘ganyang Malaysia” masuk Indonesia Besar. Si Kit Siang buat kecoh gangguan pada rakyat sendiri. Nampaknya dua Marxists tua itu semacam berpakat pekat dalam melaksanakan Konfrontasi?

    2. “Rasanya LKS pun dah rasa de-javu kot. Al maklum, tak perasan selama ini ramai orang melayu yang rupanya tahu bahasa Cina.”

      Masalah dengan masyarakat orang Cina adalah keperluan masyarakat Cina merasakan ketinggian dalam masyarakat. Sifat sombong dinasti Qing telah menyebabkan banyak wijayahChina dijajah jesteru itu perasaan orang Cina bahwa orang putih tinggi darjatnya. Perasaan orang putih tinggi darjat adalah kerana orang putih satu-satunya bangsa yang dapat meruntuhkan darjat orang Cina. Orang Cina takut pada orang putih.

      Orang Cina masih lagi menggangap bangsa melayu dan India tidak boleh berbahasa Cina walaupun ramai budak melayu dan India beljar di SRJK(C). Masalah murid dan cikgu baru-baru ini adlah di SRJC. Berita guru bahasa Ingeris dengan murid yang bangsa Melayu dan cikgu muaalaf adalah di SRJK(C). Pentadbir di sekolah-sekolah berkenaan masih lagi tidak boleh menerima bahawa sekolah mereka ada bangsa-bangsa lain. Asimilasi telah berlaku dan orang Cina sendiri tidak mahu menerima hakikat tersebut khasnya asimilasi berlaku di sekolah Cina.

  5. You know what MCA people should tell LKS?

    “You’ve done enough. Have you no sense of decency, sir? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

  6. Some of LKS statements tu betul apa Helen! Yang mana you tak setuju? Can point to me with some explanation kenapa tak setuju? :) If you don’t lah, I’m curious …….

    ./yahweh melayu

          1. bukan betul apa orang tua ni cakap kat sini, “a lawyer of the self-styled “Council of Islamic NGOs” claiming that the offer to reward anyone for slapping Teresa Kok would only be an offence if the offer is taken up – and that the offer otherwise remains an offer and not a threat.”. this is definetly garbage yang keluar dari lawyer mulut sampah tak tahu malu!

  7. Helen, for the last few days uncle kit has been ranting on this issue like a demented lunatic..over and over and over he goes around the issue macam orang hilang akal…. to them everyone is at fault except themselves… now doing 360 turn to MCA alleging them of misleading some UMNO ministers… aiyaaa uncle we malay no stupid laaa…we know what is political satire and what is not… the intention of the video clip also glaringly clear to us.. the inuendo also we understand very well… why are you like under heat now uncle? Sudah rasa itu cili punya pedas ka??

    1. Kelakar sebab video itu merendahkan orang-orang Melayu! Sumpah Melayu!

      Kalau puji Melayu melangit, kelakar ke? Silap hari bulan, Takrasa Kok akan dituduh sebagai bitch UMNO

  8. Imho, after he was locked away for instigating 13/5, the govt should have thrown away the keys, kalau tidak pun padamkan IC dia.

  9. Haiyya lks…why are you so gullible to fall for UMNO and MCA antics?

    Oh I see, your statement is meant not for UMNO/MCA , but is intended to keep you relevant with the Chinese voters.

    No wonder maa, you are hard up for the Chinese votes. After 40 plus years in politics, you are only a hero to Chinese voters who made up less than 30 percent of Malaysia voters.

    There appear to be less point for you to continue using the word ‘democratic’, it is most appropriate if your party could be known as ‘Chinese Action Party’ or CAP.

    Do not continue to insult the word ‘democratic’.

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