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Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?

Teresa Kok is still sidestepping the ‘identity’ of the plump woman wearing the diamond rings who appeared in the controversial CNY video that she produced.

The local actress who played the role of Datin Diamond told police that her character in the video is modelled after Lydia Shum, the late Hong Kong comedienne.

Meanwhile Teresa claims that her video is a “political satire” made just for laughs. Well if her video is indeed political humour, then it begs the question — Why lampoon Lydia, Continue reading “Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?”


Indians are their own worst enemies

Reporter Narinder Singh fired a barrage of criticism at Waytha Moorthy, in addition to blasting Najib and BN as well as Pakatan in his FMT opinion piece today titled ‘Waytha, the BN waterboy all washed up‘.

Narinder views Waytha’s resignation as a late-in-the-day realisation by the Hindraf chairman that “he is better off fighting from outside the ring rather from within the circles of the Putrajaya boys”.

I have just one simple question: So who is going to help, and how will assistance and poverty alleviation programmes be delivered to the poorest Indians now? Continue reading “Indians are their own worst enemies”

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Isma beri amaran tegas kepada pelampau Kristian

Naib Presiden (I) Isma Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Asmuni memberi amaran kepada pelampau Kristian supaya tidak meneruskan provokasi mereka yang terancang dan memang disengajakan.

Ustaz Fauzi berkata sekarang sudah berlaku suasana yang mana pihak yang tidak merestui evangelista menggunakan kalimah Allah pula akan dianggap sebagai ‘pelampau’ dan disebabkan umat Islam di Malaysia diasak dengan begitu kuat, akhirnya Muslim sendiri yang menjadi keliru.

Continue reading “Isma beri amaran tegas kepada pelampau Kristian”

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S… L … O… W – mo

Saturday last week: ‘Hindraf: Waytha Moorthy to quit as deputy minister’ (The J-Star, 8 Feb 2014)

Friday this week: ‘PM: Waytha’s resignation is disheartening’ (The J-Star, 14 Feb 2014)

Golly, it takes Najib Razak a whole week to respond to the resignation of his Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department.

Even Sleepy Dollah moved faster. Continue reading “S… L … O… W – mo”