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Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?

Teresa Kok is still sidestepping the ‘identity’ of the plump woman wearing the diamond rings who appeared in the controversial CNY video that she produced.

The local actress who played the role of Datin Diamond told police that her character in the video is modelled after Lydia Shum, the late Hong Kong comedienne.

Meanwhile Teresa claims that her video is a “political satire” made just for laughs. Well if her video is indeed political humour, then it begs the question — Why lampoon Lydia, who not only has been deceased for 6 years, but furthermore has nothing to do with Malaysian politics?


Signature spectacles commented @ 2014/02/12 at 8:07 pm that Lydia Shum’s image cannot be divorced from her black, butterfly wing glasses.

Above is a photo montage of the Hong Kong icon from young to old, and you can see that Lydia’s black spectacles is a consistent feature of her look.

Lim Ching Miau who acted in Teresa’s feng shui skit has declared that she was imitating Lydia. If she was, how could Lim omit to wear the Lydia signature spectacles? And neither is her hairstyle like the one Lydia has immortalized (see caricature).


And his favourite veginatable too

This is the problem with the DAP evangelistas — their utter sliminess in cooking up false justifications.

Kalau nak mengejek Rosmah pun, m’gaku aje lah. After all, it’s not against the law to take the mickey out of  public figures. Tapi dema memang stail baling batu sorok tangan.

Take my blog, for example. I’m not evasive about who Menteri Kangkung is. Or Kura-kura.

But the evangelistas … what kind of people are they?

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10 thoughts on “Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?

  1. Memang dasar evangelist Kristian yg tidak akan senang dgn apa yg di buat oleh orang Islam.

    Semua sama spesies macam boss mereka, Iguana lim – lidah bercabang & baling batu sorok tangan – pengkhianat negara.

  2. Trying to avoid consequences by lying and bullshitting that they’re copying some unrelated dead HK actress on a video ‘satirising’ “Malai se lei ah” clearly shows the ones involved with the video are aware that it’s offensive, insulting and wrong, so there, Lim Kit Siang, your own people, the actresses themselves supplying the proof that you demand.

    Did LKS even watch it?

    LKS knows the language and the intent of his people yet he pretends the video is not fitnah and black propaganda, he thinks others are so gullible and dumb by first saying Malays don’t understand the language, then claiming it’s ‘funny’ and then later tries to deflect public anger by blaming MCA ‘influencing’ UMNO people. Pile upon pile of bullshit that just reflects on his callousness and stupidity.

    So many lies just to avoid owning up and responsibility for something they made themselves.

    I hope the police wouldn’t be taken in by such obvious lies. It would not do good for their image and reputation, and these venomous and spiteful people are unrepentant, so unless they are stopped, they would keep doing it until they themselves even believe all the lies they spew out.

    There’s also the matter of rising tensions, there’s a lot of stressful people out there, it could take just one person to do something that damages the country irreversibly.

  3. Lydia Shum sudah lama meninggal dunia rupanya. Bererti sifat si baling batu sorok tangan Teresa Kok ini bukankah seperti memperolok dan menghina mendiang si mati juga?

    Envelop putih Ibrahim Ali is nothing compared with this kind of insult to whoever she is, Rosmah or Shum. After all, Ibrahim was ignorant about the white angpau while his niat was merely to donate to the old folks. Lainlah jika envelop itu kosong isinya. Hmm, segala kebaikan dipersenda dan dijadikan isu politik.

    These DAPsters are trully pendatangs yang semakin naik kadok.

    1. Evangelistas berani buat tapi tak berani tanggung. Yang kena ‘tempias’ gara-gara dolak-dalih mereka ialah seorang wanita asing yang sudah meninggal.

  4. Lim Ching Mau is not Lydia or Rosmah.

    [deleted] If not for Takrasa Kok video she will be a nobody.

    Like Namewee and Alvivi too no talent.

    Lim Ching Mau can act as Hannah in her new Christian biopic. Can win Oscar

  5. At the beginning,, i thought she seemed to be imitating Lillian Too (almost verbatim on the buying of diamonds for prosperity and multiple handbags) but towards the end, yeah it was Rosmah.

    Anyway, it wasn’t that funny after all and not worth the attention paid to it.

  6. The police should also take action on the artist that draw cartoon for Mkini, the artist that composed the kangkung rap and also the popteevee group of people that mock the government. Also PR politicians that made fun of BN during their ceramahs.

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