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Isma beri amaran tegas kepada pelampau Kristian

Naib Presiden (I) Isma Ustaz Muhammad Fauzi Asmuni memberi amaran kepada pelampau Kristian supaya tidak meneruskan provokasi mereka yang terancang dan memang disengajakan.

Ustaz Fauzi berkata sekarang sudah berlaku suasana yang mana pihak yang tidak merestui evangelista menggunakan kalimah Allah pula akan dianggap sebagai ‘pelampau’ dan disebabkan umat Islam di Malaysia diasak dengan begitu kuat, akhirnya Muslim sendiri yang menjadi keliru.

“Sebenarnya mereka [yang mempertahankan kalimah ‘Allah] bukan pelampau tetapi mereka mempertahankan apa yang terkandung dalam perlembagaan.”


Beliau berpesan jika orang Islam masih kekal dengan sikap mengalah kepada tuntutan-tuntutan agresif puak evangelista dan pihak-pihak pengancam yang lain, maka apa yang akan terjadi kelak.

Menurut Ustaz Fauzi, wasilah yang bersesuaian diperlukan untuk menangkis segala serangan ke atas Islam beserta beliau berpandangan bahawa umat Islam “perlu lebih agresif dari sekarang”.

Ia mustahil untuk orang Islam mampu melawan balik selagi hanya mengambil sikap redha. Pendekatan yang lebih agresif harus diambil kerana pelampau Kristian tidak mungkin menghargai layanan yang lembut atau faham akan budaya bertolak-ansur.

Bertindak dengan bersahaja apabila berhadapan dengan si pemuka yang sentiasa menyakitkan hati orang Islam dan membuat tipu daya untuk menjatuhkan orang Islam adalah keputusan kurang bijak.

Sambung Ustaz Fauzi: “Jika sekiranya mereka mengutuk Islam dengan bersyair, dengan kaedah Islam kita juga akan bersyair. Tetapi sekiranya ada pihak yang menjatuhkan Islam dengan berpedang, maka Islam juga akan menggunakan pedang”.

“Melihat kepada realiti di Malaysia, jika sekiranya bertoleransi dengan toleransi yang cukup baik pun, tetap akan ada jugak orang yang akan mahu merosakkan Islam,” tambahnya lagi.

(245 patah perkataan)

Diolah semula daripada rencanaIslam diancam, kita perlu agresif – Naib Presiden Isma(15 Feb 2014) di laman Isma.


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19 thoughts on “Isma beri amaran tegas kepada pelampau Kristian

    1. Kalau nak kenal manusia yang “dumb but arrogant” khalid samad lah orangnya! + mujahid yusof

    1. Urb,

      Precisely. ISMA “fills” the “void”.

      For reason best known to UMNO, it simply refuses to use its mandate and power to deal with DAP’s sponsored attacking on Malay, islam.

      I often wonder why UMNO is so afraid to act against these racists from DAP. UMNO must be blind to think that being soft against DAP will earn Chinese votes. The reality is that chinese votes already abandon UMNO for good. So, there is no need to be apologetic.

      As for PERKASA, it does not have the intellectual image like ISMA. And PAS seems happy to submit to DAP .

      ISMA more importantly serves UMNO as a reminder that Malay support to the latter is not “mutlak”. Should UMNO fail to defend the Malays, UMNO too will be abandonned by the Malays.

    2. ISMA sendiri kena agresif… their practical approach is too soft/diplomatic. At times, when you need to be nasty, be nasty. And you can do it without losing your civility and decorum, unlike the evangelist dapsters.

      Another, thing, ISMA is not a mass movement, unlike PAS & UMNO. I see it as an exclusive club for educated middle class Malays/Muslims. But the tragic thing is, both PAS & UMNO have betrayed the Malays/Muslims. There’s a void to be filled. Unfortunately, though, so far, I don’t see how ISMA can fiil this vacuum.

      1. Perhaps it does not reach out enough. But it does mean that ISMA is exclusive. Any TD&H can visit the website or the office or any of their events to register.

  1. I have to add, unlike fasiq & munafiq UMNO & PAS, I do not doubt ISMA’s sincerity & honesty but to lead he masses it needs to be tough & robust, among others.

  2. A friend of mine, a Chinese who voted for the BN in GE13, told me yesterday that he and his family are making the necessary preparations to move to China. He is a businessman, well actually he runs a family business.

    When I asked him why, he had this to say :

    “The opposition is going to turn this country into a failed state if they even come to power. Look at how they conduct their politics. Religion and race being employed by them to attack their critics. I m doing this not only for myself, but for my family and our family business. We figured out that it will take at least 2 to 3 years to move our family business to China if we start this year. This should be enough time to protect us and our family business from the opposition, because we truly fear that the opposition will win GE14.

    You must be surprised to hear that this is the reason why we are moving to China. Normally you only hear things like the Chinese are migrating because of the BN’s failed policies. Well, let me tell you, if listen to what opposition supporters are saying to you, you are missing the big picture. People like me and my family, we are not opposition supporters. We have never supported the opposition. Never voted for them, not in the past, not now, not going to in the future.

    We have made our decision. This is it for me and my family. And I suggest anyone who still has sanity and a sound mind to do what me and my family are doing. I hope you too, my friend, will do the same.”

    1. By right it should be the DAP Chinese pendatangs that should migrate to China or 100 other countries, coz they are never happy living here, complaint about almost everything, and consider Malay-sia worse that Zimbabwe.

      Yes, motherland China would suit them best, probably. Boleh terus jadi bumiputra cina, boleh masuk sekolah cina, tiada NEP, tiada keistimewaan bumiputra melayu, boleh buka banyak massage parlour, pusat perjudian, boleh menternak babi sebanyak banyak yang mahu, dan paling afdal semua pemimpin mereka adalah berketurunan cina.

      Ya, apabila tinggal di negeri China nanti, bolehlah mereka memekik dan melaungkan hak-hak demokrasi, kebebasan bersuara dan human rights mereka di Tianamen Square nanti dengan sepanduk dan satire politik mereka. Sudah tentulah Kerajaan Besar Negara China amat berbesar hati untuk meminjamkan mereka kereta-kereta kebal bagi tujuan murni ini.

      1. For the satire against the ‘State’, Kok will be shot no two way about it.

        For sure they won’t be given the resident permit in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai and the rest. Even China Cinas daripada kampungs pun tak dapat.

        Tak boleh beli rumah, tak boleh dapat perubatan percuma di hospital republik, awek-awek China Cinas tak mahu kahwin dengan depa sebab permit second class.

        Hopefully by then they can learn to be bersyukur. But then again, maybe NOT!

        Maybe the perempuan will be fare better there since kat sana lelaki China Cinas nak kahwin pun susah. One Child policy. Bagus juga Cinas rasis macam HY pi sana. Tak banyak sangat keturunan dia. Lims pun elok pi sana. Kok mungkin dah tak laku!

    2. As for that BN aka MCA Chinese, sepertinya tidak ujud semangat “tanah tumpahnya darahku” patriotism in their blood. Maka tidak hairanlah 90% ahli MCA mengundi DAP/Pakatan manakala bekas2 pemimpin tertinggi mereka dengan begitu mudah melompat parti dan ironynya selepas itu mengutuk habis2an BN seolah2 these ungrateful hypocrites were never part of BN all those years.

      1. No setem. Someone who trying to preserves his families. I also have a friends who is now searching for a jobs opportunities overseas.

        He is a Chinese and saying, and I quoted ” I really want to makes sure that my family will be well protected from this guys. I know, if I fail to bring along my mom and dad, at least when things going to the drain, I still can send a money to my mom and dad for their survival”.

        This people who have a lots more to loose when oppo run the country to the ground. They were trying to makes sure they life as they know it is well preserves if the worst come to worst.

        They know, if anythings happen, Malay will be well protected by the community. And that also applied to the Indian.

        But the Chinese who is not supporting them will be left in the drain.


        1. Sarah,

          Chinese in general are pragmatic lots. They prefer to side with the winning party.

          But one blunder that they did really stand out. Chinese in general reject mind boggling overtures by Najib in TOTALITY. Before the election, they were damn sure that BN (or rather UMNO) would “bungkus’.

          To their surprise, UMNO manages to increase its Parliamentary seats. And much to their surprise, manage to wrest Kedah and make inroad in PAS fortress: Kelantan.

          The truth is that now they seen to ‘waver”. The thought of Malay abandoning UMNO seems to “dissipate’.

          They may not say it in public. But they seem to realise the futility of trying to bring down UMNO without significant Malay shift.

          I told my Chinese friends that they seem to forget that a knife can cut both ways. The more they say “ini kalilah” and in the process manages to garner most of Chinese votes, the more the slogan brings Malays to UMNO’s fold.

          The PRU13 makes many political party unhappy. But it also let many people to see things clearly. One good thing that Malays can learn is that they do not need Chinese votes to rule the country.

          Now no UMNO leaders will dare to say that Chinese votes are the deciding factor.

          As for the Chinese, one thing that they should by now learn is that no matter what survey says, they must never ignore the “elephant in the room”. Meaning the largest group; the Malays.

          But above all, the election makes Najib look like an idiot. Having being roundly rejected by Chinese, he was simply saved by the Malays.

          1. It is this pragmatism and realism that has served them so well in the past, the present, and no doubt will continue to serve them well in the future.

            I cannot say the same about you and your kind though. With each passing day, you can only continue to say that you don’t need Chinese votes to win and blah blah blah. The Chinese know more than anyone that you and your kind need the Malay vote to continue to rule.

            But hay, that’s okay. The Chinese are pragmatic. While they continue to “support” the opposition, but of course this “support” is not without limit, they continue to shift their wealth to offshore havens away from your predatory regime and making use of your PM’s various goodies like scholarships to send their children to overseas universities and hiring more non Malays by state linked companies, all you can do it shout like donkeys.

            Where’s your so called economic initiatives to help the Malays ?

            The truth is, there’s precisely little for you and your lot. This PM, like the previous sleepy head, is not going to cater to you and your lot. The PM is pragmatic. He sucks up to the Chinese knowing too well that what’s good for the Chinese is also good for him and his entourage.

            You think you know the Chinese ? You don’t even know what’s really happening right now.

            1. Survivor,

              Thankyou. i return the compliment.

              It is you who shout ‘like donkey” with “ini kalilah slogan’. You want to bring down the government. instead you are out of the government.

              You think you know the Malays. well, your assumption is wrong. They are not that excited about change of government.

              I am not painting a glorious picture of BN. But in reality, it is 100 times better than racist DAP

  3. The final objective for dap is to shout out the slogan
    ” I am the leader ”

    Pakatan is a loose coalition. pkr and pas leaders will be shown the exit and dap will lord over them.

    Kalau ahli2 pas dan pkr masih tak sedar hakikat dap ini, yang ingin menyelenapkan islam dan melayu dengan segera, akan terjadilah kristianisasi mengikut cara evangelista di bumi malaysia ini.

    Ramai anak2 muda melayu inginkan kebebasan menjalankan cara hidup ala2 barat – liberal and pakatan is giving them that opportunity.

    PAS yang sepatutnya menegakkan islam juga menyokong aktiviti bersih yang ingin menegahkan human rights etc termasuk lgbt, sudah terpesong haluannya wajib keluar dengan segera dari pakatan demi mempertahankan islam.

    Oleh sebab orang2 islam dalam pas yang cetek pemikiran dan memetingkan politik,membenarkan islam diperkotak- katikkan oleh evangelista dap.

    Isma sepatutnya memberi amaran kepada ahli2 islam dalam pas dan pkr.

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