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S… L … O… W – mo

Saturday last week: ‘Hindraf: Waytha Moorthy to quit as deputy minister’ (The J-Star, 8 Feb 2014)

Friday this week: ‘PM: Waytha’s resignation is disheartening’ (The J-Star, 14 Feb 2014)

Golly, it takes Najib Razak a whole week to respond to the resignation of his Deputy Minister in the PM’s Department.

Even Sleepy Dollah moved faster. Zaid Ibrahim had submitted his letter of resignation on 15 Sept 2008. Two days later on Sept 17, Tun Dol accepted his Law Minister’s resignation.


Misery loves company and so does Slow Coach

For the dedicated readers who are experiencing difficulty in opening my blog, the moral of the story is …

urm, the Kura-kura loves company? (I would have uploaded this posting a few hours earlier if only I could access my blog. But I couldn’t due to the block.)

Net connectivity to my blog is being disrupted through the cyclic attacks – as regular readers are aware – and thus slowing down my output.

Just like how the Prime Minister appeared to be caught unawares by Waytha’s resignation (“he should have come to see me and talked about it before announcing he was going to resign”, the PM lamented), I’ll bet that Najib is similarly clueless about the antics of his media operatives.

Consultants and advisors keliling pinggang but does anyone ever tell the PM what is really going on?

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15 thoughts on “S… L … O… W – mo

  1. Helen, could it be the case of “bodoh sombong”. Maybe, just maybe the consultants and advisors gave their feedback and advice but Najib just wouldnt listen. Bodoh sombong extreme

    1. Personally, I believe Najib is receptive to feedback and open-minded.

      The problem is that he is surrounded by a wall of gatekeepers who determine what info reaches his ears and what is kept away from his knowledge.

      Like for example, compare the style of Tun. There was never this issue of consultants and advisors during his long tenure. And when we read Dr M’s blog, we can sense his personality and personal interest.

      Compare Najib’s Twitter and Facebook which are handled by admins. Not that we realistically expect the PM to be himself hands on but still for readers like us, we’re left wondering: “Knock, knock, hullo, is anybody home?”

      I’m sure Najib has no inkling that the bloggers who have been critical of his PMO outfit (his layers and layers of the gravy train) are being DDoS-attacked.

  2. Do we need further or more evidence that najib is a misfit & too inert to be & remain pm? he must be removed… real fast! Do we wait until something cataclysmic really happens before we act? Oh God, please remove this najib curse from us!

  3. Jibby never had any intention of honoring Hindraf’s MoU/blueprint or addressing Indian issues or problems.

    All he was after was Indian nambikei for GE13 to fortify himself against the then impending Chinese Streetfighter Rebellion.

    Penipu tahap cipan.

    It’s interesting to note that both tortoises and biawaks come from the same taxonomic group of reptilian Chordates.

    ‘BN gomen, Pakatan gomen, no difference to the Indians.’

    1. ‘BN gomen, Pakatan gomen, no difference to the Indians.’

      no, bn can at least stuff u idiot, i mean the self claim leader, with millions, thus the choice is obvious right, the bastard quit bec he dun receive his due.

      blueprint? dun make me laugh la.

        1. I think going forward, PM may want to consider Indian from corporate world to lead the effort. There are quite a few around.

          1. Not sure if the Indian from the corporate world can connect. Take someone with the temperament of Tony Fernandes, say (??) We’re still talking about the Indian working class who are finding it difficult to make ends meet.

            Kadir Jasin has got 2012 youth unemployment figures in his most recent posting.

            Age bracket (15-19 years)

            Unemployed Indians 25.7%
            non-Malay Bumiputeras 18.9%
            Malays 15.6%
            Chinese 9.9%

            Age bracket (20-24 years)

            Jobless Indians 14.1%
            non-Malay Bumiputeras 13%
            Malays 9.9%
            Chinese 7.1%

          2. Not Tony Fernandes (Money Face) and the likes, I am sure there are Indian professionals with Sustainable Development experiences to spearhead the effort.

            1. Too many “I’m not Indian actually”?

              MIC was established in 1946. Thus we’ve had 68 years wherein there has been an Indian political presence. If they (anyone Indian) wanted to do something, they could have easily done so any time over the last six decades.

              What could happen is the funding going mostly to prestige Indian projects (say erecting a Bharatanatyam dance and cultural centre) rather than going to the hardcore poor who are living from hand to mouth.

              They are invisible. Hindraf’s motto is “Voice for the Voiceless”.

              Just take the Indian family & relatives visiting Kajang prison as one example. The demography is not successful Indian professional.

              1. I used to hate Hindraf, but after a while I learned that they are actually just trying to make a point heard loud though the direction is not clear.

                It is easier said then done. Take Dr. Mohammed Yunus of Grameen Bank, Bangladesh with his world renowned micro-credit project. It takes a longtime to be successful, still the micro-credit program works for Bangladesh because the supply and demand is within homogeneous society and culture. The Indian here in Malaysia has another hurdle to face i.e. breaking and competing with other races with either long established GOMEN support (Malay) or network and within one community (Chinese).

                1. re: “the micro-credit program”

                  I know some people (Indian group) who carry it out on a small scale and informal basis.

                  However as Calvin Sankaran pointed out in one of our recent Waytha threads, the “Indian problem” is structural and institutionalised, and thus the remedy requires state intervention.

                  With the fast rising cost of living, we (those of us who are ordinary wage earners) are running just to be able to stay/remain on the same spot because inflation is overtaking us.

                  They (those who do not have a social safety net) are being outstripped and keep falling further and further behind.

  4. “Consultants and advisors keliling pinggang but does anyone ever tell the PM what is really going on?”

    Helen…apa boleh buat kalau yang duduk keliling pinggang tu sama aje dengan ‘virus’ yang menyerang blog u maka respon pun ‘slo-mo’ -lah kan….

    “Personally, I believe Najib is receptive to feedback and open-minded.”

    Helen….i totally agree to this…but that only happen when in meet.
    The problem dengan PM Najib ini ialah dirinya sendiri…walaupun dia seorang yang mahu mendengar dan berfikiran terbuka, dia tidak menunjukkan kekuatan yang amat perlu iaitu ‘do or say it right the first time, on time, every time’ dengan ‘be at the right place at the right time’.

    Kelemahan sebegini amat sukar diperbaiki jika PM Najib terus bergantung kepada ‘punah-sibat’ yang sedia maklum akan kelemahan beliau dan bersifat mengambil kesempatan….!

    Gagalnya PM Najib adalah kerana dirinya sendiri…..!

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