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Apa hasil lawatan gereja Anwar hari ini?

Pada bulan Februari 2008, Anwar Ibrahim telah mengadakan mesyuarat tertutup dengan Christian Federation of Malaysia di mana dia menyetujui orang Kristian dibenarkan untuk mengguna istilah ‘Allah’.

Sejurus kemudian dalam Mac 2008, gereja memfailkan permohonan semakan kehakiman ke atas larangan penggunaan ‘Allah’.


Presiden Isma Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman berkata menyusuli kejayaan Pakatan dalam PRU 2008, boleh diperhatikan bahawa kebiadaban evangelista mula menjadi-jadi. Baca, ‘Pengaruh liberal yang dibawa Anwar dan puak PR jadikan Evangelis Kristian kurang ajar‘ di laman Isma (23 Jan 2014)

Kalau gereja berani pada tahun 2008 ekoran diperkasakan oleh pendekatan liberal Anwar, apakah golongan Kristian akan sekali lagi dan lebih berani selepas lawatan Anwar ke gereja Holy Family di Kajang pagi ini?

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29 thoughts on “Apa hasil lawatan gereja Anwar hari ini?

  1. Too bad, the Church has become a political platform, While we Muslim fought down to our teeth to stop politician from using Masjid as a platform for their political campaign, the Church seems to be happily doing the opposite. I suggest the christians to setup a new party call PKS, Parti Kristian Semalaysia.

  2. All religions belief, holy places are not for preaching political agendas. But the christians will allow anything.

    Azazel to his cohorts:

    “Christianity should remain status quo. They are really doing an outstanding job!”

    Or Me? Tor For?

    1. Last year, Pope Francis formed a commission to target the horrific problem of CHILD SEX ABUSE within the Catholic Church. Yet thus far, he has taken no concrete action to actually protect children from molestation by priests and other church staff.

      Last week, the United Nations condemned the Pope and the Vatican for failing to prevent priests from RAPING and MOLESTING tens of thousands of children and then letting those same priests get away with a slap on the wrist. Instead of making sure those priests would never be around vulnerable people again, the UN accused, the Church just moved them to a different parish, where they could again take advantage of people who trusted them.

      Surely, Padres Pakiam and Andrew are presently enjoying the power of democratic rights in Malaysia to fulfill the moral obligation which the Vatican has promised to act upon in this matter? The glaring question is why they would be sermonized by a chronic bi-sexual fornicator politician beneath the suffering Christ on the Cross?

      “Liberating the People Through Democracy”: Leading the Way by Exemplary Conduct and Absolving Ourselves of Hypocritical Behaviour

      explicit gay entertainment: “The Last Days of Pompeii” [YouTube]

      1. Chris,
        You should do a researh of who actually is behind the Vaticans.
        I’ll give you a tip. – Texe Marrs.


          1. Yes, sort of, but these people (setakat Si-Pakiam and the gangs) are the lowest degree scapegoats who don’t even realise that.

            Besides the tip I gave to Chris above, here’s another tip, check-out Albert Pike’s letter to Mazzini about the World War III.

            I hope that idiot atheist commenting on this blog is reading this.
            Dia tu ibarat lembu ditarik hidung tanpa dia sedar. KALDEY AKAQ BESAQ!!!

  3. “So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can there be limitations?” Anwar pointed out.

    however who can accept crap like this from anuar should be forgiven sometimes pure stupidity is an enigma, in this case it clear to see politics and religion… assosiated together its just to get the votes.

    what will be next when pkr comes to power are they going to STANDARDISE the word allah for all religions in malaysia

    1. Allah is Lord of the universe, yes, but the worshipers of the cross are not referring to the real Allah! Hasn’t sheikh yusof al-qaradawi known the real anwar “the sodomite” ibrahim yet?. I find it hard to believe! anwar & pkr have been using him to attest to former’s purported Islamic credentials. Or that sheikh is as big a jerk as his “godson”?

      anwar was rebuffed by keepers of his own faith at a mosque….oh, please [deleted]

    2. What does Anwerl has in common with the christians?
      Both will change in attiude just to suit their interest and convenience.

      The likes of daughter and father and his followers are just checking out the Lizard’s Lair!

      Or Me? Tor For?

      1. re: “So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can there be limitations?” Anwar pointed out.”

        What else did that Egotistic Sodomite point out? Did he not also point out that Allah the Sustainer of all things created, decrees it a perversion for a male creature to crave for sexual gratification in the behinds of other male sapiens?

        Chastisement from the Quran:

        “When the people of Lut saw the handsome young men, they came to him, running towards him. Lut had anticipated this because they had been doing evil deeds from before.

        When the people reached close to his house, Lut said pointing towards his daughters, “O my people! These are my daughters, they are purer for you. Fear Allah and do not disgrace me in regard to my guests. Isn’t there among you a man of right mind?”

        But then, our BISEXUAL MP wouldn’t have any problem with that last offer of “daughters” would he?

    3. Beastofburden,

      DAP and those who want UMNO dead(meaning malay losing political power) will not want to listen to any explanation.

      And DAP finds a useful ally or rather useful slave:Anwar. Anwar, in his mind boggling quest to defy Allah SWT, believes that DAP is within his control.

      And DAP too thinks Anwar is in its control. both try to use each other. Anwar , by waging war against the Malay, Islam, manages to earn the much needed Chinese votes. And DAP by supporting Anwar, manages to make its Chinese racist image less ‘racist”

      Anwar has sizable Malay support, no thanks to PAS supporters who are ever willing to sell their souls just to whack UMNO..

      What is keeping Anwar at bay is his continous failure to garner majority of Malay supports. Due to “iman dan takwa”, sizable Malay voters simply are not comfortable with Anwar.

      Not that they love UMNO so much. rather they simply believe Anwar is simply a con man.

    4. If he is in front of the Christians, he will say “So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can there be limitations?”

      If he is in front of PAS members, guess what he will say? My guess
      “So, if Allah is Lord for the entire universe, how can he being hanged on the cross like a human?”

    1. Abdul Hadi al-Takfiri (1981) already made a name for himself. Once beaten twice shy.

      Stopa L-muta’ah & Mat Baboon trying hard to nullify the Melayu Shites chicken shit imposed on oneself.

      Or as a last line of defence, they could unleash the old-Kraken with the sundae cone kupiah?!

      What a line-up!

  4. Another disgusting insunition. You have proof of what anwar told the church in February 2008? Real hard evidence?

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