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Dr M and Kit Siang forever facing off

Ex-DAP vice chairman Tunku Aziz once described his former party’s dynastic business as a “travelling family political circus” — see his NST column (21 July 2012).

Guan Eng taking on all comers - Columnist - New Straits Times 2014-02-16 09-06-06
Tunku Aziz talking about Guan Eng

Indeed Lim Kit Siang’s itinerant political career has traversed the length of the peninsula — see map below.

Kit Siang made his parliamentary debut in 1969 as the MP for Bandar Melaka.

In the same momentous year, Dr Mahathir Mohamad lost his parliament seat of Kota Setar Selatan in the May 10 general election.


Lifelong ‘love’ affair

Kit Siang and Dr M have a colourful 45-year history of political feuding.

Even though the Tun has retired and the DAP Mursyidul Am never will, both elderly men refuse to let each other rest in peace, politically.

Recently on Valentine’s Day, Kit Siang sent Dr M an oblique love note.


The first of Kit Siang’s Feb 14 press statement was issued at 9:19am with the usual windy title, ‘Call on new MCA leaders like Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong not to be xioren 小人 but dare to speak truth to power by declaring that Teresa Kok’s video is not anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-royalty’.

The second of his Feb 14 press statement was issued at 3:45pm also with the unavoidable windy title, ‘New MCA leaders led by Tiong Lai and Ka Siong are doing Malaysian Chinese and Malaysia the greatest disservice aiding and abetting the baseless perception that Malays and Islam are under siege because of Teresa Kok’s video’.

It is in the second statement that Kit Siang invoked his arch nemesis Dr Mahathir.

In it, he challenged Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong to declare if the MCA president and his deputy respectively agreed with the “racist and extremist political views” of Tun Mahathir saying that he [Kit Siang] had gone to Gelang Patah to bring about a Sino-Malay confrontation as well as ouster of the Malay government.

Dr M says the Chinese now want to control the country’s politics as well.


GREED = the 3Gs (Gold, Glory, Gospel) & the DAP evangelistas

Kit Siang won Gelang Patah, so the ‘kongsi’ has ended

Below are two relevant articles penned by Dr M touching on Kit Siang’s role in the breakdown of race relations:

Kongsi presumes that there must be goodwill between the two parties concerned who are sharing power. Nonetheless today there is little trust or amity left between the Chinese and the Malays.

The spirit of kongsi is dead and it’s not the Tun alone saying this.

The ICU turtle needs respirator to breathe!

What ‘national reconciliation’?

How can national reconciliation even begin be discussed if the Dapsters choose to tick off everybody – including asking them to “shut the fuck up” – unless that individual is fluent in speaking Cantonese?

This is the situation we get with the controversy surrounding the Teresa Kok video.

Kit Siang initially berated two Umno ministers Shafie Apdal and Shabery Cheek for their complaints — accusing them of not being able to understand the video’s dialogue which is solely in Chinese and thus unfit to comment.

He then expanded the list to “five Umno ministers”, saying:

“If MCA leaders are not responsible for misleading Umno Ministers into believing that Teresa Kok’s video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers, what is holding them back from openly declaring that the five Umno Ministers who are attacked the video as anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers are wrong to attack Teresa Kok as there is nothing in her video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Rulers?”

BELOW: One of the Famous Five is Abdul Rahman Dahlan whom Kit Siang bestowed the label “goblin”.

Twitter - mpkotabelud- National consensus

How to berbaik sangka when DAP putar-belit every single thing?

To date, Teresa Kok has still not acknowledged that her video lampoons Rosmah Mansor. Instead it has been put across that her “political satire” was knocking the late Hong Kong comedienne Lydia Shum (read, ‘Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?‘).

Meanwhile her mentor, the DAP old warhorse, indicates he is a believer that the best form of defence is to mount an offence. Hence the party lifelong ‘advisor’ commenced his attacks on the MCA leadership for “misleading the Umno Ministers”.

Said Kit Siang:

“The MCA leadership should know that silence on their part on such dangerous and reckless political theorising in Barisan Nasional is equated to consent with such racist and extremist political views.

“When will the MCA leadership openly repudiate and dissociate themselves from such extremist and ultra views and groups who are trying to create the impression that the Malays and Islam are under siege in Malaysia after the 13th General Elections?”

For no rhyme or reason, the MCA leaders whom have nothing to do with Teresa’s video are being blamed.

Casting his net further afield, Kit Siang even drags in Gerakan Youth chief Tan Keng Liang and as icing on the cake, Dr M. It only illustrates how DAP are unable to take responsibility for own actions. Berani buat tapi tak berani tanggung.

BELOW: @tankengliang ranks among the DAP’s Top 10 least favourite people


Source: Hannah Yeoh’s tweet

Some things never change

Earlier the DAP had been clamouring for “national reconciliation” to the extent that Kit Siang wrote 3 open letters in consecutive weeks to the prime minister asking for a cessation to race-baiting. Guan Eng similarly issued press statements to the effect.

Out of one side of their mouth, the DAP chant “Peace and Love”. Out of the other side, “ma lai sai leh ar”.

Lim Kit Siang spent a total of 3 years under ISA detention: 18 months in 1969 in the aftermath of May 13, and 17 months in 1987 following Ops Lalang.

Teresa Kok is showing herself to be quite the protege, as are the DAP 3.0 young evangelistas.

Since the 1960s, Dr M has been well aware of the nature of the beast. With this understanding, he views the DAP to be an implacable enemy of Umno. This is the reason the Dapsters in turn view him as public enemy No.1.

The Clueless Kura-kura is yet unable to understand what the Tun has already grasped for the last half century.

Najib’s father Tun Razak pulled the country through in the wake of the last race riot. Najib Tun Razak will not be able to do the same.


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27 thoughts on “Dr M and Kit Siang forever facing off

  1. “Reconciliation” means: in the beginning there was friendship (no gaduh between friends) then later the two fought, and then later both sides called for “lets be friends again”. There u r. That’s reconciliation.

    In that context, a “national reconciliation” by F…tan Rakyat is a false move. Bohong semata2. BN must not fall into Anwar’s obvious trap.

    No friendship to Dap.

  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    I can’t understand Lim Kit Siang and Hannah Yeoh. What do they want? They call UMNO supporters, the pro-Umnos and people from other races who do not support them as racist, extremist and other bad names.

    They complain about everything including Khutbah Jumaat which is only for the Muslims and has nothing to do with them. Are they Muslims? After Lim Kit Siang, now his friend Tony Pua wrote a silly and rude statement on his facebook mocking JAKIM’s Khutbah Jumaat about Valentine’s Day.

    Why are they doing all these? Is this how a politician should behave? Mocking other people’s religions?

    Even I do not mock other religions. These grown up politicians are behaving like bad and naughty children. It is disgusting and a very bad example. There is no fool like an old fool. What would Tony Pua say if a Muslim politician from UMNO make such an open rude statements to make fun of his religion?

    1. re: “What do they want?”

      Umno dead.

      re: “What would Tony Pua say if a Muslim politician from UMNO make such an open rude statements to make fun of his religion?”

      He would say Umno is a religious bigot and the state is persecuting the Christians.

        1. Dear Aunty Helen,

          re: “He would say Umno is a religious bigot and the state is persecuting the Christian”
          So, what will he say if we say that he is a religious bigot and he and his friends are persecuting the Muslims?

          Will he like it?

          1. re: “what will he say if we say that he and his friends are persecuting the Muslims?”

            He will say: “We Christians are only 9 percent. We are a mild, peace-loving people. We have always turned the other cheek as Jesus taught us.”

            1. Dear Aunty Helen,

              But that is really unfair. If they really think that way, they are people without integrity. And without integrity, there is no credibility. And without credibility, how can they become good leaders?

              1. adik ahmadalikarim,
                pada usia anda yang masih muda anda telah tahu dan faham untuk membezakan yang benar dan salah, yang berilmu dan yang jahil.
                amat malang sekali kerana kebanyakkan politikus yang aktif di tanahair kita semuanya sudah tua-tua belaka tetapi masih lagi bermain politik bersentimen perkauman dan provokasi yang sama sejak tahun 1969 lagi iaitu pada ketika lebihkurang sebelum ISA diwujudkan.
                keadaan agak tenteram sewaktu adanya ISA dan Tun Mahathir dengan caranya yang tegas berjaya mengekang aktiviti politikus sebegini.
                amat malang sekali lagi apabila sampai era PM Najib, ISA dimansuhkan kerana terlalu mengikut desakkan politikus yang sama.
                kita hanya sedikit bernasib baik kerana Tun M masih hidup dan masih lagi belum nyanyuk.
                esok lusa, kita semua sudah tahu keburukkan yang bakal menjelang dan kita hanya boleh berharap ianya tidak seburuk yang kita fikirkan….

    2. I salute ahmad ali karim. Shame on lks and hy. This kid can definitely teach them political decorum and finesse.

      A 10 year old kid can see through these ‘b…’

    3. I agree with you. There is a sense of superiority in play. They feel that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Perhaps because of their hoards of adoring and blindly supporting fans, they are unable to humbly see both sides of the story and choose instead to play up to the peanut gallery.

  3. One thing good about Kit Siang is he defended Kok aka Teresa Kok. Najib like you said still ‘Kura Kura’.

    Hisham have to apologised for the Malay culture Keris issue and many more. Why PM Najib or Badawi not dare to defend Hisham? Keris is a Malay culture but they have to succumb to Cina ala DAP pressure and yet BN did not do well as before in GE.

    Until now Najib the once hopeful PM candidate still thinks he is on the right tract just like what the UMNO MT result showed. The MT itself reflect how weak UMNO is. That why Lim Kit SIang the mastery political Master know what to do and he did like a hungry snake while Najib still the kenyang kura kura.

  4. Hah this old Apek again…the distrust face of DAP.

    He is the main reason why Malaysians of other ethnicities despise DAP. The Apek is only a hero to ethnic chinese who formed less than 30 percent of Malaysians.

    To hanna yeo and lim guan eng, can both of you kick the Apek out of DAP to make your party more appealing to Malaysian of other ethnicities.

    Get rid your party of old relics and move forward with the support of remaining 70 percent of Malaysians.

    1. Unfortunately, Hanna Yeoh and Tokong Lim resemble the new generation of Lim Kit Siang…. possible worse than the Apek himself.

      1. Ah…you could say the need to toe the line !

        Daddy Apek leads from the front. Unlike Rosmah kura kura !

        1. If LKS were to live as long as his idol Kuan Yew, we’d better brace ourselves for another couple of decades of hate-politics from LKS and Anak-Anak and DAPuss.

  5. Ms H. The so-called politics as practised by the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP is nothing more than libel and slander.

    It is not politics. They do not even have a political philosophy without relying on their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore.

    By being in the Opposition for 47 long years, it is clear that a person can make a honest career and living out of this ploy.

    1. AK47 Sir,

      At the very least LKY did his best notwithstanding his 14 failed policies.

      But the Apek has a zero policy yet has not failed in the last 47 years to makan gaji buta.

      No wonder to deflect his chinese partisan politics, the Apek shouts racist left, right and center.

      1. Ali. The hollowness and emptiness of the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP leadership which is a creation of the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore, is for all to see. The exploitation forever since 1966 of racial fault lines and widening these cracks is not smart but crude.

  6. Ms H. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP has issues of legitimacy eg. the foreign baggage made in Singapore which they carry and the legitimate immorality of pocketing Government salaries, perks, allowances etc base on the hard-core Chinese 30% of the electorate.

    The politics the DAP practises is SHEER ADVENTURISM.

    This is why the DAP leadership failed to secure a conquered Malaysia to deliver to their spiritual leader the brilliant Lee Kuan Yew with his 14 failed Policies for Singapore to save his legacy.

  7. Ah the bitch croaks again. Just what is it that you want? You obviously have a master who has told you where the bone is. Question is how far are you going? Youve incited to the point of hate. People on this blog have taken your lead to threaten violence. Where does it end? Do the ends justify the means? What kind of person are you?

    1. You must be feeling the truth heat that is permeating from this blog and from all who respond to this blog. I think your statement that we condone violence is far fetched and out of place.

      The only people who are threatening violence are those from dap.

      Take a panadol for that migraine that you are having because of DAP.

    2. Curious, you got a ole in your head. Go see a bad doctor at Woodbridge Sanatorium, Singapore where they house your kind.

    3. I am flabbergasted to note that you have no qualms about calling someone ‘bitch’ purely because she does not share your point of view. There are many instances where I don’t agree with Helen, but I have never witnessed a moment where she ever incited “to the point of hate”. If there was anyone with a capacity for melodrama, it’s you. Your credibility is in shreds. Shame on you, ‘curious’.

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